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Three Major Rites of Passage of 2022 as it Relates to Spirituality

In this episode, I will talk to you about the rite of passage as it relates to spirituality, energy, and the rite of passage that you all are going through this year. This is a year of karmic returns and karmic relationships. l will give you another perspective on what you are guys going through. I will explain to you how the rites of passage work and how you can best deal with the rights of passage that you have to go through this year.

00:00 Let’s talk about the rites of passage.

04:38 2022 is a year of karmic returns.

06:28 The conflict in Eastern Europe and karma.

07:58 2022 rites of passage.

11:18 What the rite of passage is.

50:26 The molding of the new world

1:07:38 A meditation

Please enjoy!


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