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  • Throat Chakra Activation Workshop

Throat Chakra Activation Workshop

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Do you feel blocked in your expression, my dear? Do you feel as though you're merely going through the motions in life, unsure of your true purpose or how to live it? Do you have trouble speaking up or voicing your needs to a partner? Do you settle, do you cope, do you get by instead of thriving? Have you ever felt like a victim of circumstances, or perhaps you've dimmed your light to conform to societal expectations?


All of these symptoms may be rooted in a single source – your throat chakra.


Speaking and living your truth is one of the hardest things you can do as an incarnated human. As a society, we live in a world of the undernourished Throat Chakras. Time and time again, we choose to stay silent, we say yes when we mean no, we prioritize the opinions of others while neglecting our own desires and needs, we fear failure, we avoid conflict, and consistently place ourselves at the bottom of the list.


Through lifetimes of pain, suffering and betrayal, we've internalized these patterns, burying our truth so deeply within our subconscious that we can scarcely find it ourselves. We've learned to settle, conform, and endure in silence. As a result, we feel depleted, we feel alone, we feel less than.

Today, I invite you to take a step in a different direction with me. To find your voice, once and for all.


Together, we’ll release some deep-seated trauma and hurt that resides in your throat center, clearing away lifetimes of sadness, sorrow, loneliness and pain. Together, we shall reclaim your birthright to be unapologetically you. You deserve a life of freedom and bliss. Embracing and embodying your truth is a fundamental necessity, not a mere luxury. Together, we'll transcend the conditioning and limitations passed down through your lineage, reclaiming your unapologetic self expression, claiming back your light.


Walk this path of healing with me, dear one. And watch your life become forever transformed.