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What is the Higher Self?

First of all, the higher self is a construct that has been created by the lower aspects of self. What you perceive to be a higher self is, in fact, having access to the totality of you.

If you could perceive the fullness of you, you would see an ocean. By contrast, the energy you're able to receive in this lower dimensional frame is the energy that is coming to you through a straw. Looking at it from that aspect, you are a drop of the ocean.

The wholeness of that aspect is really the wholeness of you. But you are only a drop of that ocean; the entirety of the ocean is so much bigger than you and knows so much more than you do. It is aware of how the universe works in its higher and lower planes in more ways than you could fathom.

The tendency is to call that fullness of you "the higher aspect." It's not separate from the lower aspects of you. It's one and the same aspect. It's just the amount of you that is able to get through into 3D is very small, because that's all the energy that you need to be able to function in 3D. If you were to send the whole ocean into 3D, this whole dimension would be drowned really quickly, so to speak.

The 3D realm is a very special place where you have the opportunity to study particular aspects of existence; you benefit from only sending a very limited version of yourself into this dimension because that is how the greatest learning can transpire.

Again, the higher self is the entirety of all of you. It's not completely separate from where you are and who you are today. You are but a projection of it or a drop that is separated from it for a quick moment in time.

Once you experience death in this incarnation, you would go back to the same ocean and that drop would return back to the core.

You might ask where this higher reality is.

It is in a space where dimensions don't matter. It is in a place where you are all dimensions all at once and none of them at any given time. You might call it "ether." You could call it "reality" because it is truly the only thing that's real.

Your higher self exists in reality – something that always was, always is, and always will be. It is not constrained by time or space. It is not constrained by any other limitation other than the ones we put forth for ourselves.

This is also the place where we can experience a lot of unity, a lot of love. This is a place where we comprehend ourselves as part of the bigger Oversoul. It is a place where you can stop experiencing yourself as completely separate from the rest of creation and can choose to experience yourself as a part of the whole.

The Role of the Higher Self in the Daily Life of the 3D Self

Your higher self informs the overall path of each incarnation that you choose to operate or engage in. Prior to projecting a “droplet” of your consciousness into any realm, into any dimension, there's a plan and a blueprint.

There is also a set of contracts and a set of karmic – “karmic” being a term you can use very loosely – lessons that you might prefer to experience, learn, or perfect. And so, in a basic form, your higher self controls the playbook.

In essence, your higher self signs you up as a projection of itself to experience certain things, people, events, and circumstances, in a particular sequence so that a particular type of learning comes out on the other side.

So, because your higher self influences the playbook, one of its jobs is to guide you towards the best, most intended, outcome. Now, the best in the perspective of your higher self and the best in your 3D perspective might be very different "bests."

For instance, you might choose a life of ascetism. You may choose a life of the absence of money or some basic comforts, or you may choose a life where you experience a particular debilitating disease. You may choose a life where you don't have eyesight, or you lose eyesight, or you lose both legs.

That might be the playbook you write because it serves a particular aspect of you. That playbook would represent the highest good. In your limited perspective, it might seem that losing both of your legs and losing your eyesight might never be good. That's why you have a limited perspective and your higher self has an unlimited perspective.

Your higher self also makes sure that you move forward towards the desired perspective. Because, if you don't, unfortunately, you will have to repeat that experience until you get something that you truly desire out of the experience. So, you would have to keep repeating the same type of incarnation until you get to where you need to go.

Evolution is a very lengthy process as is.

So, the job of the higher self is to send you intuitive hits as well as signs, people, circumstances, and events to make sure that you arrive at a desired destination. So, whatever you would call "a gut feeling" or "intuition" is very often from your higher self.

At the same time, your higher self does not really view you as separate from itself. This aspect knows that all the experiences you are having are inherently “yours” and they're all going to go back to the same bank of knowledge.

Additionally, your higher self has already prepared the cells in that bank to accept that knowledge that is desired. This aspect may speak to you through your dreams as the ever-present force that helps you make decisions.

Every time there is a decision, your higher self is there to help you make it. And, sometimes, the decisions are hard to make; it’s that dichotomy between what you perceive to be in your best interest and what your higher self perceives to be in your best interest.

That's why certain decisions are really hard to select.

It's an interaction, a partnership in many ways. Now, of course, what every “droplet” desires – you, as a projection of higher consciousness – is access to this higher perspective. That's why you desire the so-called "enlightenment."

It doesn't have to be enlightenment, per se, but a lot of you are so curious about the future. When you're curious about the future, you go to tarot readers or see psychics or astrologers or whatnot. There are all kinds of ways for you to look into the future. All you're trying to gain is the perspective of the ocean of this higher self.

There is that inherent strife in every droplet to go back to the bigger ocean that we could call "source consciousness" or an "Oversoul."

The Higher Self Guiding the Lower Self

There are multiple types of incarnations, multiple intentions, that the higher self could project forth. Do As such, your higher self would not necessarily take a very active part in every single incarnation. For example, the whole intention of projecting into 3D might be the fact that this dimension allows the illusion of complete separateness of a drop from the ocean.

From the perspective of the drop, it would not generally comprehend that the ocean even exists out there. The drop believes that it is all that there is. It is already whole.

And so, because the greatest learning sometimes can come from that type of separation, the higher self would not necessarily oversee every single incarnation equally.

Sometimes, this aspect will only step in during critical junctures, during critical choices. At other times, it might leave the droplet completely to its own devices to see what happens.

Now, of course, there are critical incarnations that a higher self will take to heart, so to speak, that it watches really closely. Generally, those incarnations are the ones that have a propensity to make a bigger impact for the greater good, or a more meaningful incarnation for a particular planetary system or galaxy or group of galaxies.

Connecting to Your Higher Self

You're always connected to your higher self. There is always that thread, an energetic pathway that connects you.

It's like a cord that exists all of the time, but whether you get intuitive hits or not depends on whether this aspect is sending anything through or not.

Now, you are never fully alone. You're never separate. You will always be connected to your particular ocean. It's not like you can accidentally go to another ocean. You always go back to the same one, and this is because there's a thread that connects you to your higher self.

The most important thing is to understand that guidance is always available to you, and it does not have to come in the form of your higher self.

Guidance can come in two forms. There are two principal guiding entities.

Think of it this way: from the higher perspective, there is reality and then there is the dream state. Reality is a place where all souls live and congregate – a place that's completely separate from the 3D realm where you are at the moment.

On our path to evolution, our higher selves choose to project parts of our consciousness into different dimensions, different lifetimes, different timelines, on different missions. You could call that to which we're projecting these things "our dream space."

So, there is reality and then there is dream space. At any given point in time, there are millions of souls in the dream space, but the bigger chunk of their energy remains in reality because that is always your anchor.

As souls, we are always anchored in our own reality. At the same time, our higher aspects could be projecting parts of our consciousness to thousands of incarnations across thousands of galaxies and many, many, dimensions.

It's like entertainment for the higher selves in many ways. It is school, yes but it's a fun way to evolve. Because you forget parts of yourself and then you forget that you're this big ocean, you can experience yourself as a man or a woman or a hermaphrodite; you can experience yourself as poor or rich or an all-powerful magician.

There's so much diversity in that dreamscape world that our higher selves are eager to go into the dreamscape world and create intricate gameplays and game scenarios and game design realities and life paths to live.

As far as guidance is concerned, you can get guidance from other people in the same dream or in the similar dream or in borderline dreams. You can get guidance from the dreamscape universe, or you could get guidance from the reality universe.

There are different kinds of guidance available to you at any given point in time. You shouldn't just be limited to the guidance from your higher self.

You get guidance from reality and it can be from your higher self or from anybody else from the place of reality. There can also be guidance from the dream world, which is your 3D world, universe, and cosmos.

There are so many ways for you to get guidance, so you shouldn't be stuck on trying to get guidance from a particular entity.

Just know that all guidance has an agenda. As you get guidance, depending on your vibration, different entities have access to you. They could be lower-dimensional entities or higher-dimensional entities.

Higher dimensional entities, when they're guiding and advising you, tend to be more evolved and thus their guidance is more likely to be for the greater good.

If you're vibrating at a lower-level frequency and trying to get guidance, you might end up getting guidance from the more "demonic realms," as you might call them. They have a very different kind of agenda than beings in the higher realms do.

If you tend to be getting guidance from higher dimensions, generally, you would be moving towards the path of a greater good for all. If you're getting guidance from the lower dimensional consciousness, you would be moving away from the greater good and potentially towards your own good or towards the agenda of that entity that’s guiding you.

As a projection of a greater whole, you also have your own internal guidance system. Intuition is an inner knowing of what happens next, at least within the constraints of 3D.

Because you live in the linear world, your intuition is a barometer that tells you, "Okay, this is the future if you do X. This is the future if you do Y." Your body sees the consequence of an action and knows what's going to happen to it.

So, intuition comes into play, and it can be informed by many different things:

· Your internal system of guidance

· Gaia

· Your ancestors

· Your own parallel incarnations

Generally, there is a subconscious “knowing” in you of what happens next. It's not something that you're fully 100% aware of at any given point in time. But you do have that barometer built in you.

When you receive any kind of guidance, it is then up to you whether to follow through on that or not.

And that is the beauty of having choice. All humans are making choices daily whether to trust what is being offered to them or not. Inherently, it is still up to you.

Very often, people make choices that are against what their higher self wants or what any of their guides want.

On the Desire to Connect to the Higher Self

This whole world revolves around desire … and not just the third-dimensional aspect. In the higher realms, in "reality," we also have desires to experience certain circumstances and events. That's why we project forth into certain aspects of this dreamscape at certain times, well knowing what kind of emotions and circumstances it might entail.

Desire is the driver of all progress.

When you want to connect to your higher self, when you want to connect to your guides, that desire generally does not come out of nowhere. That desire comes from a deeper knowing that there is something to be had from that experience.

When you feel an intense desire to connect to something bigger than yourself, go for it!

Again, there's no such thing as having a silly desire, because everything in the universe revolves around a want of something. It is part of evolution.

Your higher self comes to know every aspect and every facet of you through the choices that are made. You always have a choice, and that always leads you to a path of greater learning. We only get to know ourselves through the choices that we make.

When we're faced with tough challenges, do we go left, or do we go right? Until we actually face that circumstance, it's just a potentiality and a concept.

For instance, a higher self, as an ocean, might identify as "kind." For this particular aspect, kindness is a great value. But how do they truly know that they’re kind? They don't.

So, what they would choose to do to truly find out if they’re kind or not is split into 1,000 pieces and send those 1,000 pieces into different circumstances and events to see the choices that they're going to make.

· Will they choose kindness, or will they choose something else?

· What is that smaller part of them resonating with?

· How far are they willing to go for kindness?

Then, that higher self can truly know who they are.

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