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The Assemblage Point What it is How to Work with it And Much More

In this episode, we will talk about the assemblage point. We will talk about its purpose, how it looks, where it is getting energy from, how to work with it.

The list of questions that we will cover in this episode: 

  • What is the assemblage point? 

  • How does it look? 

  • What does it consist of? 

  • How is it formed? 

  • Where is it located? 

  • Is there a difference in location for men and women? 

  • What aspects of human life does it influence? 

  • Does it change with every incarnation, or is it something that you keep from one incarnation to another? 

  • Why can the assemblage points shift? 

  • How do you know that it is shifting? 

  • How to see your assemblage point? 

  • How to center your assemblage point? 

  • Is it safe to center it by yourself? 

  • Is it possible to increase the power of your point? 

  • Is it possible to make it stronger?

Please enjoy!

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