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Yellow Flame and its Properties

The yellow flame is a flame of wisdom. It is a flame of joy, a flame of happiness.

It is a flame of connection and all that comes with it—connection of everything in the universe across the species and within each species.

The yellow flame is very warm energy. It is warm but stable.

In fact, it is one of the easier flames to work with in 3D.

The Yellow Flame and Wisdom

As the flame of wisdom, it can connect you to the Akashic Records – the universal wisdom across dimensions, the knowledge of how the universe functions, the knowledge of how different dimensions are operating or are constructed.

Pretty much anything that you wanted to know from an intellectual standpoint, you could leverage the yellow flame for. You could access the whole history of planet Earth if you wanted, via this flame.

It also connects you to your highest good. It can help you make wiser choices in life, whether that choice is something mundane or something connected to the big question of why you are in this present incarnation.

Through working with the yellow flame, you can access knowledge that is relevant to your current incarnation, all your past incarnations, and the universe at large as it relates to you.

That is one aspect of the yellow flame.

The Yellow Flame and Joy

The other aspect of the yellow flame, as mentioned earlier, is joy.

The concept of true wisdom and joy are connected despite the fact that they might seem very different. There is great joy that comes through wisdom and there is great wisdom that is connected to joy.

These are two sides of the same universal coin, and they are like the bridge between the intellect and the motion. You could use the yellow flame to connect your heart and your mind in many ways.

Corresponding Crystals to the Yellow Flame

Any crystal that is yellow would connect you to an aspect of the yellow flame.

Citrine is probably the most common.

There is also yellow obsidian.

Yellow diamond could also connect you to a higher aspect of the yellow chakra as well.

Citrine, however, is a good place to start. It can help you center on wisdom.

A Person Who Mastered the Yellow Flame

Because the yellow flame is multi-faceted, you could have 10 different people who reflect and vibrate at the yellow frequency and they would all be quite different.

You would have some people that are quite introspective and a little bit removed from the world. These are the people who are working with different aspects of knowledge and wisdom and trying to understand themselves and understand the universe at large.

Another aspect of a person who works with and transmits the yellow flame energy could be somebody who is very upbeat, optimistic, and positive. That level of energy can be quite contagious.

Those kinds of people generally tend to have a happy-go-lucky attitude. Nothing that happens to them ever gets them down. It's almost like a healing energy in many ways because, when other people are around that energy, they tend to get to a better, higher vibrational state.

You can have all kinds of ranges in between these two extremes.

You could also have yellow energies that combine both aspects. You could have somebody who is both introspective and wise, yet very upbeat at the same time.

This is because true wisdom is always connected to joy. You would be hard-pressed to find a truly wise person that's miserable.

Purity of the Yellow Flame

Any flame can be 1% pure or 100% pure. It is possible for a person to be a carrier of the yellow flame but have that energy be muddied. There are some blockages on that energy or some aspects of that energy that a person still needs to work through.

Not every yellow aspect is equal to one another. Obviously, the highest, purest aspects of yellow – once you start getting to 80% and above in terms of purity – get you closer to what the original creator used in his or her toolbox.

And the lower you get, the muddier you get. That energy is a lower-level frequency, which means that person is still on their journey as far as discovering the higher aspects of that flame.

As a new soul, when you start exploring a particular aspect, you never go from zero to 100 right away. It's quite a journey.

Shadow Sides of the Yellow Flame

There is the positive and the negative side of every flame – also known as the shadow and the true aspect of each flame.

Every flame has its shadow aspect.

Interestingly, the antithesis of wisdom is not ignorance. It's the lack of curiosity. Somebody who displays an absolute disinterest in learning or understanding would be under the darker or shadow aspect of the wisdom ray.

When there is no energy given toward wanting to understand something, that would be the shadow aspect.

On the joyful side, the shadow aspect could be feeling depressed or disconnected. When you feel disconnected from the yellow ray, those shadow aspects might include:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Fear of connection

Unfortunately, there are a lot of shadow aspects of the yellow and the green ray that are being experienced on Earth right now.

Yellow Flame Meditation for a Beginner

There are at least two major ways that yellow flame can help someone.

  1. Access to knowledge

  2. Access to joy

Let's look at joy first.

Lack of joy is that state of feeling disconnected, depressed, lonely, or feeling like there's no support structure for you. This is all the lack of a healthy yellow flame energy.

What could help is cleaning the joyful energetic pathways along your body. Our bodies have a very complex energetic structure. We have pathways for different kinds of emotions. For instance, we actually have pathways that are supposed to transport joy.

Imagine an array of little yellow pathways, almost like blood vessels but yellow, that are permeating your whole body.

What could be really healthy is to allow the yellow flame to cleanse and purify those pathways. A lot of those pathways are clogged – clogged by stress, by the absence of connection, clogged by fear. There's a slew of different emotions that could potentially clog your joy pathways.

Here is a meditation.

Start by sitting down or lying down, and getting really quiet. Begin tuning into your body, and your breathing. You could do a couple of breaths, but light breaths are fine.

You want to start connecting to the yellow flame in the solar plexus chakra. This is where that flame lives or where you can access it the best. Imagine a flame burning in the middle of your stomach area.

Imagine that flame burning bright yellow. Make sure it's not muddied, dirty yellow. Picture the brightest canary yellow that you can imagine. This is the purest form of that energy.

Allow that energy to emanate from the center of your body outwards, first going from your belly up to the chest, to the neck, to the head, and then the arms, through the joy pathways that are clogged with darkness and debris and dust and dirt.

As you feel that energy going up, see how it's clearing all of those pathways. See how the darkness disappears, and everything turns the brightest, most beautiful canary yellow color.

It's a contagious color.

Once you clean that up and clear all of those pathways up, don't be surprised if you want to spin around or dance, even if the music is not playing.

That's how you know you're doing the right thing.

When you've cleared all the upper part of your body, go with that canary yellow light through all of your joy pathways. Let it permeate literally everything. There are thousands of these little canals inside of your body, so clean and clear all the blockages that might be there.

Go down the left leg to the knee, the calf, then down to the tips of your toes. Then do the same thing for your right leg as well. Get rid of that debris.

Allow that frequency and that energy to circulate through your body freely. Allow it to flow naturally without any blockages or fears.

You can close the meditation when you feel the energy is pumping and it's everywhere inside of your body.

It's a very beautiful meditation. It's such a beautiful flame to work with.

Using the Yellow Flame to Access Knowledge

For most people, going up to the Akashic Records and looking at complicated, galactic wisdom is not going to be that practical for their day-to-day lives. The knowledge and wisdom that is most applicable is the kind that you can use to move forward through this incarnation.

Very often, you see people feeling like they're stuck or unhappy where they are. They don't know why. They don't understand. For instance, they're stuck at the job that they hate or they're stuck in a bad relationship.

Some of the greatest wisdom we can get in this incarnation is about our past and what it is that we came here to do. Also, getting practical answers regarding what the next step should be.

The yellow flame can help answer most of your questions depending on your level of connection. For some people, it can happen quite instantaneously. For other people, they might need to do this meditation and then wait for a couple of days.

It all depends on how connected you are, how much you practice meditation, and where you are in the evolution of your soul.

There are multiple meditations that we can do to extract answers. One of the simplest ways that you could try is this:

Get your body very, very still. Imagine a yellow flame burning brightly in the center of a large, palatial structure made of citrine. There's citrine everywhere. Walk into that beautiful temple of yellow canary light.

The flame is huge. Imagine the licks of flame stretching up to the ceiling of this beautiful temple and lighting up the crystals all around it with beautiful canary light, making everything bright and cheerful.

Approach the flame. There are a lot of other beings going to the flame for wisdom. There are a lot of other beings who have questions for the flame. The flame is really busy, so it's important to wait for your turn.

When it is your turn and the guardians of the flame allow you to approach, approach it quietly and focus on the question or an area of your life where you need advice or wisdom.

Imagine your request shooting up like a shooting star, like an arrow into the yellow flame. Let the yellow flame consume it, understand it, and process it.

The flame is going to give you an answer back. Generally, it comes in the form of a canary-yellow sphere. Imagine the yellow flame sending it back to you.

There is a law within the universe that if you ask a question, that question must be answered. That is the promise of the great creator to all of its children.

Rest assured that if you ask the yellow flame for an answer, it shall be provided.

Depending on your level of receptivity to answers, when you receive that yellow sphere back, you might experience a few different things.

  • You might experience a deep knowing or an insight or an “aha” moment.

  • You might hear a voice or see a picture.

  • Or you might experience a combination of these things.

You might not get it right away; allow the yellow flame to process your request. It might take a few minutes. Just make sure that you're keeping your mind as empty as possible.

If you do not feel like you're getting the answer immediately, do not worry.

The yellow flame is going to stay within you. If you're not getting the answer right away, receive that little sphere inside of your chest. Within three days, the answer's going to come to you one way or another. It might be through a dream; it might be through a particular phrase. You might be watching TV or reading a book; or a friend might call you randomly and a phrase pops out at you. You will know exactly why they said it because it will sound like an answer to your request.

That information is going to come through; just be on the lookout.

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