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Using the Yellow Flame in Combination with Other Flames

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The yellow flame is a flame of wisdom and joy.

It is a warm energy that increases your connection with everything in the universe.

As the flame of wisdom, it has the ability to connect you to knowledge and thereby help you make wiser choices in life.

The yellow flame is an ideal flame to use in tandem with other flames.

Combining the Yellow Flame with the Green Flame

Green is very compatible with a yellow flame. A big aspect of the green flame is healing. The energy of the green and yellow flames works beautifully together, like two strands of the same DNA molecule.

The healing and joyful aspects are the two that resonate the most. You can accelerate healing that the green flame could provide by combining it with a yellow frame.

That energy of joy is a powerful energy that can get you from low vibrations into the high vibrations really quickly. And high vibrations naturally heal your body.

When you're vibrating in a high frequency, your immune system is operating at its peak. You're able to handle every kind of disease a lot more effectively and efficiently than if you were in the lower vibration.

If you want to accelerate healing, bring the aspect of joy and bliss that the yellow flame brings; combine that with the healing, soothing aspects of the green flame and put together a collective flame.

If you already have mastered the yellow flame, this will work beautiful for you. You can turn the energy of joy that you already have into the energy of healing joy.

You could do this in one of two ways. If you experience a pain in a particular part of your body or you know an organ is not working optimally, you could use both of these flames together.

It doesn't even have to be a pain. For instance, the energy of joy is really good for the digestion. The yellow flame works beautifully for healing any issues with your stomach. The energy of joy in the yellow flame heals any negative emotion that could be stuck in your stomach.

Going back to the connected yellow and green flame, if you're experiencing an organ that doesn't work optimally, or a pain somewhere, you can place the connected green and yellow flame in that part of your body and then do 10 breaths to activate it.

Let say it's your neck. Place that in your neck area, and then do a deep breath in and out. In that breath, activate the yellow strand of the collective green and yellow flame.

Then on the next breath, activate the green aspect of the connected flame.

Then, for the other eight breaths, you want to pump energy into both of these aspects.

And once you're done with your 10 breaths, you can leave that flame there for the duration of the day to just do the work and help you get through your issue.

You will start feeling better immediately, but if it's a chronic disease or chronic pain or something that's quite acute, you will need to do that consistently for at least two weeks.

If it's something really deep, you're not going to be able to heal and get rid of it right away. You’ve got to persevere.

There are also days when you feel like, “I'm just so tired,” or, “I'm feeling off today.” For those days, place the green and yellow connected flame into your heart. Let that energy flow into your blood; it’s almost like connecting it to your bloodstream.

Let your blood carry that flame into every part of your body – through every blood vessel, big and small, to the fingertips, to the toes, down to the tip of every hair on your body.

Allow your body to be filled with that healing, joyful energy.

Combining the Yellow Flame with the White Flame

The white flame also works really well with yellow.

The white flame is the flame of purity, intention, spirituality, spiritual connectedness, and higher planes. There are so many facets to the white flame.

The connected white and yellow flame can be instrumental if you want to raise your vibrations. Raising vibrations is not a very easy thing to do because our vibrations are a byproduct of our thoughts.

If you're going through a bad thought loop on autopilot, it could really bring your vibrations down.

Thoughts are not the only thing that bring your vibrations down. If your thoughts create a sickness inside of your body, that could bring your vibrations down … even if you're thinking positive thoughts on a particular day but the damage has been done previously.

You can use the collective white and yellow flame to get you into the higher state vibrationally, so you could heal better, you could have a better mood, and so you could do things with more intention and more impact in the universe.

If you want to get to a better vibrational state, imagine a collective yellow and white flame burning. You can imagine yourself in your living room or any room in your house. Imagine that the collective yellow and white flame is burning from the center of the room.

First, you're going to have to walk straight into that energy. Let that collective flame surround you from every angle. There is not one part of your body that should not be covered by the energy.

First, cover yourself with that energy.

Then imagine that your body is splitting into a trillion cells. There are trillions of cells in your body. Instead of being one connected, cohesive self, break yourself down to all these baby parts. You want to burst into cells.

They're still collectively forming the shape of a human, but instead of being closely tied to each other, picture them as a bunch of individual bubbles up in the air.

Now, you want to rotate each cell clockwise.

Imagine that each of the cells are inside the white and yellow energy, as if they're floating in soup. You want that energy to permeate every cell and, most importantly, clean the outside of each cell, the membrane.

A lot of your low frequencies get stuck in the membranes. Energy can get stuck in the membranes for quite a long time.

If you could go down to the cell level, you could see that your cells are breathing. And you want to see that little cell breathing out darkness and breathing in the collective white and yellow flame.

Watch it and breathe with it for as long as that darkness is coming out through the membrane.

Then zoom in even further. You want to see the little pores and little pathways in the membrane of each cell, and you want to clean it up with the white and yellow flame. Clean it up of all the debris and dirt and everything that's stuck in there – all the negative emotions.

Once you feel that every cell of your body has been cleansed that way, you can allow them to be magnetized and pulled back together by a very wise energy that knows exactly where each cell belongs, that knows exactly what each cell is supposed to do.

That is a very deep cleansing state.

To do this meditation right, you might need to spend between 20 and 30 minutes actually doing this and breathing in and out, allowing every cell to get a remake.

Now when all of your cells get put back together, your frequency's going to be a lot higher because not only is the flame very healing, but you've also cleaned out all the old stuck energy in the membranes.

It's like a deep bath meets a shower on an energetic level.

Basically, you disassemble yourself, clean it up, and assemble yourself again.

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