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Establishing a Relationship with Your Energetic Body

Energetic Body

In grasping the concept of connecting with your energetic body, relate it to connecting to your physical body. If you try to study every organ, that would take you forever.

From that standpoint, the physical and the energetic are not that different. You could connect with the consciousness of your energetic body, or you could choose to study its organs and its aspects, such as, “Well, let me study chakras today.”

You could take it and befriend it as a whole, or you can befriend different parts of it.

One of the biggest missed opportunities for humanity is to befriend the energetic body as a whole. A lot of humans are too worried about their chakras, and not enough humans are thinking about understanding their energetic bodies as a whole.

In the same way that you can have a conversation with your physical body when you have a physical symptom, you could have a conversation with your energetic body. Your energetic body has a consciousness, a collective knowing of everything that's going on with it.

  • You could ask it for advice.

  • You could ask it what's wrong with it.

  • You could ask your energetic body what parts of it are imbalanced.

How to Strengthen Your Inner Vision

Any type of connection to any of your bodies – including the physical body that you have – is going to require you to look within.

You might call it inner vision or transcendental vision. We all have it to some degree. If you're able to close your eyes and imagine an object – any object –that means you already have transcendental vision.

Now, how intricate are the scenes that you're able to imagine in your head, how vivid they look, whether they have a smell, whether they appear 2D or 3D or 5D is dependent on how much you've trained the inner vision muscle.

I can ask pretty much anybody on this planet to imagine their heart muscle, and I could ask them to cleanse whatever blockages or dark spots that are seen on their heart, and they would be able to do so.

The difference is that some people would think they're playing pretend, and they're just imagining. Other people would have the sense that they're actually doing something, that they're truly removing blockages from someplace.

It is also possible to train that muscle. The more you use your transcendental vision, the more you're going to be a believer that it's actually doing something.

Now it will do something, regardless. Even if you think you're just imagining cleaning the blocks from your heart chakra, you're actually doing the real work.

Communicating with Your Energetic Body

Method #1 – Automatic Writing

If you feel like you're a beginner, you can start with a technique called automatic writing. When you're trying to get to know your body, sit down to write at a desk or table, have a piece of paper and pencil handy, and ask a question.

You would write a question down from your own person, from your physical body, to any “body” that you're trying to connect to.

So, you can write something like, “Hello, my energetic body, how are you feeling today?”

And then you would write down, “Answer:” and then wait for that answer to come. When the answer comes, just write it down. Don't edit it as it comes. Basically, let your hand write.

That is one way to communicate with anything that's unseen. Automatic writing is very insightful, and it works for about 75% of the world's population. It's not hard.

Method #2 – Meditative Connection

Developing a relationship in the meditative state is more visual.

What automatic writing doesn't do for you is it doesn't show you pictures; it only gives you words, which is okay. It's a start.

But sometimes there is more. A picture is worth a thousand words.

With this method, first examine what your energetic body looks like and feels like. You want to look with that inner vision, with your third eye, and see how your energetic body feels.

Does it feel hollow, or does it feel filled to the brim? The first thing you want to get present to is how much energy your energetic body is able to contain.

If the energy levels are optimal, it would be like a luscious fruit. It would be very full-bodied. It would feel very nurtured, almost heavy with hydration and waters and all kinds of flowing energies.

Sometimes, however, it feels on the opposite end. It would feel very dry and emaciated and skinny, where the flow is not there.

You will be able to quickly diagnose whether your flow is healthy or not healthy.

The Three Main Energetic Cords

Basically, if you look at your energetic body with your third eye, you would be able to see three forces coming through. You will always have three humongous energetic cords – one from your mom, one from your dad, and one from the higher realms, which we can call your guardian angel or your guide cord.

Generally speaking, imagine your energetic body as a bubble.

The first cord comes from the top; that is your guardian angel cord. As you're looking at it, the left side is going to be your mother's energy, and the right side is going to be your dad's energy.

So, you want to see how many of these cords are alive with a stream of energy, and how many of these are dead or gray. If they are alive, this means they're sending you something. If nothing is coming through them, they will be gray. It's like a dry pipe.

Now, there are so many more than three, but everybody has three. The teaching can become complicated from there because, depending on the person, it could be up to a million others, or up to 300.

That range is very big in humans, depending on who is supporting them, and who is feeding off of them. But you want to at least always have a very healthy flow from all three of these cords.

The key to a healthy, energetic and physical body – because those two bodies are joined at the hip – is having at least three feeder cords. These three are your feeder cords, meaning they will be feeding energy into you.

If one of these is not flowing properly or is not giving you enough energy, you will experience either fatigue, depression, disease, or a combination of these things. You would see a symptom, for sure.

Now, you’ll need to understand that just the fact that there is a flow of energy into your energetic body from your ancestral lines doesn’t mean it's good for you.

You still need it either way, whatever that energy might look like. Sometimes it's very dark; it looks like black oil, yucky, high-viscosity, dirty type of energy. But you still want it because, without it, you cannot live.

If one of your ancestral lines removes that energetic cord, there is not enough to sustain your body and you would most likely die.

Of course, this doesn't really happen. Once the ancestral lineages are on board, they're on board. They commit once and then they are with it forever.

But depending on what kind of energy gets donated, you might be benefiting from it, or it might be poisoning every cell in your body without you even knowing it.

Masculine and Feminine Energies from Family Lineage

You're getting your feminine energies from your mother line, and you're getting your masculine energies from your father line. Each of these spiral up. You have your feminine spiral up and your masculine spiral up and they form a helix, almost like a DNA strand.

Again, you borrowed your feminine aspect from your mother ancestral line and your masculine from your father's. Because of the energy that has been flowing in that family tree, because we are adopting that energy quite physically, it becomes part of who we are.

We very often inherit the belief system, the emotional aspects, the habits (including addictions) of our ancestors. Put another way, we're pretty much walking copies of those ancestral lines, unless we do something about it.

Depending on which mythology you are familiar with, your feminine line would be called ida, and your masculine would be called pingala. Your ida, your feminine, is 100% borrowed from your mother's ancestral line. It is the same thing she borrowed from her mom and her mom borrowed from her mom.

That is what you get born into. If that is a healthy feminine stream, it would be a loving energy, a pure energy, a nurturing energy, a creative energy. There are so many aspects of the feminine balanced energy, but that is the energy that would be coursing through your body.

If your mom's ancestral line had issues around femininity, certain parts that they suppressed or disowned around their femininity – things like abortions or black magic, or things like not feeling loved or not being loving as a mother – there are just so many things that could go wrong, and you would inherit it. No questions asked.

It’s the same thing with the energetic line from your dad.

Chakras from Familial Lines

We can also consider the chakras. Inherently, some chakras are masculine, and some are feminine.

Not only would you borrow your ida from your mother's side, but you would also borrow your feminine chakras from your mother's side. You are pretty deep into your ancestral line, and you're very much a deep reflection of them.

Now, you also have higher aspects. Often, you are supported by masculine and feminine energies of the higher aspect. Fortunately, they can make corrections – including your own higher self.

Once you enter the body, you have a lot of help from your higher self also. Potentially, those two energies would merge.

No matter how pure or wonderful or balanced your higher self is, or if your lower, feminine aspect of the ancestry line is very polluted, dark, and disbalanced, one doesn't cancel out the other. They meet in the middle.

That's why it's very important to cleanse and work with your ancestral energies.

Ancestral patterns work like a chain, and you join as the latest link in that chain. What that means is not only do you inherit all of this, but you're part of the same network. As soon as you join that network, you're able to impact the entirety of that network.

Cleansing the Energetic Ancestral Line

That means it is, indeed, possible for you to clean and clear the dirt, debris, blackness, and residue from every ancestral line that you have.

The way you would do that is by calling in the higher aspect that is coming through your head, your crown chakra. You always have a higher aspect, and you can tap into the masculine or feminine side of that aspect, depending on which line you're working with.

You want to tap into that energy and because it's all part of the same channel. The bottom of the channel might be blocked, but the top of the channel is wide. You want to bring forth a lot of this wide energy.

You want to create a torrent coming from the heavens, down that spiral into the earth, through all of the roots of the family tree that you're connected to. Your ancestral lineage, energetically, feels like it goes right into the ground, literally like the roots of a tree. You want to make sure that you allow that wide energy to clean away every aspect of that tree – the roots, the trunk, the branches, everything.

You want that energy to come through you into your familial tree and clean every aspect of the tree.

Meditation: Cleansing the Family Tree

If you want to have a deeper meditation on this, you could imagine yourself in a field and actually look at the family tree.

Now, you would need to work with one at a time. You cannot do your mom's and your dad's side at the same time. You’re just going to have to pick. Let's say we're working with your mom's line.

Imagine yourself in a field, and imagine a tree in front of you.

You want your inner vision to show you what that tree looks like. Is it an oak tree? Is it a birch tree, an acacia tree? There are many.

Then, see how deep the roots of that tree go. Do they go really deep? That means you have a very ancient ancestral line.

Everything about the tree would be quite a literal description of that family tree.

  • See how many branches the tree has.

  • Does the trunk look strong?

  • Does the tree have many leaves?

In essence, you would be a leaf on the tree.

  • Are the leaves a luscious green?

  • Are they withering and yellow?

  • Is the tree overall healthy or sick?

For ancestry lines that have a lot of black magic around them, you would see a lot of black leaves on that tree, and you would also see cracks in the trunk. Very often, you would also see something wrong with the roots of the tree.

Examine the roots. Sometimes you would see an animal or some kind of entity nibbling on the roots. It could be a worm or a snake or something. All of these are entities. This is all just visual information for you.

Sometimes there are trees that get polluted from the top. It doesn't just have to come from the soil.

You want to feel yourself really connected to the tree because you are, in essence, just one of its leaves.

Now, it’s time for the cleansing.

First, allow the tree to be washed with the most wonderful, heavenly rain of holy water – however you imagine what holy water is to you.

If there is some entity – some animals, some bird or something else – preying on the tree, block access to that tree in whatever way feels right to you. For instance, if it's a bird that has been attacking the tree and its fruit, you might want to put a dome around the tree so the bird can no longer attack it. Or you could scare the snake away if there is a snake eating at the tree’s roots.

Basically, you call the shots.

And in this meditation, you want to keep pouring the white light. It could be a combination of white and golden light onto that tree. Pour this light rain down as much as is needed, until you see that tree revived.

You want to take that tree from its blackness into its most luscious form. You should see the black leaves starting to disappear and turn into green leaves. You might even start seeing the tree bloom, whereas it didn't bloom before; or give fruit where it wasn't giving fruit before; or some broken branches might be healed or reattached to the tree.

You want to leave it in the most perfect state.

There are so many practices around how you can heal your ancestry lines, but this is one quick meditation that could help you remove the major dirt from that tree.

Energetic Cleansing: Your Power to Impact the Whole

Remember, you are that last link in the chain, so to speak. You get to impact the whole, regardless of how deep the darkness goes.

What you want to notice then is this:

When you go back to your meditation around your energetic body, you should notice that – if you’re clearing your mom's side – the liquid that's flowing to you from that tree is a lot lighter. It should be prettier, more vibrant, with less muddiness and dirt and debris.

Because that is the energy that feeds you, your whole energy body is becoming cleaner, clearer, lighter, and more pleasant to be in.

That will have such a deep impact on everything you do, because we're so connected. All your bodies are connected, so it will have an impact on your physical.

Reestablishing Connection with Your Upper Energetic Cord

Now, your link with the upper cord is not necessarily can be muddied. Again, those are higher energy aspects. I have never seen it black, but I have seen it blocked.

It can get blocked by something as simple as a decision you make in your childhood. Let’s say you got really mad at your guide consciously, or subconsciously, and you decided that you're going to do everything on your own.

There, you have created a block.

There are so many reasons why this could happen. Fortunately, the block is really easy to clean out. It's like a cork on a champagne bottle. That's what the block looks like.

Basically, all you need to do is examine what that block looks like, energetically, and get rid of it. There's no right or wrong answer of how you can get rid of it. Do whatever feels right to you.

  • You can take a hammer and break it.

  • You can take a laser and cut it.

  • You can take a bomb and blow it up.

  • Or you can just take a globule of gold light, white light, or heavenly fire and burn through it.

There are just so many ways that you can get rid of that block.

Once that block is gone, you would see an opening. And you want to enable that flow – whatever color it is. Every color is going to be different because heavenly doesn't have to mean white.

So, you want to allow whatever energy is supposed to come through from the top, to easily flow through. It should be a really substantial flow, if you're doing it right.

The first step to connecting with and understanding your energetic body is to connect with these three major cords, to clean them up and develop a good connection with them.

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