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  • Healing The Witch Wound Workshop

Healing The Witch Wound Workshop

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Do you have a deep resonance with the archetype of the witch, my dear?


If you are reading this, chances are, you have walked this Earth as a witch before, and perhaps so did your many sisters, your foremothers, your loved ones. The wound of the witch, the wise woman, the healer, the mystic, runs deep. We carry it in our hearts, we store it in our wombs, we emanate it through our auric fields.


Yes, there have been the hard times of the witch hunts, when betrayal ran deep and human cruelty - even deeper. But there were also the good times - the many hours of communion with nature and with each other - the treasures we stored deep within our souls, a remembrance that the magic is all around us.

I invite you to step into your inner witch with me - to reclaim her fully, to become a safe harbor for her gifts, a channel for her truth, a vessel for her memories. Together, we can unbreak her chains, unshackle her potential, liberate her once and for all.


This healing circle is an opportunity to release the fear, pain, shame, and doubt that have defined our connection to the witch archetype. As we confront the Witch Wound, we heal not only ourselves but the collective feminine psyche. My first healing circle is a sanctuary for authenticity, a vessel for transformation, and a tribute to the enduring strength of the women who have held the sacred flame of the witch within. Join me, and together, we shall rewrite the narrative of the witch, stepping into our own power with grace, wisdom, and the fearless magic of the witches we are.

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