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Venusian Energy, The Moon, Indigo Children, Black Sun and Dark Priests. Spiritual Q&A.

In this episode, I will address some questions from the collective and some questions that came to me via Instagram regarding my previous episodes.

Questions that I’m going to address:

  1. I will talk more about the Moon and how it is used to mind control, but I will also talk about the positive sides of the Moon.

  2. Why don’t you name people who are in charge of the planet? Why don’t you tell us who they are?

  3. How to connect with Venus energy?

  4. Could you please talk about the indigo children? How do I know if I’m one? How do I know if my child is one?

  5. My daughter struggles at school; she doesn’t like it there. What should I do? Should I homeschool?

  6. I’ve heard that the Black Sun is associated with Hitler. Isn’t it a Satanic symbol that stands for darkness and death? That’s your take of the Black Sun?

Please enjoy!

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