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Introduction to the Energetic Body

Energetic Body

Your energetic body is your “connective tissue” between your physical body and your higher aspects.

Technically speaking, we could still say that it's one of the lower aspects of your body structure. It is entirely connected to your physical body – joined at the hip, so to speak.

Your energetic body is also a collection of all the energy from all the sources from which you could be getting that energy – whether higher dimensional sources or earthly sources – that enable you to survive in this physical 3D world.

The Energetic Body: Home of Electric and Magnetic Energies

Your energetic body is entirely responsible for creating motion and movement. Your energetic body is where two primordial energies live: the electric and the magnetic energies, which are the two energy forces that move your physical body.

So, quite literally, your physical body cannot survive without your energetic body. You absolutely must have one to have the other.

The energetic body is also a complex construct.

You can think of it as a multiple organ system. In the same way that your physical body has multiple organ systems, your energetic body has multiple organ systems that collectively operate as a unit to get you things you need.

The Energetic Body: Connective Tissue to the World around You

The energetic body is also your connective tissue to everything around you.

It is your connective tissue to other people, to the matrix of 3D as a whole, to your city, to your country.

It is your connective tissue, and the first thing that people feel and see about you when you walk through the door.

As your connective tissue, it connects you to everything on planet Earth, everything in the Milky Way galaxy, and in the neighboring galaxies. It is your connective tissue that connects you to the higher aspects of your guides.

Quite literally, you would feel very isolated and unable to move or do anything if you didn't have an energetic body. Also, it is the first body that is formed before you come into this existence, so you probably wouldn't even be alive without the energetic body.

The Energetic Body: A Dynamic Collection of Cells

The energetic body consists of cells, and the function of those cells is to transfer energy – to receive and give away energy. At any point in time, you can imagine your energetic body like a beehive, or like a honeycomb.

Imagine a honeycomb; it has cells, and each cell is either empty or full. When the cell is full, that means it contains the energy inside it. When the cell is empty, there is no energy inside of it.

Ultimately, if we were to look at the energy body in its entirety, we would be able to see a collection of cells that are either lit up, which means they're at the moment holding on to some type of energy; or they're hollow and not animated, which means they are lacking energy at that point in time.

Then, obviously, all of these cells come together to create a very dynamic organism. The energetic body is a very dynamic body.

Your energetic body is in a constant state of giving and receiving. It is never fully giving or fully receiving, but operating with a mix of both. You can picture these little cells interchanging their state, going from on to off, from on to off, from on to off.

It's also like a little factory that keeps powering everything around it.

Now, a few factors determine the state, the color, and the vibration of your energetic body. These factors include:

  • Where you're receiving the energy from

  • How much energy you are receiving

  • What kind of energy it is

You can envision that body being filled with energies of different colors, with different levels of opacity or transparency. They might be very clean aspects of particular energies or very muddy and dirty aspects of particular energies.

Every cell would be filled with a particular energy. It's like a receptor.

Some cells are only able to receive one kind of energy and not able to receive another, and then there are cells that are chameleonic cells, so to speak, which can receive all kinds of energies. They can go with the flow and can adapt.

There are all sorts of energetic constructs flowing.

There are the main types of energies that your body would be receiving – electric and magnetic energies.

But also, there are other energies. On a very rudimentary spectrum, they're either earthly energies or energies from elsewhere, mainly from higher realms.

Your energetic body is all these cells combined.

Parts of the Energetic Body Structure

Because your energetic body is like a hand in a glove with your physical body, a lot of the constructs of your energetic body are going to correspond to your physical body.

The Chakras

A lot of people are familiar with the chakras; that is one aspect of your energy body and your energetic field. Some chakras are powered by your family tree – the earthly energies of your ancestral lines – while some chakras are powered by your higher aspects, your lighter bodies, and your higher self.

Chakras are one aspect of this fairly complex system.

Feminine and Masculine Aspects

Another important aspect of the energetic body is the feminine versus the masculine aspect and where you're receiving your feminine and masculine energies from.

What are the sources? Feminine and masculine energies are present regardless of your gender. In other words, you have both.

There are pathways for both feminine and masculine energies, and – depending on whether there are blockages or not – you can either experience balanced or misbalanced energy, or even the lack of energy.

Another factor is how the masculine and feminine energies communicate with one another. They have connective points in the body where they come together, so that would be an aspect of the feminine and masculine.

Connective Energetic Matrices

Other aspects of the energy body are connective points, points that connect you to the matrix.

Those are specifically 3D-appropriate points, meaning the way they work in 3D is very different from how they would work in other dimensions.

In 3D, they're quite literal. You have multiple points in your body – almost like anchors – that anchor you into the fabric of the matrix that you live within.

This ensures that you get fully grounded in this reality and that you're able to receive and give out information into the field around you – everything that you are: your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations, your fears, everything.

At any given point in time, everybody who's connected to the matrix is connected to the matrix via their energetic body. It's almost like you cannot fully experience the feeling of being alive in 3D unless you're fully integrated into the matrix.

You would have anchors, and most of those anchors are right along your spinal cord. But there are other anchors that anchor you into the fabric of the matrix for a dual purpose:

  • So that you are able to exchange energies with the people around you

  • So that you're able to impact the circumstances of your life through your energy

Energetic Pathways

There are major pathways through which you are able to receive and give away energy. You can picture them as massive energetic highways; there's a lot of traffic, and you're able to receive and give all kinds of energy.

You have, the spinal cord, mentioned already, and your chakra system, which are points of giving and receiving.

Then, you have very important pathways going up your legs, starting in the soles of your feet. These are called energy channels.

There are also important pathways coming from the higher realms through the crown of your head and traveling downwards.

Then, there are channels that go up your arms, with entry points in the palms of your hands.

All of these can be used for giving or for receiving, or interchangeably.

Generally, your right side is giving, your left side is receiving. However, there are exceptions to the rule.

Also, if your body is in the state of massive receiving, every chakra is going to be receiving energy. If your body is in a massive state of giving, every chakra is going to be giving energy away.

For instance, if you have a lot of negative emotion that you need to release, all these pathways are going to be working extra hard to help you get rid of the negativity in your body.

By the way, there are multiple aspects of your body that get activated during that process of shedding or releasing. For instance, your emotional body will activate the physical body's response to stress, so your adrenals will likely become hyperactive, and your sweat glands as well.

There are multiple ways you release on the physical, and your energetic body is going to help you through those release channels.

Energetic Cords

Energetic cords are also part of the energetic body structure.

Those cords can be positive or negative. For example, you might have positive cords going through to your body from friendly ancestral lines.

Or let’s say that Mother Earth wants to support you in a particular endeavor. For instance, if you came with a mission that is a planetary-type mission, very often you would come with cords of supporting energy that you can tap into.

For a seer who is looking at your energetic body and able to perceive energy, they would be able to pinpoint those cords that are going into your body of different kinds of energies.

They would also be able to see, on an energetic level, if a cord is a giving cord or a taking cord, meaning there are some energetic cords that give you energy, and some cords that take your energy.

For instance, a mother will always be connected to her child via an energy cord that's a giving cord. It's an energy that moves in one direction, which is part of the energetic body. The direction is from the mother to the child.

At the same time, as a child, you will always have a cord from your own mother that gives you energy. That would be a positively charged cord because she's giving you energy.

At the same time, there is a father cord. We know fathers don't physically give birth, but there is a father cord. Whether the father knows that the child is his or not is absolutely irrelevant. If he created a human, he is, as a father, going to be supporting that child.

Energetic cords can also stem from your relatives, from your friends. There are all types of energetic exchanges.

Energy cords can be conscious or subconscious; there are cords that you might be aware of, and connections you might not be aware of, because some of them might go back 10 generations.

You might have an energetic cord to a particular family line or family tree, and that connection might have been made generations ago, because somebody made a promise or a vow to somebody else.

Very often, there are vows that someone made – again, either consciously or subconsciously – that our descendants then have to pay for. For instance, promises like, "I will never forget you," or "I will always love you," or even curses like, "May your whole life be damned." All of those are promises we make, and they create energetic cords.

At any given point in time, you might have up to 1,000 cords that are either giving you benefit or harming you in many ways.

You can have energetic cords coming from other dimensions, from higher realms. More often than not, those are helpful cords, but of course, there could be cords that are also feeding off your energy.

Those could be from other alien forms or other planets, from Source consciousness, from your guides, etc.

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