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Light Bodies: Part One – an Introduction

Light Body

First of all, there's a lot of confusion around this topic on this planet and this dimension. And, of course, there are multiple ways of looking at the subject.

It is a rich topic and a topic that has potentially been understudied by humanity.

So, let’s dive in.

The first question and point to look at is this:

"How many bodies does a human have?"

There are many answers to that question. I could give you a few answers and all of them would be correct.

  • I could tell you that a human has five bodies and that would be correct.

  • I could tell you that a human has seven or nine and that would be correct.

  • Or I could tell you a human has unlimited bodies; that would also be a correct answer.

Today, let’s focus on what is the "truth," and how to navigate this seemingly complex, confusing subject.

You could think of this concept by picturing the Russian Matryoshka doll. It's a doll within a doll within a doll within a doll.

The smallest “body” would be the physical one. And then, every other body on top of it has a slightly bigger diameter – from the higher perspective.

That's why there are so many right answers to this question.

The answers that people have come up have different perspectives. Looking at this from the highest perspective, as a soul, humans have an unlimited number of bodies.

They never end.

Every time you feel like you've reached the top, that top opens up and you see a new level. And, within that level, there could be potentially thousands of more bodies.

Now, the interesting part is, if you were looking at human bodies from a 3D perspective, which is the perspective of an incarnated human on Earth, you would actually only be able to perceive five total, not an unlimited number.

Of course, the majority of the population is not able to see things with their third eye, so most people would not even perceive this many

Even the most advanced practitioner would likely only be able to differentiate five."

Before we discuss the five, understand that there is so much terminology around the names for these bodies; this is not necessarily serving humanity in trying to understand this concept. Instead, it causes confusion.

Depending on which belief system you go into, which religious system you go into, all of these things might be called completely different.

My intention here is not to establish the "correct terminology." Terminology is just a collection of words. The way words have been applied to the system of light bodies is not serving humanity today.

The goal here is to provide as much clarity as possible to the differences between the bodies using simple words to help you distinguish the difference between the bodies.

Let me quickly walk you through what the five bodies are first.

Then, we can dive a little bit deeper …

#1: The Physical Body

First, there's always the physical body.

Everyone knows what that is.

That's the thing that you see in the mirror: the simplest body for you to comprehend.

For many of you, it’s the only body you associate yourself with.

#2: The Energetic Body

Then, you have a second layer, that second "doll" covering the first.

Here, the terminology already starts to get pretty confusing. Think of this second body as an energy body.

Your physical body really needs your energetic body to be able to function. Energy is that spark of life. You cannot get movement unless you have energy.

Some people call this second body the "etheric body," but that tends to be a limiting perspective.

#3: The Emotional Body

The third body is the emotional body.

A lot of schools of thought call it "the astral body," or they say that astral is the same as emotional.

This creates a lot of confusion; an emotional body is just that: an emotional body.

There's no point in calling it "astral" in the same way that there's no point in calling the energetic body "the etheric body."

#4: The Mental Body

Your mental body has an over-shell that a lot of other people mistake for another body, but it's not. It's one and the same body.

Your mental body has an over-shell of something generally called the "causal body." It involves the concept of cause-and-effect.

I'll explain later what that means, but it's just part of the mental body. They're inter-connected and it makes no sense to divide them into two.

If this post was about trying to subdivide a human into as many bodies as possible, instead of trying to understand the structure, we could say that those are two.

But our intention here is to try to understand what the bodies are and how to work with them. For that sake, it makes more sense to bring them together.

#5: The Spiritual Body

The fifth and final body is the spiritual one.

Now, this is where things get really interesting because, depending on what dimension you're at, that spiritual body is where the rest of the bodies reside.

From a low-dimensional perspective, everything in the spiritual realm is so high-dimensional, so they all get clustered into one big body. But you can find an infinite number of layers in that spiritual body.

If you were to get 5D consciousness, go a little bit higher in terms of vibrations, you would be able to see and comprehend that this spiritual body is divided into three major sections.

Three Layers of the Spirit Body

In other words, this fifth body is actually three in one – the three layers of spirit body.

Your spiritual body is something that has to do with spirit. It's the least physical of all the bodies that you have access to.

Truly, the spiritual body is what you are left with when you disincarnate. All the other bodies – the mental, the emotional, the energetic, the physical – they kind of fall away.

And what you're left with is a soul, the integrated knowledge and memory of those bodies. And that is "you."

Everything else is kind of like an outfit you put on when you incarnate. So, technically, you are not anything other than your spirit body.

Your spirit body is your soul.

Now, if you're operating with a little bit higher consciousness, you would be able to see that your spiritual body has three distinct layers: the lower, the middle, and the upper.

Layer One: The Personal Spirit Body

The lower level is your personal spirit body. You could also think of it as your divided spirit body. That is when your soul is perceiving itself as separate from the rest of creation.

In other words, your out-of-body soul entity has multiple levels of consciousness that are available to it. As it keeps evolving and learning, it gets access to higher and higher perspectives.

The lowest perspective of a spirit body is that of division. It's not just in the physical that you feel separate from the rest of creation; it is in the lower vibrations of spirit consciousness that you would experience extreme separation also.

These would be the lowest level of the spirit body. Then, moving into seventh dimension, what becomes available to you is what I would call, "extended consciousness" or "extended spiritual perspective." That is when you start perceiving more and more things outside of yourself as part of you.

As an example, when you have access to the lowest plane, we would call the lowest plane of that spiritual plane, "spiritual body."