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Viruses The Origin of Viruses Their Purpose What They Are Telling Us and How to Deal with Them

In this episode, we will talk about viruses, their origin, how they are formed, what their purpose is, what they are trying to tell us, how to deal with them. We will also give you a technique that will allow you to understand the reason you have a virus in your body.

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Sergei: Today, I would like to talk to you about viruses. Could you, please, tell me what is virus?

Mariya: Sure. So a virus is a program or an encapsulated frequency. You could consider that to be one of the simplest life forms. Although, technically, it is less sophisticated than most other life forms, in the way that it only has one mission, which is to find the host and multiply so that the program can be fulfilled. So that would be the short answer to your question.

Sergei: Mm-hmm. And what is with the origin of viruses? How did they get to this planet in the first place?

Mariya: Sure. So a virus is a universal construct. It does not originate in planet Earth, although it is very present on planet Earth right now. Originally, viruses were created in order for different realms, including higher realms, to make noticeable shifts and work through stuck energies in low-dimensional worlds. Basically, a low-dimensional world is a world that could be considered very remote for someone who is in their allied body or who is out of body because the dimensions are just so different and the frequencies are just so different. So a virus is like a thought form that is encapsulated, and it can be transmitted from higher realms down to the lowest of realms. Because once a particular world or planet is created, it is sent on its own mission and it is going through its own evolutionary process from point A to point Z. And a lot can happen on that road. Sometimes it serves a greater good, and other times it does not.

So a virus is a program or a construct that was created by the architect and those entities in position of power around how this universe operates in order to shake things up and in order to be able to change trajectories of planets and worlds that are not evolving according to the greater good or according to their own path. So those viruses are... They're very, very small. They're microscopic, very simple programs. Not very sophisticated programs. As far as programming goes in this universe, they're about as simple as it gets, nonetheless, very effective. Each virus contains one particular type of program. But as a construct, the viral construct can be infused with any thought form or any kind of program. And it could be custom-made or customized to fit the world of the planet that it is being imbued or embedded into. So from that standpoint, no, viruses did not originate on planet Earth, rather is a universal type of energy-entity program that was created as a means of management. [Laughs] Management, yeah, I guess is the right word.

Sergei: And is it present on all the planets?

Mariya: It is present on... No, it's not present on all planets because not all planets go off course. Not all planets require intervention. But it is present on a lot of planets. So the majority of creation would have some type of programming that would need to be done to it at one point or another. There are viruses that become very obsolete. So the idea embedding a virus into a planet is so that that program runs its course and then disappears. So very often you would have viruses that kind of seemingly appear out of nowhere and then seemingly disappear into nowhere and then never repeat themselves. Hardly ever would the viral program completely disappear only to come back because, generally, embedding a particular thought form is enough to cure a particular planet from that ailment or from that stuck energy. So very often viruses do not repeat themselves on a particular planet, right?

Sergei: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Mariya: But a particular type of virus can be created to cure stuck energy of, let's say, pain. And that same construct can be embedded simultaneously on thousands of different planets all across the universe.

Sergei: Mm-hmm. And can you control the virus?

Mariya: Can you define "you"?

Sergei: Huh?

Mariya: In the sentence, when you say, "Can you control," what do you mean by "you"?

Sergei: Oh, the creator of the virus. Can they just decide that "Oh, this virus doesn't serve the purpose anymore"?

Mariya: Absolutely.

Sergei: And then, in this case, they just remove it?

Mariya: Turn it off, yeah. Because it's a program. It has embedded in it a termination mechanism that would just basically switch off the future multiplication. You know, a virus is a very simple program. It's kind of like if you imagine a computer, there are so many things you can do on the computer. A virus is something that would do one particular function. For instance, it could just close all of your windows, and that is the function that it has. Or it can only type letter M, and that's the only thing that it does. And it cannot do anything else. So viral programs are very simplistic and very precise. They are created to one thing and one thing only. Super simple organisms, but they're also very effective at that one thing. They kind of always achieve what they’re meant to achieve.

Sergei: Oh, interesting. And does it have its own consciousness?

Mariya: In a way, yes.

Sergei: Uh-huh. Got it.

Mariya: In a way, yes. The consciousness of the viral program, though... Basically the purpose of these programs is to get... There is an outcome. There is a North Star that each virus is built around. For instance, the virus that, say, its purpose is to type letter M a million times. So up until it types letter M a million times, its purpose is not considered complete. In the typing of the letter M a million times and how that transpires, though, that is quasi-controlled by the virus, because it could type a letter M on one machine a million times or it can type the letter M once on a million machines. And so the consciousness of the virus has control of how this program gets implemented but doesn't have control over what it's supposed to be doing and what is the end game. So, in other words, yes, it has consciousness because it can select multiple different paths. Right?

Sergei: Yeah. And does it only affect your physical body, or it also effects your energetic bodies?

Mariya: It actually depends on the virus. Because sometimes... And it's very much... Every virus, in other words, has a creator or energies that are creating it or solidifying that program inside of the capsule or encapsulating that program inside of this membrane in the form of DNA or RNA strand. So, basically, they are the ones that tell the virus what its purpose is. Sorry. Could you repeat your question?

Sergei: But how can it affect your energetic bodies?

Mariya: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Basically, depending on the creator and the problem that the creator is trying to solve, the virus would be written, that program would be constructed differently. Sometimes the purpose of the virus is just to impact and affected the physical body. Sometimes there are viruses that mostly impact the emotional or mostly impact the mental or mostly impact the energetic. Sometimes there are viruses that impact all of the above or a combination. It all really depends on the program or rather the problem that needs solving and what the creator believes is the best way to do that in order to achieve the end goal.

Sergei: But can you say that, for example, depression is kind of virus in this case?

Mariya: No.

Sergei: No?

Mariya: It is a condition that can be cured by a virus, but that virus has not been created yet. Nobody has specifically targeted depression in this dimension with a virus. Could it be cured with the virus? Absolutely. Because depression's actually just stuck energy.

Sergei: And can you give an example of a virus that actually works with like a mental condition instead of physical?

Mariya: It's not so much... Okay. So when you ask, your question is can it work in the mental body? Yes. Does it mean it works with a mental condition? Does not necessarily mean that it works on mental conditions. It works on thought forms, for instance, when a particular thought form needs to be eradicated. And from that standpoint, a lot of viruses that have been created on Earth, pretty much since the very beginning, at one point in time dealt with the mental aspect or a thought form. Because a thought form, when persistent enough, creates a loop which creates stuck energy which is precisely what the virus is here to eradicate.

Sergei: Got it. And do you have...

Mariya: For example, fear of connection. One of the aspects of the mental aspects of... So fear is an emotional aspect, but what births fear is a mental aspect of a thought process or a negative thought pattern. So AIDS, for instance, is a viral infection. Very, very present still but kind of dying out because the program, the mental program that it was there to solve, which is the fear of connection with another human, is processed in a way or is kind of dwindling down to a point where that virus is not needed anymore. So it's starting to reach its destination point.

Sergei: I see what you mean.

Mariya: In another 50 years, AIDS is not going to exist. Because that same thought form that originally created a feeling of the fear of connection that eventually in somebody's body implants and gets multiplied as a virus of AIDS and then creates all of these physical symptoms. Right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: Actually, basically, all of this gets cured. But it would start in the mental with curing a thought loop and a thought form. Then it would work with an emotional body and the emotional fear of connection. And then it would move forward to the next stage and actually heal the physical, clean the physical up.

Sergei: Mm-hmm. Got it. And what is the relationship of the humanity with viruses?

Mariya: Well, I mean, there's so many angles to look at it, to be honest. Humanity, on the one hand, manifests a particular virus by the condition that they're in. So they're co-creating the virus. There might not be specifically the entity or the entities that program this particular source code and put that inside of a membrane and then infect the planet. But there is always free will on planet Earth, albeit subconsciously. So one important relationship that humanity has with the virus is manifesting it, calling it into existence, attracting it, and bringing it to life. Now, it might be very much in the subconscious, and it might be kind of almost the reverse, right? [Laughs] Somebody might want a lot of love, but they actually are in the state of a lot of hate or a lot of anger, a lot of loneliness. So they might not manifest love right away, but they might manifest a cure for the hate. So that's one relationship that humanity has to the virus.

Another relationship that humanity has to the virus is because humanity is so deep asleep, they are unaware of the chain reaction of how things happen and transpire in their life. What I'm saying is they are unaware that they are actually the ones manifesting the virus in the first place. So another relationship that they have to the virus is that of complete loss of control and complete victim.

Sergei: Victim mentality?

Mariya: Yeah. So they feel completely victimized and like they can't control this virus. There is like an absolute loss of power that humanity is experiencing in the relation to any virus because they cannot treat it like they treat bacterial diseases. So they, viruses are on understudied quote-unquote. They are less understood. There is a lot of them that don't have a cure. The only thing you can do is to vaccinate to prevent it from even happening. And vaccination's a whole other, separate subject. Because when humanity has a particular emotion in the sub consciousness, in the collective, that would eventually manifest a particular virus, vaccinating humanity against that emotion, what it does is it dumbs the emotion down. It doesn't eradicate the emotion. It just dumbs it down and makes you unreceptive to the frequency of that emotion, which means that it actually prolongs the suffering. Because what humanity does when you're in... Like imagine just being all drugged up. You know, they do that sometimes to mental patients on this planet.

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: You're all drugged up. You don't know what's black and white anymore, what's night and day, and what your name is. That is the state that humanity is in once it has been injected with an antidote to a particular emotion...not an antidote, not a vaccine. So they spend their lives, in essence, in the soup where that emotion is present, but it's so suppressed and so much in the subconscious that they are not even able to manifest the cure for that suppressed emotion. So, in fact, it prolongs the suffering. And it prolongs the timeframe in which that particular stagnant energy can be cured and eradicated and new things can be birthed. And it kind of like solidifies and cements humanity in the status quo, more so than bringing about that change that humanity craves so much by experiencing certain emotional frequency.

Sergei: Mm-hmm. Is it always an emotion?

Mariya: No. Like I said, it could be a thought form. Right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: Like a negative belief, which generally triggers emotion.

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: So those two, for the most part, are the ones that trigger a virus.

Sergei: Yeah. Is there anything else that triggers the virus, just so we understand what are the main triggers?

Mariya: No. For the most part, it's... There are more things than just thought forms. Like anything that has to do with your mental body, such as your memories, the baggage from past lives, all of that that is in your energetic soup. Some of you might call it "karma". All of those things, ancestral karma, like all of the... Everything, basically, in the mental and the emotional body that you're holding on to that has that negative frequency to it, that is not a pure vibration could eventually manifest the virus as a cure to a certain degree.

Sergei: That's interesting. But it feels like that a lot of people should have this frequency or thought form or emotion to manifest this virus.

Mariya: Absolutely.

Sergei: And like how many people should have this number of emotions?

Mariya: So it's not about how many people. But, basically, when you take humanity as a whole, as a body that consists of different humans of cells, you can kind of do a quick temperature check of humanity as a whole. And humanity as a whole is an organism, is already vibrating at a particular frequency. And it's not as easy, and it's as not as black and white as to say, "Well, I know if 30% of humanity is feeling it, then everybody else is feeling it." No, in fact, if 1% really feels it in their bones, sometimes that can be enough to manifest it for the rest of humanity. Because the way this works is actually really interesting. Like you certainly have... Like it's all about the... Like if we're talking the emotional cause, it's all about the intensity of that emotion. If it's we're talking the mental cause, it's all about how ingrained that that thought form or how present that thought form is in people's mental bodies.

So because human beings are communicating to each other both with their mental and emotional bodies, if one of them has a particular thought form, it gets transmitted to so many others. So in that way, you're never truly alone in feeling something. When you're saying, "Oh, I wish somebody could share my pain," like truly if you talk to somebody, they would share a big chunk of your pain. But you don't only transmit at particular frequency by telling somebody how much you're hurting. You actually just doing it and sending all of these things into the ether kind of in your day-to-day, just like you wake up and you already are transmitting a particular frequency. You don't even have to try. It's like such a natural thing to be for a human being that, basically, if you have a particular thought form, such as like, "I am fat," you've probably already passed that on to thousands of people as a frequency. So that's why when I said like 1% of humanity feels something, they've probably passed that on to most of the humanity at that point. Because we are a herd species. And as such, you communicate nonverbally around what you're feeling and what you're thinking on a daily basis, whether you want it or not.

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: Right, because of that, it creates like a certain frequency. And humanity doesn't vibrate. It's not just one emotion that humanity's feeling. It's so many. But that there are a lot of them that are prevalent, and there are a lot of them that are... a lot of thought forms that are being thought very often and very frequently. And then there are ones that are not as frequent. And also it is such a dynamic thing, too. Right now, for instance, you're seeing like being vegetarian and being vegan as one of the new trends. And it's actually all started as a thought form and an emotion. Well, first, actually, started as an emotion for the people that were noticing the animal cruelty. And that created... They were taking that cruelty and that emotion as part of themselves and repelling that, as like they were not ready to put up with that energy anymore. Right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: And they, whether their relatives wanted to hear why they became vegetarian or not, whether the people surrounding them wanted to hear how the animals are suffering or not, they were still being fed that information energetically. Because some people just chose to care. And then that pretty much... And almost like it's like a contagious feeling or contagious thought, then all of the sudden, the next step in that chain reaction was a thought form for people that just wanted to be healthy. That also was tied up to the emotion of "I don't want to be unhealthy because I'm eating dead bodies," on all of that, that's creating. All of the sudden, that information was started being transmitted to the rest of humanity. And all the sudden, you have a trend. All of the sudden, a lot of people feel that way. And you're going to start seeing that energy continue because human beings pass on information. As a herd species, they kind of contaminate—or sometimes it's in a good way—they pass their thoughts and feelings along to the people next to them. All of the sudden, it's a trend.

Sergei: Yeah, I see what you mean. And what's the connection between a virus and disease?

Mariya: Complicated answer, here. Or maybe I'll try to simplify it. Virus manifests in the physical, in the format that you would call disease. But that's, actually, not a disease. I'll explain what I mean.

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: So, disease is not created equal. Right?

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: A virus is something that... And very often they would tell you that there's nothing you can do with it. Just wait it out, wait it out, wait it out. They tell you that with a flu. There's not a lot of medication against the flu. You just have to wait it out. Common cold—viral infection—wait it out. Part of the reason is because they truly don't know how to stop it. But the other reason is that the virus is going to take its course. Once that program has been launched within a particular entity or the particular body, it will finish and run its course.

Here's what the virus does to your... Let's talk about maybe the biology of the virus so you understand what it actually does to your body and why it's technically not a disease. So a virus, like I said, is a very simple life form or thought form that only has, basically, its program, which is encapsulated in its DNA. Like what’s its mission? What am I supposed to do? Once they get inside of a host, what is my mission? What should I do within that host? Viruses, by the way, don't only exist in people. They exist in all living things. There are viruses for animals. There are viruses for plants. There are viruses for rock formations. And they all are transforming stuck energy and removing blockages.

And, yeah, sometimes not in a very nice way because it can be perceived as painful by the organism because it's a little bit like the taking over is happening. So the virus, actually, that thought form that it is gets encapsulated into a membrane and gets transmitted. Say that the virus imparts itself inside of a host. It gets inside, which is the beginning what you would call the disease stage. It would find a particular type of cell that it is meant to to multiply through. There are some viruses that only multiply in the liver, some viruses that only multiply in the lungs, etc., etc. So there are very particular.... They are meant and brought up and created to impact a particular kind of cell that is corresponding to a particular part in the emotional body or the mental body that the virus is here to heal actually. Right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: So what ends up happening is it goes straight to that kind of cell, gets attracted to that kind of cell. And then it's generally... Obviously, not everybody who has lungs, for instance, is going to get that disease, even if they got the virus inside of their body because not everybody actually gets sick. And then it's dependent on to what degree that particular individual, that particular human or animal or plant is going through or has that stuck energy that is the same vibration of the virus. Right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: So if the virus is here to heal pain, and it gets inside of the body that's not feeling pain related to this particular thing that it's healing, it's just going to stay there. And then, eventually, it'll just... As the body's secreting and removing things, foreign objects from his body, it just would leave the body. It's not going to cause anything. But if it finds that which it's there to heal through penetrating, then what ends up happening is the cell, actually, kind of recognizes that frequency. The cell is like, "Oh, hi. You're kind of like me." So the cell in the human—let's take a human as an example—would embrace the virus, and it would kind of basically almost kind of encapsulate it and take that little virus as part of itself. And then it would transmute the membrane and would download the little program that was in that virus, in that DNA/RNA of that virus. And then the cell starts multiplying this program many, many, many times over. It's very exponential growth. Hockey-stick growth—up, up and to the right. That is how this multiplication happens. Because the virus when it comes, it must take over or it cannot move the energy away. Because blocked energy's actually really, really hard to move. You're going to have to pretty much either take over or you fail. So that multiplication is actually super rapid. And then, of course, that cell then sends signals at cells that are neighboring cells that have the same frequency or the same vibration that the virus and itself will do the same thing. Ultimately, this cell manufacturers that code, that viral code up until it dies. And that death is actually... it's very rapid because it's using all of its power and all of its resources to create viral cells.

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: So it's working extra hard. And then when that cell dies... If enough cells die, it's like rapid cell regeneration. Eventually, the body is able to move through that energy and blockage because the old cells, they're kind of reprogrammed. So they're not holding on to the old energy anymore that was holding them back, actually, unbeknownst to the host. They just die out. And so you have like a rapid succession of cells dying out, so even their memories of like the daughter cells and the granddaughter cells, their memories are shifted. So they stop passing on the code to that frequency that was the problem in the first place. And with that, the virus also dies out. So what you experience as disease is actually this process. It's just this process of massive multiplication of the viral code in order to kill off the cells that are transmuting or holding on to energy that is not serving the host. Now, unfortunately, sometimes the energy of the human, that energy could be so stuck that in the process of this rapid multiplication, the body gets overloaded and the host dies. It does happen. But that is not the mission of the virus because for any virus, more people survive than the ones that die. So they're able to then shift the overall psyche of humanity over time or sometimes instantly.

Sergei: Oh, yeah.

Mariya: And then the ones that have too much of this energy, like some humans have too much of the particular energy that the planet or the architect consciousness thought that was the problem that it's almost better for that host to die to make way for new energies to emerge for the collective good. Now, that's what gets perceived and manifested as disease. And especially people who are fighting something hard and have a lot of symptoms, they are the people that had the most of that frequency that needs to be cured. And sometimes they make it, and sometimes they don't, which from your perspective is very sad and potentially a very brutal way to get rid of something. But what's even sadder is not addressing that that needs to be addressed, just living in that energy as canned fish. From the higher perspective, that is actually a lot more detrimental to a lot more generations of beings then dealing with something and facing it head on.

Sergei: So basically like disease is like a physical manifestation of either a virus or something else, like a thought or emotion. Right?

Mariya: Yeah, I would say disease is something that, unless reversed, is not going to not going to, itself, stop.

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: So disease generally progresses. The viral infections don't. They have that clear beginning and a clear end. As soon as they clean up that energy... And generally that beginning to an end is like under two months long, at most. It's like a week to two months long. That is the timeframe, the lifetime of a virus. It's a very rapid-fire program. It's not meant to stay in your body forever. You kind of either make it or you don't.

Sergei: Oh, got it.

Mariya: A disease is something that, when it takes hold in your body, unless treated—and by "treated", I don't just mean medication, by the way—it would kind of keep getting worse and is not just necessarily going to go away in such a rapid timeframe.

Sergei: I see what you mean.

Mariya: That is what we would call the disease.

Sergei: Got it. And why do viruses mutate?

Mariya: Well because they have consciousness of their own. To make them effective for so many different planets, there is a little bit of the part of their DNA that is a little bit like a blank slate that allows the virus to adapt. Remember how initially I told you like the virus actually has a choice whether to type letter M on one machine a million times or a million machines once?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: Because that creativity is, actually, left to the virus so that it can complete its job. Sometimes viruses need to mutate when they're not able to get to that end goal. So when their end goal is typing it a million times and they're at 600,000 and they need another 400,000 but the macro factors have changed or something is off track, not enough people get infected, or like, for instance, it was embedded in the wrong way and the wrong place, the wrong time... I don't know... people were busy being happy, whatever it was, [Laughter] like it's not able to complete its mission, it must mutate to get to a million if something stops it. Sometimes it needs to find better ways, more cunning ways. Now, the thing is it only mutates up until the point that it reaches its million, and then it'll die out itself.

Sergei: I see. Cool. And what role does the immune system play in the virus fighting?

Mariya: Absolutely none. Immune system kills all bacterial infection because bacteria, they're kind of... Your immune system reacts to things that it perceives as living intruders. And that is why it is important to understand that virus is not perceived to it as a threat... by it. Sorry. Your immune system does not identify the virus as a threat, not truly, not the way that it would perceive a bacteria. And so it would fix it a little bit but not all the way, like truly. It just has to run its course. And also, basically, when the virus gets enveloped into a cell, then it's pretty much... It would have to be like the only way to kill that is for the immune system to go off and kill its own cells, which happens sometimes in an autoimmune disease, when the body kills its own cells. But that's also hardly healthy. Your body is not meant to attack itself. It's meant to attack intruders.

Now, your body perceives bacteria as an intruder, but it does not perceive a virus as an intruder. And, truly, the reason it is so is because the virus is actually a good thing for you. Like maybe not for you individually if you don't survive, but for humanity as a whole. And so the way human bodies are designed is actually there is like a loophole in the human defense mechanism for the virus to come in and take over. Because it's actually initially been created, like the benevolent virus was created to heal and move through energy that the being can move through other way. So it is a healing mechanism. And that's why your immune system does not perceive it as a threat in a way it would a bacteria.

Sergei: Got it. Are there any other side missions that the virus has?

Mariya: What do you mean by "side missions"?

Sergei: I don't know. Does it affect like human DNA in any way?

Mariya: Depending on the virus. There are viruses that their mission is to change human DNA, and then there are viruses that don't have that mission. So it depends on the virus

Sergei: Got it. Can you tell me a little bit more about viruses that change humans' DNA?

Mariya: There haven't been too many. I'm not seeing, actually, any in the past 10,000 years that were specifically targeting human DNA change.

Sergei: Interesting. But is it the way to change humans’ DNA, to send a virus? Is it like the only way to change the DNA, like to upgrade it or open certain parts?

Mariya: No, not the only way.

Sergei: No?

Mariya: No.

Sergei: It's one of them?

Mariya: It is possible. It's just... Did I say anything that made you think that viruses changed people's DNA?

Sergei: No. Just I've read and I wanted to check if it's true or not.

Mariya: Oh. I see, I see, I see. Like I said, some viruses their mission would be to go and unlock something in the DNA. The thing about human DNA, though, is basically a lot of it unlocks naturally as vibration [Inaudible 00:40:11].

Sergei: I see what you mean.

Mariya: So it's almost like.... Think of low vibration frequencies are like pressure and density, pressure and density. And it's like imagine a flower being under a rock. It's really hard for it to bloom in a certain way. Now, if that rock is being lifted slowly as you're moving into lighter energy, so all of the sudden, the flower is able to blossom. So the way the human DNA is going to get unlocked is, actually, there are all these lock mechanisms that basically correspond to planetary vibrations. If vibrations are this many megahertz, this is what it starts to get unlocked. If there are another like... I don't know... like two times better, that gets unlocked. Sometimes viruses, and again, there is an exception to every rule. And sometimes that a decision is being made by the higher consciousness or the architect to unlock a certain DNA strand, a certain DNA aspect either prematurely or before the vibrations reach a certain level. If that decision is made, then a particular virus that unlocks a certain aspect of the DNA is going to be embedded into humanity. But this is not what I'm seeing happen right now.

Sergei: Got it. Makes sense. And what is the key to the virus cure? What should humanity know about the virus in order to cure it? Because seems like, right now, a relationship between virus and the humanity is in a bad condition.

Mariya: Oh, there is no relationship right now.

Sergei: Yeah, no relationship.

Mariya: To a point that people don't even understand that they've manifested it in the first place.

Sergei: Right. So is there any advice or like the steps that the humanity should do in order to understand viruses?

Mariya: Thing is when you say, "understand viruses", there are so many. You cannot understand a virus as a class. It's useless.

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: Because it's like understanding programming languages. Just because you understand one doesn't mean you understand all of them. Just because you speak Chinese doesn't mean you speak Italian.

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: So I don't think it is so helpful for humanity to understand every single virus, or rather understand viruses as a class. It might be helpful for humanity to try to understand the causes of some of the most important viruses that are plaguing humanity at the moment. Right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: And understand, for instance, that the fact that they contracted a particular virus means that there is stuck energy in them and a particular kind of stuck energy and, by the way, they themselves manifested that disease as a means of helping them, not as a means of hurting them.

Sergei: And so viruses always help?

Mariya: Yes.

Sergei: Got it. Okay. And in this case, you just have to go virus by virus. So, for example, like an encyclopedia of viruses from the spiritual perspective, something like that?

Mariya: [Laughs] I wish there was such an encyclopedia available to you.

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: Unfortunately, there is not. I mean, it's a very misunderstood subject.

Sergei: As an example, maybe we can look at the most common virus on this planet: flu. Right?

Mariya: Sure.

Sergei: What does it mean? And for a person who has flu, what should this person do?

Mariya: Well, do you have any thoughts?

Sergei: It's a respiratory.

Mariya: Yeah.

Sergei: I think it's related to breathing. I think you already had some thoughts about flu in previous episodes.

Mariya: Yeah.

Sergei: I just wanted to dig deeper.

Mariya: Yeah. So the thing is all of these things, once you start looking at them, makes so much even logical sense that like everything is so much on the surface, that you don't even have to dig deep. So you just have to truly understand "Okay, a particular virus, what organs does it affect?" Right?

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: So you first go there. Common flu, what does it affect? Mostly it is a respiratory disease, so it affects your lungs, your trachea, everything in the throat area, your nose potentially, all of that. So it prevents the free flow of breathing. Not only that but it also prevents the free flow of communication. It's actually a lot harder to communicate when you have a massive sore throat and your whole body hurts. So the flu virus, all of its different aspect… And there have been so many. Some of them are mutations of the original virus, some of them are additional viruses embedded. This is all… Basically, flu is here to heal humanity of its communication impairments. So everything that has to do with a blue chakra and communication is actually flu. So what it's showing you is that communication... Flu is the number one, most-spread virus. Different forms of flu and common cold—but let's add them all to the same bucket— is all about how you communicate with yourself and other. So human communication is broken. Let's examine. And, basically, flu is here to move out this energy of broken communication. And it is a longitudinal project. Flu is supposed to be here for another 100 years.

Every virus has its own timeframe, like I said. But not when it gets inside the human's body, but when it gets programmed. Some viruses are created for like two years. Some viruses are created for 50 years. Some viruses are created for 200 years. That is like normal course. So when I say "longitudinal", I mean that flu is one of the viruses that's meant to cure humanity very gently. And that's another distinction that's worth mentioning about the virus. Depending upon the intensity of the virus, the cure either happens instantaneously or it happens over time.

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: So communication issues, it has been selected, chosen, and programmed that the flu virus is going to be milder than a lot of the other viral diseases. So as far as a virus, it's pretty mild. It's like low to medium severity. Right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: But because of low to medium severity because that is the impact that has been chosen, it needs to be around humanity for longer to actually achieve its end game, which is fixing the communication mess. And by the communication mess, I mean, "Okay, let's start within." Internal dialogue. How do humans talk to themselves? Is it in a loving and kind way? Or is it in the "You're not enough. Why do you suck so badly way?" And the answer, unfortunately, is the latter. Under 15% of humans alive on Earth today speak to themselves kindly. The rest is, at best, neutral. At best neutral. So human beings cannot even figure out self-communication. So if you cannot even treat yourself kindly, your body, your organs, your mind, your feelings, your full being, how could you do that for others? You're operating from a place of "My cup is empty and has been empty for a while, so don't come to me with your problems because I have my own."

And then there is interpersonal communication. You guys have issues even with the people that are closest to you. Friends have fights. Parents and children have fights. Husbands and wives have fights. These are the closest people. You spend an ungodly amount of time with those people. You cannot even get that communication right. Now, we can move a step further, in group communication. When one speaks and the rest of them perceive. Have you noticed that when one person says something and then there are 10 people listening that 10 people are going to take that one statement 10 different ways, depending on where they are in their own personal lives? Because it's in that moment, it's all about them. So if the communicator is coming from " It's all about me," and the listeners in the group are coming from "It's all about me," so if everybody is "All about me," who is there to listen to anyone? Nobody. So your communication falls on deaf ears 99.99% of the time. That is not how true communication is meant to be. This is not how it feels. To be misunderstood, to feel like it's dangerous to speak up, to have censorship and not truly have freedom of speech, all of those things are broken communication. And it's about time that this planet transcended the broken communication.

Sergei: That's interesting. But, let's say, is there a kind of blueprint that you would be able to give us? Like every time a person has like a viral infection, you could go through the list like a checklist, and see like, "Okay, the first one is the organ or part of the body that is affected, and then you move to the next one." And this way you get to the core. How to get to the core, is there a technique or maybe practice or meditation for that?

Mariya: Just to try to understand what the reason for something is?

Sergei: Yeah. As I understand you first have to understand the reason, and then you can figure out how to deal or like reverse a change, the behavior or thought pattern. Right?

Mariya: I would rather say "heal" the behavior instead of "change it".

Sergei: Oh, heal. Right.

Mariya: Yeah.

Sergei: Yes.

Mariya: Let's not forget that the primary purpose of all viruses is to move away stuck energy and, in the process, heal that aspect that has been broken. Right?

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: So, yes. It is very helpful to first understand what organ system or systems get impacted by a particular disease. Is it a neurological type of virus? Does it impact your nerve cells? Is it a circulatory type of virus that impacts your bloodstream or other liquids in your body that circulation? Is it respiratory system, etc., etc.? Is it the digestive system? What could be helpful also for you is, if you study chakras you know that a particular organ generally corresponds to a particular chakra. So if you're not very spiritual and cannot necessarily perceive things, you could study that chakra that this organ corresponds to and understand what that chakra, the type, like feelings and thought forms and what is a chakra responsible for in the first place. Right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: Sometimes it would be like a borderline, where you’re not be so sure which organ. For instance, with flu you could have argued, "Well. I don't know. The lungs are kind of in the heart." And the heart is kind of green, but the green is also about loving communication. So these two go hand-in-hand. So sometimes what you would find in trying to understand a particular virus is that it corresponds to more than one chakra. So you want to study both of these chakras and what are they responsible to in your body. And then you would try to figure out maybe from your own emotions which aspects of the chakra maybe don't feel right, where you feel like you're not.... Especially if you are the one that contracted a virus. So that probably means that you were vibrating at the shadow aspect of that particular chakra. So you would want to study yourself in your reactions around what the chakra is all about. Say that chakra is about 20 things, and you notice that like two you personally have an issue with. Like you know you have an issue with forgiveness, for instance. Or you know you have an issue being envious of people. Or you know you have an issue of like not feeling like you don't have enough money. You know all of your issues.

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: That's not a secret.

Sergei: You're telling about the shadow sides of the chakra, right?

Mariya: Correct.

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: Correct. Well, for instance, if the chakra is all about abundance, but you're experiencing the lack of, then that would be the shadow side of that chakra.

Sergei: Got it.

Mariya: But the cornerstone energy's still abundance. So to heal something, you have to basically move in the direction of abundance instead of trying to fix the need for money. Because at any point in time, your body as a vessel can only contain one aspect of a particular energy and not both. So if the access... Say there is an axis in your body, and it's labeled "abundance". On the one side there is a lack of, and on the other side there is a presence of abundance. You cannot vibrate at both ends of the abundance axis. You can only vibrate at one end. Right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: So if your body is a vessel for the lack of abundance, it cannot also be the vessel for the presence of abundance. It's either/or. So instead of focusing on the lack of abundance, lack of money, lack of resources, lack of everything, you would need to replenish that axis with the presence of that resource. And by adding that new energy, the old energy is going to be displaced because you only have so much capacity for energy in your body. So you cannot hold on to 100% of the shadow aspect of something and 100% of the face value of something.

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: It's either/or. So as you start focusing and opening up and resonating with the higher pure aspects of something, the more shadow, dark, bothered aspects are going to eventually be phased out. That is like the way that healing process works. It's like replacing one with the other. Have you actually noticed that it's really, really hard to, if you have a habit, to just completely quit something?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: So very often that's why you have e-cigarettes right now. Because when people are smoking, they've developed a habit, so it's easier to instead of just quitting smoking and not doing anything to first do like an e-cig. So the same concept. It's basically like you have a habit which means that this desire or expectation for a particular action to happen. So it's easier to actually just keep replacing more harmful things with less harmful things, as opposed to just completely quitting something cold turkey. The same thing is you cannot quit feeling bad about your finances. That's not going to happen. All you can do is gradually replace your thought forms by the ones that are getting you to quit that habit eventually.

For instance, I'll give you an example. Say you feel like are broke all the time, since we're on the topic of abundance. And your thought process is "I never have money for anything. I never have money for anything." Say your goal. And you think... Say you perceive abundance by...Your definition of abundance is "I always have enough money for everything I want, especially travel and clothes." Say that that's your definition of abundance. Nothing wrong with that. You cannot move from "I never have money for anything" to "I always have money for travel and clothes" in one sitting. That's not going to happen. So what I'm suggesting is, actually, a gradual step-by-step process. Say, first, you are to adopt the mantra. Something like that. "I always have money for bills." Do you imagine what huge shift there is in energy from "I never have money for anything" to "I always have money for bills"?

Sergei: Yeah, it's a big shift.

Mariya: Crazy big shift. But honestly, you haven't even started to scratch the surface of abundance because just having enough to pay your bills is not abundance. Let's be real. But this might be something that displaces your old habit of not having enough for anything to, at least, having enough for bills. And then, once you start getting comfortable with "I always have money for bills", repeating that as a mantra, writing it down, making it real, noticing all the things in your life that is true. You paid your telephone bill. Great. Because you always have money for bills. You paid your gas bill—Amazing. Because you always have money for bills. You paid your rent. Phenomenal. Great job. You know what? You always have money for bills. And then, once you actually truly believe that, yeah, there is a lot of external evidence you always have money to pay your bills, then you can move on to the next thing. It can be like "I always have money to treat myself." That could be your next thing. A treat can be an ice cream cone. But imagine and feel how big of a shift it is from "I always have money for bills" to "I have money to treat myself".

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: Big shift towards abundance. Eventually, you'll get to your definition of abundance. And then you can take another leap. Then maybe you would want to try it on versus "I always have money for anything I want". How about that? Hello, private jets and yachts. [Laughs] It's all about that gradual movement. The reality that you're living is very dense. It doesn't change overnight, so it requires a lot of patience and a lot of very deliberate mental work to get you to where you need to go. So it's all about perseverance and just repetition and then having patience enough to see it through. If you don't see the result tomorrow, you haven't let that settle. You have to keep at it. When you are changing your thought forms and belief forms, you have to be patient with them. And eventually, they will change. And eventually, they will help you create the life that you want. But it's not going to be overnight, and it's not going to be over a week.

Sergei: Got it. But some viruses develop much faster, right? And do you have time to go through this practice of gradually improving, then, basically, in the couple of weeks you can die, for example, because the process is so fast? Or you have to find the thing that can buy you some time?

Mariya: There's no way for you to get cured from a virus unless you're willing to make an instant shift. When it's a life-or-death situation, it's different. You're going to have to be able to make an instant shift between the old-you energies in the new-you energies.

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: And, unfortunately, in that moment, it's already too late. The virus kind of comes and takes over. They are in the driver's seat.

Sergei: Yeah. But, for example, the power of promise, right? When you promise yourself, "I'm going to do this,"...

Mariya: Okay.

Sergei: Can it help?

Mariya: Can I help? Yes, maybe. But then you're tricking the system. Basically, when you're making a promise, like "I promise I'm going to get through this," virus is coming. And imagine the virus is like in your house. They broke down the front door. They've arrived, and they're like, "We need you to change this one thing right now." By the way, on your subconscious level you know exactly what the virus is here to change. Make no mistake. You already know it. So the people that check out and die of coronavirus in the hospital, they have subconsciously decided that they would rather die than change. And it is their choice. It's everybody's choice. So it's not really... The fact that it's you're unaware that this is happening doesn't mean that this is not happening. Everybody in the hospital sick with coronavirus and diagnosed is going to pick a road. Are they on with the new Earth and what this virus is bringing about? Or would they rather stick to their old ways? And how much would they rather stick to their old ways? And the people that would rather stick to their old ways no matter what, a lot of them choose to die and check out. And that is their choice.

Sergei: That makes sense.

Mariya: When you say, "I promise something," in essence, you're cheating a little bit by saying, "Hey, I'm not going to make this shift the way you want to right now, but I'm going make it over time." Because that's the only way the virus is going to let you through. Do you see what I mean?

Sergei: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I see what you mean.

Mariya: So you, instead of selecting...

Sergei: It's cheating. Yeah.

Mariya:  It's cheating. Hey, it works. It is going to work. But the thing is when you say, "I promise to get out of this no matter what," in essence, you promise to change to what the virus needs you to change to no matter what, just maybe not right away. So, in essence, you've made the choice. You've upgraded.

Sergei: Got it. It just buys you a little time.

Mariya: Now, not every virus is lethal.

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: Some viruses are not, like flu. It doesn't have to be lethal. It's not really as lethal as some other viruses. But a lot of people still...a lot of people are like, "You know what? I'd rather die than communicate in a loving way."

Sergei: I see what you mean. That makes sense.

Mariya: Yeah.

Sergei: Yeah. Thank you so much.

Mariya: So a virus doesn't really... I don't know if I'm helpful, but the virus doesn't...

Sergei: It is.

Mariya: Like you cannot really cheat a virus. That's what I'm saying. It's like a terrorist that is holding a gun to your head. It's very head to cheat. That promise is pretty much one of the very, very few ways that you can come up with, as opposed to something like a chronic disease. Something like that, fully in control of you, of yours. And it can be a gradual change. It doesn't have to be overnight. You have your whole life to fix it, if you know what I mean. Something that is created by your own personal emotional body, that's not a planetary change.

By the way, virus always, always affects things on a planetary level. If it's your own personal thing, nobody up there, up high is going to even bother creating a virus because it's your own individual issue. Viruses are created for systemic problems and systemic issues. That's why when they're in your life and you're sick, they demand a change right now. Either change or get out.

Most disease, bacterial disease, psychosomatics, all of that, chronic disease, it's not like that. You have all the time in the world, and it's not so black and white. And by the way, nobody's going to make you and force you into a decision. But a virus is for fast systemic change. And sometimes it requires sacrifice. It requires people to either move along or move out of the way. Now, is that the preferred route? Absolutely not. If society was able and willing to move towards where it needs to go, in and of itself, nobody would need the construct of a virus.

Sergei: That makes sense.

Mariya: Yeah.

Sergei: Yeah. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us today. And now, I'm going to end this session. I'm very grateful for the information you provided us today. I'm asking the higher self to recede to where it belongs, with much love thanks for the help and information it has been giving Mariya today. I know she's really going to appreciate it. Now, I want all the consciousness and personality of Mariya to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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