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Yellow Flame. The Flame of Joy, Wisdom, Connection and Happiness. Yellow Flame Meditation

In this episode, we will talk about the Yellow Flame. It is a flame of joy, happiness, wisdom, and connection. Mariya's Higher Self will give you some powerful Yellow Flame meditations for beginners and advanced practitioners. We will talk about its properties and qualities.

You will learn how to connect to the Akashic Records with the help of the Yellow Flame. You will learn about flames that are the most compatible with the Yellow Flame.

You will learn how to use the power of friendly flames to enhance the power of the Yellow Flame. We will tell about crystals that enhance the Yellow Flame.

You will also learn that the Yellow Flame has a lot of aspects and the next millennia is the millennia of the yellow and green flames on Earth.

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Hello, friend. I am Maria and welcome to The Conversations with my Higher Self podcast. This show is about spirituality, consciousness, and the inner workings of the universe at large. My partner Sergei uses hypnosis to bring me into a deep theta state where I get a chance to connect with my higher self. He then interviews me to uncover a wealth of knowledge about higher realms, and celestial beings, and various energetic practices.


May I speak to Maria's subconsciousness, please?


Thank you so much for agreeing to talk to me today. 

I wanted to discuss with you a yellow flame today. Could you please tell me about the yellow flame? What properties does it have?

So the yellow flame is a flame of wisdom. It is a flame of joy. It is a flame of happiness. It is a flame of connection and all that comes with it. Connection of everything in the universe across the species, within each species. That is roughly what the yellow flame is all about. It is very warm energy. It is warm but stable. And actually, one of the easier flames to work within 3-D and something I wanted to note, yeah.

And what properties does it have?

Outside of being warm?


You mean like physical properties?

Physical and metaphysical, yes.

Okay. You mean what can it do for you?

Mm-hmm, yeah.

Okay. A lot of things. So when I say the flame of wisdom, I mean that it can connect you to the Akashic Records. So that universal network of the knowledge, like a scripture of everything that was, is, and is going to happen. The universal wisdom across dimensions, the knowledge of how the universe functions, the knowledge of how different dimensions are operating or are constructed. So pretty much anything that you wanted to know from the intellectual standpoint, you could leverage the yellow flame for. So it's that deep well of knowledge and deep well of knowledge in this dimension and others. So basically, you could access the whole history of planet Earth if you wanted via this flame. When we say wisdom, wisdom and knowledge is being used interchangeably in this regard. It also connects you to your highest good. So it helps you, quite literally could help you make wiser choices in life, whether that's something mundane or something that is connected to the big question of why did you come to this incarnation? Why are you feeling the way you're feeling or doing the things that you are doing? So all of that is accessible through working with the yellow flame. So it is both knowledge that is relevant to your current incarnation, all of your past incarnations, and the universe at large as it relates to you. So that's one aspect of the yellow flame. The other aspect as we said is joy. And the concept of true wisdom and joy are actually quite connected despite the fact that they might seem very different to you. Obviously, joy is less intellectual and more emotional but there is great joy that comes through wisdom and then there is great wisdom that is connected to joy. So there are kind of two sides of the same universal coin and they are like the bridge between the intellect and the space or the motion. So you could use the yellow flame to connect your heart and your mind in many ways. So that is another aspect of the yellow flame.

Is there anything corresponding stone for the yellow flame?

Yeah, any crystal that is color yellow would connect you to an aspect of the yellow flame. So citrine is probably the most common in your dimension. There is yellow obsidian. It's not a bad yellow stone to connect to. A few others as well. Yellow diamond, for instance, could connect you to a higher aspect of the yellow chakra as well. But I think citrine is probably a good place to start. It could center you around what your wisdom is. 


And how would you describe a person with a very strong yellow flame?

You mean like a soul that's incarnated right now?

Like a soul. 

Yeah, mm-hmm.

It depends because yellow flame's quite multi-faceted so we could have 10 different people that reflect and vibrate at the yellow frequency and they would all be quite different. You would have some people that are quite introspective. And maybe a little bit removed from the world. These are the people who are working with different aspects of knowledge and wisdom and trying to understand themselves and understand the universe at large. That could be one aspect of a person that works and transmits the yellow flame energy. The other could be somebody who is very upbeat, very optimistic, very positive, and that energy can be quite contagious. Like somebody who is the heart of each gathering. Those kinds of people, they generally tend to have a happy-go-lucky attitude. Nothing that happens to them ever gets them down. They tend to be... It's almost like a healing energy in many ways. Because people, when they are around that energy, tend to get to a better, higher vibrational state. So that is actually very good energy for 3-D. Then you have everything in between. And you also have yellow energies that combine both aspects. You could have somebody who is both introspective and very wise and very upbeat at the same time. Actually, like I said, true wisdom is always connected to joy. You would be hard-pressed to find a truly wise person that's miserable.

That's true.


That's true. Is there such a thing like positive and shadow aspect of the yellow flame? Or any flame actually?

Yes. Absolutely.

Can you tell us what's the positive and shadow sides of the yellow flame?


But also before I get to the shadow side of the yellow flame, I think what you're getting at is the puberty aspect of each flame. So there is the positive and the negative, or the shadow and the true aspect of each flame. But then there is also the puberty. Like any flame, any flame can be 1% pure or 100% pure. So what that means is it is possible to be a carrier of the yellow flame but have that energy be mudded. So it's almost like imagine gray was mixed into that energy. So there's some type of either blockages on that energy or some aspects of that energy that you still have to work through. So not every yellow aspect that you're going to see is equal to one another. Obviously, the highest, purest aspects of yellow, once you start getting 80 and above in terms of purity, get you closer to what the original creator used in his or her toolbox. And then kind of the lower you get, the muddier you get. That energy is still kind of lower level frequency which means that is that person is still on their journey as far as discovering the higher aspects of that flame if you will. So you never go from, as a new soul when you start exploring a particular aspect, you never go from zero to 100 right away. You have to go through 50 shades of gray, so to say. You have to go through all of these aspects. Of course, sometimes you can jump. But it's quite a journey. Going back to your original question about the positive and the shadow aspect of the yellow flame. There are multiple shadow aspects of the yellow flame. Sometimes on your journey, what you would notice and what I want to get at is why do they even exist. That's a very deep, existential question. Again, for us as beings, to find out and to truly understand the positive aspect of something, the easiest way to go is in the opposite direction sometimes. That's how you know the difference between love and fear. You can't truly understand the depths of love until you understand the depth of fear. So thus every flame has its negative aspect, which only actually makes it easier for a particular aspect of higher consciousness to fully study what the flame is all about. So going back to the negative aspects of the yellow flame. Actually interesting, so the antithesis of wisdom is not stupidity as you might think. It's not ignorance. But it's the lack of curiosity. So somebody who would display the absolute disinterest in learning or understanding would be the darker aspect or the shadow aspect of the wisdom ray. So it's almost like when there is no energy given to wanting to become knowledgeable or wanting to understand something, it's like being agnostic, not caring about that would be the shadow aspect. That's one. And then of course, on the other side, on the joyful side, that's a little bit more what you would call common sense. The other aspect of it could be feeling depressed or disconnected. Remember how I told you that yellow ray is all about feeling connected?


It's feeling connected to your path, connected to your species, connected to your father and mother energies, connected to the source. That's the positive aspects of the yellow ray. When you feel disconnected from the yellow ray, that's negative, and that would be your depression, that would be your anxiety, that would be the fear of connection, all of those would be partially aspects of the yellow ray, or the shadow aspects of the yellow ray.

It seems like a lot of people on Earth experience this right now.

Yes. Unfortunately. There are a lot of shadow aspects of the yellow and the green ray that are being experience on Earth right now.

Is it on purpose?



You ask me is it on purpose. Everything always has a reason. It's not a universe that is random. Nothing is really random. It operates according to very, very specific rules. It's just on this planet, like every other planet, there are stages in the rays that are being explored in a given time. Right now, humanity is exploring the yellow and the green rays quite significantly.

Mm-hmm, got it. And is it going to be happening during the next decade?

Oh, not just decade. Probably for the next at least couple of thousand years.

Yellow and green is going to be the theme of the next 1,000 years?

Yeah, you have some other themes up and coming but these are the ones that are still going to be very much the core crux of what's happening on Earth, yes.

Got it, that's cool. And what would be a simple meditation with a yellow flame that a beginner can do?

Well, it depends because we kind of have established that there are at least two major ways that yellow flame can help someone. One would be access to knowledge and the other one would be access to joy. Which one would you like to explore?

Let's look at joy first.

Okay. Let's see. Here's what I would say. If you're trying to get outside of the state of lack of joy which is in essence, that state of feeling disconnected, potentially depressed, loneliness, feeling like there's no support structure for you. That is all like the lack of a healthy yellow flame energy, what could help is cleaning the energetic pathways, joyful energetic pathways along your body. So all of our bodies, each of our bodies in 3-D is a very complex energetic structure. And we have pathways for different kinds of emotions. We actually have pathways that are supposed to transport joy. Imagine an array of little yellow pathways, almost like blood vessels but yellow, that are permeating your whole body. You have it in your tips of your fingers, you have it in your brain, you have it everywhere. It's almost like a blood system but yellow. So I think what could be really, really healthy for people to do is allow the yellow flame to cleanse and purify and clear all of those pathways. Because what I'm seeing right now if I look at the overall Earth population is a lot of those pathways are actually clogged. Clogged by stress. Again, the absence of connection. Fear, there's a slew of different emotions that could potentially clog your joy pathways, let's call them. So what I would do and it's quite a simple meditation. Maybe beginner going into midrange in terms of complexity. Obviously, you could start the meditation sitting down or laying down, just getting really quiet. Tuning into your body, breathing. Light breaths are okay here. Maybe you could do a couple breaths but light breaths is totally fine for this. And then you want to start connecting to the yellow flame in the solar plexus chakra. That's where that flame lives. Or where you can access it the best. So imagine a flame burning in the middle of your stomach area. Actually interesting because women have that, it is in the stomach but it's in the back side of the stomach and men have it in the front side of the stomach. So imagine that flame burning really bright canary yellow. It's very important to pick the right shade of yellow. Obviously, that shade should be the one that you resonate with. Just make sure it's not mudded, dirty yellow because that's the wrong aspect of the yellow flame to be working with. You don't want it to be like orange or brownish or whitish, none of those tints. Imagine the brightest canary yellow that you could imagine. This is the purest form of that energy. And then you want to allow that energy to emanate from the center of your body outwards, first going from your belly up to the chest, to the neck, to the head, and then the arms, through the joy pathways that are clogged with darkness and debris and dust and dirt. And as you feel that energy going up, see how it's clearing all of those pathways and the darkness disappears. And everything turns this brightest, most luscious, beautiful canary yellow color. It's like a contagious color. It makes you want to shake things up and just move your body because very healthy, actually, yellow chakra in all of those joyful pathways are going to quite naturally make you want to dance. So once you clean that up, like clear all of those pathways up, don't be surprised if you want to spin around or dance. Even if the music is not playing because that's how you know you're doing the right thing. And then when you've cleared all the upper part of your body, go with that canary yellow light through all of your joy pathways. Again, permeate literally everything. There's thousands of these little canals inside of your body and clean and clear all the blockages that might be there. You can go from the left leg, down the left leg to the knee, the calf, then down to the tips of your toes. And then do the same thing for your right leg as well. And yeah, just get rid of that debris and then you might need to take time, depending on what state you're in. There are some people that are naturally more joyful than others and have the joy pathways being a little bit more active. And then you really want to see and create a flow of that canary yellow light through the clear pathways of joy. And just allow that frequency and that energy to circulate through your body freely. You don't have to switch it off. You don't have to turn it off. It's not going to harm you. Just allow that to flow naturally without any blockages or fears. And you can pretty much close the meditation when you feel the energy is pumping and it's everywhere inside of your body.

Wow. It's very powerful. I feel it.

Yes. It's a very beautiful meditation. It's such a beautiful flame to work with.

Yeah, I definitely feel more joy now. [Laughter] All right. Let's maybe talk about knowledge now.


How can you use this flame to access knowledge?

Okay. So for most people, going up to the Akashic Records and really looking at complicated, galactic wisdom is not going to be that applicable and practical for their day-to-day lives. So for the sake of making it a little bit more useful to the general population, I think the knowledge and the wisdom that is most applicable is the one that you can use to move forward through this incarnation. Because very often what you do see in 3-D is people feeling like they're stuck or unhappy where they are. And they don't know why. They don't understand. For instance, they're stuck at the job that they hate and then, well, they just hate everything about their life and they're stuck in the relationship. So some of the greatest wisdom that we can get in this incarnation is in regards to our past and what is it that we came here to do or just getting practical answers in regards to what our next step should be. So the yellow flame can help answer most of your questions. Depending though on your level of connection. For some people, it can happen quite instantaneously. And for other people, they might need to do this meditation and then live with what happens after for a couple of days. It all depends on how connected you are, how much you practice meditation. Overall, where you are in the evolution of your soul. There are multiple meditations that we can do to extract answers. One of the simplest ways that you could try is, again, get your body very, very still. And you want to imagine a yellow flame burning really bright in the center of a large hallway. Again, that bright canary yellow and then imagine that it's a little bit of a palatial, like a palace structure made of citrine. There's citrine everywhere. So you can walk into that beautiful, beautiful temple of yellow canary light. And the flame is huge. Imagine the licks of flame stretching out into the ceiling of this beautiful temple and lighting up the crystals all around it with this beautiful canary light, making everything really bright and cheerful around. So you can approach the flame. There are a lot of other beings that are going to the flame for wisdom. There are a lot of other beings that have questions for the flame. So the flame is really, really busy, so it's important to wait for your turn. And then when it is your turn and the guardians of the flame allow you to approach, approach it quietly and focus on the question or an area of your life where you just need advice or wisdom. Whatever you need help with in trying to get answers. And then imagine your request shooting up like a shooting star, like an arrow into the yellow flame. So ask a question. I'll focus on what it is you need answers to. And then send it right to the yellow flame. Let the yellow flame consume it, understand it, process it. Focus on the warmth of the flame and how bright it's burning. And then the flame is going to give you an answer back. Generally, it comes in the form of a yellow, canary yellow sphere. But then it almost gets shot out of the yellow flame in your direction. Imagine the yellow flame almost spitting it back to you. There is a law within the universe that if you ask a question, that question must be answered. That is the promise of the great creator to all of its children. So rest assured that if you ask the yellow flame for an answer, it shall be provided. Now depending on your level of receptivity to answers, when you receive that yellow sphere back, you might experience a few different things. You might experience a deep knowing or an insight or an aha moment. You might hear a voice, you might see a picture. You might experience a combination of these things. You might not get it right away so allow the yellow flame to process your request. It might take a few minutes. Just make sure that you're keeping your mind as empty as possible. If you're going to be thinking about laundry, and if you're in that moment, and you're thinking about things you have to do tomorrow, you're going to be really tight-pressed to be in the flow to receive that message. So quieting your mind is really, really important. If you do not feel like you're getting the answer immediately, do not worry. There is a good 50% chance that you're not going to get an answer immediately. That is completely okay. The yellow flame is going to stay within you. That little yellow canary sphere that you got back from the yellow flame, if you're not getting the answer right away, put it inside of your chest. Like, literally receive that little sphere inside of your chest. Within three days, the answer's going to come to you one way or another. It might be through a dream, it might be through an intuitive hit, it might be actually through a particular phrase. You might be watching TV or just scrawling through a feed on social media. Or reading a book, or a friend just calls you randomly and then they say something, like a phrase, and you would know exactly why they said it because it would sound like an answer to your request. So that information's going to come through to you, just be on the lookout for the next three days. So that is a simple, noncomplicated, not trying to access Akashic Records type of meditation to get knowledge.

Nice. That's great. Yeah, I think we can all use this meditation. It feels pretty easy.

Yeah, it's about as easy as getting an answer could be, unless you're communicating to your guides at all times, which most people are not.

Got it. That's really cool. What are the flames that are the most compatible with the yellow flame other than violet that we discussed during the last session?

Yeah. Green is very compatible with a yellow flame. Yeah. A big aspect of the green flame is healing. Healing of the universe at large, the galaxy, planetary level, personal levels, level of the species, all kinds of different levels and sublevels. The energy of the green and yellow flames work really beautifully together like two strands of the same DNA molecule. And the healing and joyful aspects are the two that resonate the most. So what you could do is you can accelerate healing that the green flame could provide in and of itself by combining it with a yellow frame. Because that energy of joy, it's a very, very powerful energy that can get you from very low vibrations into the very high vibrations really quickly. And high vibrations naturally, quite naturally, heal your body. When you're vibrating in a high frequency, your immune system is operating at its peak. You're just able to handle every kind of disease a lot more effectively and efficiently than if you were in the lower vibration. So if you want to accelerate healing, you can bring the aspect of joy and bliss that the yellow flame brings, combine that with the healing, soothing aspects of the green flame and put together a collective flame. Especially if you already have mastered the yellow flame, then it's going to work really, really beautiful for you. So it's almost you can turn the energy of joy that you already have into the energy of healing joy. And the way that would work is you could do one of two ways. If you experience a pain in a particular part of your body or you know an organ is not working optimally, it doesn't even have to be a pain. For instance, what if you want to accelerate digestion? You could use both of these flames. The energy of joy's actually really, really good for the digestion. I don't know if you know or not. So the yellow flame works beautifully for healing any issues with your stomach. Very often, you have issues with your stomach, if you cannot stomach, [Laughter] pun intended, a negative emotion. And the energy of joy in the yellow flame heals any negative emotion that could be stuck in your stomach. So if you have stomach issues, I strongly recommend just placing the yellow flame in there for the duration of your day and seeing what that does to your digestion issues. But going back to the connected yellow and green flame, if you're experiencing an organ that doesn't work optimally, or a pain somewhere, you can place the connected green and yellow flame in that part of your body and then do 10 breaths to activate it. So say, it's your neck. You would place that in your neck area and you would do a deep breath in and out. And in that breath, you would activate, so do one breath, and activate the yellow strand of the collective green and yellow flame. Then do one more breath and activate the green aspect of the connected flame. And then the other eight breaths, you want to pump energy into both of these aspects. So another eight flames, you would work with both strands of that collective flame. And then once you're done with your 10 breaths, you can leave that flame there for the duration of the day to just do the work and help you get through your issue. You will start feeling better immediately, but if it's something like a chronic disease or chronic pain or something that's quite acute, you would need to do that consistently for at least two weeks. So it's not unfortunately, if it's something really deep, you're not going to be able to heal and get rid of it right away. So got to persevere, that's going to matter. Another good way is... So if you don't have a particular flame... I'm sorry. If you don't have a particular pain anywhere in your body but you don't feel...


Yes. When you're like, "I don't know. I'm just so tired," or like, "I'm feeling off today." For those kinds of days. Generally when you're feeling off, there could be so many different reasons why. It could be something in the magnetism of the planet or certain energies are moving or it could be something astrological, astronomical, like some planet is creating some type of rough energy. It could just create an overall feeling of unease in your whole body. So for something like that, what I recommend is placing the green and yellow connected flame into your heart. And letting that energy with your blood, almost like connecting it to your bloodstream. So your blood, instead of being red is going to be green-yellow. And just letting that blood carry that flame into every part of your body through every blood vessel, big and small to the fingertips, to the toes, down to the hairs, to the tip of every hair that you have on your body. Literally, allow your body to be filled with that healing, joyful energy. And you would see quite instantly that you're feeling better.

Wow. I already feel better.


You're a really easy subject.

Yeah, it feels great. Huh. Are there any other flames that work really well with the yellow or violet and the green one are the main ones?

The white flame works really good with yellow. The white flame is the flame of purity, intention, spirituality, spiritual connectedness, higher planes. There's so many facets to the white flame. Oh, my god. So the connected white and yellow flame can actually be really, really instrumental if you want to raise your vibrations. Raising vibrations is actually not a very easy thing to do because our vibrations are a byproduct of our thoughts. And if you're going through a very bad thought loop on autopilot, it could really bring your vibrations down. But of course, thoughts is not the only thing that brings your vibrations down. If your thoughts create a sickness inside of your body, that could bring your vibrations really, really down. Even if you're thinking positive thoughts on a particular day but the damage has been done before. So you can use the collective white and yellow flame to get you into the higher state vibrationally, so you could better heal, you could have a better mood, so you could do things with more intention and more impact in the universe. This vibration is a little — I wouldn't call it basic. Because I think that what I'm going to tell you might sound a little strange, so bear with me. This is how you would work with this collective flame. If you want to get yourself to a better vibrational state. You're going to have to imagine a collective yellow and white flame burning... You can imagine yourself in your living room or any room in your house. Imagine that the collective yellow and white flame is burning from the center of the room. First, you're going to have to walk straight into that energy. So let that collective flame surround you from every angle. Like, there is not one tip of your body, not one part of your body that should not be covered by the energy. So first, cover yourself with that energy. And then what you want to do is imagine that your body is splitting into a trillion cells. So you know that you're made of cells, right?


And that there are trillions of them in your body. Now you want, instead of being one connected, cohesive self, almost break yourself down to all of these baby parts. You want to burst into cells. So you're going to have all kinds of cells and each of them individually, they're still collectively kind of form the shape of a human. But instead of being closely tied to each other, they're going to be a bunch of individual bubbles up in the air. And you want to rotate each cell clockwise. Each of these cells, it's almost like all of these cells imagine that there are inside of the white and yellow energy, as if they're floating in soup. Because what you want to do is you want that energy to permeate every cell and most importantly, clean the outside of each cell, the membrane. Because a lot of your low frequencies get stuck in the membranes. That's the one thing, that energy can get stuck in the membranes for quite a long time. And then you can actually go down, it's quite fascinating. You can go down to the cell level and see that your cells are actually breathing. Go down to the cell level, look at one cell, and see how it's breathing. And you want to see how that little cell is breathing out darkness and breathing in the collective white and yellow flame. And then you want to watch it and breathe with it until next time, for as long as that darkness is coming out through the membrane. And then you want to zoom in even further and you want to see the little pores and little pathways in the membrane of each cell, and you want to clean it up with the white and yellow flame. Clean it up of all the debris and dirt and everything that's stuck in there, all the negative emotions. Then once you feel that every cell of your body has been cleansed that way, you can allow them to be magnetized and pulled back together by a very wise energy that knows exactly where each cell belongs, that knows exactly what each cell is supposed to do. That is a very deep cleansing state. This is actually — to do this meditation right, you might need to spend between 20 and 30 minutes actually doing this and breathing in and out, allowing every cell to get like a remake almost. Now when all of your cells get put back together, your frequency's going to be a lot higher because not only is the flame very healing but you've also cleaned out all the old stuck energy in the membranes. It's like a deep bath meets shower on an energetic level.

Wow. Yeah. It's one of the most powerful cleanse meditations that I've ever experienced. Basically, you disassemble yourself, clean it up, and assemble again.

And assemble yourself. Yes, exactly.

It feels so great. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing that. That's awesome. All right. 

Thank you for sharing information about the yellow flame. It's super helpful. A lot of cool stuff.

Unfortunately, we're running out of time and just wanted to thank you for the information and I'm going to end our session right now. Thank you. I'm asking the subconsciousness to [Inaudible 00:44:49] to where it belongs with much love and much thanks for the help and information that has been given Maria today. I know she's really going to appreciate it. Now, I want all the consciousness and personality of Maria to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely. Thank you so much for listening us today.

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