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  • Womb Healing and Restoration

Womb Healing and Restoration

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Within the depths of our wombs lies our true story - the story of who we are as women, of the many paths we walked, the many wounds we have gathered along the way. Our wombs hold many scars: the unseen pain, the tears yet to fall, the parts of us we've concealed deep inside.


Anyone who has walked the Earth as a female will tell you just how hard this road can be. Picture the accumulation of thousands of lifetimes' worth of experiences in the memory reservoir of your womb: every miscarriage, each encounter with menopause, the painful periods, the heartache of divorce, the sorrow of losing a child. All of this pain has been compounding. All of this pain wants to be witnessed, be seen, heard and finally released.


As women, we are just so good at getting by, at coping, at holding on. And yet, we feel things so acutely, so viscerally. We are woven from the scars of our past lives, our ancestries, our collective narrative. Navigating a patriarchal world, striving for our place in the sun, forsaking our expression to make others happy - these are just some of the ways we have suffered as women. After all, it is no joke being a woman in a man’s world.


So we have learned to bear it all - the pain, the suffering, the less than optimal conditions, with a smile on our face. Our wombs have become vaults for the wounds we've tucked away, places to hide our unprocessed emotions from the world and sometimes even from ourselves.


The time has come to claim the purity of our wombs back. The time has come for us to both liberate our most magical organ as well as nurture it back into perfect energetic health.


In this circle, we will address some of the most important feminine topics, such as:

  • The wounds of motherhood

  • Complex pregnancies

  • Giving Birth

  • The relationship with our mothers

  • All of the children we’ve ever lost (miscarriage, abortion, untimely death)

  • The Trauma of abuse

  • Painful periods

  • Menopause

  • The imprint of past partners

  • The Men who hurt us

  • And so much more.

Please join me for this profoundly healing experience, sister. Let’s embrace and heal our femininity together.