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Use May 16 Lunar Eclipse to Your Benefit and Pass all the Tests from the Universe

Today, I will be talking about what is happening right now in the world. This is such a charged period, I think it is worth going deep. Specifically, I will be talking about the Lunar Eclipse on May 16, 2022, and a period that is going to transpire after, for almost about a month, until June 17th.

5:50 Astrology of the May 16, 2022 Lunar Eclipse

08:50 What’s coming after the eclipse

10:50 Scorpio is ruling this eclipse

18:10 The Lunar Matrix and the Solar Matrix

25:00 Why you should connect to the Solar Matrix during this Lunar Eclipse

29:16 Meditation: Connect to the Solar Matrix

36:00 The Star of the Devil or the Demon Star and the Lunar Eclipse

01.01.00 Talking about demons and their role

01:07:20 Talking about guardian angels

Questions from the collective:

01:24:48 Was Eve a good character then?

01:29:00 Is Lucifer and Satan not the same?

01:33:13 Should we do something specific on May 16?

01:35:36 If we get tempted all the time does it mean that we are bad people?

Please enjoy!


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