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The Power of Water How to Work with Water How Water Affects our Emotions Cosmic Role of Water

In this episode, you will learn about the power of water, how it affects our lives, what role in plays in the Universe at large. We will talk about living and dead water and discuss how to charge water.

Here is the list of question for this episode:

  • What is Water from the Spiritual perspective?

  • What qualities does Water possess? Does water possess any magical qualities? What are energetic qualities of water.

  • What role does it play for this planet?

  • What role does it play in people’s lives?

  • Does Water have any consciousness?

  • Living Water and Dead Water. What does it mean?

  • Does Water have a memory?

  • How does one can work with Water?

  • How does Water affect our health? What kind of water should we drink?

  • Does boiling Water can change its qualities?

  • Do you really have to drink 2 liters of Water every day?

We will also talk about water baths, water charging and distillation.

Please enjoy!

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