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Red Flame and its Properties

Red Flame
Red Flame

The red flame is the flame of inspired action, passion, and raw expression.

It is something that can spread really quickly – in a bad or a good way.

Interestingly, it happens to be the flame of an epidemic or the news that travels the world – or anything that kind of catches on fire and spreads around really quickly.

That's the energy of the red flame.

It's not a very gentle flame. It's a very hot energy.

The root chakra corresponds with the red flame.

Shadow Aspects of the Red Flame

Of course, there is the shadow aspect of the red flame, which would be feeling stagnant, the absence of action, feeling stuck, feeling no movement, feeling apathy, or feeling like nothing is exciting anymore.

If you are feeling like everything is the same in the world and you don't want to move because you've seen it all, this is the shadow aspect of the red flame.

The energy of red is never that of patience. It's the energy of passion. So, the shadow aspect of the red flame could be bloodlust. It could be actions such as being cruel, angry, or inconsiderate – things that cause people pain.

Another shadow aspect of passion is nervousness. It's that same blood that's pumping in your chest, but it has this nervous, uneasy, neurotic, type of aspect to it. That would be the shadow aspect of the red flame.

Red is also the flame of revolutions.

Now, whether you consider that to be a good or bad thing, it's all a matter of perspective. You could either believe that it is a shadow aspect of a red flame or the normal positive aspect of the red flame.

Very often, revolutions happen for a reason and help fix something on a societal level in a very positive way.

But revolutions are also quite bloody.

Description of Someone Who Has Mastered a Red Flame

Somebody who's mastered the higher aspects of the red flame is a great leader. It is somebody who can:

  • Manifest really well in the physical

  • Unite people around a common goal

  • Create something from nothing

  • Disseminate an idea and make it a worldwide phenomenon

It is somebody who sees what needs to be built in the universe and rolls up their sleeves and does it, as opposed to waiting for somebody else to do the work for them.

The red flame, once it's mastered, is not a stagnant energy. It's not somebody who just shows up and is content with the status quo and living a mediocre life or having a mediocre society.

It's somebody who loves the movement, who loves transformation, who loves taking the world from a worse place to a better place … and not only wants it but has the tools to be able to make it happen.

Crystals That Work with the Red Flame

Ruby and garnet work well with the red flame.

A lot of black crystals also work really well with this energy. They're able to sustain it because the red energy comes in spurts; it's not easy to sustain over time.

Energy can be like a fire. It's hard for a fire to maintain its full capacity for a very long time. The fire is blazing, and then it dwindles, and then surges back to its full potential again.

You could also think of it like a spiral, or as something cyclical. For the fire of the red flame to not be extinguished, it could use the help of the black crystals, or a piece of meteorite, or anything that's magnetic. These act like coals to that flame. They're able to contain that energy in a healthy state, then fuel it when the red really needs it.

If you want to work with the higher aspects of the red energy, any white crystal is also really good. It helps purify the intention.

The reds do tend to be a little bit selfish sometimes in the way that they see things. This is another shadow aspect: if they think that something is wrong in the world, they believe that everybody else is seeing the same thing. And if they're willing to build the new world, they're not necessarily taking other people's opinions into consideration. They only consider their own.

For this reason, purifying the red aspect with the white is very helpful. Any white or transparent crystal can be useful in purifying the intention and making sure it serves a higher good.

Plants, Herbs, and Essential Oils That Work with the Red Flame

  • Cinnamon – in powder or stick form, or adding it to a drink.

  • Coffee – because of its caffeine, interestingly enough. Caffeine gives you energy and that red flame consumes a lot of physical energy to get into inspired action.

  • Black tea, anise, and any form of caffeine because it gets you fired up.

  • Honey – helps level and sustain the flame. If you're a person who gets burned out easily, try adding honey to your tea or having it after a meal as a treat. Try honey sticks as a substitute for chocolate. It’s good for maintaining healthy levels of physical energy without burnout.

  • Red apples or dried apples

  • Clove, black pepper, paprika – basically, anything that carries fiery, feisty energy is good.

  • Red berries

  • Hibiscus tea

All these work well with the red flame energy.

How to Work with the Red Flame

One of the issues you face when you're working with the red flame is burnout. You’re going a thousand miles per second and, while it drives you, it can also drive you crazy.

Not only do you have to refuel, but you have to learn to work with this energy in a way that is sustainable for your physical body.

You don't want to have a period of one week when you're going literally 24/7, and then you’re dealing with a three-week period of replenishment where you're so drained that you can't get out of bed.

That tends to happen with people who are practicing the red energy, because it literally consumes them from within. You want to find a way to work with the red flame where it doesn't consume you but gives you that constant support when you need it.

You need to get yourself to a perpetual inspired action flow, instead of a sporadic inspired action flow; it's easier to control and it's better for your body.

There are a whole lot of diseases that come from an imbalanced red flame, including joint pain, potential digestion issues, and muscle pain. It could even cause you to break a bone.

Disbalanced red flame will do various things that are not ideal or optimal for somebody's well-being.

If you're feeling that red flame inside of you – and if you hope to practice it and it lives somewhere inside of your body – you need to try to contain it, encapsulating it into a crystal sphere … or you can cover it with a cloche, with a dome, that would preserve that flame.

That would keep that flame forever burning, but at a more contained pace. It would contain your fire in a way that's very manageable for you, instead of allowing it to burn through your resources.

You want to keep it inside of your body, but contained within this glass sphere or container. And then, if you need to tap into it, you can always temporarily lift the dome, and allow that flame to rage.

For instance, if you are having a public speaking engagement and you want to bring your A-Game, just let that fire burn. But then make sure that, before you go to bed, it's contained.

The Red Flame and Trouble Sleeping

You never want that fire raging in you before going to bed without containing it, because you're going to have a lot of trouble going to sleep. You want to make sure that red energy is as contained as can be, so you can get the rest that your body needs.

This is very important for people who feel that drive – those who tend to be over-achievers and go-getters. All the people who like to move, move, move, and make things happen, tend to have that red energy. And it's very important to contain that flame.

The energy coursing through your body is a vibration that requires activity. It draws activity to itself and, as a result, the absence of peace and calm.

If it's very active in your brain, it creates thoughts that are hard to get rid of, and that's why it's hard to fall asleep.

Honestly, the only way to deal with it is to cover that flame up until morning. It's not a bad thing. It's a positive thing. It's the energy that moves the world around, but there's a time and place for everything.

Unfortunately, the red flame is bad at distinguishing what is good timing and what is bad timing.

The Red Flame and Fatigue

On the other hand, when you're really drained, you might be experiencing an extinguished red flame.

For people who have a really strong red energy, they sometimes go through a period of intense fatigue where they're like, "I don't know why I'm so tired."

It's because that flame is not being balanced, so it burned itself out. This can happen. As mentioned earlier, it goes through cycles.

This can happen to someone a couple of times a day or once a month or once a year. It depends on what schedule your red flame is on.

That's why you want to establish controlled, measurable fire, instead of uncontrollable fire and then nothing.

Managing the energy, instead of allowing the energy to manage you, is paramount.

Meditation to Reignite the Red Flame

People who burn out often don't understand what is happening. As a result, they try to cure the burnout with more fire. That's not the way to do it.

They're like, "I'm burned out. Let me light that fire."

The thing is, the soil is not ready to receive more fire. What do you need before you can rekindle that fire?

You need some water.

You need to nurture your body with water. You need to bring that energy into your body and let it soothe the burned-out terrain that cannot birth any life.

Imagine yourself in a body of water, such as a lake. Allow that water to consume you.

You can float peacefully in that body of water, but also allow the water to penetrate your body and wash over all of your internal organs.

You need to nurture every aspect of your body that has been thirsting for water.

Generally, a soil that's burned out is a soil that has no water. As the fire burns, the water evaporates.

Your body does not retain as much water, and you're desert-like thirsty.

Before the fire can be rekindled, the water needs to rejoin its rightful place in your body. And then, new things can grow.

And, as new things can grow, one of the things that can grow again is fire.

It's counterintuitive, but if you want to prevent burnout, you shouldn't go directly to start that fire. The fire never burns in a soil that has already been burned out.

It's useless to try to push your body to produce more fire when it's already burned out, because:

  1. It doesn't have anywhere to take it.

  2. Even if you use an inhuman amount of effort to kindle that fire, you cannot sustain it, because there are not enough nutrients for the fire to keep going.

So, you need to reset your system. And, to reset your system, you always need water.

Partnership between the Red Flame and Other Flames

The energy that works the best with the red flame is the white flame. You could call the white flame "heavenly waters."

It's the flame of purification and higher dimensions. White is also the flame of creation and unity.

There's so much that it is a flame of, but two of its aspects are water and air.

Both are potentially purifying and good for the red. They help elevate and purify the intentions of the red.

The yellow flame also works well with the red. That can give you inspired and joyful action, helping you take true joy in your accomplishments. Both flames – the yellow and the red – are warm.

The yellow flame is a little bit more tampered. It's like a milder form of a fire, so it's nice to have that aspect collaborate with red flame.

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