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Light Bodies: Part Two – Incarnating Light Bodies

Light Body

On Incarnation of Light Bodies

Let's talk about the fascinating concept of incarnation and how light bodies actually come to be.

There are two creative forces – two sponsoring energies – that participate in an incarnation of any kind.

Creative Force #1 – Gaia

The first creative force is the physical planet that you choose to incarnate on. In this instance, it's Gaia. Of course, she has multiple light bodies as well.

Creative Force #2 – Cosmos

And the second aspect is cosmic energy, or cosmos. Now, “cosmos” is a very overly general term for a whole slew of energies that could be sponsoring you from the high realms.

It could be as high as the Creator to as low as a particular race – alien race – that is trying to bring forth your entity.

Cosmos is more than the universe. It could be a range of different entities. Not one of them is bigger than the other.

Imagine yourself like a little baby, and there are two incoming energies. There's an energy stream from planet Earth coming from bottom-up into the soles of your feet. You're "standing on it." Then, there's another stream of energy from cosmos coming down.

They meet and converge and co-create an entity of "you."

Now, it gets more elaborate than this. You're not just born onto planet Earth, after all; you're born within a particular family, a particular ancestral lineage. When you incarnate, you join a particular family.

So, your physical body is of the Earth and of your familial lineage. It 100% belongs to them. Once you're done with your incarnation, it will go back to them.

In other words, all the energy that gets freed up in the process of disintegration of your body is going to go back to two entities: planet Earth and your familial lineage – your family tree if you will.

Your spirit body is 100% sponsored by the cosmos. That never disintegrates; it would go back to where it came from without leaving any part of itself here.

The question, then, is what happens with the rest of the bodies.

There are three left:

  • Your energy body

  • Your emotional body

  • And your mental body

These three are a collaboration, a collective project between Gaia and cosmos. All three of these bodies get co-created by these two energies.

So, in essence, whatever ancestral lineage and family you chose is going to “donate” energies to create three of your light bodies for this incarnation.

Origins of the Energy Body

Let's look at the energy body first.

The energies that power your red, orange, and yellow chakras come from the Earth and from your ancestry.

The green center in your energetic body, in the chakral system, might either come from your ancestors or the cosmos.

How does this get determined?

Well, if you have a very ancient ancestral line that you chose to incarnate into, one that has developed their heart chakra and has enough heart energy in their possession that they can share with you, then your green chakra would form from their earthly heart energies.

If your lineage does not have a well-developed green chakra – which is most of the lineages on Earth right now – that green center energy would be borrowed from the cosmos.

Everything above your heart chakra – the third eye, the throat, the crown, the seat of the soul – is always borrowed from the cosmos.

Think of your energetic body as a convergence of two energies.

The energies from the waist and below would always come from your ancestral lineage and planet Earth. Everything that's higher, in dimensions and frequencies, is going to be donated by the cosmos.

Origins of the Mental and Emotional Bodies

The other two bodies, the mental and the emotional, are also co-created by these two energies.

Generally, the ancestors of your lineage have a collective imprint that would form your emotional and mental body.

Your emotional body is the collective emotional state of all your ancestors combined. Epigenetics helps to explain how you borrow things from your ancestors. If your ancestors have had a history of depression or anxiety, anger, alcoholism, or other issues, you inherit them.

Your emotional and mental bodies are birthed as a collaboration of cosmic energies and ancestor energies.

There is an imprint that your ancestry is going to donate. Then, partially – depending on what your intention was when you came into this incarnation – you could donate certain aspects of your oversoul (which is basically your spirit or soul), to help form those bodies based on your past experiences.

Karma in Incarnation: Lineage and Family Trees

Let’s look at this idea of ancestry in regard to the concept of karma.

From the perspective of cosmos, karma does not exist largely. Where karma does exist is in earthly lineages and familial trees. All the actions, all the history, all the emotions, all the thoughts, all the good and the bad and the ugly things that happen with a particular lineage collectively are stored within the akashic field of that lineage.

So, if you're a soul that is projecting its energy into a particular lineage, your inherit that collective imprint, whatever that is. From that standpoint, karma is going to be very real to you.

But, at the same time, it's by choice. You chose to incarnate into a particular lineage that is fighting a particular issue, because you want that as a lesson.

It doesn't mean that you committed a crime in your last life and now you have to pay for it. It doesn't work that way. Whatever you commit, that karma is going to stay within the lineage that you were born into.

Karma that lives in the lower space of a spirit body is more like a memory – an encapsulated memory of a lifetime that you lived within a particular emotional and mental body in a particular lineage.

The only thing that spirit body is going to hold onto is a memory of how they acted. They're not holding onto the emotion so much.

For instance, if you killed someone and that created a crazy emotional turmoil in you, 90% of that emotion and damage is going to remain with the lineage and remain on this planet. And 10% is going to go up with you into the spirit realm.

Of course, the percentages are not exact, but this is to help you understand how little you actually carry with you. Much of that trauma and karma remains here.

But it all adds up, given that you incarnate millions of times. And then, you might end up with a lot of baggage of negative karma – the memory of a particular action that you did.

In a single incarnation, an important thing is whether or not you accomplished what you set out to accomplish. If so, it means you're still evolving.

If you set out to resist something, but you did not, then you did not accomplish what you set out to accomplish. What that generally means for a soul is they look and analyze the results of what happened.

Why weren't they able to resist when they wanted to, when they were supposed to, when that was their intention?

And then, they would proactively select either the same lineage – or another lineage with the same kind of challenge – to go through this all over again.

That, in essence, is what you humans think is karma … when it's very much a choice and a self-induced experience. Nobody ever gets punished for the choices that they make outside of "being punished" by themselves to endure that again.

Incarnation of Spirit

When it comes to your spirit, you kind of unlock level by level.

You start at the ground level – from the state of complete separation in the spirit realm, like a child that was just taken away from his mother's womb.

That is that first sense of, "Oh, I'm separate. Ouch."

This is the most separate you are ever going to feel as a soul.

That moment coincides with your birth in the spirit world or, rather, the time when your individual spark left the Source energy. You experience intense amounts of separation.

And then, your personal evolution is your road back to oneness. It goes through layers of these light bodies; initially, only the very bottom layers are available to you.

But as you keep growing, more and more gets unlocked, like a new level in a game. But you never lose old layers. You just keep adding to them.

It's almost like you're growing in height as a spirit. That's why older spirits are like huge oceans while baby spirits are like puddles.

How much energy you're able to hold onto depends how many layers of these light bodies you have accessible to you.

Returning to the idea of a Russian doll, every other light body that's on top of it is bigger.

It holds onto more energy. It's more magnificent. The higher up you go, the more energy you're holding onto. In fact, it's just putting on more and more layers. You don't really shed layers from there.

Beginning to Work with Light Bodies

On Earth today, many people are so disconnected from even the most basic level of their bodies, the physical; they have not mastered even that first layer.

Many people need to just start with actually listening to their physical body.

  • What is it telling you?

  • How should you be communicating with it?

  • How can you really feel at home in it, as opposed to judging it?

  • How can you stop seeing it as an enemy and instead see it as a friend?

  • What are the signs your body is giving that could be relevant to understanding your lineage, your ancestors, your parents, your children?

Your physical body can tell you so much.

Then, once we – as a society and as a planet – have a handle on our physical, we can move to the energetic body. Humanity is only scratching the surface of trying to understand that.

Then, we should move forward to the emotional, and then to the mental.

And, if there is any time left, maybe we can tap into the spiritual.

The kinds, and the level, of problems that people are solving in 3D are not that complicated.

On planet Earth, we've never truly had complete connection with these bodies. We have had periods in history where we were closer than we are now, but at no point in human history of planet Earth did the human race come to fully understanding their bodies.

There were times on planet Earth when the guidance from your personal guides and your spiritual family was a lot easier to access.

And when it was easier to access, all the aspects of the other bodies were communicated to the people by those higher entities who were holding a higher perspective. That's how humans were learning all about the things.

But once you take away the ability to be guided by those higher-frequency entities, then there's nobody to tell you how this works.

All that old knowledge was turned into the occult and forbidden and hidden.

In essence, part of this is also about who has control over this planet. The entities that have control over this planet have no interest in people getting guidance.

Given the state of the humanity today, in channeling this information, humanity should start with the physical. Often, the healing of the physical is very much intertwined with energetic.

Understanding those two is a good place to start, but realize that everything is interconnected.

You're not starting from scratch. You're not starting from perfection.

When you descended to this body, your emotional and mental bodies were already messed up by your ancestry.

It's not like you're starting as a perfect little human coming into point zero of perfection.

What about all this ancestral trauma that is already there? You didn't have to think a thought. You didn't have to feel a feeling.

You are born into a thought. You are born into a feeling. And that gets manifested in your body.

Can you clean your ancestral energy if you work on the physical?


You're still going to have to use energy, of course. When you do healing on your physical body, you can leverage your energetic body or external sources that are not generally coursing through your body.

For instance, you can tap into a golden ray or a green ray, even if the golden or the green ray is not your sponsoring energy for your energetic body.

There are multiple energies that form your energetic body, some from your ancestors and some from the cosmos.

It's more than one energy that comes together to give you that body, and it could be so many different things.

  • It could be energy from planet Orion that flows into you at 20%.

  • It could be the energy of a particular race, such as a fairytale, a dragon race for instance.

  • Or it could be an elemental energy of cosmic fire that came into you.

There are so many different energies that could be sponsoring energies for a human. That said, when you're doing the healing, you are going to call forth energy.

It could be the energy that you forever have access to because of the energies that were forming energies of your body; the energies that you brought at formation remain with you for the duration of your life, unless you deny or disown them.

Those sponsoring energies are kind of like your anchoring energies.

But, sometimes, greater healing can happen if you bring forth another energetic stream to work on a particular issue. And that is like "borrowing" energy.

Where the Aura Belongs

At the most simplistic level, the aura that is visible to those who can see auras, are catching a glimpse of your energetic body.

That is the general rule.

When you do aura photography, for the most part, the bulk of it is your energy body.

In general, here in 3D, when you do aura photography and when people see auras, they see the energies that are coming in your body.

It is possible that you have an emotional trauma that's so big it clouds your energetic body.

It is possible that your mental body is so traumatized that it's creating a cloud or black clots or spots, thus dimming a part of your energy.

In short, the aura is part of your energy body.

Does this information let us know who you are?

One billion percent!

In this one snapshot, I can see exactly the color of the ancestry energies that are making up your body and the color of your sponsoring energies from the cosmos, which tells me which vibrations in the cosmos you belong to and vibrate at the same frequency as.

Generally, it's not random that certain energies sponsor you. It's because some part of your consciousness vibrates at the same frequency.

However, this is also tricky, because an aura is also something that each soul has when we are disincarnated.

And the color of that aura is the collective combination of the colors in all your spirit bodies that you have integrated to date.

That's how spirits are going to recognize each other instantly. Immediately, they know what another spirit is all about. They're reading energy frequencies.

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