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Violet Flame. The Flame of Transmutation. Violet Flame Meditation

In this episode, we will talk about the Violet Flame. It is a flame of transformation and transmutation. Mariya's Higher Self will give you some powerful meditations for beginners and advanced practitioners.

We will talk about its properties and qualities. You will also learn that it is easier to master some flames in 3D than the others. You will learn about flames that are the most compatible with the Violet Flame. 

You will learn how to use the power of friendly flames to enhance the power of the Violet Flame. Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Hello, friend. I am Maria and welcome to The Conversations with my Higher Self podcast. This show is about spirituality, consciousness, and the inner workings of the universe at large. My partner Sergei uses hypnosis to bring me into a deep theta state where I get a chance to connect with my higher self. He then interviews me to uncover a wealth of knowledge about higher realms, celestial beings, and various energetic practices. 


May I speak with your higher self?


Can we please talk about the violet flame?

What is the violet flame? What does it do? What properties does it have?

Violet is one of my favorite energies. Violet flame is a violet ray, is an energy of transmutation or transformation. So anytime you're trying to go somewhere, ultimately you are going from point 0 to point 1. You're going from supposedly nothing to something, or from one thing to another. What enables you to do that is the energy of change and movement, right? So that energy of the violet flame always helps you to get from one point to the other by transmuting and transforming the things, circumstances, places, people, your own body, your own attitudes, your own thoughts that help you get from A to Z, from 0 to 1, however you want to look at it, right?


So it is a very forward-moving energy and also clears up the obstacles in your way. In some way, if you're familiar with Hindu mythology, it is going to be like Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. That is very much the essence of the violet flame. There is quite literally not anything that is impossible for the violet flame. It is an energy of change. It is an energy of progress in many ways. It is a remover of obstacles. Sometimes it's called the energy of freedom, but I just want you to bring to the core of what that means. It's freedom to move in any direction that you want. Because the remover of obstacles can remove obstacles in any direction. It's not attached to which direction you want to go. But it is that aid that can help you get there. So in that way, the energy of the violet flame could be very instrumental in helping you achieve your goals whatever those goals might be for your body, for your material situation, for your health, for your — I don't know — family and love life, whatever that is, it can help you get where you need to go by transforming everything around you. Be that turning a bad circumstance into a good circumstance. Be that transforming your thoughts so you can create the reality that serves your higher good. So that's kind of the violet flame in a nutshell. But there's obviously always more that we could explore.

Yeah, can we go a little bit deeper?

What specifically would you like to know? Let's say when you look at a person whose color is violet, what would you say about this person?

Violet energy is a very high dimensional energy. You don't see a lot of people that possess the violet, like their energy's purely violet in this dimension. There are energies that are a lot more common in 3-D. So violet, I would say, is very highly evolved because it's an energy of aligning. Like, aligning with your full potential and with your higher self. So generally, the souls that have aligned with their full potential move on from 3-D fairly quickly. So in this 3-D world, very often when you see a purple energy, a violet energy, it generally comes from a person that came back onto this planet with a mission. So these are your teachers, healers, these are your — I don't know — ascended masters. The higher-dimensional consciousness more so than somebody who is meant to be in 3-D because they're still evolving. So in other words, when you ask me what can I tell about a person who's wearing a violet flame imprint, what I can tell about them is that they're here on a mission to heal this planet one way or another and that they very much came here as a volunteer, right off the bat. That's what I can tell about them.

Is it possible to master violet flame on earth?

It is possible. I'll tell you it's not very probably and it's not very common. There are other places where you generally go to practice your violet flame energy. I'll tell you why. On Earth, the energies are too dense for you to be able to align with what your higher self wants because there is always a lag and a lapse between thinking a thought and starting that creative process and planting a seed of creation, and then actually see it come through. So most people actually never even realize that there is a correlation between their thoughts and between their futures, what's actual circumstances that they're bringing to themselves. So this is not the best dimension to practice aligning with your highest good. There are other dimensions where souls tend to go practice in them. There are other planets and galaxies where that is being practiced more often than not. But not really this dimension.

Got it, okay. Talking about meditations and practices, what is the most simple meditation with the violet flame that a beginner can do? Like for 3-D.

Yeah, yeah. So I think the easiest to understand is... 

First I think when you're working with a violet flame, you have to really focus on — as a beginner — you have to focus on one thing that you're trying to bring forth in your reality, kind of like make a wish. You have to make a wish, whatever that wish is. You have to get complete clarity onto what that is. For instance, I want to meet my future husband or future wife. That's my wish. Or I want to double my income and that's my wish. Or I want to cure this chronic pain I have in my right kidney and that's a wish. Whatever that is, and get very, very specific. So before you even get started on the meditation, set an intention on what it is you're trying to transform or transmute into your life or what you're trying to call into. First, you're going to have to figure out what is the task that you're going to give the violet flame because it's a very powerful energy. So if you're working with it without an intention, then it's going to be a very scattered way to work with this very powerful energy so you might not get the results that you're seeking for. Then what we recommend is once you have clarity around what it is that you want to work with or work on, in a meditative state, first you obviously start with breathing and getting yourself to a very calm place where you're able to limit the voices inside of your head, the self-talk, and the thoughts, and really calm your mind down. And as soon as you feel that you've got that, imagine walking into the violet flame. So imagine that you're — and I can paint a setting for you — imagine you're in a hole and it's a beautiful, gorgeous hole inside a large, big room with tall ceilings, just beautiful windows. And in the center of that hall is the violet flame. And the violet is really big. It could be the size of two humans in terms of height. Just imagine approaching that flame and walking right in the middle of it, so you would walk right in the middle of it. In essence, the flame would cover you completely. Then as you enter it and settle into the energies of the violet flame, just grab a seat. And focus on what it is that you're trying to get for yourself. On an energetic level, it'll feel like a spot of light, like a little globule of light somewhere in front of you that has the name of your wish on it. For instance, I want to have healthy kidneys and I have my right kidney that's been giving me a hard time. So I imagine the situation in this globule where I have healthy kidneys. And then I would ask the violet flame to clear the path for me and transform any darkness or any energies that are preventing me from getting to the perfect health of my kidney. It's almost like I would draw a path between where I sit inside of the violet flame and where I need to be. Like a version of me with healthy kidneys. And I would draw a line between those two spots. Where I am today versus where I need to get. Like a straight line. And then I would ask the violet flame to move inch by inch by inch alongside this golden line that I drew between the two points and clean away any purities, any obstacles, and transform and make my path really easy. That's how I would work with a violet flame. And then I would thank the violet flame and the keeper of the violet flame and all the helpers for the assistance with this. And then you would basically just you can stand, you can walk out of that hallway. That's one way to close the meditation. Or another way to close out meditation is to just collapse the violet flame inside of your body in a place that feels good. For instance if you're trying to heal a particular aspect of your body, you can collapse a violet flame in your right kidney. If you're trying to call in a love of your life, you would collapse the violet flame inside of your heart. If you're trying to get a good grade in your exam, you would collapse the violet flame in your brain. So it's very intuitive where you would want to collapse that flame and keep it inside of your body. So it can keep removing obstacles around that as you go in your day to day.

And is there a way you can use it in day-to-day life? 

Not just in the meditation but during the day. Can it enhance the process?

Yes and no. 

We encourage you to use a violet flame in your day-to-day life. Here is the catch though. Three-D is a very slow dimension as in you're never able to see the immediate outcome of your energetic work. So we don't want you to feel discouraged and we don't want you to have high expectations around how fast a transformation works. So if you're using it quote/unquote "in the day to day," for instance, how could we potentially envision this? You're looking for a parking spot and there's not parking spot so you would want to call on the purple violet flame and then you're like, "Okay. Well, I called on the violet flame which would have removed all obstacles to me, why can't I find the parking?" So you cannot necessarily expect that immediate fix. Because it might work or it might not. Sometimes things take time to manifest. So you cannot necessarily expect the violet flame to fix all of your day-to-day hurdles. And I don't know if that was your question.

No, it makes sense. It makes a lot of sense.

But if you don't have such high expectations for the violet flame, over time, it can transmute and transform any circumstance in your life.

It's just going to take some time.

Yeah. For instance, I'll give you an example. If you want to, you could place strategically, you could strategically place the violet flame in different places in your life. And when I say places, I mean actually physical places. For instance, if you're trying to make your home a cozy place, and you want to clean away any energy that might be there, that you don't want, you can place a violet flame in the center of the main room of your house or by the entrance, in the kitchen, wherever you want to clean the energy out. And set an intention for it. Tell it exactly what you want it to do and then just leave it there. Then you can check in on it once every week, you just keep it going and make sure that it's still there. Or if for instance, you have a sick relative and they're in the hospital and you want them to get better, we encourage you, as you go into that hospital, to light the violet flame around their bed or by their bedside. And that would, with time, help them get better if you set the intention of that violet flame to heal the person. Or heal would be a bad word because the green flame tends to be the healing flame so I don't want to confuse you. But what you would want to just always remember is that the violet flame is the flame of transformation so you would want to ask the violet flame to transform their disease into health. That's the actual spell. Transform X into Y. Because you have to be very particular with energies. They respond to very particular type of words. And so what we're kind of giving to the violet flame and you have to be very particular. You can't just say, "Oh, please heal my mom," because "heal my mom" is the green flame mantra. You have to ask the purple flame to transform something into something else.

Got it. What would be the ideal mantra in this case? Transform whatever I desire?

Correct. Well, not transform whatever I desire. You have to be specific. Transform what into what?

What into what.

Well, transform X into Y. I don't know if I'm making myself clear. Can you transform my sick grandma into a healthy grandma would be an example. Can you transform my fat body into a skinny body? And you have to tell them point A to point B. Where am I trying to get to? Because the purple flame doesn't know where you want to go and what it needs to transform. 


Yeah. And for the advanced practitioner, what would be the practice?

It depends on what the advanced practitioner is trying to accomplish. So what is — in your example — what is the advanced practitioner trying to accomplish?

If it's a very big goal, for example, that requires a lot of work and a very long-term goal. Like 10 years horizon, for example.

All right. That's perfect. So you might want to strategically place baby violet flames alongside your journey. So one violet flame's not going to be enough. Because what you're exploring is going from not zero to one, but going from zero to one to two to three to four to five to six to seven to blah, blah, blah, infinity. So you need to make sure that there are violet flames lighting up every step of your journey. And of course, correcting as is needed. So as an advanced practitioner, you might want to call into existence pretty big things and that is completely okay. Of course, as an advanced practitioner in 3-D, you still don't know what's the best path of getting there. And by the way, maybe you don't have to know. You'll just have to split quote/unquote "the consciousness" of the violet flame into portions. So imagine if you had one torch. Now, imagine you had 1,000 torches. And if you have a long way, one torch is not enough. You're going to have to have 1,000 torches. In the same way, one big flame is still not potentially get you to where you need to go, so split the energy of the purple flame into multiple streams and what you want to ask the violet flame is to be on the journey with you and A, show you the way, the best possible way, but also keep clearing the obstacles on your way as they come, as they emerge. So in this instance, you're enlisting the violet flame to be your long-term companion, and that is amazing. Because every time you are working with a particular energy long term, you become a true master of it. That's one way to really quickly master a particular flame is if you just focus on one. So that energy would respond really well to being on a long-term journey and a long-term project with you. But this is also something you're going to have to keep alive. It's not like you can just sit once as an advanced practitioner and build enough of the flow of the violet flame for the next 10 years. The way this works is at any given time, you have only so much capacity to receive any flame's energy into your physical body. Because we're still working on the physical level. So if you can take only so much of that energy at a time, you're going to have to keep coming back to the well to get another bucket and another bucket and another bucket.

Oh, that's why you have to practice meditation every week, for example.

Correct. Now, the thing is with the violet flame, it's a pretty resilient energy so it doesn't necessarily need so much. It's not as volatile as some of the other flames. It's a pretty good, solid, structured flame that is able to sustain itself even with minimal upkeep. You know how in your house, you have houseplants that are very demanding and you have houseplants that kind of just can sit there on their own and they don't need that much watering and they don't need that much sunlight. So the violet flame, as far as the flames are concerned is an easy flame to maintain. It's not that picky. You can water it once in a while. So as soon as you have the good one, first meditation that sets your intention really, really well, as long as you keep coming back on a 10-year project. As long as you keep coming back for just 5, 10 minutes every month, that's all the violet flame needs. As opposed to some flames actually need a lot more upkeep. So we want to say that violet flame's a very forgiving companion and it genuinely tends to return more than you give to it. So it's a very giving flame. It's a very giving, welcoming energy where you don't really have to fertilize your soil so much for it to bring forth some fruit.

Oh, that's great. And are there any friendly flames that violet flame can work with? Like match really well with?


It's interesting, I posed the question. All flames are friendly with each other. It's a little bit... I think what you're asking is what is the flame that's the most compatible with the violet flame.

Yes. And maybe can enhance its qualities.

There's a couple. So there's golden yellow is the answer. Golden yellow would probably, you would want to work with the most in this plane. And in that regard, they are the most compatible. So specific aspects though of each flame, because each flame represents a full range of things. Let's talk about the yellow and purple or violet. So the yellow, the specific aspect of the yellow flame is the wisdom aspect and the enlightenment aspect that you want to work with in regards and in connection with the violet flame. The reason being is when those two energies connect like the two strands of DNA, some magic happens. This is where you get divine guidance on top of divine transformation. So when you don't know what the right answer is, for instance, if you want to work on with, instead of a very specific goal is a vague goal. I'll give an example. I want to be happy. That's a very vague goal because what does it mean? It means so many different things for so many different people. And the answer exists for each of us as cells in this large organism, but the answer is not always very clear to a particular soul in a particular incarnation. That's why a lot of people have no idea what makes them happy. It's like one of those big, big, big fat questions that nobody really truly has an answer to. So if you have a vague request like, "I want to feel happy," or, "I want to feel joy," or, "I want to feel like I'm enough." Things that are a little bit more vague and not necessarily I want $100 million. There are a lot more specific. Then you can bring forth the collective energy of the yellow and the purple flame. Because the purple flame, the violet flame, one and the same thing. I'm going back and forth, it's the same thing. The violet flame is going to remove all obstacles but the yellow flame is going to provide the wisdom as to the answer and the direction. Because yellow flame represents the highest wisdom of god energy. That highest wisdom always knows what's best for you. It also happens to know exactly what your higher self would journey thereon. What journey you have been on. The mistakes that you've made, the mistakes that you still have to make on your journey. So it knows everything about you. So allow yourself to be divinely guided by wisdom light and wisdom stream of consciousness of god allows you to — it's almost like a shortcut. It allows you to bypass the obstacles and move exactly where you need to move. So again, if you're trying to bring forth in your life something that's a little bit more vague, work with those two energies. Is that clear?

It's very clear.

Okay, perfect. Because I don't know how much I need to keep going because it cannot quite assess what's clear and what's not. But the second aspect that I was telling you about is the gold ray with the violet ray. Again, imagine the two DNA strands combining because that's how the flames would intersect. The golden energy is a very beautiful energy of resurrection. And it's in the most simplest way put is bringing something to life if it was dead. That's how you guys define the resurrection. In the more general sense, it's bringing something that does not have its optimal matrix structure or its optimal form back into the original form as god would have it. So coming back to the most perfect form from where we are. And that way, the gold flame and the violet flame are already in and of themselves intertwined. They have a common purpose. And they amplify each other ten-fold, a hundred-fold, a thousand-fold. So in essence, if you just want to amplify whatever you're asking from the violet flame, you can always bring forth the golden flame. And if this is in your highest good or in the highest good of your being, magic happens. If it's not, though, then unfortunately, golden flame is never going to move you because it's a resurrection flame. It's never going to move you in a certain direction just because you want to go there. The golden flame only acts in accordance with your highest good as defined by source consciousness. So for instance, if you're trying to understand how to kill a person but that's not in the highest good for your soul, the golden flame's a really, really bad assistant. If you know what I mean.

Yeah. Can you give us an example of a meditation that a beginner can use when you practice with the violet flame and a yellow flame? How would this meditation look like?

A beginner?


Hmm. You see, combining flames is not a beginner type meditation. So it has to be somebody who's practiced meditations. Because you're going to have to tap into two energies. Generally for beginners, they can work with one energy. So you're kind of asking something that there's no answer to.

Got it. Okay. Let's give an example for a person who knows how to meditate.

Okay. And can really masterfully work with one energy at least.


So it's actually really easy. All of the stuff that I'm telling you's quite intuitive. Maybe not you though. It's very intuitive, so you just have to get yourself into a calm place again, and instead of imagining one flame, you would imagine two flames. Now, what's interesting here is the way these energies tend to intertwine. Imagine you're sitting down in a lotus pose in your meditation and imagine that violet flame is encapsulated in a bowl. There's a bowl with violet flame to your right and then there is a bowl with yellow flame to your left. Both of them are within reach with your hands. So first, you're going to take your right arm and dip into the bowl with a violet flame. As you dip into it, the violet flame is going to start emanating from your palm, the palm of your right hand. And you want to hold onto that energy and feel it and talk to it. Really connect with it. Feel the core of what the violet flame wants. Feel its energy, feel its frequency. Allow it to be absorbed into your body fully. Each of your cells to be colored purple. Just really allow yourself to be fully united and connected with that flame. You can ask the guides and the guardians of the violet flame for assistance if you're experiencing some resistance. But definitely just revel in that energy and then contain that flame in the palm of your right hand. Then with the palm of your left hand, dip into the bowl on the other side into yellow energy and kind of do the deep dive into the yellow flame also. Feel it in every cell of your body. Feel that energy, the temperature of the yellow energy's quite warm. It feels very joyful, it feels very light. So you want to feel that in every cell of your body. Let it penetrate every organ and just travel freely. Allow that energy to get into your bloodstream and blood system and wash away all the impurities of your body. And what you want to do is we still want to finish up with the yellow flame being in the palm of your left hand. And then if you want to unite the two energies, there are many ways that you could do that. You can just have both of your palms facing up and you can just have each flame, each ray, stream up in a spiral to the top above your head. It would be like one spiral of purple light coming up from your right palm and a spiral of yellow light coming up from your left arm. And they would merge and meet on top of your head, right on top of your crown chakra. And then they would spiral up, up, up, up. So in essence, you're bringing forth these energies and you're merging them and bringing them together. And it's a very strong current. You feel like electricity because when they come together, it's power, it's raw power. You literally are commanding elements, that's how it feels. It feels very strong. And then you would just take that energy and you can encapsulate it. You can use it as a stream or you can put it in a sphere of yellow-purple light. And then you can pretty much tell that sphere to work on whatever you needed to work on.


Transform and lead you to the right answers, yes. Collectively transform and lead.

That's cool. And when you work with the violet flame and the gold flame, you basically follow the same pattern or there are any differences?

You can absolutely follow the same pattern when you're uniting energies unless you would want to experiment. And I can give you other ways that you can unite the energies. The most important part here is instead of just uniting and forming a globule, or a sphere, the energy, the collective energy of purple and gold flame feels like a shooting star. Can you imagine a shooting star? The one that falls from the sky that a lot of people make a wish one. So you would actually... You could even imagine a star, it's actually a really beautiful analogy and it's going to work really well for you. When you join the two strands together, and you form a star, imagine — because remember how I just told you that gold just accelerates purple, and purple works really well when you have very specific asks from it. Now imagine that shooting star being like a revved-up engine that accelerates where the purple was already taking you. And it's literally like a shooting star that all of a sudden, goes from zero to 600 miles an hour towards your goal. It's like a leaping bunny. It springs forth with so much force, no pun intended, to get you to where you need to go so much faster. Just experience the joy and exhilaration of that acceleration and that's what the merge of these two energies is all about.

Wow. It sounds very powerful.

It is.

Okay. We're definitely going to practice it. Thank you for the information and I'm going to end our session right now. Thank you. I'm asking the subconsciousness to [Inaudible 00:36:25] to where it belongs with much love and much thanks for the help and information that has been given Maria today. And now she's really going to appreciate it. Now, I want all the consciousness and personality of Maria to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely. Thank you so much for listening us today.

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