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VENUS is Our Great Celestial Teacher. Connect with Her MORNING STAR and EVENING STAR Aspects Today

Today we are going to be talking about Venus. Today you are going to learn all you need to know for your spiritual practice around Venus, why you should care, and why it is one of these pivotal planets especially for right now at this juncture in the evolution of humanity. As usual, in the end, I will give you a couple of very practical exercises on and around tapping into the energy of Venus in your daily life and in your meditations.

04:34 About the spirit that gives Venus its consciousness

06:38 Evolutionary arc

14:08 Here is why Venus is such an important teacher

14:52 Venus and Sacral Chakra

20:11 What Venus is responsible for

35:25 The Morning Star and The Evening Star

42:52 How to connect with Venus

01:02:04 How to deeper connect to Venus

01:08:02 How to create magnetism in your Sacral

Please enjoy!

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