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Golden Flame Meditation

Gold Flame
Gold Flame

The golden flame is a quick way to get from a low-vibrational state to a high-vibrational state. The way you would do that is in a meditative state.

Begin by scanning your body while in a meditative state, your eyes closed.

When you're scanning your body, what you should notice with your inner vision is that your body actually consists of a network.

Imagine that your body has vertical and horizontal lines penetrating all throughout, like a matrix.

Your body has its own personal matrix—lines that go from the soles of your feet up to the crown of your head, and horizontal lines that, if you were to stretch your arms to the sides, would be stretched from the tips of your right hand to the tips of your left.

These perpendicular lines are low-vibrational lines. If you were to look at it from the higher dimensional space, they would appear to be black or gray.

When you, as a person, as a soul, evolve and when you ascend into higher dimensions, your matrix becomes lighter with every step you take to eventually become gold.

Then from gold you would move to iridescent white light.

Continuing with this meditation …

You want to scan your body. The matrix is like a blueprint of how your energy moves in your body. Your energy can only use these little pathways to move up and down. Wherever there is no pathway, it doesn't move.

If you want to raise your vibrations, if you want to open yourself up to more knowledge, more wisdom, and not be bogged down by your 3D problems as much, you want to allow the golden flame, the golden light, to start coursing through your matrix system.

Start in your feet, and you want to allow that golden flame to work its way up. Notice how it's rising from the soles of your feet to your thighs, up your body, covering what used to be gray pathways with pure golden, beautiful, lively light.

You want to see that happen, and you want to create a lot of movement in there.

The energy of golden light moves a lot faster than the gray energy that has been coursing through your body, so if it's working, you should feel a slight tingling sensation in your body.

You might feel a little bit of excess heat, and that's completely normal.

You want to work through every aspect of your body and just let that golden energy wash away all the dirt, the debris, the blockages, everything that is in the way.

You want to bring your body to the most optimal state.

And, by the way, you don't have to stop in your physical body, but you can start with the physical body.

Meditation to Regenerate Muscles and Organs

The golden energy is energy of movement, the energy of life.

If you want to take your body from the state that it is today to a higher golden aspect state, the easiest way to do that would be to let the golden ray change and alter the state of your muscles, because muscles are the aspects of your body that move it.

So, zoom in on the chest center, for instance, and imagine a thousand golden rays penetrating your muscle structure. Picture these golden rays are knitting—like needles with beautiful golden threads—penetrating your muscles and interweaving themselves into the fabric of your muscle.

You want those golden rays and golden strings to penetrate every aspect of your muscle. You want the golden rays to go left to right and then right to left, and then again left to right, back and forth, back and forth.

If you've ever seen sewing on a sewing machine, you have a piece of fabric, and then you have the needle with a thread that goes above and then below, up and down, up and down. That's what you want to do with allowing this golden energy to truly penetrate your muscle structure.

You want that energy to start changing your muscle structure from within—to take away everything that is not meant to be there, potentially all the tiredness, all the pain, all the emotions that are stuck in there.

There are a lot of emotions stuck in the muscle, by the way. Picture the heart muscle, for instance. We depend on the heart muscle to keep contracting to stay alive. It’s the same thing with the muscles that move our lungs. These are the muscles that never get to rest and reset. If they stop for a rest you die, because you stop that action.

Some muscles in your body get a chance to stop working. The muscles in your legs, for instance: when you're sleeping, they don't have to run anymore, so they can regenerate at night.

But if your hurt and your pain, went into a heart muscle, there is no time for your heart muscle to regenerate; most of its energy goes into pumping blood all day every day, when you sleep and when you're awake.

So, the only way for you to get rid of those clots of debris, dirt, stuck emotions, and blockages—from this life, from a past life—that got stuck in there, would be to work separately with the heart muscle.

Put that golden thread all over and all through your heart muscle until you notice your heart turn gold. Once you're done, it will turn completely, beautifully, pristinely gold.

That is the only way you can regenerate the heart muscle. If you have any kinds of heart disease, this meditation is a good way to help—alongside any medication you choose to take.

That is a good practice to strengthen your heart muscle and bring it to its most perfect state.

If you have an organ that's ailing and hurting—especially if you’re dealing with a chronic disease or illness—you want to encapsulate that organ in the golden matrix with these golden threads.

Whether it’s a muscle or an organ, you can perform this meditation to have every cell of your body penetrated with a golden light.

Then, when you look at it with the inner eye, it would feel like the cells have a golden rim around them. That's how you know you're doing the right thing.

A meditation like this, when done right, would take 30 to 40 minutes, depending on whether you're in the optimal state of health or not and how receptive you are to this practice.

At the end of it, you want to see that golden glow, like an aura surrounding you.

Using the Golden Flame to Heal Emotions

You can use the golden flame on more than your physical body.

You might want to use it on your emotional body.

Perhaps you have a lot of old stuck emotions that prevent you from learning some lessons or have you act on autopilot instead of making active choices.

An emotional body that is experiencing trauma—instead of choosing proactively what's best for it—will always react based on past experience. When we react from the past experience, we never learn; we never move past it.

Fortunately, any type of emotional body trauma can be healed with the golden ray.

The emotional body is a lot less dense than your physical body, but it still has its own matrix.

The matrix structure is a mathematical construct that describes any shape or entity across dimensions.

The matrix, by definition, is always the system of cells … and cells are being formed by vertical and horizontal lines. At the intersection of four lines, there's always a cell.

It consists of parallel lines that go up and down and left and right, and they create cells. For your physical body, your matrix is going to be very closely correlated with the shape of your body.

For instance, if you put on a lot of weight, your physical matrix is going to increase proportionately. If you lose weight, it's going to decrease proportionately.

The emotional body, on the other hand, is a sphere. This sphere both has a surface with a matrix-like structure, and is also penetrated by the matrix structure.

So, here is how you would work with the golden flame …

If you have a negative emotion, that emotion tends to be stuck. In fact, a lot of the very bad emotions get stuck right at the surface of a person’s emotional body.

Imagine an orange. Now, let’s say you poked an orange with a fork. The fork would be sticking out from the side of an orange. That's how an emotional body looks. You have all of those painful memories stuck, and it's almost like they're clotting, and they're preventing the natural flow.

Wherever the emotion gets stuck, it creates atrophy in the surface around it.

Imagine you had this perfect, beautiful sphere of an emotional body that was pristine … and then you experience some incredible, heart-wrenching trauma. This trauma gets trapped, either in the surface or somewhere inside of that sphere. It's like a blood clot sitting there.

Most often for humans, large trauma remains close to the surface, while smaller trauma lives inside. Not only does it prevent the flow from where it got stuck and where it got attached to your emotional body, but actually makes the area around it dysfunctional also.

It turns the area around it into a desert so nothing can grow. Any emotion that's stuck is hurting you more than you know.

But you can use the golden flame to heal that type of emotion.

When you're healing your emotional body, you want to invite that golden flame from the top, from the crown of your head. You want it to wash you from top to bottom.

You want the golden flame to work with the outer part of your emotional body first. It would penetrate the matrix of the emotional body, which again would be a gray scale.

Perform a similar action that you did with your physical body.

Have it coursing through every little pathway, cleansing all debris and anything that doesn't belong there.

And then, if you find a clot, you want to have the golden energy surround that object and transform it from within.

So, first encapsulate that object and then penetrate that object and transform it from within.

Generally, that emotional construct will not fully disappear if it's big trauma; however, you can minimize the impact with the golden flame. Instead of having that thing stuck inside of a huge area causing a blockage, you could try to push it away—either outside or inside.

Here's the deal. It will still be there in your vibrations, because you cannot fully heal something with a flame without necessarily understanding something else about the trauma.

In other words, you need to work through the trauma. There's no cheating.

However, you can minimize the damage, and that is perfectly okay. That makes that issue easier to work through, easier to understand, and to deal with.

I would recommend pushing that form that is stuck on the surface in instead of out. That way, you are forced to deal with things that are inside. We tend to have blind spots around things that are on the surface.

Using the Golden Flame with Your Mental Body

Your mental body is responsible for how you perceive information and what kind of conclusions you draw, so you could say it's your thoughts.

However, it's more than that … because your thoughts don't really belong to you, and it's easy to get trapped into the idea that they do.

Your emotions belong to you.

Your thoughts don't. Your thoughts are little ideas floating in the soup of creation, in the soup of this dimension … and your mental body is like a detector.

You can picture it as a silvery sphere with a bluish tint that has a bunch of spikes. It's very spiky, like a hedgehog, and each spike has a little round tip that acts like a sensor.

Those sensors are scanning the “soup” around you, and it's catching on things that “belong to you.” It catches things that are a similar vibration to yours.

Your mental body is, in essence, a massive, giant receptor.

Your perfect state of mental body is that silver bluish tint, and receptors that are the same color.

In a lot of humans, about half of their receptors are completely black, so they're unable to receive anything other than blackness back. They've conditioned themselves, or they've been conditioned, to only receive negative information.

That is what I would call the cancer of humanity, because that mental body does look like a cancer cell in a lot of different people, unfortunately. That is not its most optimal state.

Its most optimal state is being silver all around and able to receive the good stuff in with everything else.

With so many receptors not even functioning the way they're supposed to, this is why you have a lot of people who feel down. That's why the energies and vibrations are not high.

We need to reawaken and reconfigure those receptors so they start receiving things that are good for people.

Fortunately, you can open these sensors with the golden flame.

You can also use the white flame.

The white flame is the flame of purification, and the gold flame is bringing something to its optimal state, the state that it's meant to be.

In this particular case, the reason the purification flame works so well is because the sensors that are black are actually polluted. It's a form of pollution.

At some point, they were hit with so much negativity that they stopped functioning properly. They stopped noticing anything in the grand scheme of creation that was not negativity.

They're basically like, “Well, all I ever receive is negativity, why bother trying to scan this universe for anything that's a sign of good?” and they closed down.

Working with the golden flame (or the white flame), you want it pouring onto your mental body—that sphere with a bunch of spikes.

Pour that energy on top of it like a waterfall or a shower. Picture a torrent of liquid energy coming from the heavens, if you will, or from higher dimensions, and really encapsulating and surrounding your beautiful mental body.

You have probably seen ads for cleansing products, there they show a frying pan that's so dirty and then you put a couple of droplets of this miraculous gel … and all of a sudden, it's clear!

That's how both the gold and the white energy work with the receptors that turned black: it works the same exact way.

Remember, your receptors are receiving. Every black receptor is all of a sudden now receiving gold energy, and they're being saturated with this gold energy like a sponge.

When the receptor is saturated, when they cannot hold onto the energy and they keep receiving that energy, they start sending it within.

So, the energy moves from that foamy little ball of energy down to the spike surrounding the full surface of the mental body, and then it begins penetrating within.

You want that golden energy to cleanse every receptor, returning it to its perfect state so that now it's able to receive things that are for its greater good, and not just negative things.

That is a really good way to get out of the negativity bubble.

Right now, there is a lot of negativity on this planet based on the pandemic. A lot of mental bodies are being very congested right now.

On a lot of people's mental bodies, more and more area is being taken over by these black, useless receptors.

It's like the cancer keeps spreading, and we need to stop that …

And one way to stop that is through the golden flame!

You want to make sure that you’re using the golden flame in a particular cadence … say, once a quarter, with the change of season.


Because it's a constant detox that our bodies need. You can't just clean it once, because unfortunately there's bad news, and bad circumstances, and negative things happening to people.

So, perform a solid golden flame cleanse and detox every time you are walking into another season.

Do it on the first day of spring, first day of summer, first day of autumn, first day of winter.

Cleanse the emotional, cleanse the mental, and cleanse the physical body with the golden flame, and you will find yourself regenerated, refreshed and more open to the positive energies flowing your way.

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