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Truth About The Black Sun How it Can Benefit Humanity and You The Black Sun Integration Meditation

In this episode, we will talk about the unconscious part of the White Sun - The Black Sun. We will explain its purpose, why most people don't know about the Black Sun, and why the Black Sun is not manifested in this 3D reality. We will also give you a meditation that will allow you to connect with the energy of the Black Sun and start its integration.

Here is the list of question for this episode:

  • What is the Black Sun?

  • What role does it play? Is it something physical or purely energetic?

  • Why does it associate with the dark forces?

  • Why did the Nazis use it as their symbol?

  • How come very few people know about the Black Sun?

  • What are the biggest misconceptions?

  • Does the Black Sun have a shadow side?

  • What would be the benefit of working with the Black Sun?

  • Is there a way to connect with the energy of the Black Sun?

Please enjoy!

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