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The Physical Body - The Source of Pain and Disease

Physical Body Pain

Pain is an undelivered message. But the messages could be very different from each other.

The message could be stemming from a past life or your ancestral lineage. It could be something from your childhood or adolescence, or as recently as yesterday.

The message could involve some traumatic experience, like a car crash.

The source of disease, like pain, is not always emotions or thoughts. Sometimes it's ancestral or past life trauma.

The source of pain and disease is, ultimately, the absence of flow of energy or the absence of the optimal energy flow in one of your bodies.

Any of your bodies – even the lower levels of the spiritual body – if there is massive misalignment, it could still have an impact on your physical.

Any misalignment in the flow, or the absence of flow, of energy in any of your bodies would eventually be manifested as a disease.

Now, the root cause of that absence of flow or distortion of flow could be very different:

  • It could be personal to you, or it could be part of your ancestry.

  • It could be something that human collective consciousness is dealing with.

Very often, you would see things – like a pandemic, or a new disease – come out of nowhere and then disappear because collectively humanity is working through a particular facet or issue.

It might be a negative thought pattern or a negative emotional pattern, and enough souls coming into this incarnation chose to experience that and heal that for the collective.

But the only way you heal that is by going through the experience – sometimes even the experience of dying through that disease and cause, while at the same time contributing to the collective consciousness – what it means to heal or not to heal.

The people who die are serving a very important function.

They're helping the collective learn from the opposite: “This is what happens if I do X.”

You have a lot of those collective stories gathered up into one bundle.

Going back to the root cause: It could be personal things you are dealing with in this incarnation, or from your past life, that was stuck in one of your bodies.

It could also be planetary, because Gaia is an entity. If the planet needs to heal something, one way that it might choose to get its healing is through people.

Somebody, of course, would need to opt into that.

What are the planetary diseases right now?

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress

These are planetary diseases that Gaia is going through at the moment.

You're going to get a lot of it bubbling up to the surface – crazy amounts of anxiety – and since anxiety equals fear, there will also be crazy amounts of fear coming up.

And for all intents and purposes, you can think of the environment and planet as symbiotic.

We get birthed through the energies of this planet. Gaia has to contribute minerals and chemicals for our bodies to even be formed.

That said, if it is 30% sick, it cannot birth someone or something that's 100% healthy.

Roughly 30% of people are dealing specifically with a disease that is just the planetary diseases that Earth is going through.

Then, 40% on top of that are dealing with our ancestral karmic disease in one of their familial lineages – either from their mom, dad, or both.

The rest – another 30% – are dealing with their personal stuff: emotions, thoughts, whatever they brought in from past lives.

Now, most people face more than one of these things in their lives.

Suboptimal energy levels, for instance, is one of those planetary issues right now.

Now, humanity on this planet has never been fully connected to its physical body.

We hope to get there, but we haven't been able to do so full.

Also, you might ask, why is everybody so sick?

Well, it's because this is the dimension to figure out your physical body.

The way you get to optimal health is through disease.

The way you get to understanding what healthy feels like, and even if you want to be healthy, it starts with understanding what disease feels like and whether you want to feel disease.

That's why this is the dimension where people come to learn to be sick.

This is the dimension where people come to experience suboptimal levels of health, suboptimal levels of energy, suboptimal levels of connection … so that one day they can experience full alignment, because they know how the misalignment feels.

The Place Where Healing Starts

Understanding the Body

Healing for the human race starts with understanding their bodies.

There is a very “spiritual” mantra that says, “You are not your body. Stop thinking that you are your body. Stop associating yourself with your body.”

But that's an escape route – pretending that you're not your body, and you're a celestial being with wings that float somewhere in ether and is happy all the time.

The lesson that you came here to learn in the physical is this:

How do you treat, first and foremost, your body as a part of yourself?

The road to unity starts with you having a deep relationship, love, and appreciation for your body, which is an entity that is in your complete control and has sacrificed and is going to sacrifice everything to get you where you need to go.

Yet, day in and day out, people in the human race are experiencing complete disconnection from their bodies. They have lack of understanding and lack of interest and concern for their bodies.

Just look at the things that you’re feeding it physically, to start with.

Unity and true spirituality start with taking care of and loving your body as a part of yourself.

True spirituality and true spiritual leaders should teach you that you are your body, also. Anybody who would teach you that you're not your body and you shouldn't care is not spiritual enough and hasn't fully figured out how this universe works.

Some people want to know if there was a period of time when we were closer to our bodies.

This might have been the case, thousands of years ago, but here’s the thing:

If that connection was full and complete and in alignment, we would have moved on to the next level.

The presence of the collective human shadow around physical bodies that was existent at the time, eventually won over and threw us back – as far as understanding – and did not propel us forward.

Again, this occurred because whatever humans were experiencing at the time was not in full alignment and did not include full love for their bodies.

You might be familiar with what biohacking is – the act of exploiting human genetics to experiment without concern for ethics.

Biohacking is a very common term that involves people trying to get the body into an optimal state without concern for the ethics and the mental, emotional and spiritual states of the body.

A lot of people talk about immortality and things like that, but it is all part of the same biohacking concept.

Biohacking was very much ingrained in the culture of Atlantis. Yes, people of Atlantis were more “in touch” with their bodies, but the problem with biohacking is this:

Instead of a relationship of love and harmony, it is a relationship of, “I am your master and you are my slave, and I will do to you what I choose to.”

  • Do you think the body wants to be hacked?

  • Do you think the body wants to be pressured?

  • Do you think it wants to be mistreated and misused by crazy amounts of exercise and all the other harsh things that biohackers do to it?

Obviously, it does not.

There is a much more loving, balanced, friendly, symbiotic way to treat your body, to get the most out of it, outside of hacking it.

This crazy concept of biohacking is taking us away from understanding and loving our bodies, not towards it. It's taking us farther away from unity, as opposed to towards unity.

It's a very dangerous concept. It's like abusing the entity that serves you and loves you the most.

It's like abusing your dog. Why would anything want to do that?

Won't you rather love your dog?

Won’t you rather understand what your dog is trying to tell you?

It might be a weird analogy, but humans have a lot of love for their dogs but not their bodies.

If you were only to treat your body the way you treat your dog, we wou