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About Me

Mariya is a spiritual teacher, channeler, intuitive, energy alchemist, podcast host, entrepreneur and author of “72 Keys to Manifestation - an Ancient Path of a Modern Day Alchemist”.

Since her awakening in 2018, Mariya has been guided by spirit to channel and teach spiritual content. Mariya’s podcast “Conversations with My Higher Self” which is recorded from a state of trance (theta state) covers a wealth of esoteric and spiritual topics ranging from the sacred flames, to ancestral healing, to past lives, to Source consciousness. Mariya has an ability to connect to the collective consciousness of humanity providing in the moment healing, guidance and information based on what is coming through energetically.

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Earlier this year Mariya started leading guided journeys and meditations through her new podcast titled “Our Sacred Universe”. During these journeys she is able to hold the healing heart-led space and transmit high frequency codes of light to help humanity’s evolution. 


Currently Mariya is in the process of writing a trilogy of books devoted to the Path of the Rose - a revival of the teachings of an ancient female mystery school devoted to walking the path of a priestess. Plenty of notable women of the past from Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary to Isis and Inanna walked the path of the Rose, having claimed their own flavor of feminine magic. It is Mariya’s great joy and part of her karma here on Earth to help reinstate this lost knowledge.  

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