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The Power of the Blue Flame

Blue Flame
Blue Flame

The blue flame is a flame of truth. It's a flame of flow, the flame of strength.

It's also the flame of power and the flame of faith—unstoppable but also flexible.

It is a very interesting flame to understand because strength as a construct tends to be misconstrued and taken out of the context. You might find it hard to comprehend the higher aspect of the blue flame and the way that the Creator created it.

Strength, in this case, does not mean brute physical strength, like that of a warrior. That is actually red energy.

Blue energy carries the strength of spirit. The easiest way to understand the difference is to think of the strength of the blue flame not as the strength of fire but as the strength of water.

It's the strength of a torrent or an ocean with humungous waves. If you've ever been to the ocean shore where the waves were crashing on top of it or in the middle of a tempest, you’ll understand how strong the ocean is.

The energy of the blue flame is the energy of the ocean. It's that energy of flow. It's that energy of flexibility.

It is very much a raw primordial energy – one of the original energies – but it's not rigid. It's the opposite of the “my way or the highway” mindset.

The blue energy is one of the more flexible energies. As a child, you probably threw little stones in the water. The water would always accept the stone. The water would always accept what you give it, but it doesn't make it any less strong.

Water can, in fact, move away stone. Water that has hollowed out a cave, for instance; water is always going to carve a path for itself. That is the true strength of water.

The blue flame is that strength of spirit in its alignment but also flexibility. Picture a tree that is very flexible. It bends in the wind. It's a lot harder to break than the tree that's stiff. This actually makes the flexible tree the strongest type of tree.

The other positive aspects of the blue flame are truth, flow, and faith.

Famous People that Would Represent the Blue Flame

King Solomon was very strong in both the blue and the yellow flame. There is a certain kind of wisdom and resilience that comes with this flame.

You have to be really wise to be flexible; wisdom us another aspect of strength. It's hard to find that pure blue flame that is very high dimensional.

Because water is such an ever-present molecule on earth, a lot of the people will have a blue in some form. A lot of people are working on the energy of the blue flame in this dimension right now.

However, the blue flame is still widely misunderstood due to the shadow aspects of the blue flame.

Shadow Aspects of the Blue Flame

The shadow side of the blue flame is rigidity: that “my way or the highway” point of view. It's the kind of strength where you're not willing to consider the circumstances, where you're not willing to consider somebody else's opinion or feelings.

We're taught to associate strength with the masculine gender. There is a lot of shadow in a vast number of men trying to practice blue energy and, instead, falling into the red. That aggressive strength is represented by fighting and bloody revolutions: that's the red.

A lot of people want to learn the blue energy and then succumb to the red.

The blue energy and the energy of water is a very feminine aspect. The feminine aspect is currently suppressed in both genders; it is in its shadow form in both genders.

Women, in essence, are not feminine enough, so they're not able to draw the right circumstances to them so as to not have to work so hard day to day.

Men also have their feminine aspect out of whack. Some of them try to completely suppress it, to where they're like, "Okay, I am a man. Therefore, I am the absolute and complete opposite of a woman."

This is a ridiculous notion, but that's how they feel. Even crying is not “allowed” for many men. If you as a guy cannot cry, you cannot integrate the blue aspect.

The other aspect that men are struggling with is when the female aspect takes over completely, and you have a lot of men that are too feminine.

In short, the feminine aspect is not balanced in either gender on the planet right now. It's really hard to fully integrate that blue flame because, to do so, you have to integrate both its feminine and its masculine aspect.

The feminine aspect is what this planet is struggling with right now.

An interesting aspect of the blue flame not being properly integrated in women is feeling overly needy. It’s a mindset of, "Well, I need you as my man to provide for me, and to do X, Y, and Z for me." They're trying to take, take, take. That is a shadow aspect of the blue flame.

When you don't have enough of the blue flame or when you're not in control of it, you need to cling to forces and sources outside of yourself to try to get that strength back. That turns a lot of people needy.

That's not the way that this flame is meant to be experienced but certainly signifies its lack.

As mentioned earlier, other positive aspects of the blue flame are truth, flow, and faith; there are many shadow aspects of these three positive aspects.

Truth and Its Shadow Side:

The shadow aspect of truth would be fear of the truth or lies. Both are equally bad.

Faith and the Opposite of Faith:

There is so much shadow around faith on this planet. That's precisely why we have things like religion, cults, atheism. All of these are shadow aspects of the blue flame.

There are so many people in here practicing the blue flame—but they are just using its shadow aspect. Most people belonging to a religion today are living a shadow aspect of the blue flame. They're actually going through a crisis of faith.

It is the same thing with atheists. In essence, they substituted religion for the lack of religion, but they didn't keep faith. It was not an answer.

Let's look at the faith on an esoteric level and consider what it actually means. Faith is connection to Source. That's all it is. This is faith in the way it's meant to be.

  • Feeling supported by the Creator and Creatrix energies

  • Never feeling alone

  • Feeling the universe is taking care of you

On a metaphysical level, this looks like a blue cord that connects somebody's crown chakra to Source. Literally, it’s like a shoestring that ties you to father and mother energies. That is what true faith is.

Religion is the absence of that thing, and a poor imitation of it. It is, in fact, no cord at all. They close it up when you get baptized or get converted to an energy. You have all of these people for whom that shoestring is still in their vicinity. God and Goddess are stretching out their palms to try to connect. They never drop their end of the bargain. They never drop their cord.

At the same time, you are here saying, "I want to connect so badly, what's my answer? What's my answer? It's got to be a religion that I was born into." That's precisely why so many people need all of these dogmas … because they're not getting the answers from the source, from their mother and father energies. They try to get it elsewhere.

We're going through a huge crisis of faith on this planet. Why? Because people are not truly living the positive aspect of the blue flame.

Flow and the Opposite of Flow:

The shadow aspect of flow is the absence of flow. Flow is a positive aspect of the blue flame that a lot of people practice. Absence of flow is when you have to push really hard to get anywhere.

You're not meant to do that. When you are fully aligned, things happen for you … not to you.

Think of flow as water. The water is always going to find a way. The issue is that 99% of humans today live in the absence of flow. They don't even know what it feels like when the universe is flowing in your favor.

Here is a very important mantra to integrate a blue flame:

“The universe is always flowing in my favor.”

Write it out. Frame it. Put it on the wall.

“The universe is always flowing in my favor.” That is not an experience that most of you are having. Instead, the experience you are having is, “I have to work hard to get somewhere. I have to potentially get lucky to get somewhere. Then, God forbid, something could happen to me at any minute!”

You are in the state of self-induced pressure, and this prevents all kinds of flow from entering your reality. It prevents the flow of …

  • Abundance

  • Health

  • Money

  • Love

Pressure is the absence of flow. Anytime you put pressure on yourself—pressure to deliver, pressure to succeed, pressure to make more money, pressure to find that right partner—you're experiencing the absence of flow.

In essence, what you are saying is, "Okay, universe. I know you could help, but I'll figure this out. I don't need your help. I'm all good." Then you go in completely the opposite direction of where you need to be going.

The universe is here to help you. The universe is your most powerful ally and so is the blue flame.