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The Power of the Golden Flame

Gold Flame
Gold Flame

The golden flame, in its most simplistic form, could be explained as the flame of the energy of life. It's that spark that gives life.

On its other facets, the golden flame is the flame of resurrection. It is the flame of bringing something from its current, “sub-optimal” state to its most optimal state—the state we could describe as perfection.

The golden flame is also the flame of creation and creativity. In its core, it is the flame of the beginning of life—that inception, that first spark that gives something its identity where before there was nothingness: the absence of identity.

There is not a lot of exposure with the golden flame in the 3D realms. It's considered to be a higher-dimensional flame.

This is not to say that it cannot be leveraged here, but those frequencies are higher than what you are used to on a day-to-day basis in your dimension.

If you're a beginner in working with flames, you probably shouldn't start with the energy of the golden flame.

However, if you have already practiced and worked with a lot of the third-dimensional-type energies and would love to try something else new and different, something that could potentially have a little bit more “magic” to it, the golden flame might be a good idea.

It is an interesting experience that transcends dimensions and could give you access—albeit momentary access, fleeting access—to those higher realms; it could get you to a different alternate state of consciousness if you're willing to give it a shot.

It's more for an advanced practitioner. The energies that the golden flame works with don't prioritize what you tend to prioritize in the three-dimensional realm.

What's important to you here, such as the sense of security and shelter and sustenance, might not be the energies of the golden flame, because it deals with a different realm of issues altogether.

However, if you're working on a planetary level, for instance, or if you're working with something that is potentially bigger than yourself, you could still call in the energy of the golden flame.

The Shadow Side of the Golden Flame

Everything has a shadow side, and on some level, the golden flame has the shadow aspect. The shadow aspect of life would be nothingness or the absence of life.

You might think of it in this way …

The energy of life as a spark has momentum. It's energy that is pointed or directed somewhere, so to speak. It is not static energy.

The shadow side of the golden flame would be static energy, stagnation, and decay.

The closest that you would come to experience the absence of life is in death. This would be its stagnant state—the absence of that primordial light spark.

Experiencing a Higher Aspect of the Golden Flame

Resurrection is a broad way of describing something going from a suboptimal level to an optimal level.

In a more simplistic form, think of someone going from being really sick—their body and organs failing—to experiencing a full recovery; that would be generally done with a gold flame type of energy.

Gold energy alongside green healing energy are instrumental in any type of healing, especially miraculous healing.

You’ve heard stories, and perhaps even seen this happen to someone you know.

Somebody recovers from stage four cancer that is not “undergoing treatment.” All of a sudden, they are healed. That tends to be the golden flame working through that person.

The energy of the golden flame would be akin to going into the darkest, murkiest, dirtiest of places, shining that golden light on it, and turning it into something that is light, airy, and beautiful, cozy and welcoming.

The golden flame has that energy.

If you were to take a snapshot of the “before” and the “after” of a complete home renovation, that is the transformation the golden flame is capable of.

Carriers and Masters of the Golden Flame

One of the greater carriers of the golden flame on earth was Jesus. He's a recent example of a being that was able to use the energies of the resurrection flame on himself and on others.

He was able to bring people to life and to heal them, so he was using the golden flame to a big degree.

Anybody who's a healer—depending on how skilled they are—could be tapping into the golden flame energy.

A person who has mastered the golden flame experiences perfect alignment between what they want and what they get.

The golden flame is instant, in its true form.

It is that healing that's not going to take years upon years. A person who has mastered that energy is able to heal somebody instantly.

There are not a lot of examples on Earth, unfortunately, of people like that, but there have been others. Jesus was not the only one, by any stretch of the imagination.

There are a lot of them that you would never hear about, because they're not going out and preaching. They get called into families or they get called into homes, and they heal others.

This is not an energy that belongs to this planet in its current state of vibrations. Gaia is only walking into those energies right now, so as of right now you cannot master it within the constraints of this planet, but you can transport it from another dimension where you could have mastered it.

Gaia, of course, is on the path and on a spiral to ascension. Give it another 10 million years, and we'll be able to practice the golden flame here.

The perfect dimension for the golden flame is seven; 7D can be considered the lowest vibrations of its home.

What needs to be enabled on this planet is perfect alignment with what your higher self wants and what your physical self can deliver.

A lot of faith is required for this. There will need to be less resistance to many things, such as less resistance to change.

There is a lot of resistance to change in the 3D world, and not just from people. If you take a substance and try to turn it into another substance, you cannot do it instantaneously. That's why they say magic doesn't exist. If magic did exist, we would be able to have this instant transformation.

One of the biggest properties of the high vibrations is the minimal resistance of all kinds: minimal resistance to change, to light, to unity and unification.

If you were looking from 3D into 7D, that whole world would feel like magic, because somebody who lives in that dimension can instantly manifest the things they want or need.

In the 3D realm, no matter how much you push, there's only so much energy that you have access to. This is by design, because we need to maintain that state of resistance so that humans can learn.

That said, on a subconscious level, there is that memory that all entities and beings on this plane have regarding perfect manifestation. They miss it terribly because that is a more natural state. That is a healthier state. That is the true state, if you will: to be perfectly able to align with what you want.

Correspondence to the Golden Flame

There are few, if any, elements on earth that would be a perfect match to golden flame energy.

There are some poor imitations, but they're hardly worth mentioning.

For instance, pyrite, which is not even a stone, but it is a chemical compound. The aspect of pyrite would be almost like taking the gold aspect, the purest golden ray, and making it so impure that it's muddy.

It could still help ground you in the right vibrations, but it would not offer a strong aid.

Gold is definitely better; liquid gold, monatomic gold, is the closest you can get.

Mercury is also an option. Interestingly, it's only toxic in 3D. There's not anything absolutely inherently wrong with anything you call toxic. It has more to do with how these energies manifest.

How that energy manifests might be harmful to a particular species. It doesn't make it bad or good.

There are dimensions where mercury is a vital part of life. It is only toxic to humans because human consciousness has not graduated to the higher dimension yet. It's not able yet to accept those energies, so it is toxic because the state of human consciousness on this planet is toxic right now.

Celestial Beings That Work with the Golden Flame

There are thousands of beings who work with the golden flame.

Archangel Metatron touches it a bit, and he could be helpful in this respect, but that's not his core area of operating.

The entity that would best support the golden flame is Source, or as you might say, God. That would be the sponsoring entity for this energy, because in many ways that is the energy that was used for a big chunk of creation.

Go to Source. Go to God. God is that higher being you believe in. It'll be a step above the archangels, yet is accessible for all people.

Everybody who has ever been incarnated on this planet is an extension of source energy and a spark that was separated from the original flame … so in the same way that you can always get support and guidance from source energy, you would be able to borrow the energy of the golden ray.

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