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The Physical Body – Body Scan Techniques

Physical Body Scan

Introduction to the Body Scan

When you do a body scan, you need to figure out how macro or micro you want to go.

Your body is a universe in and of itself: “As above, so below.” So, how intimate you are with a particular issue would depend on how zoomed in you are on it.

But first, you need to locate what part is hurting inside the universe of your body.

With autoimmune diseases, unfortunately, what you would see is the pain seems to be everywhere. It’s easier to scan a particular organ than it is to scan the circulatory system, because it penetrates literally every single aspect of your body.

So, first, figure out the location by scanning the body from top to bottom.

The Basic Body Scan

Let's start with the simplest technique because a lot of people might not even know what it means to scan your body.

You have probably been through security at an airport – when you have to go through the scanner or you have to raise your hands up, and there is that scanning machine that does some scanning of your body.

Imagine doing that.

Imagine raising your hands, closing your eyes, and – with your inner vision – examining your body from top to bottom.

First, do a very quick scan, up and down and up and down. Within 10 seconds, you can do the scan of your full body. It's very quick.

Your body has a matrix structure; it has the lines that are penetrating your body from top to bottom and left to right. That matrix structure would either be healthy where the energy is flowing normally, or it would have spots where the energy is not coming through.

If the energy, prana, chi – whatever you want to call it – is circulating normally in your body, your body is going to be "gold" or whatever that energy that you're transmuting. If you're scanning your body, most likely it's going to be some type of gold energy.

Zooming into the Body Matrix

But the places in your body where the energy is not flowing are going to appear a darker shade of grey or black; that means the energy is not flowing there properly.

You might have one or more places in your matrix structure where this is happening. Identify what those places are and zoom in.

And you want to keep zooming in:

Do that first zoom in and figure out what it is.

  • Is it a particular organ?

  • Is it a patch of skin?

  • Is it a bone?

Zoom in to that organ, and then inspect it one more time in a zoomed-in state.

Eventually, if you want to move to healing, imagine yourself inside that organ, like a little human walking in the pathways of that organ. In other words, you would picture yourself as a micro version of yourself and penetrate that organ.

Intuitive Cleansing

Now, you want to see exactly what's wrong with it, and it could be all kinds of different things.

You might just see a heavy amount of darkness. For instance, with any type of cancerous cells or malfunctioning cancerous inflammations, you would see a lot of darkness.

If this is the case, you would literally need to blast it with water and golden light and white light to clean it up. It would feel like doing a deep clean of that organ or part of your body.

Sometimes you might see a crack. If you see a cracked surface, you want to mend that surface.

At other times, you would see things like dust, spider webs, dirt, and debris. You want to clean all of that up.

Sometimes you might see a raging fire, or you might see a drought inside of a particular organ. From there, it's actually quite intuitive.

If you see darkness, you always want to heal it with light.

If you see a raging fire, you want to put out the fire.

You want to make sure that your beautiful internal garden is tended to and has fertile soil, and everything else that you need. So many things could be wrong with that organ.

Scanning for Optimal Health

As a technique, scanning always starts on the macro level and goes down to the micro level.

Sometimes, you will even need to get inside of your blood vessels and heal the blood.

In general, there are a few very quick techniques that could bring you to the overall most optimal health you could have.

Let’s say you're not yet at the point where you're experiencing pain, but you're experiencing a precursor to pain:

  • Exhaustion and tiredness

  • Not digesting your food properly

  • Experiencing respiratory issues

  • Losing elasticity in your body

  • Feeling any suboptimal change in your body

There are a couple of things you could do to improve these suboptimal states.

First Body Scanning Technique: An Infusion of Liquid Light

There are several forms of liquid in your body – blood, lymph, and water. Naturally, the liquid in your body travels around; it's not stagnant.

You want to give yourself an infusion of light into the three liquids in your body: the blood, the lymph, and the water.

You can do this through the heart muscle to make it simple and not overcomplicate things.

Just as there are three kinds of liquids, there are three colors of liquids.

  • Water is a transparent liquid with potentially a blue hue.

  • Lymph is yellow.

  • Blood is red.

What you want to do is enable the white light from the cosmos – from the Creator, from the Source – to infiltrate all three of those liquids in your body, starting at the heart.

You can imagine that your heart is a pool of white light and beautiful, sparkly-white liquid. It's like that inception point “gives birth” to all the three liquids that your body now has.

This is what you want to see happen:

The water in your body starts getting a pearlescent glow, almost like a higher dimensional glow.

Your blood is going to start to sparkle and become less viscous – thinner and brighter blood.

The same thing happens with the lymph: it would turn from deep yellow to the most iridescent beautiful light yellow, and thus be cleansed.

These three liquids should be cleansed, and at their most optimal, healthy state because they support your body’s nutrients and all the correct cells flowing to pretty much every organ in your body.

What you would want to see is all of these liquids start flowing out of your heart and carrying the white light throughout your whole physical body, filling you with iridescent, beautiful white light.

By doing this practice every day for about a week, you will start noticing a real shift in your overall health and well-being. Things are going to slowly start going back to "normal" … unless something is fundamentally wrong with one of your organs.

That might mean extra work. But if you don't have anything that's very off at the moment, and things are just starting to get out of alignment, this exercise of purifying the liquids in your body will do the trick.

Your Body Contract – Nature and Nurture

Before your birth, you and your body entered into a contract of what that most optimal state in that body would look and feel like, depending on your age.

Technically speaking, it is a contract with your body, but it's also the contract with the ancestral lineage you're coming into. They generally have access to particular body types, based on their genetic code and DNA.

So, in essence, they will tell you, "Okay, these are the seven body types that we have."

For a girl, it could be, "Okay, we have a body that is very skinny, but also no breasts and no hips,” or “You can have these voluptuous ones but have cellulite at age 25."

In other words, you're selecting from a range of bodies. And for the body that you select, there is its optimal state that you are aware of at any age.

As a soul walking into a body, these are some of the decisions you’re faced with:

  • What are the issues this particular body will have?