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The Power of the White Flame

White Flame
White Flame

The white flame is the closest flame to the original energy of creation.

It is also where all the rest of the colors come together. If you were to collapse the spectrum of all colors, you'd get white or black … but in its purest form, you'd get a white.

The white flame is the flame of purity, the flame of freedom, the flame of choice.

It's the flame of intention. It's the flame of manifestation or getting to somewhere from nothing.

The white flame was before anything else was, so it was at a point where it was not a combination of anything, but was, in and of itself, perfection.

One of its higher aspects is that of manifestation. It's that forward moving energy of creating something from nothing.

As it is the flame of purity, pure intention is a very high aspect, too.

The white flame is selfless as opposed to selfish.

It always takes other as a part of itself, so you could also say that the white flame is the flame of oneness.

Is it not easy to understand this flame while on Earth, but it is possible.

Describing a Person Who Mastered the White Flame

Somebody who has mastered the white flame is able to take the best interests of somebody else to heart, and act accordingly.

It is somebody who decides to do the right thing, who is pure of heart and intention, somebody who is able to manifest things into existence, including new energies that historically did not belong to a particular plane.

We're not just talking creation in the physical world; we're talking creation in general, including its higher aspects.

Certain aspects of the white flame can be mastered on planet Earth.

For instance, taking care of your family; that first unit outside of self is family, then extended family and friends.

Mother Theresa is an example of one of those people who have a big heart, so to speak; these are people who emanate the white flame energy.

They tend to be very giving and forgiving. They tend to devote their life to a service of something bigger than themselves.

Those who have mastered the white flame tend to help people, whether those people deserve it or not.

Note that the charity aspect on this planet is polluted. A lot of people do charity not because they accept others who are suffering as a part of themselves, but because they want to shut down the cries of their conscience.

A lot of darker entities use and abuse charity; this is not the white ray. It is the opposite of the white ray.

I'm speaking of somebody who mostly donates their time or skill, not necessarily money. That would be somebody who is living the white ray energy – that energy of purity.

Compassion would fit here as well.

The Shadow Side of the White Flame

There are a few shadow aspects of the white flame.

One shadow aspect is selfishness, being egotistical.

When one feels that, if others win, they lose, when somebody is trying to achieve something at the expense of others, not taking them into consideration, that would be a shadow aspect.

When you're doing a good deed but are only doing that because it's going to serve you in the future, when you give but you expect something back, that would be a shadow aspect of the white flame.

This world functions according to a level of reciprocity, yet some people abuse that.

Think of a person with darker intentions who donates a large amount of money to the charity, but they are only giving in order to get more money back from the universe.

This is a big shadow aspect, and it is abusing one of the main principles of this universe.

Another shadow aspect includes feeling separate in any way, shape, or form. There is a lot of separation on earth – separation by gender, separation by race, separation by age, by nationality, by language, by level of education, by level of wealth, by belief system, by religion.

Everything that creates separation is the shadow aspect of the white flame, whether that's within the person, within society, or within a group of people.

Feeling trapped is another shadow aspect of the white flame – feeling like you don't have a choice, feeling like a victim or a martyr.

All are shadow aspects of the white flame, because they are the shadow aspect of freedom and the ability to make a choice.

Celestial Beings That Support the White Flame

Mother Mary and Mother Theresa are two; you’ll find that a lot of them are women.

No flame is inherently masculine or feminine, but because the white flame is an ability to open up your heart and include others within it, it tends to work with the heart chakra.

And the heart chakra tends to be more open within the female group because they are taught unconditional love by giving birth to something that is initially and originally part of their body.

Their body forms it, and then it becomes something completely separate from them when they give birth to a child.

This concept is very much ingrained in the female psyche because of generations upon generations of giving birth. So, women are just a little bit more prone to understanding this ray and to transmuting it in 3D energies.

Flames that Work with the White Flame

The white flame can purify the energy of any other flame.

This is one of those rare flames that could slightly enhance all other flames.

Stones and Plants to Help Connect with the White Flame

You could use silver or platinum to help you connect with this flame. You could also use a diamond. Basically, anything that is pure that assist in this.

The white flame has a cooling effect, so you can work with platinum or any metal would have that similar cooling effect.

Crystal quartz would work really well with a white flame … a lot of quartzes actually, in spite of their color, would be helpful in working with this flame.

Opal, moonstone, and opalite – even though that last one is a more low-vibrational stone compared to opal. If you can't get your hands on opal, opalite is fine.

Marble has denser energies but similar vibrations; white marble, specifically, is not bad.

Here are a few helpful plants:

  • Dandelion – specifically when it becomes this little puffy structure

  • White rose

  • Tuberose

  • White magnolia tree

The white flame is quite complex, so the way you would work with them depends on which aspect of the flame you're working with.

  • Platinum and diamonds are really good for the manifestation aspect.

  • The white rose is good for purification rituals and setting intentions.

  • The magnolia tree is really good for releasing blockages that prevent your freedom of expression.

Meditating by the magnolia tree or adding a petal of a dried magnolia flower into your tea or hot water could help with that.

You could use crystal quartz to work with any of the properties of the white flame with the exception of the manifestation aspect. The energy of a quartz might not be strong enough to manifest something big.

The elemental being representing the white flame is the faerie.

You might wonder what is more efficient – going directly to the keeper of the white flame, or working with the energy of the faerie.

Going to the keeper is more efficient, yet going to the Source is always the most efficient of all.

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