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Sacred Flames

Introduction to Sacred Flames

The sacred flames are the primordial energies of creation used by Source – both the feminine and masculine aspect of it – to bring about this physical reality you are witnessing, and also the nonphysical reality, such as light bodies and other dimensions.

Technically, the process of creation happened via the help of multiple rays of energy. Certain things were brought forth into existence by different rays of energy – different frequencies.

The frequencies are signified by color. We could distinguish those energies by naming the color that you would be able to see in this physical world.

Of course, this is a very general way of looking at energy. For instance, there is a wide range within each color.

In your journey to understand each flame – each stream of consciousness, each energy – you're in essence discovering the sources behind life, and the different facets of the source.

Sacred Flames: An Infinite Number

Looking at it in the simplest way, there are at least seven sacred flames – just as you might say there are seven colors of the rainbow.

At the same time, however, there are infinite sacred flames because each color could be broken into infinite hues.

Knowledge of these flames dates back to the creation of the universe and everything that's in it, from the very beginning.

As the source consciousness started splitting (in your universe and in your understanding, you would call it expanding), the first thing it brought forth were the rays – the flames.

That is the tool that Source, or what you call God, used to move out of the oneness and one point into infinity and infinite points.

Because this took place right at the very beginning, it is hard to comprehend in your dimension. It's beyond what you could imagine in terms of time.

Basically, the origin of the flames is the Creator, the Creatress. It's the same energy, but different facets of it.

There are multiple levels of source energy, in the same way that there are multiple dimensions, and multiple universes and galaxies.

Imagine you had a box of crayons; you would have the same color range as everybody else. Every creator in essence uses the same colors – the same toolbox, so to speak – but to a different level.

The higher source consciousness might use bigger crayons, and the daughter or the son source consciousness could use smaller crayons.

Ultimately, it's still the same toolbox, because every toolbox that you have comes from that original, larger toolbox.

You might have a smaller range, depending how evolved you are as a soul, but ultimately, your creative power still stems from the same source energy.

Depending on who you are, what you practiced in your past incarnations, you might have access to one or more "colors" or frequencies.

Depending how evolved you are as a soul, you might have access to different aspects of creation or different tools. Of course, the closer you get to God on your evolution path, the more tools you have for creation. Eventually, if you keep evolving as a soul, you're going to have just as many tools in your toolbox as did the original creator.

The Uniting of the Flames

All these spectrums of colors, when they unite, might either be white or black. When everything goes back to that original oneness, that oneness could be either light or darkness.

Those are the only two options available.

In the same way that the color white is a combination of every single color, the color black is a combination of every aspect of that dark energy.

Just as the energy of light has multiple tools, the energy of darkness or separation also has those tools and those frequencies.

Flame Integration and Incarnation

The more you are evolved, the more colors you can work with, and sometimes even see.

To emanate, you have to first integrate.

You might intend to practice a particular tool in the toolbox – a particular aspect of the source consciousness – but you would generally not come to practice all aspects. That's too much to take on, and the 3D plane is a very limiting plane to practice much more than one.

Every soul aspect earns different “crayons” over the course of multiple incarnations through setting up challenges for itself and then either fulfilling those challenges or not.

In essence, it's likely that you already have in your arsenal the aspect of the source consciousness that you have already mastered.

You understand them deeply and can work with those energies. Those energies respond to you really well.

You have other potentially unexplored aspects of source consciousness that might seem confusing, or you don't have the knack for understanding that energy and how to work with it.

In your life, you likely have an affinity for certain colors and not others. In the same way, you have an affinity for working with certain flames or rays of consciousness and not others.

That is completely okay.

Mastering a particular ray might take thousands of incarnations. It's not a one-stop shop, and it certainly doesn't happen overnight.

There are layers and levels to being a master of each flame. There are almost infinite layers. Even if you think you've mastered a particular ray or flame, there's always something more to learn.

As you keep being upgraded to higher dimensions, more higher aspects of each energy become available to you.

It's like unlocking a new level in a game. There's always more to unlock, up until you get rejoined with source consciousness, which is a little bit far away from this moment.

That's the end game.

It’s a Journey of Discovery

But remember, it's not so much about the destination. It's a lot more about the journey – both for source and for you as a part of source energy.

You should not be in a rush to get back to oneness. You’ll want to savor every moment, because it is all about discovery.

  • Discovering what makes you happy and the opposite of happy

  • Discovering things that make you grow, and things that make you stagnate

  • Experiencing the realm of emotions, including the feeling of being separate from something

You want to experience the depth of everything that this creative process has brought forth.

For that to happen, the journey needs to be quite a long journey.

In other words, don’t be in a rush to get back to source. This journey is a beautiful, unique process that is like nothing else in reality.

How the Sacred Flames Work with You

Certain energies permeate your bodies – both physical 3D and higher dimensional bodies.

In essence, what do you think an aura is?

It is something like a reference check. At any given time, you emanate a particular ray of consciousness onto the universe, or sometimes you emanate multiple rays.

When you look at people's auras, very often they are not just one color; they can be a multitude of colors.

The way these flames, or energies, work with you is by reflecting who you truly are, and the vibrations that you're on.

They make up who you are to a certain degree.

Think of it this way: these energies are what came forth when source wanted to split itself.

So, you ended up with a certain configuration of those rays inside of your body, as well as inside your soul.

If you were to look at someone on the soul level, you could discover what journey they have been on. The energy that a particular being has already integrated and carries with them is like an imprint.

Knowing this, you can learn to recognize who is very similar to you and who is not. It could be gratifying to get to know somebody who does not reflect or emanate the same energy as you do.

You can study how they work with you. Because these are “toolboxes” as it were, you might have an affinity for one color more than another, but this doesn't mean the rest of the toolbox is not available to you if you were to ask.

Source consciousness is very generous with its energy. It wants you to start drawing with the colors that might not be in your immediate spectrum, because it wants you to explore what that would feel like.

See it as an invitation from source consciousness for you to play with energies that are not part of your being yet.

That is ultimately where the biggest exploration and adventure happens. Even in the 3D world, the sacred energies are pretty powerful.

How to Think about Sacred Flames

Think of the sacred flames as an extension of God or Goddess. Imagine that being stretching out their hands, palms up, and offering support.

That is the power of the flames. From that perspective, the flames are infinitely powerful in 3D.

No matter what vibration you're in, the vibration of the flames is always a little bit higher than the vibration of everything else.

Literally, a hand of God is permeating into reality, stretching out and offering assistance.

You're naturally in 3D, but if you're using the flames, you're automatically in 5D.

If you begin using more sophisticated meditations and techniques, you're in 7D. A little more sophisticated, and you're in 11D.

In other words, there is no limit to dimensions of god consciousness. There is always another dimension to explore.

There are no limitations.

There are some humans who are not able to connect beyond a certain dimension, but there are also people incarnated on this “3D” planet who can reach up pretty high.

The thing is, once you reach a certain energy level, whatever energy comes through onto this plane is perceived in much the same way.

Because it is so high-dimensional, to a human brain, it doesn't feel any different. The energy from the seventh dimension and the energy from the 37th dimension, for instance, is not going to feel that much different, because both are infinitely at a higher dimension than where you are today.

To impact the third dimension, the most impactful flames that you could work with are third-dimensional planes. That's all you really need.

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