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Violet Flame Meditation

Violet flame or ray is the energy of transmutation or transformation. Anytime you're trying to go somewhere, ultimately you are going from point 0 to point 1. You're going from supposedly nothing to something, or from one thing to another. What enables you to do that is the energy of change and movement. That energy of the violet flame always helps you to get from one point to the other by transmuting and transforming the things, circumstances, places, people, your own body, your own attitudes, your own thoughts that help you get from A to Z, from 0 to 1, however you want to look at it.


When you're working with a violet flame, you have to really focus on one thing that you're trying to bring forth in your reality, make a wish. You have to make a wish, whatever that wish is. You have to get complete clarity onto what that is. For instance, I want to meet my future husband or future wife. That's one wish. Or I want to double my income and that's another wish. Or I want to cure this chronic pain I have in my right kidney and that's another wish.

Whatever that is, get very, very specific. So before you even get started on the meditation, set an intention on what it is you're trying to transform or transmute into your life or what you're trying to call into.

First, you're going to have to figure out what is the task that you're going to give the violet flame because it's a very powerful energy. If you're working with it without an intention, then it's going to be a very scattered way to work with this very powerful energy so you might not get the results that you're seeking for. Then what I recommend is once you have clarity around what it is that you want to work with or work on, in a meditative state, first you start with breathing and getting yourself to a very calm place where you're able to limit the voices inside of your head, the self-talk, and the thoughts, and really calm your mind down.

And as soon as you feel that imagine that you're in a hall and it's a beautiful, gorgeous hall inside a large, big room with tall ceilings and beautiful windows. And in the center of that hall is the violet flame. And the violet flame is really big. It could be the size of two humans in terms of height. Just imagine approaching that flame and walking right in the middle of it, so you would walk right in the middle of it. In essence, the flame would cover you completely.

Then as you enter it and settle into the energies of the violet flame, just grab a seat. And focus on what it is that you're trying to get for yourself. On an energetic level, it'll feel like a spot of light, like a little globule of light somewhere in front of you that has the name of your wish on it.

For instance, I want to have healthy kidneys and I have my right kidney that's been giving me a hard time. So I imagine the situation in this globule where I have healthy kidneys. And then ask the violet flame to clear the path for you and transform any darkness or any energies that are preventing you from getting to the perfect health of your kidney. Draw a path between where you sit inside of the violet flame and where you need to be. Like a version of you with healthy kidneys. Draw a line between those two spots. Where you are today versus where you need to get. A straight line. And then ask the violet flame to move inch by inch by inch alongside this golden line that you drew between the two points and clean away any impurities, any obstacles, and transform and make your path really easy.

That's how you can work with a violet flame. And then you can thank the violet flame and the keeper of the violet flame and all the helpers for the assistance with this. And then you can just stand up and walk out of that hallway. That's one way to close the meditation.

Or another way to close out meditation is to just collapse the violet flame inside of your body in a place that feels good. For instance, if you're trying to heal a particular aspect of your body, you can collapse a violet flame in your right kidney. If you're trying to call in a love of your life, you would collapse the violet flame inside of your heart. If you're trying to get a good grade in your exam, you would collapse the violet flame in your brain. So it's very intuitive where you would want to collapse that flame and keep it inside of your body. So it can keep removing obstacles around that as you go in your day to day.

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