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The Power of the Pink Flame

Pink Flame
Pink Flame

The pink flame is the flame and the energy of cosmic love.

It’s the energy of the divine aspects of the masculine and the feminine … and the balance of the two.

It is the energy of forgiveness and compassion.

Additionally, it is the energy of family, childbirth, childhood, and children in general.

The pink flame is a high-dimensional flame. It is possible to experience in 3D, though in lower aspects.

The aspects you could experience here on the 3D level are related to motherhood, childbirth, raising a kid, and of course related to family.

Obviously, this is not the greatest dimension to experience the balance of the divine feminine and masculine as well as the cosmic love aspect.

However, under altered states of consciousness, a lot of people do experience this, but it is short lived.

It’s a very high vibration, very volatile energy. It’s really hard to contain it in one place. The energy of the pink flame, as very volatile, means that it is higher dimensional. It’s fast.

It’s not that it disappears quickly; however, it moves so fast that you lose track of it. You're not able to keep track of this flame in 3D because the third-dimensional level of mind and comprehension are a little bit dense and slow.

The energy of the pink flame – as well as the energy of the white flame – are the two energies that you experience when you crossover … after you die.

When you get released from your body, these two energies become very obvious to you.

Why is this?

It’s because you start vibrating closer to those frequencies, if not on those frequencies. The white flame and the pink flame, quite literally, take you up.

That's why a lot of people that have a near death experience say things like, “I just felt so loved … I just felt so connected and so understood and so balanced and so perfect and so light.”

That is the working of the pink/white flame combined energies.

Shadow Sides of the Pink Flame

Shadow aspects of the pink flame include loneliness, heartbreak, separation from the source, disbalance, and any kind of gender disbalance and gender issues.

This includes women that are too masculine, men that are too feminine; or men that are too aggressive, and women that are overly sentimental.

There's so much disbalance in the gender roles on this planet.

Another way you might see the gender aspects being mixed is with gender identification – when somebody doesn't want to identify with the body they’ve been born into.

That would be a potential shadow aspect. This doesn't make it bad. The shadow aspect is always the greatest teacher because we, as souls, don't ever get to evolve unless we’re present to our shadow aspect.

There are a lot of souls right now coming onto planet Earth to try to bring in the higher aspects of the energy of the pink flame.

A lot of them experience the shadow aspect because that's unfortunately the only aspect available on this planet.

We have to collectively work through that – to get all the love and compassion for that state before we can bring it to the light, to the next level.

In order to experience cosmic love for others – loving everything around you as much as you love yourself – this begins with loving yourself.

That is the absolute ground zero, square one. It starts with self-love.

And humanity is not even remotely there. Until we get to self-love 100%, we’re not going to get to next level of loving the other as part of myself 100%.

That is precisely what a lot of these people with gender identification issues are dealing with. They have to find love within themselves, for themselves, the way they are – broken and confused and laughed at and bullied and all kinds of things are happening to them.

Do you think that's easy? Absolutely not. They're the scapegoat of this generation, no matter how widespread it is.

Finding self-love despite the pressure of society is the challenge because there's a lot of pressure.

And there's going to be pressure for a couple more generations, and then that pressure is going to be released and we’re going to be able to collectively be more accepting and loving.

Love and acceptance are one and the same thing.

Love is the absence of judgment. Look at how much judgment there is, how much soul judgment there is. We judge ourselves every day.

The Connection between Cosmic Love and Self-Love

Cosmic love contains self-love because cosmic love is the love for creation in its entirety:

  • The good, the bad, and the ugly

  • Negative and positive

  • The in-between and the neutral

  • The self and the other

  • Lower aspects and higher aspects

Cosmic love is so deep that it’s enough for every single dimension. It is a love of higher consciousness.

But if you for a second try to get into that higher consciousness state, you will see that the creator and creatress love everybody equally … but they also love themselves and they love each other.

There's a lot of acceptance and there is no judgment.

People who live on Earth are always asking, how could God do this or how could God tolerate this – because there is no judgment up there. God is not judging a killer, a murderer, a thief.

It’s actually the killer judging themselves, the thief judging themselves, that creates a distortion in their field.

It’s never the creator or the creatress. It’s never the source.

Corresponding Chakra to the Pink Flame

There is an upper heart chakra that this flame lives in. It’s in that place between your heart and your neck.

You likely already know that the heart chakra, in 3D, is mostly green or emerald … but there is a higher cosmic aspect that is really recent.

You can think of it like a little realm or a little cover on top of the emerald energy.

It’s like a pink diamond, a very clear, beautiful pink … not an intense shade of pink.

It’s like a gentle pink rose.

It’s a fifth dimensional chakra that lives on top of the heart chakra on the fifth dimension.

Plants and Minerals to Help You to Connect with the Pink Energy

Rose quartz is an obvious one.

You might have noticed the spike in the popularity of rose quartz. This was not the case 25 years ago. That's how recent the pink flame energy is.

In terms of plants, pink roses for sure … but try to find the lightest pink, not that deeper shade. That's muddied aspect of the cosmic love flame.

You want to go for the tea rose that's very light pink.

Actually, rose tea or rose oil are really soothing for that aspect, to bring balance into your life. They put it in lotions and hand creams but make sure it’s a real essential oil.

You can try taking a rose bath with about 10 to 20 drops of rose oil or rose hip oil.

This is more of a ritual or exercise than a meditation:

You want to ask the pink flame to take away all the dis-balance and all the impurities.

Lily of the valley is another beautiful flower that has the same exact essence.

Interestingly enough, Larimar and Amazonite also have the same vibrations of cosmic eternal love despite being blue. It’s really good to meditate with those stones on your body.

For women, this helps if you're experiencing pain in the lower abdomen, anything to do with reproductive system. It’s good to position both rose quartz as well as Amazonite and Larimar next to the ovaries so that all the impurities could be sucked in by the crystals.

For men, the rose bath sounds a little out there but it doesn't make you less of a man if you are open to taking a rose bath. You could add something a little bit more masculine like pine tree oil. It mixes beautifully with the rose oil.

Flames that Work with the Pink Flame

The white flame works really well. It helps elevate the pink energies even higher, giving them more amplitude and more purity of thought and intention.

Another beautiful combination is green and pink. The main aspect of the green energy is healing.

The healing that the pink ray could really assist with is mental. If you have panic attacks or any psychological issues, you would want to invite the dual string of green and pink energy into your aura.

Imagine something like two DNA strands – the pink and the green energy – forming a protective circle around your body, like a sphere.

That would enable you to be protected from mental attacks, from entities.

You can also wear a flower crown made of pink and green energy on your head to attract the best possible thoughts.

If you're feeling suicidal, for instance, it could be a very good spiritual defense to have a crown on your head of pink and green ray.

Any bad thoughts are going to have a really hard time penetrating if you're wearing a crown of those two frequencies on your head.

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