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War Between Good and Evil, Light and Darkness

In this episode, I will talk about the war between good and evil, between light and darkness. I will explain how this all began and where this war is going. In the end, I will tell you how to change this war starting from yourself.

00:00 Let’s talk about the war between good and evil.

03:52 How did this war begin.

14:38 Why we need conflict to evolve.

15:38 Why we need judgment to create conflict.

33:38 Karma as a payback mechanism.

36:28 The bigger the light the bigger the shadow.

47:48 How to stop yourself from judging everything.

Questions from the collective:

1:02:07 How do I know if I’m good or bad?

1:10:37 What is the right way to treat dictators?

Please enjoy!


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