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Pink Flame Meditation

Pink Flame
Pink Flame

The most common shadow side of the pink flame is that feeling of complete separation from the source.

The related aspect is the reason we feel so disconnected, the reason we feel so alone. There's just a pandemic of loneliness, of anxiety and depression.

This is because you don't feel like this universe has your back; you don't see light at the end of the tunnel; you feel like you are forever going to be alone, dealing with your issues and your problems.

A lot of people are experiencing complete and utter disconnectedness from each other and the creator, creatress energies.

So, being submerged in cosmic love can be a beautiful, healing experience.

Here is a simple meditation.

Imagine you live in a world where everything is the softest, gentlest shade of pink. The sun is pink and the rays it sends to you are pink. The sky is pink.

Now imagine an ocean or a river, whatever feels better to you.

It is the most beautiful shade of pink with little pink sparkles.

Imagine your body floating in that beautiful pink river. It’s a nice, warm day and there's not one worry in the world for you.

You know how, in the snow, you can do a “snow angel” by waving your arms and legs up and down.

Do the same thing in the water.

You're not going to drown. You're not going to sink to the bottom of the river because the river is holding you up.

You can almost imagine two palms. Imagine that your cosmic mother or father are holding you up as little baby in their palms.

You're taking a pink bath and they're rocking you back and forth. You're completely safe and protected and connected and loved by them.

They never let you go. They’ve always loved you.

Allow that pink energy to fill you; remember, you're 75% water anyway. This pink water can fill you up to the brim with that serene, unconditional love that you forgot you had access to.

Allow every cell of your body to drink for as long as it wants to drink. Drink that energy of pink, calm, serene love in. Be saturated by it and be enveloped in it.

Bring that energy into every major organ of your body – in your stomach, your liver, your intestines, your kidneys, your heart, your lungs, your esophagus, and your brain.

Stay in that pink, cuddly energy for as long as you need. Just remember that you're loved.

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