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White Flame Meditation

White Flame
White Flame

When you're trying to manifest something in your life, here is a meditation you can do.

First, quiet your mind down and observe the white flame.

It could be about human height. If you're sitting down, it would be a little bit taller than you.

Now, focus on what you're trying to bring forth into your life.

What is it that you're trying to manifest?

You might think you're trying to manifest abundance, but you need to be more specific.

Abundance means different things to different people. Abundance can also mean an abundance of problems.

So, when focusing on abundance, get clear that you want an abundance of health, for instance, or an abundance of love, an abundance of finances, an abundance of travel, an abundance of clothing.

Note, however, that when you're manifesting health for yourself, this is not the best flame. If you're trying to manifest health for yourself, you should work with the green flame or the gold flame.

Yes, you could use the white flame to do pretty much everything, but if your desire is selfish, then it's not going to be as effective, as impactful.


Because the white flame repels selfish things.

A Meditation to Manifest Abundant Health

As you're focused on manifesting, look up with your inner vision. Look into the “sky.”

What you see is two palms that meet. One palm is a feminine palm and the other a masculine palm. They're sending you a flow – like a waterfall of white light – coming from their hands.

At first it might be a very small flow, and then it becomes more abundant. There's a white light falling onto your body.

If you're trying to manifest an abundance of health, you want to fold that into your body.

Again, manifestation is a tricky thing. Depending on what you're trying to manifest, the energy would move differently.

If you're trying to manifest abundance of health, you certainly want to work with your physical body. Position your physical body under that waterfall of divine white light coming from your mother and father Source energies …

Focus on all of their love, all of their purity, all of their best intentions for you – for things to be working for you and unwinding for you in the best way possible.

Then, that energy is going to enter the top of your head, penetrate into it, and then it will go down in a spiral. It spirals down, and the circles of the spiral hug or encompass your whole body.

You are encapsulated in this white spiral, and it moves very, very, very, very fast. You feel cocooned in this white energy, as it is moving up and down, and then up again.

It's like circles of energy circulating through and surrounding your body.

If you're trying to manifest perfect health, pay attention to the spinal cord, because that is your center. The spinal cord always gets affected, no matter where you have pain in your body.

You want to have that flow of goodness also go in a smaller spiral that circles your spine, up and down.

In essence, you have two parallel spirals working in tandem with each other.

That's how you would manifest perfect health.

Imagine what perfect health feels like for you. Be clear as to what that means.

For instance, if you're experiencing suboptimal health, is it because you lack energy?

If this is the case, you should state, “I want to experience and manifest more energy for my body,” and then watch those spirals get to work.

Or maybe it's the absence of pain in a particular organ in your body. You want to state that.

Get as clear and as particular about manifestation as you can. Manifestation is tied to the words you say, so how you state your request and how particular you are about your request is going to determine whether you get the result you want.

A Meditation to Manifest Abundance for the Collective

As with any kind of manifestation, you have to get extreme clarity on what abundance means to you in the area of finances.

For a lot of people, financial abundance is being able to take care of themselves and their family.

If you're trying to manifest finances, the white ray is not the best ray … unless you're trying to manifest finances in the most selfless way possible.

The white flame is selfless; it's a flame of unity.

The way you would manifest finances with the white flame would be to manifest more money or more financial well-being for other people.

Use the same two hands of the creator and creatrix energies, and the same flow of white stream energy.

Now, imagine the collective humanity on the planet.

Imagine them in a meditative pose or playing on a vast field.

Picture that white ray of goodness shining and flowing for all of them; it's like a gentle rain ... there is enough of that abundance energy for everybody.

And then, imagine that penetrating their bodies and lighting them up from within.

Make sure that energy goes out through the soles of their feet and into the collective web of the planet, into the collective matrix of the planet.

All of these people are taking the energy in from the crowns of their head and then releasing it from the soles of their feet.

As they're getting abundance, Gaia can also get abundance, and all the trees can get abundance, and all the insects and the birds and the oceans and the mountains.

Everything could get that abundance.

When you are literally changing the face of planet Earth and enabling a better future for it, that's a much better way to leverage the white flame.

A Personal Meditation for Purified Intentions and Choice

Now, people who need their intentions purified are never going to want to do this meditation, and the people who want to do that don't need it.

If your heart is pure, your intentions are pure already.

That said, there are a lot of choices that humanity is going to have to make in the coming decade that would transform the connective web of the planet … or not.

These are choices each of you are making on a day-to-day basis.

The tricky part about choice is that you might not always know which choice is optimal, even if your intentions are pure.

The white flame always acts toward the highest good of all, and in your highest good as well, because you are part of that connected human family.

One of the most common questions people have is, "What should I choose? What should I do? Should I do X, or should I do Y?"

It's the most common request, and the white flame can help with that.

Very often, you know which options you are selecting from: "Okay, I could select option A, option B, or option C."

And then, you generally know what you're trying to get. As a human, you have your aspirations and goals.

As a very wise energy, the white flame is aware of which direction you're heading overall in life.

So, here is the meditation.

Quiet your mind down, and imagine yourself sitting at the crossroads.

Depending on how many things you're selecting from, that's how many roads there are going to be.

What you want to do is clearly mark each of the roads and where they lead. You might need to work a little bit, painting the picture in your mind of what the choice looks like so you know clearly which choice each road represents.

Now, imagine yourself holding the white flame in your hands.

Quiet down your mind. Make sure that there are no disturbances. Quiet your internal dialogue as much as you can.

Now, lower the white flame that you have been holding in your palms to the ground … and allow the white flame to pick the direction.

You will notice that the white flame instantly selects one road over another. That road will always represent your highest good.

You will notice that the white flame will get to your destination really fast.

If you really calm your mind and quiet your thoughts, you’re going to find a clear-cut answer.

And after that, you have to trust.

Like any guidance, it's ultimately up to you to make a choice.

That is the beauty of the system that has been created.

If you select the road that the white flame has selected, it will always be in accordance with your greater, higher good.

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