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the Age of Aquarius

Musings on what the Age of Aquarius means

Lovely Venusian energies

Lovely Venusian energies today and using the magic of the red rose to heal your womb.

Personal portals

Personal portals for healing, creativity or productivity

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse - a day to release and to reset back to your original blueprint.

Places of power

How to optimize your life through understanding places that make you powerful.

That mental body is getting a bit overwhelmed

That mental body is getting a bit overwhelmed - let’s talk through what this means for you and what remedies exist for making today better.

The energy of loneliness

The energy of loneliness is strong in the collective today

Phoenix rising

Feeling the energies of the phoenix rising in the collective today

Twin Flames

Twin flames, soulmates and members of your soul family - let’s talk relationships and finding the one.

Shedding the dense layers

Shedding the dense layers of your light bodies as a means of detox - a practice.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry for healing, protection and energy work.

Saturn and his rings

Just a few insights + a manifestation practice from Kronos/Saturn. Love the practice I was given today so sharing it here.