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What is Going on with Our Planet and How it Affects You

In this episode, I will talk about Gaia and what's happening with her right now. I will explain how Gaia's ascension affects you and what you can do about this. I will explain why you might have mood swings, energy shifts, suddenly open psychic abilities, etc.

08:24 What role the pandemic plays

10:30 Our planet is going through the process of recalibration

12:30 What is happening with our planet right now

14:00 About 5D and Gaia

23:40 Gaia is reevaluating her physical body

30:40 Portals are opening

31:12 About 5G and what Gaia is going to do about it

37:00 What to do to align with Gaia

40:00 How to find your truth

43:50 How to recalibrate your body and be in tune with Gaia

Questions from the collective:

54:00 Does it mean that we are all going to die?

57:50 How do we know that we are getting intuitive hits from Gaia?

Please enjoy!


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