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The Physical Body – Body Scanning and Understanding Pain

Physical Body

An Overview of the Physical Body

Your physical body can be likened to a shell that enables you to ground yourself – your spirit – into the dense vibrations of 3D.

It is a costume, if you will, of dense energies, dense cells, that enable your light, refined soul energies to anchor themselves in this dimension and impact this dimension on a physical level.

That is what the physical body is in its most simple form.

It's also the least complicated of the bodies, because you look at it all day, every day in the mirror, so you see yourself. You're very familiar with that body that you have.

The Importance of a Physical Body Scan

You can inspect your physical body with your transcendental inner vision in order to get to know your body better.

A body scan is one of those very simple techniques that most people – even if they're not very evolved – can do and practice. It could be an interesting exercise.

A full body scan is recommended every time you have pain.

You might also choose to do it every season, whether you are experiencing pain or not.


Because our bodies change every season to adapt to the coming season – especially if you live in an area where there are massive fluctuations of temperatures across the season.

Your body prepares for the next season by shedding layers of skin or by increasing the number of layers, for example.

Scanning your body is a good exercise. The most simplistic way could be by starting with an organ – if an organ or particular area of your body hurts.

You want to zoom in on that organ and inspect it. Look at where that pain is. Is it on the surface of the organ? Is it within the organ?

And then, you should be able to locate what that pain looks like:

  • What geometric shape it has

  • Whether it's light or heavy

  • What color it has

  • Whether it is warm or cool

Why is this helpful?

Humans, in general, don't understand pain … and by not understanding it, they're not able to heal themselves.

The Importance of Understanding Pain

There is an aspect of today's society that has been conditioned to run away from pain as opposed to run towards it. The Western world, especially, is a society of painkillers.

They go through childbirth, and they want painkillers for that instead of experiencing and learning from that pain.

This is just one example, but if humanity, instead of trying to kill pain of childbirth, would allow itself to face it head on, we would have already moved into pleasurable birth instead of painful birth as a society.

Because our relationship with pain is that of avoidance or resistance, we're not able to understand, process, and evolve through the message the pain is giving us.

In a society where killing pain is a habit and is a widely embraced avenue and course of action, we are never going to see a healthy population … and by healthy, I mean physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

The pain in your physical body could be an indicator of something that is off and out of balance with any of your other bodies. Because they all are one Russian doll, all outer bodies influence the inner bodies, and all inner bodies influence the outer bodies.

It is very much a symbiotic system that is one integral entity, as well as a number of layers within that entity; they're not separate from each other.

It is a system that's entirely interconnected.

When we face pain instead of suppressing it, that is a first step to healing.

When you're feeling pain, the last thing I would encourage you to do is take a pill to get rid of it, because you will be getting rid of a symptom, not the root cause.

By going into that pain and scanning the organ, you're trying to understand that pain and the message that it holds.

An Exercise in Understanding Pain: Listen to Its Message

There could be so many different reasons you're in pain.

Here is a simple exercise you could do:

Speak to that pain as if it was a part of yourself that had a message for you.

In your head or out loud, you can have a roleplay type of exercise, which should happen in parallel with you scanning your body.

As mentioned earlier, if you're looking at that organ that is hurting, you first want to examine and pinpoint where that pain is.

Once you are able to see with your transcendental vision what shape it is, what color it is, if it's heavy or light, warm or cool, etc. then you can invite that pain to share its message.

Pain is always a message, and you need to hear it.

Until you hear it, you cannot heal. You're only postponing that which is inevitable by killing the pain, because you can only suppress it for so long.

Eventually, you reach the place where you cannot kill pain anymore, because the message needs to come through.

That's why they say you cannot buy health …

But you can hear that message.

So, talk to that pain.

Ask it how long it has been living in your body.

You might be surprised by the answer.

Some pains have been with your body since your childhood, and they just are starting to manifest right now.

Some have been there for years, weeks, or days, depending on the type of pain.

But if you ask, it'll give you an answer.

Ask it why it is located in this particular area of your body.

Why did it choose a certain part of your body?

Is this a manifestation of some physical trauma?

Or perhaps it represents an emotional wound that needs healing.

Ask your pain what it's trying to get for you.

What is its service to you that is performing at this moment in time?

How is this pain attempting to care for you in the spirit of the greater good of your whole organism?

Ask your pain how you can get healed from it.

This pain will tell you exactly what you need to do.

Sometimes, the answer will feel drastic:

  • Divorce your husband.

  • Quit smoking.

  • Change your job.

Sometimes the pain that you have would enforce you to develop a new habit that you've been resisting:

  • Drink more water.

  • Exercise more.

  • Get better sleep.

  • Take on another healthy habit.