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The Spiritual Teacher Anthem

A teacher is a practitioner, the one that leads by example, the one that walks the walk, the one who has been to the depth of hell and yet chose love.

A teacher is a warrior, a fearless defender of what’s true and just, the one that walks into battle with the head held high and the armor shining. Not a battle of physical weapons, but a battle of influence, for the one who has your attention, rules your heart.

A teacher is a hermit and a socialite in one, comfortable in his skin and open to all circumstances and all students.

A teacher is a wisdom collector, the one who, knowing every facet of the universe, will say – I know NOT what I teach, let me learn some more.

A teacher is a scribe – the one who takes the time to write down the wisdom of light as it comes, so as to empty the vessel and enable it to receive more.

A teacher is a fool who starts fresh every day, who will not think of himself as someone special or “chosen”, for his wisdom is that which belongs to the Creator and just as simply as the Creator shared the wisdom, so can he take it back at any moment.

A teacher is a parent, generous in his praise and modest in his reproach. He understands that it is not through personal talent that he came by the wisdom, but through grace. So he shares the grace freely, as he knows that truly the more you share, the more remains.

A teacher is a great storyteller, weaving the thread of God in the best way he knows how. But ABOVE ALL a teacher is a student – for there is always a level above of which he knows nothing. So enjoy this ride, today’s teacher, for tomorrow you’ll be a student again. Such is the eternal dance of the universe – the give and take of the divine wisdom, the path you have signed up to walk.

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