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Healing Energy of the Green Flame

Introduction to the Green Flame

The green flame is a flame of restoration and healing on both the personal and the planetary level, but it goes above and beyond that.

Imagine you cut your finger or your arm. The energy of the green flame would help patch your skin back together. That's the kind of restoration the green flame provides.

It also provides healing to other living things. If you were a tree and somebody broke a branch off your trunk, the energy of the green flame would be the one that would patch up that wound and enable you to heal.

It's restoration, bringing things back to their original state. It is healing energy. That is the biggest premise of the green energy—the green flame.

What the Green Flame Does

The green flame doesn't just heal bodies. It also heals on the metaphysical energetic level.

It can mend a broken heart.

Obviously, a broken heart is a feeling; your heart is not actually broken in two, but this is still something the green flame can do.

It can mend a relationship.

Describing a Person Who Has Mastered the Green Flame

People who master the green flame tend to be empaths. They tend to be very sensitive.

They tend to be very aware of the world at large, and they pick up on energy very quickly.

These people are very receptive. On an energetic level, you can imagine their body covered with receptors, like little antennas. The main purpose of these antennas is to receive.

At any given time, they're perceiving the world. So, these are your deep-feeling people. These are the souls that can get easily hurt.

They're very receptive to language and the intention behind words. They tend to be good communicators because they speak from the heart.

They also tend to be selfless. These are the people that could easily sacrifice themselves for the greater good, for a loved one, or for the planet.

Levels of Green Energy Manifestation

Green energy could go from 1% to 100%.

Those with lower energies of the green flame tend to have a smaller circle of things they care about and that they want to heal.

For instance:

  • Somebody who's vibrating in the low green might be wanting to heal their family or their best friend.

  • A person who's midrange would want to heal their city or their country.

  • Somebody who is high-level green works on the planetary level, and maybe the galactic, universal level.

Depending on how evolved you are as a green flame or as a green soul, you take more and more aspects of creation as a part of yourself. As you take a bigger chunk of the universe as a part of yourself, you inevitably want to heal and restore it back to balance and perfection.

The Shadow Side of the Green Flame

There are a few shadow aspects of the green flame. These include:

  • Selfishness – If I'm going to heal you, what are you going to do for me?

  • Wanting recognition for your work.

  • Feeling disconnected, and not wanting to get out of your comfort zone and heal.

  • Feeling drained all the time.

  • The martyr mindset – Look at me. I'm suffering so much. I keep helping others.

The greens extend a lot of energy because the process of healing is quite energy consuming. But when they tend toward the shadow side, it means their green flame is not in balance.

Meditation for a Beginner with a Green Flame

Imagine something you want to heal: a broken heart, perhaps, or somebody offended you or bullied you. Being bullied makes you feel incompetent; it takes away your self-love, your self-acceptance. It's a really deep wound.

First, ask yourself, where does this live in your body? If you quiet your mind, your body is very wise. It's going to show you where it hurts.

Emotional wounds can live anywhere in your body. Every time we as humans get faced with a wound, we have a choice of where we want to stack it in our body. It's a subconscious decision.

It could be a very random place. Some people tend to put their wounds in the same part of their body. If they have chronic pain in a particular part of their body, it's because they've stashed too many wounds there.

So, first, discern where that wound lives in your body.

Then, see what shape it is. Sometimes it's a triangle or a sphere. It could be a star. It could be a cube. It could also be amorphous.

Next, get present to what color it is.

You also need to determine whether it's heavy or light.

Finally, bring forth the green flame. As you're examining the wound, you're going to notice a crack somewhere in there … or multiple cracks. The darkness gets inside through the crack.

Bring the green flame right into that place where you're hurting. Allow the green flame to seal that wound—from where it started to where it ended.

Once it's sealed, allow the green flame to enter the inner part of that wound and heal everything within. You might have layers inside, so make sure every layer is accessible to the green healing flame.

When you're done, you will notice that instead of being dark and cracked – or whatever that original sensation might have been: heavy, pricking, itchy – you will notice that sensation disappear. That place in your body will then emanate with the most beautiful healing emerald light you can imagine.

Sometimes, depending on what the wound is, it might have a cord attached to it. That's the last thing you need to check for. That cord could be leading to a particular event or a person or multiple people in this incarnation or your past lives or both.

Take a sword of light to cut those cords. Then, heal the gaps of those cords with a green emerald light.

You want to break the energetic ties to whatever hurt you in the first place, so there is no more dark energy that has access to your body.

Using the Green Flame to Heal Others

Not every soul on this planet has mastered the green flame energy.

Some souls are going to be able to use the green flame on other people. The prerequisite is that you have mastered it for yourself.

When you're tapping into the green flame for yourself, you're tapping into the energy of Source. It is always available to you.

Healing others is a different level, though. Unless you master the green energy, it's easier for people to heal themselves – borrowing that green flame from the creator – as opposed to giving it to others.

What you could do is teach these meditations to the person that you want to heal. If they're willing to do that, they could heal themselves.

Crystals that Work with the Green Flame

Here are some crystals and work with or enhance the green flame:

  • Scolecite

  • Emerald

  • Black onyx