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The Creation Process of the Energetic Body

Energetic Body

Before a physical body can be birthed in 3D, you need an agreement. An agreement is generally between three parties.

These two families need to want to come together in a human form. There needs to be an inherent desire for both these family trees to be connected in a human. That's why there are some couples having fertility issues, and then there are some one-night stands that produce a child.

The number of times you have an intercourse with a partner is not correlated to your probability of having a child together. It's actually the amount of desire for those two familial trees to provide and produce an offspring.

It's not just a physiological process. It starts with energy. The physiological process is not going to happen unless there's energy.

There needs to be an agreement of three entities: the family tree of the father, the family tree of the mother, and, from the higher aspect, you need a guide.

Every soul needs a guide, your guardian angel, if you will. You can call them intuition, a guardian, but they provide those guttural instincts and intuitive responses. In general, 3D is a dimension where you need to be led by a higher consciousness. Nobody really comes here alone.

So, you need the agreement of three entities, because there needs to be a desire from all three to bring new life into existence. Those are the creative energies.

Then, of course, there is also the energy of the human that would be coming through this; the fourth entity would actually be that new life that would be birthed. But their stream of consciousness does not enter the womb of the mother up until month six or seven of pregnancy.

Technically speaking, you don't need an agreement of that entity to create that life because there are many potential takers for every physical human body at any given time; sometimes those takers can change their mind in the last second, and somebody else takes their place.

Again, there needs to be a desire from two familial lines to create an offspring, and then there may be many reasons why that desire is created, such as:

  • Together, these ancestry lines would be a lot more powerful.

  • One of them has what the other one doesn't.

  • One is experiencing a particular challenge that the other has experienced and knows how to help with.

There is always a little bit of a give and take.

Then, for the guide, it's both a learning role for the guide, but it's also a great service to the soul.

It is very much an energetic fuse that takes place. Those three come together, and they create a little vortex or spiral of energy that enables the fusion in the physical of the sperm and an egg.

From there, that energy is what actually turns on the process of the multiplication and the division of cells, which is what you need to form a physical body.

There is truly no such thing as an accident here; there needs to be full alignment.

Egregores: Collective Energy Fields

Another aspect of the energetic body would be how you get connected with egregores. Egregores are thought forms that act almost as collective energy fields. You can think of them as bubbles that represent concepts, organizations, and everything that has a collective consciousness.

For instance, you could have an egregore of money or of health. Every religion has an egregore, every business has an egregore, and every nation and country in the world has an egregore.

Your family even has an egregore.

There are some familiar lines – for instance, those that are religious – that pass on from one generation to another. So, you might have well-developed cords between that egregore and your particular body, which could be in your favor.

But most relationships between an individual and a larger thought form, a larger egregore, are not in the favor of the individual but are in the favor of the egregore.

Meridians – Between Physical and Energetic

Meridians are those elemental energies that are part physical and part energy.

It is as though they live in between the two bodies. In other words, it's hard to place them in one place over the other.

If we were to look at how the two bodies – the physical and the energetic – interact, we would probably talk a lot about elemental energies.

Pretty much every human is a combination of elemental energies to a certain extent, and you will generally have one or two prevailing energies. Depending on what energy is prevailing in your body, what might be missing is the opposite of that prevailing energy.

For example, if your primordial or prime element is fire, that impacts both your strong aspects and your weak aspects.

People who have strong fire energy generally have very strong and overactive parts of their body that have to do with fire energy, such as the heart and the circulatory system.

At the same time, they tend to be weaker in the water element, which would be areas such as the kidneys.

Basically, just knowing what you're lacking and what you have plenty of can help you regulate your body more easily.

However, those energies, because they are elemental energies, belong to the earth.

Very often, what you adopt as your own blueprint or framework will be determined by your parents. So, coming into this body, you would have two blueprints of elemental energies available to you, and you would choose to borrow from these.

Fire is generally borrowed from the dad’s side; water is generally borrowed from the mom's side. Earth is borrowed from the mom's side, and air is borrowed from the dad side.

In essence, fire and air are considered more masculine while water and earth are considered more feminine. As a child, you would borrow those energies from your ancestors, and you would come into this life with a particular blueprint.

But know that everything is a choice because your mom and your dad both have domineering energies, and it's up to you which blueprint you choose to adopt.

Over the course of your lifetime, though, through your own evolutionary process, those energies tend to get adjusted. What you come into this life with is rarely what you leave with.

This is actually where the greatest evolution stems, because there is often a misalignment between what your higher self wants and what aspects you came into. So, your whole life could be trying to adjust your water element or trying to adjust your fire element.

Very often, the path you take and your goals in life are going to be determined by how you're trying to balance the energies in your body as well.

The Aura: Part of the Energetic Body

Your aura is, in essence, your frequency. It is a visual representation of your vibration. Your vibration can help to protect you from attracting things that are not on your vibration.

On a deeper, or higher level, if you were to leave 3D and look at yourself in the grand scheme of creation, in higher realms, you don't have skin: you have auras.

When you look at your physical body in the mirror, your association with who you are is skin-deep. You're like, "Well, all right, this is my skin. This is who I am."

In higher realms, your aura is your skin, so it's technically who you are, because your vibration is who you are.

Now, your aura is connected to and is a reflection of all of your bodies combined; it's just that the higher bodies are harder to see with the naked eye and the tools you have in the 3D realm.

It is a reflection of your energetic body, for the most part. One of its properties and functions is protection. At any given point in time, you have a number of ancestral and high-realm protective energies around you.

Your Relationship as a Human with the Energetic Body

All of your bodies are your allies, but each one has a very different level of commitment.

Your most committed body in the physical realm is your physical body. It is the one that's always on your side, even when it feels like it's not.

The rest of the bodies are on your side, but they're also a reflection of a lot of other things about you.

What does this mean?

Well, for example, you could be connected energetically to an egregore that is detrimental to your body and is taking away your energy, yet your energetic body is not going to do anything about it.

It would allow that energy to be taken because it's a lesson in gaining awareness. Most humans won't be able to move from 3D to 5D to 6D to 7D, etc. unless they develop a relationship with the invisible.

And in that game of learning to have a relationship with the invisible, all your other bodies – specifically the energetic, mental, and the emotional – are amazing allies. It's a matter of awareness, but it's also a matter of choice.

Technically speaking, all of these aspects where you're giving away energy, were conscious at some point; there was a choice that was made at one point by someone that enabled that exchange.

Now, you always have a choice to end that exchange, even if this exchange was unconscious, or made by the soul before the incarnation, or was an ancestral thing.

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