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The Evolution of Worlds or a Five-Pointed Star Framework That Explains the Future of Humanity

In this episode, we will talk about a unique Five Pointed Star framework that explains the evolution of the physical and energetic worlds. We will look at the future of humanity through the lens of this framework. You will learn what has to be done on the collective level to move to the 5th dimension.

The Five-Pointed Star framework is based on five pillars:

  • Mind - divine masculine.

  • Heart - divine feminine.

  • Spirit - connection to the higher consciousness.

  • Truth - a moral compass, how you navigate the world. How to speak, live and share your truth.

  • Love - a state of oneness. It is not a feeling. You are either in a state of Love or not.

Right now, our planet is ruled by the Mind. I will give you some examples that clearly show that we live in a society that is ruled by the Mind.

For humanity to evolve and move to the 5th dimension, at least one more point has to be activated. 3rd dimensional worlds can only exist with one point activated.

In this episode, I will talk about two potential ways of evolution for this society:

  • The first world where we have only one pillar activated. It is a dead-end. It is the world of intellect. It is the world ruled by AI.

  • The second world has two pillars activated. It doesn't matter what pillar you choose. I will quickly describe each pillar and explain what needs to be done to activate them. This world moves to the 5th dimension.

Please enjoy!

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