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Third Eye Chakra How to Open It Its Properties and What Role it Pays And Much More

In this episode, we will talk about the third eye chakra. We will talk about the role that it plays in our life, what properties it has. Mariya's Higher Self will give a meditation that will help you to open your third eye.

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Sergei: Today, I would like to talk to you about the third eye chakra. Could you please tell me about this chakra and what role it plays in people's lives?

Maria: Sure. I mean, I think that if we are to talk about the third eye chakra, why don't we talk about the third eye in its totality as a concept, right.

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: Because I think you can't really look at this concept without looking at the physical aspect of the third eye and the etheric/energetic aspect of the third eye, which will be the chakra, right.

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: They are very much a unit, they operate in unison. One does not exist without the other, they come as a package. The third eye, if you will, in a more broader sense within a human, is the center of all knowledge. It's the center of all perception. It's the center of the great understanding and perceiving. It is the center of truth, if you will truth. Truth that spans dimensions, that spans time and space reality.

It is a communication device of sorts, also within a human body. And as far as the physical body is concerned, it is one of the more evolved parts of a human that is largely dormant right now within the human family, although it hasn't always been this dormant within the human family and certainly, its original intention is to be the opposite of dormant and very knowingly so.

There is a reason why third eye is considered to be the center of enlightenment because humans that evolve and those humans that get to that greater understanding, get to that greater knowledge, would be considered "enlightened" or having seen light by the other members of their species. So, like I said, the third eye is something that exists both in your physical and your etheric bodies or energetic bodies and they work hand in hand together. It is a fairly multi-dimensional type of construct.

What's interesting about the center is that geometrically, right, let's think about the human brain, the third eye is more of an energetic concept, is more of a spiritual concept, if you will. Then of course, there is the pineal gland, which is more of a physical construct, physical concept and it is part of the human brain. If you look at the human brain, the pineal gland or the third eye is located in its geometric center.

If you kind of were to dissect the human brain and figure out what is that center point from the geometric standpoint, you would actually arrive at the pineal gland. It is, so obviously by design, like all things are within a human body, nothing is ever by chance, what's interesting about that pineal gland is the reason it is the center of knowing is because it gets you to a very cross-dimensional space.

I'll explain what it means. Let's go back for a second to the concept of geometric center of the human brain. If you were to draw a vertical line in the human body to try to divide that body in two parts, into two parts, you would be able to do that. You would have to draw a line alongside the spinal cord, this vertical line alongside a human spinal cord. And then, you could draw another line that would be a horizontal line, in essence, forming a cross.

The way you want to draw the horizontal line if you want to understand how the human body functions, is by dividing the right side of the human body and the left side of the human body. If you're familiar with the anatomy of the human brain, you know that there are two hemispheres, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. They're connected by this white matter, which is basically this connective tissue if you will, that visually looks like a band of neurons and it's called corpus callosum.

If you were to draw a line alongside the corpus callosum, in essence, dividing the right... It's like a line that would divide the human body into the right side and the left side, the female and the male, you would, in essence, get a horizontal line that pretty much represents all the depth of a third dimension. For a physical human, that is basically a symbiosis of a body and a soul, right. For a physical human to be able to have an experience in third dimensional space, what that human needs to do is it has to go deep within this 3D realm.

It's kind of like energetically, would be perceived like a deep dive into a particular dimension. The only reason that we're able to do that is because we're able to experience the depth of perception of this particular dimension. One of the reasons we're able to do that is the pineal gland. Again, so the pineal gland, if you were to draw this horizontal and vertical line through the human body, it would kind of be at the very intersection of these two lines.

In essence, it is the central point that connects your very deep third dimensional consciousness and life and the higher aspects of your evolution, which is that vertical line that goes from down to up or from up to down depending on how you want to look at it and that represents cross-dimensional travel. Your soul, in order for your soul to even have an incarnation, it needs to descend alongside this vertical line from its higher consciousness aspect to its lower consciousness aspect.

That is the prerequisite to having an incarnation. You could not have an incarnation unless you had this vertical line and path that you have to travel. Initially, to incarnate, you have to travel from up to down, to disincarnate, you have to travel from down to up. You kind of travel alongside this axis to travel cross-dimensionally from physical into spiritual. In the same way, for you to have a human experience that starts from birth and goes to death, you have to travel along a horizontal axis. Again, that horizontal axis is the beginning, is the birth. Technically, the end is the death.

For you to be able to travel alongside that, you need to kind of be in it. You need to fully immerse yourself in this third dimensional consciousness, have a point or a perspective that's actually separate from A, your higher self, B, from everything else in the universe. Those two come together in this point, golden point that is referred to as the third eye or the pineal gland. The pineal gland is again, the physical representation. The third eye is a more metaphysical representation or label.

Okay, going back to, I guess, the purpose and the function and the bigger why, right. Humans as a species, have not necessarily been meant to be disconnected from the universe at large or disconnected from their species. One of the focal points, one of the purposes of the pineal gland is to make sure that humans can stay connected to the bigger picture while experiencing the depths of an incarnation. So, it is, from that regard, the point in your body, pretty much the only point in your physical body that is cross-dimensional.

So, the pineal gland, at the same time, exists in the third dimension and all other dimensions and that's an interesting concept to grasp. Originally, historically another name for the pineal gland which has been forgotten by the human psyche and consciousness is the dragon eye. The reason that it was called that and by the way, dragons are reptilian type creatures.

If you look at some of the reptilians and even the amphibians that are alive today on earth, you would be able to see a third eye type structure that is actually protruding from their heads. Some frogs have it, a lot of lizards have it, etc. The dragon eye is a construct and is an organ that exists elsewhere. No other actually, primates have a third eye. So, humans are actually quite unique as far as mammals and primates are concerned, they have that third eye. It's almost like a gift to be able to transcend dimensions.

Generally speaking, the sensory perception of amphibians and reptiles today, is broader spectrum than human perception is. The reason for that is while we've kept this organ, now, I will return to the dragon in a second, it is so dormant in the current human state that we are only able to see and perceive the physical whereas the reptilians actually and the amphibians, are able to perceive other things also. They have a broader spectrum of perception.

Now, going back to dragons, again, dragon is a more, let's say, higher level representation of reptilian type species. Dragons in general, one cool about dragons is that they are able to perceive across dimensions. When they look at the world, they're able to see third dimension, fourth dimension, fifth dimension, sixth dimensions, up to eighth dimension.

Dragons, at any given point in time, are able to see between third and eighth dimension. So, the concept of a dragon eye is representative of that transcendental vision, if you will, that God placed inside of a human brain with the purpose of allowing humans that level and range of perception. Now, obviously, that is very, very dormant in the contemporary human species, very much by design. But when I say by design, by design or rather by a plan.

Sergei: And timing, you mean?

Maria: Timing, yes, potentially, but there is a plan that just intends to control the perception of the human race and needs to keep it within a certain range. Basically, it's kind of like imagine only being able to see blue out of the spectrum of the rainbow. That is pretty much what the perception of the pineal gland has been diminished to in a current human. It sees a certain range and it's able to perceive a certain range of stuff "that's happening" of information that's happening but it's only receiving a very limited range of information compared to its capabilities. I'll stop there and let you ask questions.

Sergei: No, everything is clear. I just want to dig deeper and see what it all means. Like it's dormant but some people still have access to it, right, and they can see cross-dimensionally?

Maria: Yes and no. We are, as a species, it's actually very interesting, you are always receiving information about your surroundings. So, your third eye is not the only way for you to get information if you have... If you remember our conversation about the emotional body, that is another guidance system, right.

Sergei: Mm-hmm.

Maria: That is a little bit more third dimensional. There are multiple centers in the human body, right, and then I'm going to get back to the third eye, I think it's an interesting distinction to make. There are multiple "centers" that different people would mistake for intuition within a human body, that are not truly intuition or intuitive knowledge.

The first center that is perceiving information, intuitive type of hit is your gut. That's why they say, "I have a gut feeling." Your gut is very much connected and in the matrix. It's connected to everything within the matrix that your body exists in.

So, very often, if there is an immediate danger to the physicality of you, you're going to have this guttural response of, "Ooh, I shouldn't be doing that. Ooh, I shouldn't be going there. Ooh, I shouldn't be driving so fast," whatever that guttural response is, because your gut is one of these centers on your spinal cord, one of the centers of your human body that you're able to get information from. Second center that is meaningful is your heart center and that is your center of connection.

So, anytime, you know, sometimes you're like, "Ooh, it just doesn't feel right or it doesn't feel right for my heart, my heart is not in it." That is another internal guidance system that you have. Your heart is your point of connection to your own species and your planet and the universe at large and that is your connection with the other emotional bodies of other humans. If you are to operate successfully as a species, you need to get and always receive information about how the other members of your species are feeling at any given point in time.

That is kind of like what your center of connection is for. Your pineal gland is the center of knowledge, which means that it is the deeper knowing of the ultimate truth of everything. For those people that have an active pineal gland and by the way, there is a range for how active it needs to be. It's not fully, fully dormant. In fact, the pineal gland is reawakening.

Even if your pineal gland is only operational by 1%, even if it's only 1% operational, you are going to feel it. It only needs to be open by 1% for it to start making a meaningful difference in your life. Don't think of it as either open or closed and there's no in-between. There so much range within this one gland, within this one center that it is fascinating in and of itself. But basically, when the pineal gland is open, you feel, even as a third dimensional human, what you would feel is you would feel integrally connected to everything in the universe.

That's why another way to think about the pineal gland is the center of connectedness and unity. Actually, let’s go back to my original analogy and explanation about how it is in the geometric center of your brain. It is smack in between, smack in the middle of your two hemispheres. So, it is literally your connective tissue that connects your masculine side to your feminine side and is going to form some type of unity of that. It's going to marry the two.

It is also that connective tissue that connects your third dimensional self with your higher self and trying to marry the two. Trying to marry what the higher self intention is for you and the capabilities of your lower self to move alongside that intention. It is a very beautiful connecting spot. Now, every human receives all kinds of intuitive information.

Like I said, not all of it comes from the pineal gland, most of it comes from your gut or your heart. All of that, people call intuition. True intention actually comes from the pineal gland. That is more so connected to the mental body and connected to the knowing.

Sergei: Mm-hmm. Got it. So, the third eye is connected to the mental.

Maria: Yes, to the knowing more so than the feeling of something, right.

Sergei: Got it.

Maria: The way that your pineal gland receives information is through things like thought forms or the actual voices, through pictures and images, whether static or moving, so like little movies or perception. Or like a deep knowing, like, "I just know this to be true and I just realize that I know this right now." It communicates to you and the way you perceive information is via multiple different streams.

So, in different people, not everybody's pineal gland is created equal. Some people's pineal glands might be more attuned to images, other people's pineal glands might be more attuned to words, other people's pineal glands are more attuned to perception of things. Yeah, I think your original question was...

Sergei: The role it plays in people's lives.

Maria: Oh. Well, there are many roles really. There's not just one.

Sergei: Yeah, maybe like the main functions.

Maria: Yeah, sure, we can go over that. One of the more obvious ones that you could read pretty much anywhere is your pineal gland really controls what is called the circadian rhythms in your body, which is basically your perception of time. It is, as you probably understand, third dimensional reality is a manufactured reality and it is a little bit of an illusion. It is a little bit of an illusion and the one thing that creates the perception that is real is this construct of time, which is a very artificial construct.

Time kind of lives in your pineal gland. So, it animates your road, your way, your path, by creating this feeling of fluidity and change that is a little bit artificial. That change is manifested through the change of day and night. This is a very simple cycle to remind you that life goes on. There is change, there is movement, keep going. At the same time, this is a beautiful chance to reset.

So, every time that pretty much the clock strikes 12:00, by 12:00, I mean midnight, there is this beautiful feeling. What happens is that you basically get to start all over. It's like every day is a new beginning, every day is a new beginning, the same way that every month is a new beginning, every week is a new beginning, every year is a new beginning, every decade is a new beginning, every millennia of human time is a new beginning.

It is actually done very much intentionally because it is important for humans to be getting those new beginnings from the outside because they need these hits to be able to make change. Otherwise, actually, if you just had like one day that's lasted three years, let's say, and that was certainly a possibility, it is very easy to get stuck in a particular emotion or a particular pattern because you just keep going and it's like inertia and it just like momentum were you just keep doing the same exact thing. Now, if that thing is good for you, it's amazing.

If that thing is actually not good for you or something like a pattern that you came here to heal, it's a problem. So, your pineal gland is a mechanism that allows you to reset time and reset your clock. Every day you start from zero, every day you start from zero. Why do you want to start from zero? Is it because if you're trying to make change in your life, sometimes it's easier to start from zero than to fix the thing that's already gotten out of control a little bit?

That is why it's important for humans to also quite literally, go to sleep so that, you know, "Tomorrow's a new day." So, that, that. Basically, your pineal gland is in control of your perception of time and that stems from things like or starts with things like just day versus night and then it goes through things like when is it time for me to get married? When is it time for me to have a child? When is it time for me to age?

So, it keeps internal track for your personal body and regulates it in a way that is in consensus and in alignment with time perception on this planet. You have your internal biological clock that tells you, "Okay, now it's time to wake up, now it's time to have children. Whoops, too late to have children," for instance, right.

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: The pineal gland kind of like speeds things up because it wants to make sure that you're getting those intuitive warning bells saying, Hey, hey, hey, time for you to do this," so you don't snooze. Because it is such an artificial construct that unless the collective humanity doesn't buy into what's supposed to happen by a particular age, there's not going to be any rhyme or reason to human incarnations and most people would actually end up living this life having never gotten to work on the problems and issues that they're meant to work on.

By the way, third dimensional reality is a reality of relationships. The most important two relationships that you're going to have in your life are your relationship with your parents and your relationship with your children. That being said, the pineal gland wants to make sure that you get on with the script for your life. That's one. Two, it is quite literally the center that perceives or receives light in your body. It's like your light center. Center of light, or darkness depending on what you're receiving or not, right.

So, enlightenment, it's just light, a lot of light/knowledge/understanding/truth coming into your body through the center. It's a receptacle for light. Potentially, it could also be a receptacle for things like judgement. Is this light, is this darkness, is this good, is this bad? Sometimes also, that would be kind of like your shadow aspect of the third eye.

Okay, other functions. I mean, obviously, one of the predominant functions is to be able to connect you with your guidance system. The guidance system is multifaceted. Your pineal gland can get you really, really deep into your 3D realm, giving you all this information that you need to be able to live a very fulfilled life in the 3D realm. Remember how I told you it is the center of unity?

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: It is also the center that unifies your species and the center that creates that collective human consciousness or collective anything consciousness to be honest. So, for these other species that have a third eye, they have collective consciousness also. That is the one thing that human beings don't have a very good handle on at the moment.

They don't perceive themselves as a species, which is pretty much the only species, animal species on earth that does not perceive itself as a species and is completely and utterly unaware of the fact they even have collective. Every other species is more of a herd mentality. You have flocks of birds, there's just a lot of animals. They travel collectively, they live collectively. You have prides of lions. They're on the same page that they are a thing together, they are reacting a certain way as a species.

Only humans are oblivious to the fact that they collectively manifest things, they collectively ask for things. They're collectively afraid of certain things. They're collectively joyful around certain things. Now, if the pineal gland was activated to a point that it can be, right, again, that probably is not going to happen in 3D but it will happen on this planet, human beings would be able to finally get present to the fact that they are one species, they are one family.

And by the way, they would be able to...that is when you tap into telepathic communication. That is when you tap into perceiving that, "One for all and all for one," is the way it's meant to be. That is when you start seeing humanity embracing oneness instead of having this mentality of zero-sum game, if I win, you lose, if you lose, I win.

The true unity of the human species is hidden inside of pineal gland and that being activated in as many humans as possible. At the same time, pineal gland can give you other information about your surroundings. If we think about this horizontal axis. Kind of, like let's look at the horizontal axis, that is pretty much just this line between past, future and present. Which again, as I've just told you, is an illusion.

However, what your pineal gland is able to share with you is the choices that you're making, what is the impact that your choices are bringing about. Because pineal gland, for it, time is an illusion anyway because it controls time. It transcends time so it knows exactly the consequences of all of your actions. For the humans that have the pineal gland activated, they always make or they tend to make the right choices because they're being guided by what happens if they chose X versus Y. So, they're able to choose while being a lot more informed, right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: Same thing. Your pineal gland can look back into the future and help you see where your trauma comes from even if its ancestral trauma from 17 generations ago. In other words, your pineal gland is a wonderful receiving vehicle or construct that helps you transcend things like past and future and bring about change and bring about the ease of decision-making.

At the same time, because there's also the vertical axis that pineal gland is smack in the center of, you're able to get guidance from higher dimensions including you higher self. Most people, when they communicate with that, their higher self, it happens in through their pineal gland and through their third eye. Your third eye also helps you see the truth or the true nature of things.

For instance, if there is a human that, like a new person in your life and you're trying to figure out if they're right for you or wrong for you, if they're a good life partner or a good potential lover for you, a good business partner or wrong business partner, your pineal gland is going to be able to provide you those intuitive hits that you need to be able to know for sure what hides behind the masks of people's circumstances or events.

Or if you're starting an enterprise, your pineal gland is going to be able to guide you and say, Okay, don't go there. Go here." Again, it's your guidance system that comes from perceiving and receiving a lot of information. It's your grand antenna receptor and your truth barometer. I would say these are the main ones.

Sergei: What about the inner vision, which part is it?

Maria: Well, the inner vision is honestly, is just a system, is one way that you're getting true information or true knowledge. Pretty much the way that this center communicates to you, it could be described as inner vision or inner hearing. All of it, 100%. You're not going to be able to see with your inner eye or your third eye in the same way that you're able to see with your normal two eyes. Just, it's a different type of your brain and it's a different function almost.

Sergei: Yeah. How would a person look like or behave or maybe how would the society look like if you have 100% open third eye?

Maria: Once you fully start integrating and opening the third eye as a human species, like I said, you're going to start knowing deep down inside, how connected you are to everything that surrounds you. Again, telepathic communication is open so all the masks come off. You know people's intentions, you know their deepest aspirations, things like that.

So, in a human society that has their pineal gland activated, they start operating as one unit and also in the best...wishing the best for everybody who is in the same chain as they are, in the same species as they are. Literally, your day to day is going to be flipped because of that. Because right now, humans often act as enemies to each other as opposed to, "I have your back," right.

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: So, once the center is fully activated, the humanity fully evolves into being a species that's integrated as opposed to divided, a species that is able and willing to show love and experience love on a day-to-day basis. It's actually a lot easier to give love when you're also receiving it back. A little bit harder arguably, to give love when all you receive back is all the negativity. In a human society with pineal gland activated, when you give love and get love, when that's like a normal cycle, imagine how much love there is, that just keeps getting amplified. That is like an unstoppable force all of a sudden.

Sergei: Hmm. Is there a difference like how men and women perceive the third eye?

Maria: How they perceive the third eye?

Sergei: Yeah. I mean, maybe like how they use it?

Maria: Not really, not really. I mean, if you remember, the pineal gland is right smack in the middle of the two hemispheres. Whereas you're, technically speaking, when you develop your third eye in your energetic body, you would borrow that from your mother's side and that is a receiving chakra, so it is a feminine chakra. It does not really operate differently in men and women when it is operating properly, there is a lot of commonalities between the genders actually.

Sergei: Got it.

Maria: What could be different but that is, like the difference could be that depending on the human, what's different is the kind of information that you would be receiving. Like are you receiving mostly pictures, are receiving mostly words, are you receiving mostly "perceptive" type feelings, I guess, or hits. But that is not determined by your gender.

That is determined by a couple of things. First, how your ancestors, the ones that had this chakra open or this organ open, how they received information. Because first, initially, you're going to have to borrow that structure from someone. But also, the particular aspects of your higher self or the particular skillset of your higher self.

So, those two come together and they very much determine whether you're mostly going to get auditory hits or visual hits or something else. But it's not that men only always get pictures and women get words. It doesn't work that way.

Sergei: Got it. Okay. What are the reasons why it's closed?

Maria: Because there are controlling aspects, controlling entities on this planet that, A, choose to keep it closed. But also, every time that... Basically, there are many answers to your question. One of the answers is because this planet is controlled, it's a controlled experiment and for the time being, it served humanity to have this closed.

Sergei: I see.

Maria: At one point, there was also a collective wish for it to have been closed to experience that separateness. Because it's impossible to truly experience separation if your pineal gland is in full swing and operational. As a part of evolution for your soul, experiencing separation is a precursor to wanting unity. There's kind of like the grand aspect and the grand scheme of how this planet is run and then there is the sub-aspect of how that's actually being accomplished.

Right now, of course, we're going through the great awakening, through the great spring. That's why I always use, in our conversations, I use the term spring cleaning a lot, is because truly for humanity and for planet Earth, this is spring after a long winter. So, right now, what this planet is awakening to is, there's a lot more desire on the part of the human race to be getting information, to come out of the darkness, to start being more united. Enough is enough. They choose to leave the separation for other third dimensional worlds and move on. It's a beautiful place to be.

Sergei: Mm-hmm. Got it. I've heard that on the physical level, right, so it only also can be calcified.

Maria: Absolutely.

Sergei: What does it, you know?

Maria: Imagine... By the way, calcification is... So, the physical, specifically as relates to the pineal gland, the physical and the energetic aspect of the gland are so interrelated. The calcification is something becoming more rigid that it's meant to be originally. In the human brain, the gland is becoming a lot more solid as opposed to liquid, is the easiest way to describe this. On the energetic level, your gland is developing a shell. Almost like a thicker shell, kind of like an eggshell but thicker.

That's what's happening in an energetic body. You could also describe that that's kind of what's happening in the physical. In the physical, this gland is becoming a lot more rigid, a lot more solid. Solid actually means that basically, solid materials don't receive things very well into them. That is a prerogative of liquid materials. Solid materials can hold certain things or provide a wall from penetration.

Solid materials are really good if you're trying to protect something from coming in but they're really crappy as far as receiving and processing things. They're not built for that. One of the ways, and we're coming out of the great winter of humanity, during the winter times of humanity, the pineal gland was calcified, hasn't always been calcified but it has been during the winter because this world is just going through cycles.

When you're on the path of ascension, you don't just descend from down to up, you ascend according to a spiral. The spiral always means, like it implies a little bit of a cyclical type of structure. A cyclical type of structure means that you have to move from cycles that are, some of them are a little bit more helpful, others are a little bit more stiffening. So, that is just basically human evolution.

So, as you're coming out of the winter cycle or one of the winter cycles, human pineal glands have been calcified and have been rigid. Also, they have been rigid and have become rigid because they have been underused and underutilized. When something is underutilized, it is not in its optimal state. Imagine an engine, like an engine in a machine that hasn't been running for a decade.

It's going to need time to warm up but like it's in its cold state. Calcification is basically, an overabundance of certain chemical compounds or... Yeah, chemicals in your pineal gland that are more rigid than the natural structure. Particularly, in this case, it's calcium and fluoride that tend to cause that in the matrix of the pineal gland.

Sergei: Mm-hm, got it. So, it's always, like the blockage starts with the physical and then goes to the?

Maria: No, it's the other way around actually.

Sergei: Huh.

Maria: Yeah. The blockage starts and more often than not, when you think about the multiple bodies, things tend to start with the lighter bodies and then move into the physical. The physical body is the last to get hit with something. It's like your last frontier.

Sergei: So, is it like a power of attraction because your mental is blocked, you attract all this calcium and fluoride?


Maria: That's one way of looking at it. It's not exactly that way. So, let's just say that first, when the pineal gland was blocked, there was a shell that was formed in the energetic aspect of the third eye. So, that eggshell in the energetic aspect of the third eye was formed first. Imagine this like antenna receptor and...

Sergei: Like a mental body?

Maria: Yeah, not a mental body. I know you're getting confused but technically, the mental body is like this be receptacle, right.

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: Your pineal gland is a much, much smaller, much more condensed receptacle, which is not to say that it's worse. It can actually pick up on a lot more elevated frequencies than your mental body does. But imagine on an energetic level, there are two... Now, that we're, I guess we're getting into the anatomy, the energetic anatomy of the of the third eye.

There are two states of the third eye energetically. The first state is a little golden sphere. This little golden sphere has a liquid, has like a liquid top. It's like a liquid sphere almost like mercury but gold. It has these ripples, almost like a light breeze is blowing, it has ripples. And then there is the second state of the pineal gland, when it's open and it opens up like a lotus flower. All of its petals are open. Different petals actually, are able to receive information from different dimensions.

That's why it means multiple layers and multiple petals. And then from within, actually smack in the center of this open lotus flower is a rod, an antenna of sorts that is constantly receiving information. So, these are the two states. The receiving state, when the lotus flower is open and when the lotus flower closes, it closes up on itself forming a little sphere which is kind of like a... It's not a dormant state but it's like a relaxed state. Everything always in nature has the on state and the off state.

So, this gland has a on state which is like, "Okay, I'm receiving," in the flower format or the closed state where it's like, "Hey, I'm chilling for a second and I need a breather." The first thing that happens before the physical gland gets calcified is there is a shell that's being formed around the pineal gland, which preserves the gland almost it's in its frozen state.

When the shell is present, your pineal gland can only be in one state, which is the off state. Which means that it actually has no option to open its petals up and start receiving with the antennae. It's in its closed ferric state. And by the way, its liquid surface is no longer liquid, it's more like a frozen state.

Not only is this thing frozen, it also has this thick protective shell, kind of like a dinosaur egg. Then if that state exists for long enough and generally takes generations, what you would start to see is the atrophy in the physical. The atrophy in the physical gets manifested as a calcified pineal gland. The same rigidity that you're experiencing in the etheric/energetic, you're going to start experiencing in the physical. It is a byproduct, right.

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: It actually is the last chain in the sequence.

Sergei: Mm-hmm. Got it. Talking about anatomy, I just want to clarify because you said that there is like a mental body and there is like a third eye and it has multiple layers, right but they leave one in another, like one inside the other.

Maria: I think you're getting a little bit confused.

Sergei: I got confused, right?

Maria: Yeah. I think you're getting a little bit confused. Third eye lives in the energetic body, doesn't live in the mental.

Sergei: Oh, got it. But it has a connection with the mental body. Got it.

Maria: Yes, like...

Sergei: It lives in one of the cells of the energetic body.

Maria: Correct, yes.

Sergei: Got it. Now it makes sense, okay.

Maria: Mm-hmm.

Sergei: And is there like a positive and negative side or like a positive and a shadow side of the chakra?

Maria: Well, the shadow side of the chakra is not getting knowledge, not getting the knowing, feeling disconnected, making all the wrong choices for all the wrong reasons. It's kind of like the absence of what we just discussed.

Sergei: Of everything that we discussed. Got it.

Maria: Yeah, yeah. But also, it's being closed to the communication from the higher realms, it's being closed from knowing what's good for you versus what's bad for you. It's having to make decisions in the dark. It's thinking that intellect is the only thing that runs this place, right.

Sergei: Hmm, I see what you mean.

Maria: It's being closed off from your true purpose and actually your soul gifts because a lot of soul gifts are coming through the pineal gland.

Sergei: Got it. How does the future look like? Like how are we our pineal gland going to open on itself because the frequencies are going up or we have to do something to open it?

Maria: For the ones that end up evolving with planet Earth and the ones that are going to move into fifth dimensional consciousness, that is very much correlated with the opening, gradual, mind you, opening of the pineal gland. It's not going to happen overnight and it's not going to be a fast or easy process for most.

Is that the direction that humanity is going? Abso-freaking-lutely. Will it take time? Yes, and yes. Now, can a human and I think I'm going to preempt your next question is, what can a human do to speed and accelerate the process of opening their pineal gland, what are the things that they should be focusing on? What can they do today?

Sergei: Yes, correct. That would be my next question.

Maria: Isn't that your favorite?

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: Okay, so because the calcification, not the calcification, the rigidity, should I say, of the pineal gland and the brokenness starts in the energetic. I would start healing that from the energetic and then we can move on to the physical. Actually, it's a complex. By complex, I don't mean difficult but I mean like 360 approach, to how you get from the current state of humanity into the future state of light. I kind of have three energetic practices that I would love to give you as far as the third eye, right.

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: They need to be, ideally, they would be performed in a sequence. And then we can also talk through what can be done on the physical level but mind you, if you... It's kind of like imagining your body is a river. Not your body, but your bodies are a river, and imagine that that river flows from point A to point B. The flow of your river is always going to be from your spiritual body down to the mental, down to the emotional and down to the energetic, ending with the physical. That is the flow of your river, right.

Sergei: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Maria: You could say, okay, like sometimes if you're reversing, you can move that the way around but the most natural flow is from up to down. Because it's from up to down, if you fix the energetic, the downstream things are going to get fixed over time no matter what.

Sergei: Hmm, I see what you mean. Yeah, makes sense.

Maria: Right. So, we're not trying to go against the flow, we're going with the flow. That's one of the definitions of going with the flow. You want to fix the physical but you're stuck. Your problem originates in the mental. If you fix the mental, the physical will heal itself. Anyway, that that was like a little tangent. First things first, because most of you listening to this, your pineal gland has this thick shell, right. You want to envision this, it's like a white rigid thick shell that surrounds your beautiful gland.

The first thing that you need to do in trying to attempting to reawaken this gland is to break the shell. So, break, or dissolve rather. I don't really like the concept of breaking things but the concept of dissolving things sounds a lot more organic and a lot more healthy and helpful. What you want to imagine is this, you want to imagine a sea or liquid or an ocean or what have you, just a body of liquid.

I recommend actually doing this. Like imagine like pink waters, like a magenta pink, beautiful waters. What you want to do is you want to submerge your personal pineal gland, energetic pineal... Sorry, let's say third eye in this case. You want to submerge this shell, shelled third eye right inside of this water. You're going to see this white, almost like a ping-pong ball submerged in beautiful pink waters.

What you want to do is you want to rotate it gently clockwise, in a clockwise direction, a little bit of a spiral. What you want to do is you want to take in the healing properties of this very strong beautiful magenta ray and you want to have it penetrate into the pores of your white shell. And you want to see them dissolving that white shell step by step by step as your little ping-pong ball of a gland is kind of like floating up, up, up in a spiral.

As it goes through this process, you will want to see this white shell softly dissolve and what would be inside is the most beautiful liquid ball of golden type of like mercurial light. By mercurial light, I mean like mercury as an element, a lot of you guys are familiar. Imagine you had mercury that was golden. That is what this thing looks like when it's in its healthy state. You want to see your pineal gland that's no longer "calcified" emerge on top of this beautiful magenta water.

What you want to see is, so now you have this little sphere, that's this beautiful golden sphere that's also liquid, so beautiful, and then what you want to see is you want to see it open up its petals like a lotus flower and kind of like sit atop of this body of water that you have created in your meditation. You want to see this antenna come through or come up. All of a sudden, this antenna is ready for the receiving.

That is the first meditation of the cycle. Basically, what it does is the bare minimum. It just makes sure that now, your pineal gland can have an on switch as opposed to just an off switch. Again, we're trying to bring the pineal gland into its original most optimal state, that's the first. Second, the next thing you're going to have to do is to teach and train your pineal gland, your third eye, to receive different types of frequencies.

It is probably already receiving some, just such a limited range it's not really doing you much good. A healthy pineal gland is able to receive all kinds of frequencies. For this exercise and for this meditation, we would imagine frequencies as colors. Technically speaking, there are seven major colors of the rainbow that you want to be receiving and two more colors. You want to be able to receive pure white light and you want to be able to receive pure gold light. If you are able to receive all the colors of the rainbow plus the white and the gold, you're pretty much all set for 3D.

You don't really need much else because chances of you needing other types of colors and frequencies, those are not very high so we wouldn't optimize for that. You want to train your pineal gland to receive the full range of frequencies as opposed to just receiving a very limited range. So, here's like a little exercise/meditation for you. What you want to imagine, right. We can actually carry on with our meditation.

So, you have your beautiful lotus flower pineal gland open and this little rod in the center in the receiving state. Kind of like almost saying, "Hey, come, bring me the information. I'm ready." You want to imagine, let's start with the colors of the rainbow.

You can start with red. Imagine that there is a source of red light and you can imagine as something that's just flowing straight onto or falling straight, it could be rain, it could be light, that's falling straight onto the petals of your beautiful flower and the little receiving antenna.

You want to make sure that your pineal gland is able to receive this red energy. It would kind of like drop on the tip of your antenna and then if you're able to receive it over time, the little antenna is going to be colored red and all the petals of this beautiful lotus flower are going to be red as well. So, when you're able to receive that kind of frequency energy, your flower is colored red.

You want to go through all the colors of the rainbow integrating. The yellow, the orange, the green, the blue, the indigo, the violet. And then you would also integrate the pure white light and pure gold light. By integrate, I just mean being able to receive and recognize this energy because chances are, your pineal gland is oblivious to that kind of energies because it's not been trained to notice or recognize that it is information.

Especially white and gold because those are very high-level frequencies. These are the frequencies that are not very prominent in 3D, if ever. These are your higher dimensional guidance things. You want to really feel comfortable that your antenna is able to receive this information. That is pretty much the meditation around trying to understand the different frequencies and being able to receive the different frequencies.

From here, you have kind of prepped yourself for the next step, which is practice. One of the number one reasons why pineal gland is dormant in so many people is because it hasn't been used in millennia. The one way to "activate it" or train it is to start using it. So, here are a couple of exercises you can do to train your pineal gland to provide you messages. You want to take a deck of cards, normal 52-card deck.

You would shuffle the cards so that you don't know what card comes on top. Initially, you're just going to want to try to guess the color of the suit. Is it red or is it black? The way you want to do that is by looking at the card with your physical human eyes, then closing your eyes and trying to "see" with closed eyes, what is the energy frequency that's below this card.

You will either see that as light energy or darker energy. If it's light energy, this is most likely a red suit. If it's darker type energy, it's most likely the black suit. You want to train your eye to distinguish what is below that card without looking at the card. Initially, you're going to get a lot of them wrong. Then of course, you want to open your eyes and check what suit it actually is. Was it red? Were you correct? Was it black? Were you incorrect?

So, you want to check yourself. You want to train yourself to see with your third eye what is the card suit. As you get better at this, you would be able to see the actual suit. Is it spades, is it clubs, is it diamonds? That is one exercise that you could be doing. There are other exercises actually that you can be doing. For instance, if you're trying to get... Again, the whole point of reinvigorating the pineal gland is to start getting useful information about your life.

You're not necessarily... I mean, guessing a suit of a card is not necessarily useful information, arguably, unless you're a professional poker player, then that's a different story. But let's talk about most people. One thing that you would want to do next as a part of the journey of opening up your pineal gland is for instance, say you're unsure about a particular person in your life in whatever way.

Say you're not sure if you should be dating them or if you should be marrying them, if you should be partnering up with them, if you should be friends with them, whatever. If you should be lending them money, it's all a relationship type of game, right. So, you want to close your eyes and imagine this human. And then what you want to see is the trail that this human has kind of like behind them.

There is always a trail that a particular human is going to have and leave in your life. That is either going to be a black trail or a white trail. Black means no or bad, white obviously means yes or good. If you have a question of like, "Should I be engaging with this person?" and you don't know what the true answer is, you want to close your eyes and with your third eye, activating it in a meditative state, you want to see what is the trail that this person has behind them. Is it a white trail? Then the answer is yes, you should be pursuing whatever you want to pursue with that person. If the trail is black, you shouldn't be.

In the same way, you can actually ask yes or no questions to your third eye. You could imagine in the meditation state that you are in the field, you're sitting in the grass and you're looking at the sky. And the sky has two words written in on it, yes and no. So, you can ask a question, a yes or no question, general question, and you want to get present to which word gets illuminated up in the sky. One will certainly get eliminated and that is how you get the answer, the yes or no answer.

The same way you can actually be able to predict the future of a particular enterprise or a particular event. For instance, say your dog ran away and you don't know if the dog is going to come back and you really miss your dog. What your third eye could tell you is, are you going to find the dog? Is the dog going to return or no? Basically, that is another way where you can leverage the trail.

Generally, positive events in our life have a very white trail behind them and negative events in our life have the dark trail. Basically, you just want to look at the event of your dog being lost and see what happens next. What happens next is always the trail, like I said, kind of like behind the person, then it could be the trail behind the event. You should be able to see, like if you think of the dog in this event and then all of a sudden, like with your third eye, you see a lot of lightness, then it's a good thing.

The dog would come back or you would be reunited with the dog. If you see a lot of darkness, unfortunately not. But these are some of the very rudimentary ways that you can start getting guidance from your third eye without necessarily requiring your third eye to be in full swing and showing you all these movies about your future and whatever other unrealistic expectations you might be having from your third eye.

It's all about, like walk before you run. These are the meditations that you want to do as far as the energetic side of your third eye. If you feel like you're not able to get the answers or you're not able to see the suits of the card, I recommend repeating the first two steps of this meditation. The decalcification, when you get to dissolve the shell. That's the first thing. And then the ability to receive all these different frequencies. If step three doesn't work, repeat step one and step two.

Sergei: That makes sense. Who are you getting the answers from?

Maria: It depends. You could be getting answers from your own higher self, your spiritual guides/guardian angels, your ancestors, source consciousness, extraterrestrials. I mean, the list goes on. Collective human consciousness, planetary consciousness. Like I mean, there's so many, many different options.

Sergei: Does it really matter who's giving the answer?

Maria: Not really.

Sergei: Can you specifically ask, "I want the answer from this?"

Maria: You could. Probably not in the very beginning stages because at the very beginning stages, you're just like deciphering. What the answer is hard enough and trying to add an additional complexity of, "I only want the answer from X," it could be harder because there are other centers that might need to be activated for you to get answers from other dimensions.

Like if you're going for source consciousness, you might need to also work on your crown and your seed of the soul first before you can get a clear answer. So, I wouldn't complicate it until you feel super confident that you're getting the guidance that you want and then you can take it to the next stage.

Sergei: Got it, okay. Talking about like physical practices.

Maria: Yeah, so I mean, there are some obvious ones around the calcification which is it's all about the water that you drink and the water that you wash your body in. Because your water doesn't just enter your body through drinking but also through taking showers and swimming in the ocean or the swimming pools or whatnot.

So, unfortunately, things like chlorine for instance, in the water, all these chlorinated swimming pools, those are really, really bad for you. They're going to be contributing to the calcification aspect. You want to put filters in your swimming pools, in your showers, to make sure that the water that comes through is as clean as possible because your body is going to absorb it.

And then you also want to have filters for your tap water to make sure that it is as pure as is possible. Also, just this whole topic of water is...can get pretty robust. There's the bare minimum of things that you can do. So, distilled water for instance, is way better for you than just tap water.

And then you can get different levels of sophisticated with it where you could use different stones or crystals to make sure that the heavy metals are being absorbed or attracted to those crystals or those stones and then you only get the lightest most purest water that enters your body. Of course, there's things like fluoride and fluoride-free toothpaste is something that you would want to find.

Fluoride is also being absorbed as you brush your teeth, especially the amount of toothpaste that humans use these days. There's like an overabundance of it, which partially is driven by all these marketing campaigns of all of these toothpaste companies that just want to sell you more toothpaste and more products so they've taught you to use probably triple the amount that you actually need to get to the cleanliness of your teeth.

Because they have such an overabundance of fluoride and in toothpaste and just so much product, it really just gets absorbed by everything and by your gums and the little porous structures in your mouth and that would go into your bloodstream and that would go actually, into the pineal gland, so you want to make sure that as little fluoride as possible.

Things like pesticides, not great. So, you want to make sure you're buying organic produce and that you're consuming as clean produce as you can from that standpoint. And, oh, my God, is it hard to come by on earth these days.

Sergei: That’s true.

Maria: I mean, these are, I would say, the main things. There are other things that could help to calcify your gland. The use of essential oils, particularly like things like myrrh, frankincense, pine, like sandalwood. I guess the ones that you would generally tend to use for meditation, meditative type states to deepen your connection, those are really, really good to kind of awaken and clear the pathways.

Now they're not necessarily going to decalcify your pineal gland in and of itself but they would speed up whatever other processes they're already happening and they would work in unison with your energetic body as well.

Sergei: Got it. What about different sound frequencies, chants?

Maria: Absolutely. Yeah, the "Ohm," absolutely helps. In general, anytime you detoxify with sound, do any type of sound therapy or sound bath, it's certainly helpful for the pineal gland because just before true decalcification or as a part of the declassification process, you would need to detox the gland, right.

Sergei: Mm-hmm.

Maria: And detoxing your brain is actually one of the harder things to do. The one way to detox the brain is sound frequencies.

Sergei: What is the sound frequency that corresponds to the pineal gland?

Maria: I don't think of it in that sense. The 432 frequency is helpful but it's more so... Actually depends. The reason it depends is not every gland, pineal gland is calcified in the same way and to the same extent. So, the frequency that might work for you might not be the frequency that works for the guy next to you or the girl next to you. If you want to figure out what that frequency is, I actually recommend using chanting, so doing your own healing.

You want to specifically set an intention to do two things. A, create a unique chant or unique frequency with your own voice that would help speed up the process of the decalcification and the activation of your third eye. So, first, the power of intention, super important. As you're sitting down to chant, you want to put that out into the universe. That's one.

Two, you want to set a secondary type of intention for the overall detox of your body and detox of your brain. And then what you want to do is you want to pick a vowel, like whether a, o, e, u, it doesn't really matter, any vowel that feels good to you. And you want to take a deep breath in and from your abdominal, like as low in your, like ideally from the lower abdominal, almost like get that sound to start rising up from the abdominal to the throat.

And then you want to, with that intention, still holding the intention to detox and activate the pineal gland, you want to change the frequency of your voice. You will most likely have to go lower and higher as you go by. Very often, you would want to start with very low frequencies, right, that's how the detox generally, the sound detox starts. You start with very low guttural voices and guttural frequencies and moving on to very high-pitched tones 10 to 15 minutes afterwards.

The ones that resonate with the pineal gland eventually, are going to be the more high-pitched tones but you cannot, unless you start from the lower vibrating sounds, you cannot produce the exact frequency of the higher vibrating sounds that would match the vibrations of the pineal gland. Does it make sense?

Sergei: Yeah, it makes sense. Mm-hmm. And just wanted to quickly talk about maybe the shape and color of the third eye.

Maria: Well, like I said that in most people, the shape is going to be the lotus flower and the closed eye is going to be like the dragon eye, the closed, the off switch which would be the sphere and it's a golden sphere. That's in most people. At the same time, let's not forget that your third eye sector, center and sector is color violet. So, your pineal gland feels most at home in the color violet or indigo.

As you're trying to activate these vibrations, these energies, you want to imagine your pineal gland floating and free floating in a sea of violet, washing it in things like the violet flame. Violet flame totally helps activate the pineal gland. So, both color violet and color indigo are very helpful. I mean, another symbolic shape for this is obviously the pinecone, right.

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: You could also imagine that but that's more on the physical level. Although the pine is a very interesting shape and it's symbolic in its own right. There's a lot of sacred geometry keys that are encapsulated in the form of the pinecone. It's actually a very, very ancient symbol on the earth and it is the precursor to a flower. Because it's initially on earth, you kind of had these Cypress and pine trees before there were flowers and then flowers emerged. It is kind of like the same thing but only like a more ancient and more primordial way to refer to the lotus flower, if you will.

Sergei: Got it. Are there any keepers, like guardians of this energy, kind of third energy, that can help you to work with these energies during the meditation?

Maria: There are always guardians. There's an infinite amount of guardians that would want to help you with your third eye. I wouldn't want to necessarily name specific people or archangels because any archangel you would ask for help would be able to help you with your third eye. I would actually probably, I think that the one that's most interested in having a third eye activated is your own personal higher self. I think that that would be the best "person" to ask for help and support in working with this organ.

Sergei: Got it, okay. Maybe the last question is about some of the mis-concepts about the third eye because there are so many schools of thoughts.

Maria: Any particular ones you want to address, which ones have you heard that bother you?

Sergei: No.

Maria: No? You haven't heard any that bother you?

Sergei: No.

Maria: I mean, there is no misconception. It's just I feel like A, it's just a very misunderstood gland, right. Most of it is just being, like if you look at your science textbooks, they're just going to tell you, "Oh, that just produces melatonin and melatonin regulates your sleep cycles and just tells you when it's day and when it's night." I mean, that is just such a basic rudimentary way to look at the third eye that. Like I couldn't even I didn't even take it seriously.

I mean, if you think that's all it does then I feel bad for you, son. I mean, I guess these are the misconceptions. What other misconceptions that...? Well, I mean, it's tied to enlightenment so much but honestly, it's not really truly enlightenment, it's just like the ability to get information the way that you're intended to be information. So, not everybody, in my opinion, who has their third eye activated is enlightened.

In general, I don't like that concept very much at all because I've seen a lot of people who have third eyes activated to a certain degree but they're not using it for the betterment of humanity. So, I wouldn't call that enlightened. Yeah, I mean, those are pretty much the main ones, I think.

Sergei: Got it. That's cool. Thank you so much for sharing all this information with us today. Now, I'm going to end our session. I'm very grateful for the information you've provided to us today. I'm asking the higher self to recede to where it belongs with much love and much thanks for the help and information it has been given Maria today. I know she's really going to appreciate it. Now, I want all the consciousness and personality of Maria to once again, return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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