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White Flame The Flame of Purity Freedom Choice Intention and Manifestation How to work with it

In this episode, we will talk about the White Flame. The White Flame is the closest flame to the original energy of creation, it is also a flame where all other colors come together. It is a Flame of Purity, Freedom, Choice, Intention, and Manifestation Mariya's Higher Self will give you some powerful meditations for advanced practitioners. 

We will talk about its properties and qualities. You will learn how to use this potent energy. 

We will talk about the qualities of people who mastered the White Flame and its shadow side (selfishness, being egotistic, when you try to achieve something at the expense of others, when you do a good deed, but you do it only because it will serve you in the future, etc.). 

You will learn that Mother Mary and Mother Teresa were people who mastered the White Flame. You will learn that it is better to go straight to Source/God instead of asking for angels' or archangels' assistance when you work with the flames and why. By calling a specific being, you close and limit yourself. 

Mariya's Higher Self will give you a technique that will allow you to access as many beings as possible to work and support the flames. 

You will learn how to connect with any flame, how to integrate them, and make yourself comfortable with their energies. 

Mariya will give you a couple of crystals that work well with the energy of the White Flame. You will learn about a corresponding element of the White Flame and how fairy energy supports the White Flame on Earth. 

Mariya's Higher Self will give you a very powerful meditation that will allow you to connect to the energy of the White Flame. You will learn a technique that will allow you get answers to your questions with the help of the White Flame. 

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Maria: Hello, friend. I am Maria, and welcome to the Conversations With My Higher Self podcast. This show is about spirituality, consciousness, and the inner workings of the universe at large. My partner Sergei uses hypnosis to bring me into a deep Theta state where I get a chance to connect with my higher self. He then interviews me to uncover a wealth of knowledge about higher realms, celestial beings, and various energetic practices. Enjoy.

Sergei: May I speak to Maria's higher self, please?

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: Thanks for agreeing to talk to me today. And today, Maria and I wanted to talk to you about the white flame. Could you please tell us about the white flame, what properties it has, what qualities it has?

Maria: Sure. The white flame is the closest flame to the original energy of creation. It is also where all the rest of the colors come together. If you were to collapse the spectrum of all colors, you'd get white or black, but in its purest form, you'd get a white.

So the white flame is the flame of purity, it's the flame of freedom, it's the flame of choice, it's the flame of intention, it's the flame of manifestation, or getting to somewhere from nothing.

Sergei: What would be its highest aspect?

Maria: The highest aspect is that original creation, like being the inception flame of all of it.

Sergei: A combination of all flames.

Maria: I guess you could say, in that inception state, though. The white flame was before anything else was, so it was at a point where it was not a combination of anything, but it was just, in and of itself, perfection.

And then, probably one of its higher aspects is that of manifestation. It's that forward moving energy of creating something from nothing. But also, I originally said that it is the flame of purity, so pure intention, and that is a very, very high aspect, too.

In that aspect, the white flame is selfless as opposed to selfish. It always takes other as a part of itself, so you could also say that the white flame is the flame of oneness.

Sergei: Is it easy to understand this flame being here on Earth?

Maria: Not easy, but possible.

Sergei: And how would you describe a person who mastered the white flame?

Maria: Well, somebody who is able to take other as a part of themselves, somebody who is the opposite of selfish. I might be repeating myself, but, I mean, you asked the question in particular order so, I must answer.

Somebody who is able to take the interest, the best interest of somebody else, to heart, and act accordingly, somebody who feels free to make choices to do the right thing, somebody who is very pure of heart and pure of intention, somebody who is able to manifest things into existence and things of the highest caliber, including new energies that historically did not belong to a particular plane. We're not just talking creation in the physical world, we're talking creation in general, including its higher aspects.

Sergei: It seems like it's a kind of flame that can be mastered here on Earth, right?

Maria: Can or can't?

Sergei: Can.

Maria: Let's say that there are other planets where it's easier to master the white flame in its highest aspects. Certain lower aspects of the white flame, yes, can be mastered on planet Earth.

Sergei: And what would it be?

Maria: For instance, taking care of your family. That first unit outside of self is family, extended family and friends. So for people who... Mother Theresa, for instance, people who have a big heart, you could say, actually are people who emanate the white flame energy.

They tend to be very giving, forgiving, they tend to devote their life to a service of something bigger than themselves. They tend to help people, whether those people deserve it or not. Mind you, I don't necessarily speak of charity, because the charity aspect on this planet is very polluted. A lot of people do charity not because they accept others who are suffering as a part of themselves, but because they want to shut down the cries of their conscience.

You see a lot of darker entities use and abuse charity, so this is not the white ray, this is the opposite of the white ray. I'm speaking of somebody who mostly donates their time, not necessarily money, or donates their skill. That would be somebody who is living the white ray energy, again, that energy of purity, pure heart. Compassion would go here as well.

Sergei: And in this case, what would be the opposite, the shadow side of the white flame?

Maria: There are a few. So in the shadow aspect is selfishness, being egotistic. When one feels that, if others win, they lose, when somebody's trying to achieve something at the expense of others, not taking them into consideration, that would be a shadow aspect.

When you're doing a good deed but are only doing that because it's going to serve you in the future, like a bribery, for instance. When you give but you expect something back, that would be a shadow aspect of the white flame, because this world functions according to a level of reciprocity. Some people abuse that.

Same way when a person with darker intentions donates a large amount of money to the charity, but they are only doing that because they know the law. If you give, you must receive, so they're only donating to charity to get more money back from this universe. I would say that is a big shadow aspect, and it's actually quite painful to watch because it is abusing one of the main principles of this universe.

Let's see what other shadow aspects? Separation, feeling separate in any way, shape, or form. There is a lot of separation in 3D, separation by gender, separation by race, separation by age, by nationality, by language, by level of education, by level of wealth, by belief system, by religion. There are so many, I could keep going on and on. Everything that creates separation is the shadow aspect of the white flame, whether that's within the person, within society, within a group of people.

Feeling trapped is another shadow aspect of the white flame. Feeling like you don't have a choice, that the choice is taken away from you. In the same way, feeling like a victim, or like a martyr. All are shadow aspects of the white flame, because that would in essence be the shadow aspect of freedom and the ability to make a choice. Those, I would say, are the main ones.

Sergei: Are there any celestial beings that support this flame on Earth?

Maria: Mother Mary, for sure. Mother Theresa I've already mentioned. A lot of them are women.

Sergei: Why so, is it because this flame is more on the female side?

Maria: No. Again, coming back to our conversation the other day, no flame is inherently masculine or feminine, especially if you think of a white flame as the energy of forward moving manifestation. That is not necessarily just a feminine energy. In fact, I would argue to say that most of you in 3D would think it's a masculine energy.

But because the white flame is actually an ability to open up your heart and include the others within it, it tends to, on this particular plane, work with the heart chakra a lot. And the heart chakra just tends to be a little bit more open within the female group.

The reason being is because they are taught unconditional love by giving birth to something that is initially and originally part of their body. Their body makes it, and then it becomes something that's completely separate from them when they give birth to a child.

So that concept of, not everything that I look at and perceive as separate from myself actually is, is very much ingrained in the female psyche because of generations upon generations of giving birth. So women are just a little bit more prone to understanding this ray and to transmuting it in 3D energies. Does not make this a feminine energy whatsoever.

Sergei: Is there an archangel that protects this flame?

Maria: I have trouble with specific names, because that's not how I relate to them. I don't relate to them by their archangel name whatsoever. I relate to them by their soul name, and it would not be appropriate for me to give away a soul name in this context.

From the ones that you would know, Gabriel is a good one. Raphael is a helper archangel, but in general I don't want you to think of a particular archangel as the only entity that can bring forth that energy, because it's a very limiting belief. You would be closing yourself down to 99.99% of beings you could be working with and soliciting help from.

Sergei: Can we maybe expand in this case and see what other entities can support and work with this flame?

Maria: All of them are in the angelic realm. You don't need to know their names. You just need to know what your request is.

Sergei: And they will help?

Maria: Yes, and by the way, this is not a forever thing. Just the fact that an angel quote-unquote works supporting the white ray doesn't mean that they're going to forever stay in that ray. Also, there are a multitude, thousands of angels that are joining each flame every day, and they need practice, just as...even more so than the angels that have been tending to that flame for a while. So pinpointing one, I would in essence be preventing another from getting the evolutionary growth they deserve.

Sergei: I see what you mean, okay. But the other day you told that an archangel can enhance the power of the flame?

Maria: But so can any keeper. That's the thing, and that's why I don't like all of those new-age books that are giving you particular names. I really don't like them, because what you're asking me for is a blueprint. What I'm trying to transmute is an energy. So you're asking the wrong question. If I were to tell you the name and you were to forget, you would feel like you don't have access to the energy, which is completely incorrect.

I want you to stop asking for particular names and try to understand where is that energy that's coming from, kind of like dwells. Once you're able to pinpoint...basically what I'm asking you to pinpoint is the frequency, the longitude and the latitude, of something that I'm trying to...

Basically, where I'm trying to right now is where I would like for you to tap into through the meditations and exercises. And if I were to give you the particular name of the keeper or the particular name of the guardian, you would need to learn and memorize it by heart. All of a sudden, we are a religion. And this is the absolute wrong thing to do. This is the absolute dead-end.

Sergei: Got it, that makes sense. So...

Maria: So when you're working with a white ray, or any ray for that matter, you can ask for your personal guide that works with that ray, or the keeper of the ray, to enhance your practice. And then you can, by the way, name the number. Do you want it 10x, do you want it 100x, do you want it 1,000x, do you want 1,000,000x? Because you can ask that from angel, and you don't even need to know their name.

Sergei: Oh, that's cool, so basically whoever is the keeper of the flame at this point...

Maria: Well, there are multiple keepers. It's not just one. There are multiple keepers depending on which level you go to. And because there are an infinite number of levels, there's an infinite number of keepers.

Sergei: What do you mean by level?

Maria: Dimension.

Sergei: Oh, got it. How do which dimension you need?

Maria: Well, the flame is wiser than you think. The flame always knows, A, what dimension you already operate in and you're asking from, and what dimension they need to tap into to get you your heart's desire.

Sergei: So you first have basically a wish or desire, and then based on the frequency of this desire, the flame will pick the dimension?

Maria: It would pick the right keeper, yes.

Sergei: That's pretty cool. But at the same time, you can either do it without the help of the keeper, just on its own?

Maria: Yeah, well in that instance, you would be your own guide. Your higher self would be your own guide that would connect you to that energy, or you can use somebody who is a guide that's outside of you, and there are millions of them available.

Even your guardian angels, your personal guides, could take you to a particular flame. There is no right or wrong answer here. That's why I want to make sure that we're not creating dogma around, only to X, and God forbid you do Y, and by the way, these are the rules and the blueprint and everything else is incorrect, because that is not the truth.

The truth is there are over a million ways to approach each flame, and there's absolutely no wrong way of doing it. In fact, the more intuitive you can be while working with a flame, just feel and tap into that energy, you're going to be able to come up, yourself, with exactly the practice that you need to get that flame to get you what you need to get.

Sergei: So you're telling that there are no rules, basically, and you create your own rules based on your imagination, let's say?

Maria: Yes, I guess imagination is one way of putting it, but your level of development.

Sergei: And it has to work, right? Whether you imagine just a simple sphere of light or a huge flame, like, of your height, or an arrow, like whatever. It doesn't matter actually, because what matters is the color you work with and the frequency?

Maria: It's not even just the color, but yes, it will work. It's not the color. The most important thing to tap into is, what does that flame stand? Get to that place. When I was describing the ray is pretty much all you need, the fact that its purity, freedom, ability to choose, perfect manifestation, perfect intention, all of those things that should already get you to a certain place. These are the keys, these are the codes of unlocking that energy.

Sergei: So the words are the codes.

Maria: It's not just the word. When you use the word, you automatically imagine a certain thing. Words are charged particles, right? When I say purity, if you know what this word means in a particular language, when you hear it, you go to a particular place in the overall matrix of creation, because that's where purity lives. And that word is connected to emotions and circumstances and events. Basically, it's a place in the Akashic records were everything about purity lives.

That's what we're trying to do here. We're just trying to connect to a particular place within the Akashic records that would enable and allow you to work with a particular energy.

Sergei: What if you have no feelings connected to the word?

Maria: That's impossible.

Sergei: Impossible?

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: So you're going to feel something.

Maria: Yes. Even if you don't feel anything, you are born in a body that belongs to a particular family tree, and they probably, one of your ancestors, certainly has feelings or opinions about a particular aspect of reality. And by the virtue of you being in that body you've inherited that.

So, yes, you always...every word is always charged. Every word is more than just a word. It is a whole string of aspects, emotions, thoughts that are attached to that word.

Sergei: Okay, that makes sense. Are there any other things in 3D that can help you to connect and feel the white flame?

Maria: Well, meditating on the white flame. I don't know if that's in 3D. I guess you are meditating in 3D when you're sitting down. It's just, when you're meditating, you can be in 3D, 5D, 17D, depending on who you are and what level of meditation you're doing. That's why I have to clarify here.

This is an interesting part about how the universe works. You first would need to establish a pathway that connects you to a particular concept or construct, right? So if you've never worked with a white flame before, you or your ancestors, or you in your past life, which is entirely possible, you would first need to get to know the flame. Establish that first connection.

Like when you meet someone, you shake their hand, you introduce yourself. In the same way, you first have to meet the ray. That can be done via that first get-to-know-me meditation. All that is is, when you sit down, you imagine...close your eyes, meditation state, you would just imagine the flame about two times your height, and you're sitting a little bit away from the flame, not directly in the flame, so it's a pretty big flame coming from the ground or the floor, wherever. It can be inside, outside, doesn't really matter.

What you want to do is look at it. Observe it. Try to understand its energies and its properties. Is it warm or is it cold? Is it dense or is it loose? Does it have a tint to it other than the core color, white? Or does it not?

You can even walk around and see it from the different sides and aspects, and then you could also ask that flame for a message or a piece of advice, and it can come through to you in the form of a picture or a word or a feeling, and that is a very important aspect of getting to know a flame.

Once you have introduced yourself to the flame in that regard, you could then actually tap into that energy very, very easily. You're not going to have to do that every time you meditate and work with a flame. It'll happen automatically because that pathway between you and a point in the universe that represents that flame has already been built. It's like a bridge. The bridge only needs to be built once. Then once it is, it's instant connection.

Now, a lot, I must say, a lot of the population of Earth has had exposure to the white flame in one way or the other. It's not that complicated to connect. There are other flames where it's a lot more complicated, so, does it answer your question?

Sergei: Yeah, it does. Usually I always ask about the herb or the plant, but is it really helpful to connect with the flame, to feel it and understand?

Maria: Yeah, you could use silver or platinum. You could use a diamond. Again, everything that's pure. The white flame's a little bit cooling, has a cooling effect, so platinum or any metal would have that similar cooling effect. Crystal quartz actually would work really well with a white flame. Not just crystal quartz. It can be a lot of quartzes actually, in spite of their color, would be super helpful in working with this flame.

Opal and moonstone. Opalite also, although I don't really love opalite. It's a little bit of a low vibrational stone compared to opal, but if you can't get your hands on opal, opalite is fine. Marble, a little bit denser energies, but similar vibrations, so marble, white marble specifically, is not bad.

In terms of plants, dandelion, specifically the aspect of the dandelion when it loses its color yellow and becomes this little puffy structure. White rose, tuberose, and white magnolia tree.

Sergei: And how would you use all these things to understand the white flame?

Maria: Well, you see, the white flame is quite complex. There are some flames that are a little bit more straightforward. The white flame seems like there is a lot that is connected to it, and so it's actually depending on which aspect of the flame you're working with.

For instance, platinum and diamonds are really good for manifestation aspect, whereas the white rose is really, really good for the purification rituals and purifying and setting intentions. The magnolia tree is really good for releasing blockages that prevent your freedom of expression. That white flame is about freedom. One particular aspect of the freedom is the freedom of expression.

So even meditating by the magnolia tree or adding a petal of a dried magnolia flower into your tea or hot water could help with that, releasing the blockages. So the answer is, it depends.

Quartz, actually, is very agnostic, so you could use crystal quartz to work with any of the properties of the white flame. I would say the one that I would probably not use the quartz for is the manifestation aspect. It's just the energy of a quartz might not be strong enough to manifest something big. It's a little bit of a dispersed energy. You need something that's a little bit more pointed, and that's why I say platinum, and diamond would actually be better for that.

Sergei: So what I'm trying to understand is that you said that you don't need to know a specific being like an archangel to work with the flame, but at the same time you can use a specific ingredient or crystal or metal.

Maria: But that's different.

Sergei: Yeah, can you explain how it's different?

Maria: They're different. All angels and archangels are multi-dimensional beings. At any point in time, they're moving from one ray to another to another to another. In fact, if they stagnate for too long within one ray, it's considered not good. So angels, archangels, souls, are infinitely more complex beings than a tree in a third-dimensional space, or a mineral in a third-dimensional space.

In that aspect, when somebody or something is too multi-dimensional, saying that you can only go to it for one aspect is actually limiting that entity, as opposed to the tree or anything that's really created in 3D. It's a very split and separate construct that generally carries a very particular vibration that is a pretty straightforward vibration. It's not a multi-faceted anything, and it's very much so by design.

So the plant kingdom, pretty much if you were to look at the plant kingdom in its entirety, it represents the full spectrum of the colors one way or another, and it is completely divided and separate from the rest of them. Again, we're living in a 3D world. And so magnolia tree is okay just representing the white spectrum, whereas an angel wouldn't be.

Sergei: What about, for example, elementals, like air? Is there any elemental connected to the white flame?

Maria: Do you mean elemental as a being or element as air?

Sergei: I'm sorry, yeah, element as air.

Maria: Well, yes, if you're asking about an element, the element of the white ray is air. An elemental would be a faerie.

Sergei: Got it. So, again, because they are in 3D, they are okay representing the white flame, and you can work with them.

Maria: Correct, correct. So like a particular soul when they incarnate as a faerie, they want to experience a particular kind of separation, a particular aspect of being separate, rather. So they incarnate as a tree, they're okay, there is something in that element that is a learning experience.

Generally what you would do is, you would experience very, very different things, one after another after another. You would generally not tend to just live the aspect of the white flame. You would get tired really quickly.

Sergei: Okay, so what's more efficient, is it going directly to the keeper of the flame, or working maybe with the energy of the faerie?

Maria: Going to the keeper.

Sergei: To the keeper?

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: Got it. And what about going to the source, if it's his energy?

Maria: Going to the source is always the most efficient of all.

Sergei: How would it work? Can everybody get access to the source?

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: And can you maybe give us some meditation that would allow us to connect to the source?

Maria: So, are you trying to mix the two?

Sergei: Oh, I'm sorry, in the white flame context.

Maria: I think you're trying to mix the two, because what is meditation that...what is it you're trying to get out of the white flame? If you're trying to [Laughs] get out of the white flame the aspect of connecting to the source, or the fact of connecting to the source, then I wouldn't use the white flame. Just connect to the source.

When you're asking for a meditation, what is it that you're trying to fix? And then I can give it an example of how you would use interweaved source energy to help you amplify.

Sergei: Okay, so let's say we work on manifestation, right? We want to manifest something in our lives. In this case, what would be the most efficient way to work with the flame, with support of the source or keepers, what would be the most efficient way to manifest?

Maria: The big difference between the source and any entity that goes below it is the amount of energy that the source can transmute and, honestly, contains. Your manifestation generally is only as effective as how much quote-unquote free energy, free-flowing energy, energy that's not claimed by any of your worldly tasks you have available for a manifestation.

For instance, if you are bogged down by the routine, you have three jobs, six kids to take care of, and your mortgage is not paid, then you have very limited resources for manifestation. Just saying. So when you don't have that energy, it is actually quite helpful to work with a higher power to borrow that energy for the time being for your manifestation.

Now, we could go to angels, archangels, some other folks above them, or we can go straight to the source, and the only difference of why you would want to go to the source is because it has the highest amount of energy that can be readily put to use for your manifestation.

So when you're trying to manifest something, here's what I would do. First, you would quiet your mind down and see the white flame. Again, like observe the white flame. It could be about the human height. If you're sitting down, it would be a little bit taller than you. And then you would focus really, really hard on what is it you're trying to bring forth into your life, what is it that you're trying to manifest?

Let's take an example. Say you're trying to manifest...what is it that you're trying to manifest?

Sergei: Oh, let's see, good question. I'm trying to manifest abundance.

Maria: Hmm, I see. Abundance is a little bit more abstract. Which is not to say that we cannot use the same exact thing.

Sergei: I mean, we can do like a more specific example.

Maria: No, no, it doesn't have to be. I was going to say, if you were trying to manifest a dog or something or a cat in your life, right? I was thinking more like a specific object. It doesn't really matter, though, because when you're working with source consciousness, that energy always comes from above.

Abundance, by the way, is a tricky thing to manifest, because it means different things to different people. So when you're asking for abundance, I think the universe might not be very forthcoming in such a request, because abundance also means an abundance of problems. If the universe gives you an abundance of problems, look, it just manifested abundance for you, but you're unhappy. I'd just be very careful about what it you state your requests.

Sergei: Okay.

Maria: When you say abundance, let's get clear that you want an abundance of health, for instance. That's one good anchor. You want an abundance of love, you want an abundance of finances, you want an abundance of travel, you want an abundance of clothing, whatever that is, as long as you keep it specific, because the universe does not discriminate, and it can give you an abundance of vermin in your house, and it would be an example of abundance, but you didn't want that, did you?

Sergei: Yes, of course. We can focus, as an example, on abundance of health.

Maria: Okay.

Sergei: More metaphysical than actually physical, like abundance of finance.

Maria: Sure. So, the way that you would work with source consciousness, and that is the highest vibration white light that you can imagine, is, as you're manifesting, I would challenge you to look up, with your inner vision, of course, not with your physical eyes. You would look up and you would look kind of into the quote-unquote sky. What you would see is two palms.

It's a very, very beautiful vision, because one palm would be a feminine palm and the other would be a masculine palm, and they meet. And so they're sending you a flow, or like a waterfall of white light, coming from their hands.

At first it might be a very small flow, and then it becomes more abundant, and so there's a white light that's falling onto your body, If you're trying to manifest an abundance of health. You want to fold that into your body.

Now, health...and then I might need to give you a couple of examples of how to work with the white light, because manifestation is a tricky thing, because depending on what it is that you're trying to manifest, the energy would move differently. It's like, literally, we could just spend probably six hours just talking about manifestation.

If you're trying to manifest abundance, abundance of health, you certainly want to work with your physical body. So you want to position your physical body under that waterfall of divine white light that's coming from your mother and father source energies. All of their love, all of their purity, all of their best intentions for you and for things to be working for you and unwinding for you in the best way possible.

And then what you want to see is, that energy is going to enter the tip of your head, penetrate into it, and then it will go down in a spiral. It would spiral down, and the circles of the spiral would kind of be hugging your whole body.

You would almost be encapsulated in this white spiral, and it moves very, very, very, very fast. So you literally feel cocooned in this white energy. That energy would be moving up, and then it would move down, and then up again. It's like you would have circles, that energy would be circulating, surrounding your body.

And then you could also build a smaller...that original spiral would be circling the outside of your body, like the surface of your body. But then if you're trying to manifest perfect's health, it's also very important to pay attention to the spinal cord, because that is your center. And the spinal cord, obviously, always gets affected, no matter where you have pain in your body, one way or another.

So you want to have that flow of goodness also go in a smaller spiral that just circles your spine up and down. So you would have, in essence, two parallel spirals that are working in tandem with each other.

That's how you would manifest perfect health, and you would want to imagine what that feels like for you, what perfect health feels like for you, because just like abundance, actually... I know you think health is a lot more objective, but it's not. There is always something that bothers you that other people might not think was bad or vice versa.

For instance, when you say perfect health, when you're working with a wondrous energy, you have to get a lot of clarity into what that means. For instance, if you're experiencing suboptimal health, is it because you lack energy? If yes, you should state that, that I want to experience and manifest more energy for my body, and just watch those spirals get to work.

Maybe for you it's the absence of pain in a particular organ in your body. You want to state that. Get as clear and as particular about manifestation...manifestation is actually really, really tied to the word, so how you state your request, how particular you are about your request, is going to determine whether you are getting the end result that you wanted, or that you thought you were getting.

So, again, you cannot over index on clarity here. Be as clear and as specific as you can. That's why the cat example's actually a much easier example. A cat is a cat is a cat. But you also want to make sure that you're specifying, hey, I want a white one with these kinds of eyes and this kind of tail.

Is there another manifestation we could look at?

Sergei: I mean, finance is always something that people are looking for, right?

Maria: Sure. So, same. With any kind of manifestation, you have to get extreme clarity on what finance abundance means to you. Is it driving a nice car, is it not having any debt, is it having three million dollars in the bank, is it having, I don't know, owning a private jet? It could come in so many different ways.

For a lot of people, financial abundance is actually just being able to take care of themselves and their family, right? So you have to get a lot of clarity around finances. The problem is, that's the problem with the white ray. I don't want you to take that as...

That's where I want to take...I want to put a little stop here, because I think if you're trying to manifest finances, the white ray is not the best ray, unless you're trying to manifest finances in the most selfless way possible.

Remember how I told you that the white flame is really selfless, it's a flame of unity, it's actually really good for people that take it outside of themselves? So when you're manifesting health for yourself, this is not the best flame. If you're trying to manifest health for yourself, you should work with the green flame or the gold flame.

That's where the flames get a little bit tricky. Yes, you could use the white flame to do pretty much everything, but if your desire is selfish, then it's not going to be as effective, as impactful, because the white flame repels selfish things.

So I could not even come up with a convincing manifestation for manifesting wealth like a private jet for yourself, because that is actually a very, very selfish thing to want. If you wanted to manifest a little bit of wealth for every single person in this world, it would be a much better flame to work with.

Sergei: And can the flame affect other people other than just you?

Maria: If you're working with the energy of source, yes. So the way you would manifest, say, money, if you wanted to manifest more money or more financial well-being for other people, you could use the same two hands of the creator and creators' energies, and the same flow of white stream energy, and what you want to imagine is, you can imagine the collective humanity on the planet. You can almost imagine them as a field, a field, and then a lot of people in the field.

You can imagine them in a meditation pose or playing in the field, just standing there, doesn't really matter. But you want to imagine the collective humanity. And you want to make sure that that white ray of goodness is shining and flowing for all of them, so it's like a little rain that gets...there is enough of that abundance energy for everybody.

And then you want to imagine that penetrating all of their bodies and lighting them up from within, almost like glowing, and you want to definitely make sure that that energy goes out through the soles of their feet and into the collective web of the planet, into the collective matrix of the planet.

So all of these people are kind of taking the energy in from the crowns of their head and then releasing it from the soles of their feet, so as they're getting abundance, Gaia can also get abundance, and all the trees can get abundance, and all the insects and the birds and the oceans and the mountains. Everything could get that abundance.

So, something like that, when you are literally changing the face of planet Earth and enabling a better future for it, that's a much better way to leverage the white flame.

Sergei: Working with the collective.

Maria: Yes. Where you can work with the self is if you want to purify your own intentions, or if you want to get more freedom in your life, if you want to stop having a victim mentality, or if you want to have a...if you want to stop the martyr mentality. All of those aspects, you can only work, and should only be working with the self.

Sergei: Okay, maybe let's talk about purification of your intentions. How does it work? How can you purify your intentions?

Maria: It's interesting because a lot of people who need their intentions purified are never going to want to do this meditation, because that's not where their consciousness is, and the people that would want to do that don't need it.

Sergei: Oh, I see what you mean.

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: It's like, if your intentions are pure, they are already pure.

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: If your heart is pure, your intentions are pure already?

Maria: Yeah.

Sergei: Oh, that's funny. Okay, that makes sense. All right, are there any flames that work with the white flame really well?

Maria: The white flame can purify any other flame, purify the energy of any other flame. So, the answer is all of them. This is one of those rare flames that could slightly enhance all of them.

Sergei: All right. I think that's a lot of information.

Maria: Maybe something else, right? Because I feel like maybe we're missing a good meditation for this flame. I think freedom of choice and just that aspect of choice is something that the white flame deals with really well. On the shadow side, right, it's the inability to make the right choice or feeling like you're selecting from things that are not optimal. Either way you pick, it's a bad thing.

So there are a lot of choices that humanity is going to have to make in the coming decade that would form that collective web or transform the connective web of the planet, or not. There are all of these choices that each of you are making on a day-to-day basis.

The tricky part about choice is that you might not always know which choice is the optimal choice to take, even if your intentions are pure. So what's interesting about the white flame is that it always acts into the highest good of all, and in your highest good as well, because you are part of that connected human family, and it's actually...

As I work with human consciousness, one of the most common requests that people send upstairs is, "What should I choose? What should I do? Should I do X, or should I do Y?" It's, like, the most common request, and the white flame can actually really help with that. So here's what you want to do.

Very often, you would have options. You would know consciously which options you were selecting from. You would know, "Okay, I could select option A, option B, option C. These are the three things available to me." And then, of course, generally you know what you're trying to get also. As a human, you have your aspirations, you have your goals, and as a very wise energy, white flame is generally aware which direction you're heading overall in life.

So you would need to quiet your mind down, and you would want to imagine yourself sitting at the crossroads, and depending on how many things you're selecting from, that's how many roads that are going to be. Either two things you're selecting from, or three things and it would be three roads.

So you're sitting in the crossroad, and imagine yourself holding the white flame in your hands. Now what you want to do is clearly mark each of the roads with a potential option choice. Like, for instance, one option...

Let's say you're picking between the pills in the Matrix movie and one is a blue and one is a red. So you're at a crossroads of two, and you don't know which way you want to go. One road is going to end with the red pill, and the other road is going to end with the blue pill, very clearly marked.

Of course, in meditation state, not every choice is as clear as blue and red. You might need to work a little bit painting the picture what the choice looks like.

What you want to do is quiet down your mind, make sure that there are no disturbances. It's very important to get quiet and not let any disturbing frequencies to penetrate your head, as much as possible. Quiet your internal dialogue as much as you can.

What you want to do is, you want to lower the white flame that you have been holding in your palms to the ground and allow the white flame to pick the direction. And you would notice that the white flame instantly selects one road over another. That one road would always represent your highest good.

Sergei: And the first impression is the right one? Because you know sometimes I do this kind of thing and then I have a second thought, and it goes...

Maria: Well, that's precisely what I said. Try to quiet down your mind and observe. This is not the time when you're trying to have thoughts. Try to really not...empty your brain as much as possible. And then you would notice that white flame is pretty fast. It'll get to your destination really, really fast.

If you do what I said, then there's not going to be an either-or. It's going to be a very clear-cut answer.

Sergei: Got it. And after that, you have to trust?

Maria: Absolutely, like any guidance. It's ultimately up to you to make a choice, and that is the whole beauty of the system that has been created. And, by the way, people know what the right answer is all the time and then they still select another thing.

Sergei: [Laughs] All the time.

Maria: All the time. Happens all the time. It could create more expansion, it might not cut any corners, it might not be the shortcut way. Sometimes people select the more difficult way. But what I'm saying, what we're saying, is that, if you select the road that the white flame has selected, that would be in accordance with your greater, higher good.

Does it mean that that's going to be the easiest piece-of-cake road? No. But is it the right one for you to take? Absolutely.

Sergei: The one that is best for your...this particular incarnation, right?

Maria: Correct. Also, by the way, if you're really, really doubting, so you see the white flame reuniting with the red pill, you can take it back, ask the question again, draw the same pathways again, if you feel like your thoughts got in the way. Quiet your mind again, and let the white flame run again. If everything was correct, the white flame is going to keep running into the same direction no matter how many times you do this.

So sometimes people have to see something multiple times to believe it, so that is one way that you could, if you just want to be one billion percent sure, you could just repeat that same thing.

Sergei: That's very helpful. Okay. It makes sense. It's a great meditation. Thank you so much. Now I'm going to end our session. I'm very grateful for the information you provided us today. I'm asking the subconsciousness to recede to where it belongs, with much love and much thanks for the love and information it has been giving Maria today. I know she's really going to appreciate it. Now, I want all the consciousness and personality of Maria to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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