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Coronavirus - A Spiritual Perspective

I know that we have all been focused on Coronavirus for the past few weeks. The sentiment is that it will get worse before it gets better. I haven’t been able to find a solid spiritual perspective on the virus yet, so I wanted to share mine.

Nothing of this scale can happen to humanity at large unless we have collectively manifested it. There had to be something in our collective consciousness that enabled this virus. On an energetic level, the emotion that is now manifesting as Coronavirus is the fear of connection. Good old human connection. Ironically, as we are starting to experience this virus at scale, we are seeing convincing signs that human connection literally kills. This in effect, makes us want to withdraw and cave in, stocking up on water and other supplies. However, in order to get out of the vibration that created Coronavirus in the first place, our path to recovery is towards connection, not away from it.

Fear is the underlying root cause of sickness. Every.single.time.

Whether you have a common cold or stage four cancer - if you were to trace your physical symptoms back to the original feeling that birthed them, you would unfailingly find fear. Big fears, small fears, life-altering fears - we all experience them. In many ways fear is the signature frequency of our generation. It is also one of the lowest vibrations on the emotional scale. It feels really really bad to experience fear. Enough so that, if persistent enough, it manifests as disease on a physical plane.

Why Now?

The vibrations of our planet have been continuously rising for over a decade now. This presents a true challenge for the organisms and creatures who thrive in low vibration frequencies. Coincidentally, low vibrations are a fertile soil for exercising control of any kind - humans are a lot easier to manipulate when they are in the state of low frequency - when they are scared, tired or uncertain. Control by fear is the oldest trick in the book. Rising vibrations of the planet correlate with people socializing and collaborating more - we can think of it as the beginning of the grand unification process. Coronavirus is nothing other than the attempt to preserve the status quo and infuse a “healthy” dose of fear into a population that has grown a thicker skin for uncertainty and has become harder to control.

What you truly need to know.

The reaction that you are very likely to have in regards to a pandemic is uncontrollable and all-consuming fear. Ironically, this is precisely what will help manifest the virus in your reality. Obsessing over the news, refusing to shake hands, reading up on all the symptoms and using Purell 60 times a day in order to avoid every and all germs will only make the probability of you getting sick higher. We always attract what we fear the most.

However, this post is not about 100 reasons why we should fear the virus - you can refer to traditional media for that. It is about how we can experience joy and peace of mind despite the overwhelming craze.

Thriving amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic - the blueprint:

Step 1: Embrace Connection

Connection is the biggest collective cure for this virus and its vibrations. Staying together amidst the trend for social distancing seems like an impossible and even a foolish endeavor. We must get creative here - throw virtual movie viewing parties, invite your friends to a glass of wine and a conversation via video chat, join virtual group meditations - do anything but stay alone behind closed doors.

Reach out, offer help, show compassion - all of this is not only raising your vibrations, but helping us collectively heal the root cause of the virus - the epidemic of loneliness. As we move towards healing the root cause, the symptoms will diminish.

Step 2: Experience Oneness

What we think about any external circumstance is a matter of perspective. The current world’s perspective on Coronavirus is that of the all-sweeping panic and paralyzing fear. I am here to offer you an alternative. I would argue that there has hardly been a better moment in recent history where we could collectively experience true oneness. We are one after all - one world, one planet, one species. If one of us is hurting, all of us are. This virus is undeniable proof of just how much we are all connected. I suggest you get present to this thought - we are in this together as one large human family. We are a network, like cells in the same body, and we rise and fall together, no matter what the media wants us to believe. I urge you to experience true oneness today - and realize exactly how much something that is occurring on the other side of the world is impacting you. In the same way, you also matter - what you think and feel impacts others, because we are all connected and ultimately, we are never alone. Just think how many people you come across everyday and take a deep breath - the shift starts with you. Separation is an illusion, we have never been truly alone. Allow yourself to finally feel supported by this beautiful planet and your collective human family. You belong here, you always have. Welcome to the collective embrace that has always been available to you.

Step 3: Breathe

Humanity has collectively been holding its breath. It is no coincidence this pandemic is a respiratory disease - it quite literally constricts your breathing - the process of life force entering your body. But our chests have been constricted for many years leading up to this pandemic. What was the last time you could truly allow yourself to breathe? Freely, deeply, not holding anything back. Being able to take the full lungs of air starts with trust. You have to be willing to trust this world enough to be willing to let it inside your chest - right next to your heart. We are starved of being able to trust others, even trust ourselves. You have been holding back, you have been building walls and moats - anything to keep people away from you. Today I urge you to finally let yourself breathe. Take 5-10 minutes today to just sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Ask yourself: How would someone who trusted the universe breathe in and out? Reflect upon it. Imagine a newborn baby - safe and sound in its mother’s arms. You have always been the child of this universe, you have just forgotten. Allow yourself to feel the muscles in your chest loosen up, as if an invisible armor has been lifted. Let yourself trust the world again. Take a deep breath, filling your lungs with fresh healing air. It is everything you need in this moment to be happy. Breathe out the darkness that has been constricting your chest - the negative self talk, the mistrust, the caution, the societal pressure, the worry - all of it and more. Let the new kind of thought take root inside you, fill yourself with bright white light of universal acceptance. You are enough and you are safe - now and forever. You can finally allow yourself to trust your universe completely.

Step 4: Open your heart center

Have you noticed that we all have been a little out of it lately? This goes so much deeper than Coronavirus, or Mercury retrograde, or the latest eclipse. Our collective human green chakra center has not been operating properly. Chances are - yours is out of balance too.

The collective state of humanity today is reflected in the state of our heart center - the Anahata. It is constricted, numb, shattered and at times completely closed off to the world. Anahata in sanskrit means “the unhurt” - no wonder we are all experiencing trouble with it. We are, all of us, the opposite of unhurt. Today I want to offer you a few ways you could help your heart center get back into shape.

Stretch it out

Slouching is the name of the game for most of us that spend their lives in front of a computer. While that doesn’t create the malfunction in the heart center in and of itself, it certainly doesn’t help with the issue. To start healing our Anahata, we first have to create physical space for it to be able to open up. Open your arms wide to the sides, as if giving this universe a big hug. Open up your chest and bend your neck slightly backwards. If you are able to do this outside in the sun, the exercise will be even more effective, but indoors can work too. Adjust your body in a way that feels good, opening your heart center even more. You can also lay down on the floor keeping your arms wide open, stretching every muscle in the chest area. Get comfortable with the feeling that this pose creates - that of openness and trust. Practice it 5 minutes a day until you feel more open and receptive to the world.

Let the emerald healing light in

You cannot fill everyone else’s cup if yours is empty. To fill up the cup of your Anahata, imagine a stream of the most radiant emerald light entering your chest. Imagine that your chest contains a crystal glass container that is meant to hold the green heart energy. Examine your container - is it large or small? Is it full or empty? Is the liquid inside clear or muddy? Allow the new emerald light to pour into your crystal container filling in to the brim and displacing any other liquid that might have been there. Once your container is full, allow the emerald energy to heal any cracks or holes in your heart center, mending, healing, sealing - recreating perfect balance.

Forgive Fully

For many of us the heart center feels heavy as if weighted down by something. We carry with us all the pain and heartbreak that we have experienced over this and many other lifetimes. A healthy heart center should feel light, not heavy. Look inside your heart center - can you notice any dark weights that are making it feel heavy? Imagine cutting down the strings that are holding the weights in their place, breathe in and out deeply as you practice letting go. Very often the deepest pain will be connected to your parents. Think of all the instances when you felt misunderstood or hurt by one of your parents, imagine each incident as a weight inside your heart chakra. Whatever happened in the past, you can forgive it and let go. Continue breathing as you release the painful memories of your broken heart. Notice your chest getting lighter with every breath. Come back to this exercise as often as you need to - there is always more to forgive.

Step 5: Keep a gratitude journal

Fear is one of the lowest vibrating emotions. Ironically, you are never as vulnerable to any disease as when you are experiencing fear. So one of the healthiest habits you could practice during this pandemic is gratitude. At any given time you can only be experiencing one emotion. The vibrations of gratitude are quite high and exist on the opposite side of the spectrum in reference to fear. Gratitude is the joy of living. Start every morning and finish every day by listing 5 things you are grateful for - however big or small. Write them down in a little journal and re-read frequently. Gratitude is the simplest antidote to fear.

Have a healthy week!

With much love for you,


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