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Sun Consciousness. Sun Point and Sun Pyramid Activation

In this episode, I will talk about the energy of the Sun, the impact that the Sun has on this planet, as well as the Universe at large. I will also talk about the meaning and the symbology behind the Sun.

I will talk about your relationship with the Sun and why you should care, how you can improve it. In the end, I will share a couple of practices with you to better connect with the Sun.

We will also talk about the Sun beings and what they have to do with the Matrix 4.0 and the Creator/Createress himself/herself, how they can help you on your path.

I will explain the Sun Spot or the Sun Point concept and give you the practice to find yours. Also, I will talk about the Sun Pyramid or the Sun Spiral and how it is connected with your auric field.

Only 2.8% of humanity has a really good relationship with the Sun. I will give you practices to rebuild this connection. By establishing that connection, you will receive constant guidance from the Source consciousness.

Questions from the collective:

Question 1: What if I'm one of these people who has a blocked connection with the Sun. How do I connect with the pillar of light that comes from the Sun?

Question 2: What kind of codes does the Sun transmit? Why do I need guidance from the Sun if I already have the guidance from my Higher Self?

Please enjoy!

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Hello, everyone and welcome to another episode of Conversations with a collective or Conversations with my Higher Self. It's one and the same at this point in time. I am very happy to see all of you, so many of you gathered. As I’m looking into the quote unquote "future" which we obviously know everything is happening in the now, I know that at one point this is going to be one of our most downloaded episodes. I’m really happy and thrilled that so many of you are going to listen to this one. I’ve been wanting to cover this topic for a while but I’m not going to lie, the topic that we're going to talk about today is at best, controversial. It can and may ruffle some people's feathers especially if you are on the religious side or on the ardent righteous side and yet, and yet I think it is time to talk about this because it is a pivotal topic for humanity at large. I do hope that this could serve as food for thought as an episode. It could serve as that anchor, as a stepping stone to a different understanding for you because I think that the quality of your life is very much dependent on your perception of who you are and what is the game that you're playing.

Anytime I can help shift that perspective, help paint a fuller picture for you, I consider it a big win because through changing your perception of who you are and why you came here, I enable you to explore new facets of yourself and new facets of this reality. It's a win-win. This is a game we really cannot lose because it leads to greater expansion. Here's the topic — today, we're going to explore a topic that is twofold in nature. It's kind of like two sides of the same coin. We're going to explore how to anchor the consciousness of god or goddess within you if you would like how to anchor the consciousness of source if you feel better about that definition or that wording. On the flip side of this issue, we're going to address the servant and the martyr archetype so prevalent on planet earth today. The reason there are two parts of the same coin is because one quite literally is preventing you from doing the other. Humanity is very much deeply, like is deeply rooted into this servant archetype mentality. Slavery as a concept was very, very prevalent on planet earth not so long ago. And on some level, slavery is a pivotal concept for humanity at large.

Because at one point, and I’m not going to go and dive too deeply into this because again, I want to make sure that I keep these episodes as open-minded for you as I possibly can. What I mean, by that is open-mindedness, I want to keep them as kind of like mainstream as I can possibly make them for you. I don't want to alienate the people just because I said something in the beginning of the episode that ruffles some feathers and yet, and yet I don't think you're going to be able to fully grasp the way you are unless I go to some places that are uncomfortable. We're going to start with one quick uncomfortable truth and then I promise, I’m going to move on to bigger and better things but here's the deal. We don't really talk a lot about humanity. Humanity is alive and well today. Planet earth has been a planet of experiments for millions of years. This is not the first civilization. This is not the first humanoid civilization that has existed on planet earth and nor is it even... It's not even remotely the first. I don't even want to go into how many because I don't want to scare you or anything but let's just say that this game has been played on planet earth for quite some time. This current civilization, again, not to alienate you and not to scare you off, please bear with me because I really hope you can keep an open mind for this one quick part and then I promise you I’m going to bring it home for you, like I swear.

The reason we are in this predicament and the predicament is humanity cannot graduate from slave mentality, humanity cannot graduate from mentality of being under somebody else's control, humanity cannot liberate itself. That is the predicament of planet earth and it has been the predicament of planet earth from millennia. This is one of the most pivotal issues for humanity, for homo sapiens, shall I say, as a race, as a species. Because liberation from control and liberation from a state of slavery, liberation from a state of martyrdom, liberation from the servant archetype would quite literally signify the evolution of the entire human species on earth alive and breathing today. Why — because human race at one point, was created as a slave race by another group of beings, arguably higher dimensional beings, more evolved beings, arguably. I say that take that with a grain of salt because I think depending on which perspective we look at, this could be a debatable point. Human race, the DNA that you have is a servant DNA. I can already feel, just like tapping into the collective, this is a hard truth for a lot of you to bear. Now, some of you that already know that, I’m glad that you're resonating. For the ones that there's like a big chunk of you, and I can feel that through the connection that we share through this collective space that we have created, I know that you are turned off by the statement. You don't like thinking that there's something about your DNA structure that essentially enables, propagates and almost forces you into slavery but it is the case.

Human race was at one point developed, let me repeat myself, by a group of extraterrestrials as a slave race, a race that would be constrained within one planet and would be kept in its semi-dormant space or semi-dormant state shall I say, with the purpose of, let's say, serving as fuel. Humanity can serve as different kinds of fuel. There are essentially multiple uses for the human race. One is energetic fuel. The other one is excavating certain materials from the earth, mining essentially. There are a few other uses but essentially, human beings have been created for the purpose of being slaves, right. They were not initially created as a race that was meant to awaken to their divinity. Homo sapiens was not created as a race that was for sure, one day going to evolve. That was not the original intention. Now, that being said, that being said, because every human was given a spark or at some point, that consciousness, right... Initially, the levels of consciousness that inhabited homo sapiens ,were very, very rudimentary particles of source energy, over time, what ended up happening was bigger and bigger parts of consciousness chose to come here and be embodied as humans. What became possible for the human race was the process of evolution. All of a sudden, what was created as a possibility in the realm of possibilities was that this inherently slave race had been given hope that one day as a species, it could evolve in to a race of creators. Now, I want you to kind of feel with me into this and we're starting to get into like better emotional territory.

I’m feeling that you're starting to shift your vibrations. I’m really, really grateful for you. This is the path of humanity, the path of humanity which would represent the greatest miracle actually, for any species to move from a race of slaves to a race of creators and creatress' is a Christmas miracle. It is like one of the pinnacles of somebody's evolution because there's such a gap between the two states. The emanations of slave consciousness and the emanations of god/goddess/creator/creatoress' consciousnesses are light years apart. They essentially are on the different sides of the spectrum. If you think about... Imagine there's a spectrum of like an axis of control, imagine there was an axis in the universe of control and then you would have two extremes. At the beginning of the axis, there's like one point of extreme at the end of the axis, there's another point of extreme. On the one side of this axis of control, you have beings and races and consciousness that does not have control, does not experience control meaning they are free to choose whatever it is they want in more ways than one. This, by the way, goes above and beyond free will. So, on the one hand of this control access, we have somebody who is in full control of their life, as in the true god is consciousness.

Because that would be the definition of god's consciousness, is being fully in charge fully in control, being able to create for itself, themselves the life that they choose to create for themselves. That's one aspect, one polarity. The other polarity are beings that experience a complete lack of control around their circumstance. That is where you would have the slave archetype. That is where you would have the martyr archetype. That is where you would have the servant archetype. All of these beings are living in a light, in a world where they're living the lives where they don't have that much control. They don't experience themselves being in charge. All of your victim mentality, all of your lack and loss of power is in that side of that spectrum. And then of course, there is like as in every great spectrum, there is every state that's in between the two polarities. The flip that humanity is destined to make is the flip from one side of this spectrum, the absolute lack of control and servant mentality into the full presence of control and the mentality of god or goddess or source. The reason I want a different shade and call it god/goddess is because I want to bring it home for you because sometimes when I say source, you don't always resonate and internalize. It's a lot easier for you to think in god/goddess archetypes. For a woman, it's a lot easier and more fun arguably to think of herself as anchoring the goddess archetype within than thinking of herself as trying to anchor source archetype within and same for the guys, essentially the same.

It's a lot more fun to try to anchor the god archetype instead of trying to anchor the source archetype. It is essentially one and the same thing because there is nothing impossible for source. As far as source is concerned, it is the great creator and the great creatress in one. It is the being, the consciousness, the energy that knows no limits and knows no bounds. Whatever it creates as a desire for itself or whatever it desires must come to pass and that is just the law of the universe. Now, we started from this very, very uncomfortable topic. I know, hey, you guys, I know it's hard for you. I know that every iota of your being, every cell in your body wants to repel, reject and deny the concept of being a slave race because this is incredibly uncomfortable because you like to think of yourself as being in control. And not only that, but you strive for control. You would want control of your circumstance of your life, of your happiness levels, of your children, of your marriages or your relationships, of your finances. Your whole life is trying to forget about the fact that actually a lot of things are outside of your control.

Trying to deny that, trying to suppress those feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and fear that not having control of something not being in full control creates in your body. Now, when a slave race is being created, there are certain modifications that are done to its DNA structure that produce a certain set of behaviors in those beings. These behaviors are subservients. These behaviors or shall I say habits and like that experience... Let me try to explain to you how that experience works and how it feels although arguably, you would know better because you are going through that on a day-to-day basis. To keep a being in the perpetual slavery mode is actually really, really hard. It actually takes some pretty sophisticated genetic engineering as well as the understanding of how the energies work in the body and outside of the body to even be able to produce such a being because the moment that that source consciousness, as in a soul starts inhibiting a particular body or particular race, that source consciousness, that aspect of source consciousness knows that it's unlimited. Like it knows that it is everything in the entirety and it knows how powerful it is. Think of like a race, a human race, a homo sapiens is essentially like producing a shell which is the body, the human body. That shell would define the rules of the game in many ways, which it does by the way.

Then imagine dropping a seed of god/goddess/source consciousness inside. It's kind of like you're trying to match to things that are unmatchable in some ways because one is a byproduct of limitations and the other is the byproduct of limitlessness. Because anytime you put god consciousness, god is consciousness, inside of a limiting body or limited body, that consciousness over time, is going to want to come out of that shell and start creating. That is because this is the natural emanation of source and this is the natural way of being for source energies. It cannot be any other way. In order to suppress that which is limitless, essentially there had to be created like a whole system, a whole slew of limitations had to be created to kind of suppress the divinity within each of the beings, each of the humans. That happened, that had to happen at the DNA level. That had to happen as a number of steps to conditioning. You guys have all heard of conditioning and the Pavlov's dogs and essentially enough of you have pets and you guys have trained them. You know that a species that essentially is subordinate to you especially if you have control over feeding it or taking care of it or it's dependent on you anyhow is a very trainable species. Homo sapiens is a species that has been conditioned for certain behaviors.

Those behaviors are so ingrained in the collective consciousness in the DNA in the perception of humanity and how your ancestors used to live their lives that more often than not, any individual human does not step outside of the quote unquote "norm." It's almost like all this conditioning leads to a particular path of behavior, a set of behavior like the control of what is okay to do not okay to do, what is good versus not so good is so strong and so strict that most people won't stray one millimeter away from that pre-written, pre-destined path. This is what I want you to understand. Also, I know that a lot of the beings that are listening to this are highly evolved souls. That are here on a mission. So, obviously, anything that I’m saying here is not meant as a criticism to you or to anyone listening to this podcast. It is what it is, right. Enough of you amazingly evolved beings showed up here for this apocalyptic-like show because you want to make a difference.

Again, none of this is meant as criticism but it is important for us to start to understand the genetic material that we all incarnated into so you can start understanding how to work with your own limitations so you can finally emerge on the other side with less limitations and you can finally start being the beacons of light that you came here to be if that is your path. Let's start exploring the servant mentality, the slave archetype that essentially all of you are carrying that blueprint in your body. Here's the deal, if you don't believe me that you have it, I have bad news for you. 70% of humanity are experiencing complete and total servant archetype 24/7. 100%. They don't ever operate in any other way other than how the master race wants them to operate. Every time there is a slave, every time there is a servant there is the master, wouldn't you agree, right. If one is subservient, the other class or the other type of a being it must be ruling because how else, right. You need to be subservient to someone. It is a process of subjugation whether you want it or not, whether you recognize it or not. It is the truth of your DNA. Let's start with the fact... Sorry. I know I’m repeating myself.

But I don't know if you've listened to the episode on the DNA that we did 3,000 years ago, you should if you haven't but most of your DNA is frozen. It's in a state of not being activated. The reason being whoever created the human race, they will remain unnamed, perceived that for a slave race, two strands of the 12 strands of the DNA is good enough. Because once you start opening up more strands of DNA, things happen. What do I mean by things happen? You may lose control of the slave race and you don't want to as a creator of a slave race. You want those people that you're creating for a particular task, to keep performing that task, ideally voluntarily, right because nobody likes a rebellion by the way. Nobody likes a rebellion especially smart races, highly evolved races. They know how to create other races that are subordinate to them in a way that those races never rebel and by the way, never even understand and never even realize that they are being corralled in a certain direction in the first place. Let's examine what happened. If you think about the DNA structure, DNA structure is — there is genetic material that is considered standard for our universe. That standard DNA molecule has 12 strands. Again, your species has two activated, just saying.

There's 10 more that could be activated. Full god mentality, full god consciousness has all 12 activated. I would say there's a little bit of a hike between 2 and 12, just saying, but it's not impossible for planet earth and it's not impossible for the humanity as a species. It is actually very possible. I hope that we're making one of those first steps today by just getting it out in the open the way it is. Let's talk about that servant mentality. Like I said, 70% of humanity never wakes up to the fact that they are being in servant mode all day every day. What about the other 30%? The other 30% displays servant behavior, slave behavior to some degree, varying levels of degrees. There are some beings that are barely displaying it but make no mistake, pretty much every single one of you is displaying it to some degree because that is part of your legacy of legacy of your ancestors and that is your DNA composition that is alive and well in every cell of your body. So, even if you are, I don't know, an archangel or ascended master or what have you, incarnated in this 3D body, make no mistake, if you have human DNA, you have a slave archetype inside of your body. Congratulations, or not, depending on how you think about it. What are some of the signs of slave races? There is a certain kind of thinking that generally is imbued into slave races.

The number one statement of that thinking, the number one vibration is — I am not good enough for something or I am not enough of something. The "not enough" is a spell that is part of your DNA. If you ever felt like you were not good enough for something, if you're not good enough to fit into some social group, if you're not a good enough wife, husband, daughter, son, if you're not a good enough student, if you're not a good enough worker, if you're not smart enough, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not healthy enough, not young enough, not old enough. Sometimes when you're young, you're like, "Oh, you're too young. You can't get that job." There's always something. You're always too much of something or not enough of something. You're never just perfect and just right across the board. That state is actually really hard to get to. The state of — I am great the way I am. Not actually trying to say that but actually fully believing that without thinking that any part of your body is not enough is really freaking hard on planet earth if not unattainable. Even the prettiest people don't think they're pretty enough. The smartest people don't think they're smart enough.

The most talented people don't think they're talented enough. The most charismatic people don't always think that they're charismatic enough. Do you know what I mean? Do you know what I mean? Start awakening to the fact that you are walking bodies of "I’m not enough." Another byproduct of this same mantra, this same broken statement, this same broken spell that has you running like a little chicken without a head sometimes like a hamster on a wheel is this — I don't have enough. Ooh, how about that? We're getting into material world stuff here. How about all the feelings of inadequacy because you don't have what somebody else has in the material sense. It's like — hello, keeping up with the Joneses. If I don't have the house that I want, well, I must not be good enough. Or I want the car that they have and I can't afford it. I must not be good enough. Not having something is now being equated it's equal to the fact that you are not good enough or you're not enough of X, Y or Z. How about trying to get approval for your actions from society, from the people conforming to things, being afraid of what others are going to think? "Oh, my god. What would they think?"

You know how many people get stabbed by fear of what others would think not realizing that everybody else is in their own heads thinking that they're not enough. Enough so that they don't even notice anything that's going on around them so they don't have the capacity to even notice what's up with other people, enough to care or even provide any type of judgment. Okay. This one is — I’m not enough. The second aspect of the slave race is loneliness, that I’m on my own. That is another spell that keeps you weak, another spell that keeps you separated. Why is this mantra the mantra that keeps someone inside of a slave mentality? Because it is the ultimate illusion, it's the ultimate maya, it's the ultimate falsehood. We all know that we all came from oneness and we're going to go back to that oneness. Source chooses to split itself but make no mistake, if it wanted to get back into oneness, it would do so in a millisecond, not even. Instantly, it could come back into oneness. Oneness is actually synonymous with that feeling of invincibility. When the person actually gets into the zone, into the mode of god and source consciousness, they experience so much fullness in every cell of their body and their entire being. They feel so much not even in alignment but they feel like such an integral part of the universe.

In fact, they feel like the universe is a part of them, not the other way around. It's not even a feeling of belonging to something. It is a feeling of being something grander and bigger and limitless and infinite and invincible. That feeling of invincibility is actually really dangerous if you're trying to build the slave race, let me tell you. Yeah, not cool and not fun. If you're trying to build a race of subjugated folks, god forbid, they get into the oneness mentality, god forbid they remember who they are. God forbid. You are going to lose them and you're going to lose any semblance of control over those people. One of the mantras, it's almost like a chip like a DNA essentially, is the motherboard board. You know, like a CPU, a central processing unit of a computer. However you program that is going to impact the rest of the machine, like the rest of the hardware. It is kind of like the brain essentially of this operation, is your DNA. If you tweak it in a certain way, if you impart a certain detail in the DNA structure, if you impart a certain particle into the DNA structure, the DNA is an aspect of reality that it just multiplies itself. Once something is engraved into the DNA structure of a particular species, then it's just the replication principle, the good old replication principle.

Then you don't have to worry. When I’m telling you there were certain constructs embedded and imbued into the consciousness of humanity, what I’m saying is it was done at the DNA level. The first human being that was ever born off of this genetic experiment already had that imprint inside of their DNA. They didn't have a chance. That first one is the, "I’m not enough construct" in all of its facets. Almost think of it as in the background, this thing, this tune, this song just keeps on playing. "I’m not enough, I’m not enough, I’m not enough," [Singing] because that is, make no mistake is what's happening day in and day out and you've lived it. Don't tell me that you haven't because you have. By the virtue of you having created on planet earth I guarantee you that "I’m not enough" is one of the pivotal, pivotal things you grapple with in your life and it is one of those things that caused you tremendous amounts of pain. Any heartbreak, any relationship that fell through, any time you were backstabbed, you know what, you were not good enough. Or at least that's what you thought because that is on repeat. It's a thing. That is the reason that you know to be true. It is sort of like an inherent truth about you that you believed in, oh, my god.

The second one is you are on your own. The — you're on your own, you're alone. Here's the thing, you remember how I told you they don't want a rebellion. The power is in the masses, the revolutions, if you just look back at the history of humanity, not such a long history, the power is always in the masses. Where the masses are, that's where the power lies, as long as the masses realize that that is. But no, that is not how we see society being controlled or run today. Society is not run by the masses. I hate to tell you, democracy ain't it. It's the couple of people, few people at the top that run the masses. Because why — because the masses are running a program that is saying and repeating like on auto-play, the "I’m on my own" mantra. The "I’m on my own" is a very dangerous statement and it's a very dangerous mental construct that completely messes humanity up. Because fundamentally, you do not expect the other people around you to have your best interest at heart and that is how deep that wound goes. You do not expect anybody to back you up if you rebel or you expect hardly anyone to do that. Maybe your partner and your best friend and that's kind of it. The rest is like, "I’m on my own." Outside of that, I don't know. And especially in western societies because at least in some certain eastern societies, there is like family even in Latin America culture. Latin American culture is family, there are stronger ties.

Still, even in those societies where family values are really, really high, that feeling of I’m on my own is very, very prevalent. Because why — because even in those societies, there is judgment. There is people acting, like your parents not acting in the best interest of their child. What I mean, by that is they're projecting their own fears on the child, they're projecting their own wishes and demands on the child as if the child was their property. Now, of course, how does the child feel? The child feels like they're on their own. Like they're in it for themselves, like nobody cares. Nobody has their best interest at heart. Yeah, divide and conquer, you guys. You know that that is one of the dominating principles of ruling any large mass of people or societies, is divide and conquer. That division, that separation is inherent in the human race at the DNA level, not because you guys are bad people but because homo sapiens is a slave race. So, these are the two mantras. There is another one which is the, "I don't belong." There's a little bit of that on the DNA level as well. The "I don't belong" is also quite interesting. The "I don't belong" is that feeling of like the imposter syndrome.

It's kind of like at any moment in time, somebody's going to freaking find out that you're incompetent. It's kind of like do you remember when you were a kid, you thought that in general, the adults have a plan and they know what they're doing with their lives and there's some semblance of like sanity and control. And then you become an adult and you realize, oh, my God, you have freaking no idea what's happening. You watch the news and you're like, "I can't control this. I can't control this. What is this?" Now of course, your child doesn't know that that's what you're thinking. But in other words, the "I don't belong" is again, a very, very prevalent construct, mental construct, that impostor syndrome. There are many different ways that that could transpire, the "I don't belong." All of your race situations are here. If somebody is in a particular race that is not the domineering race in a particular country, they feel like they don't belong on some level, somehow, they're the odd ones out. Any minority anywhere is always going to feel like they don't belong. Any minority anywhere because of that, is experiencing and living the slave archetype. I hate to say this. It's sad and it's really sad but true. Because people who feel like they don't belong don't operate from a place of having choices.

They have essentially, by believing that they don't belong, have taken away choices from them and they have taken away their own power by believing that they don't belong in some type of social construct. Maybe they're the odd one out in the family, maybe they're the odd one out of their job. Somehow, they feel different. Any immigrant, they're the odd one out in the new country. They don't speak the language. They have the accent. There are many, many versions of the "I don't belong." Sexual orientation, the "I don't belong." A lot of that over there. There are all these mental constructs. That's not the only thing. Slave races tend to, in the same way that you would feed a cat a certain food because you want to train a cat for certain behaviors etc. essentially, slave races generally tend to be guarded and guided through everything they consume. Very often, the race that is the master race would determine what their slave race consumes from foods and drinks to information to anything else. It's almost like those options are quite limited or limiting. Sometimes, they may change the game a little bit, spice things up or take things down but make no mistake that all the consumption is controlled for you. Now, there are many other things around the slave archetype that we can talk about.

For instance, people who are in low vibrations and yet are very plugged into the collective consciousness are really, really easy to manipulate. Part of the game of maintaining the servant level of the species is making sure that the vibrations of that group of people are low. Because your low vibrations are all of your herd species. Please hear me. I know this is controversial but you need to understand something. Anytime there is anything that is created like a dogma or a religion or some type of codex of rules, the constitution or what have you, it is all done with the standpoint of limiting individualistic thinking and promoting group thinking. Rules are here to make sure that there is groupthink. Why is it really important for the controlling class of the masters of this game to make sure that the beings are in groupthink mode instead of the individualistic mode? Is because the moment you start tuning into groupthink, you start acting like the other people unbeknownst to you. They know that they control the collective. Again, there are many, many different tools of control. The moment you start getting outside of dogma, outside of organized religion, outside of any type of organized thinking, all of a sudden, you become dangerous. Because — oh, my god, what if your vibrations start rising? Oh, my god, what if you connect your higher self and the north star and whatnot and some consciousness? Oh, my god, what if you awaken to your mission? Well, that's dangerous, man.

For any master species that is trying to preserve a very good old slave, the less educated that slave is, the lower the vibrations are, the more they're in fear. The more they're subservient. Part of this exercise is also emotional control. The first thing is mental control and then the second one is emotional control. Actually, if you think about it, I don't know if you know this but I’ve also kind of talked a lot about this in the past, your emotions are always run by your thoughts not the other way around. It's actually also one of the ways that your DNA is programmed whether you realize it or not. It doesn't have to be that way. There are species, there are planets where your emotions drive your thoughts. On planet earth, it's quite the opposite. Your thoughts run your emotions. The way that this species is controlled is through the mental constructs first and then the emotional constructs second. But what ends up happening is by creating certain low level vibrational, like low vibrating emotional states and making them very present in the collective, again, the species, this herd species becomes infinitely controllable. What kind of low vibrations that I’m talking about — things like fear. Oh, my god, fears exist in every shape and size on this planet. I don't even have to name them. You guys know that fear is one of the prevalent emotions. Again, very low vibration. You have all kinds of fear. You have slightly higher vibrations of anger. You have a lot of hatred, you have a lot of despair, you have a lot of pain.

All of these are low vibrational frequencies people who are in those vibrations are extremely easy to control. People in higher vibrations are extremely hard to control because high vibrational frequencies are outside of the slave archetype. So, by definition, they are uncontrollable because high vibrational frequencies are a match to source energies and source cannot be controlled. In fact, source does the controlling and the governing. It's sovereign in its power. Not only that but very often, what would happen in the evolution of slave races is there would be a time, there are almost like pivotal times that happen along the lifeline of a particular species that that species comes close to what we can think of and we could call like a trigger that would be construed as awakening.

That awakening or a massive awakening would be the awakening to the power within and essentially, the breaking of the chains of slavery of the species and the coming into sovereignty and into soulful living and into their power as aspects of source consciousness. The awakening to god and goddess energies within is the liberation that I’m talking about. Over the course of evolution, for species like us, slave type species... By the way, there are millions of slave species in the universe, millions if not trillions and yet, they kind of all follow a particular path. I don't think you would be surprised to know that because this is the world, a mathematical world of mathematical patterns. What am I going to tell you? This is the matrix after all. If you kind of like understand one aspect of reality, you would be really surprised to know that actually you've understood the whole thing because you just like extrapolate your learning and kind of zoom out but the learnings are the same. What ends up happening many times over is a species would come close to this point of awakening and it becomes so dangerous from the perspective of the master race, because they don't want to lose all these slaves and they don't want to stop the process or lose control essentially, that they would... It gets dangerously close to that borderline stage, to that awakening state.

What ends up happening is there is something that is created, like a historical, sometimes it's a historical figure or like an event of some sort or like a new type of movement, there is happening that tends to take humanity back a few steps, so take that species back a few steps away from that awakening, away from that evolution. It has happened to humanity many, many times over. The most recent aspect of... By the way, the slave archetype is what I’m trying to say, they would refresh that. They would make that very, very fresh and very desirable in every which way possible. The moment humanity is able to break the chains and willing and gets close to liberating itself, something is being thrown by the masters like a bone to the dog where all of a sudden, being a servant is good. All of a sudden, it's lauded. All of a sudden, you really must be that. Oh, my god. I’ll just give you a couple of examples, you guys. Let's talk about Jesus. You guys know I love Jesus. I mean, I really do. However, little did Jesus know what would happen of his name and his great work on this planet but he's your proverbial martyr. He's your proverbial servant and he's your proverbial slave. Why — because he gave his life to pay for your sins or what have you or so the church would have us believe. He carried his own cross on which they crucified him, complete martyr. Now, of course, he's the savior. Let's not forget.

By the way, I’m going with what the church says. Because there was a human named Jesus, Yeshua. He lived a life of love, by the way and light and potentially service because like everybody else, Jesus had what — servant level DNA. Yes, hate to say this. But he clearly was able to move beyond that because he was, throughout his life, able to create miracles like the walk on water. That is god consciousness. That is source consciousness and that is not slave archetype. The resurrection of Lazarus. That is source consciousness, you guys. That is not slave archetype. All the things that would be like the wonders of Jesus, that is not slave archetype. Make no mistake. But the church would have you believe otherwise. They took Jesus and made him into a martyr instead of giving him the credit for integrating source energies to the degree that he could walk on water. Because like every story, the angle of how you tell the story really changes the narrative, I don't know if you've noticed, right. I don't know if you've noticed. I don't know, let's take a simple example.

You guys, enough of you have seen the Titanic movie. It's a love freaking story but I could have told you the same story from a position of a great catastrophe and it would not have been a love story. It's the angle that you take that really matters, wouldn't you agree? The angle of how the church is presenting the archetype of Jesus and the being of Jesus really matters and I really want you to pay attention to the angle. What's happening is they're lauding the fact that he was a servant, that he was a martyr. They're saying, "Oh, it's a good thing. Look, that's God the savior. That is the son of God. You see, if he was a martyr, then you should be too." That is how you have a servant archetype glorified in the eyes of a billion-plus people. Yeah. Let's talk about the other part. Since we're going into Christian dogma, let's talk about Lucifer, let's talk about Satan. Ooh, and pride. You remember that, the pride is one of the great sins. We're all worried about pride, aren't we? Because of course, Satan according to the church, was one of the great angels equal in power to god or equal in power to source or close enough but because he was proud, he essentially was cast out of heaven we all remember what happened. The purgatory and then hell and all the good stuff.

Here, we have the concept of pride which is positioned as the greatest sin. Wasn't cast out because he was killing people. He was cast out because he was proud. Do you guys see what this means? They're telling you that the sin of pride is worse than any other sin. It is so great that the anthesis to god consciousness was created off of pride, which is a very interesting fascinating concept. Why, would you ask me, is pride so dangerous — because pride is the absolute opposite of slave consciousness. It is dangerous to the people, to the beings. I shouldn't call them people, by the way. To the beings, to the extraterrestrials that are the master race. Because god forbid, slaves become proud because pride generally comes from... Let's look at another face of pride because pride actually generally comes from understanding of your own greatness. How else can you be proud? People that have pride in themselves feel like they're worth something and yet the slave consciousness is built on being worth less, not being worth much at all. Of course, they would have you believe to get you back into balance which for them, is back into control. Make sure, god forbid you ever awaken to the entirety of what you are as a being, start listening to your guides, start living your purpose. God forbid, oh, my god. Now, that is pride, my child, and pride is Satan and that is hell, and good luck to you. Do you see what I mean? These are just some examples.

Let's look at the light workers of today. I mean, Jesus is kind of getting old to the newly awakened population, huh? No? Yeah. Unfortunately, that's why they have to keep sending these ascended masters all the time because two years later, it's kind of like not relevant anymore. That's fine. They'll keep sending them. But let's talk about the fact that a big chunk, I don't know, like 80% of people that refer to themselves as light workers, the most awoke people are serving humanity. "Let's serve humanity. You need to serve humanity." That is lauded. That is supposed to be the good thing you are supposed to subjugate yourself and you're supposed to think of yourself as less than. Let's think about it for a second. Serving humanity means that humanity is on the pedestal. Humanity's worth something but you're just here to serve them humbly, not asking for much. That is positioned as the north star. That is positioned as the right archetype. That is positioned as the right attitude. Again, the servant archetype is being lauded as the opposite of pride and the right thing to do.

That is just the mental construct that you were born into. Now, one thing I’ll tell you is human beings have an inherent need to be good and they're so worried about being labeled as bad. Now, let's look at those labels. Because this need to be labeled as good is actually part of your DNA. That is the part that was embedded there by the same folks, the same race, the same masters that embedded all the other good stuff in there such as the — I’m not enough, I’m on my own and I don't belong. They also engraved in you the concept of — you must be good no matter what. By the way, I’m the teacher of light, right. Make no mistake. I freaking stand for light all the way, all the way. All the way. And yet, it breaks my heart having to watch the labels of good versus bad and what they have been attached to on this planet. Is there anything wrong with beings wanting to be good — absolutely freaking not. However, with the big fallacies on this planet that you guys don't understand are that all of a sudden, the slave archetype equals good and everything else kind of is not. Everything else is being arrogant, haughty, feeling like you're better than others or something, all of that stuff is supposed to be quote unquote "bad." That's a sin. Pride is a sin. Oh, my god, god forbid you understand and you recognize your own genius.

That's pride. You're nothing and no one. Get back in in line. Stop singing your own song. We're all marching to the same drum here. You don't get to step out of line. Do you see what I mean? They have embedded in you that desire, the inherent desire to be good and then by the way, they gave you the definition of what good is. God forbid, you don't take that definition of what good is. God forbid, you choose to think for yourself. That is dangerous. That is the slave archetype. Now, of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't tell you where we're going because we didn't gather here today to get depressed for the next 3,000 years, I hope, right. That's certainly not my intention. Not my intention at all. Like I said, there is hope for humanity and this is what that hope looks like. This hope is humanity finally taking what belongs to it by the virtue of humanity being the vessel for source consciousness which is its godliness or goddessness claiming back more of that source, primordial source energy, primordial source spark in the format of creator and creatress energies not slave consciousness.

Let's think about sources, great energy that we all emanate from, that we all came from. Yes, it wants to experience the concept of slavery. Yes, it wants to experience the concepts of slavery because source consciousness is an infinitely curious being. Curiosity is probably one of the most inherent characteristics of source. However, it doesn't mean that source perceives itself as a slave. In fact, it is one of the less comfortable vibrations for it to experience. Source is infinite creation. The full awakening of humanity is actually the awakening of each individual human to the fact that they are not a slave, not a martyr and not a servant. That while their DNA may say otherwise, their soul is infinitely more ancient, infinitely more powerful and so limitless. With that great gift, humanity is finally able to raise from the knees to stand up and start walking in the direction of the greater good of every single being and not just in the direction that was pointed on the horizon by another race. That is normal and that is a process of evolution. Any slave race, according to the principle of free will, needs to have an opportunity to upgrade itself and liberate itself. That is part of the codex of this universe. Somebody cannot be enslaved forever without a way out. So, humanity's given this shot, humanity's given this chance to embody god/goddess consciousness. What does that mean?

Now, we're going to the whole other side of the spectrum. We're flying all the way over to the other side and we're going to be in completely different energies, you guys, right now, because I want to dive a little deeper into that with you. I want to dive a little deeper into the opposite spectrum which is so unbeknownst, it is so foreign. It is so far away for many of you don't even know how it feels. You don't even know how it feels. Do you know what source does not have, do you know what god/goddess does not have — an inner critic. They don't criticize themselves. I hate to say this, they really don't. They really don't. What do you think they have? Do you think they do not have an inner voice? No, they do have an inner voice but that voice is positive. That voice is optimistic. That voice is their number one fan. That voice tells them all the ways they're good perfect and right, not all the ways that they're bad awful and wrong. That is the slave archetype, make no mistake. Here's one important distinction to make. Embodying god consciousness, embodying goddess within if you're a woman, god if you're a man is not your way of being proud, is not your way of being delusional and is not your way of being an asshole. Pardon my French. I have to say this.

It is your way of embodying what you've always meant to embody which is god, source consciousness which is essentially who you are. It's all level, an emanation of source. That is your path to evolution. Make no mistake, any soul that comes into this highly enslaved body and is able to make that jump through the awakening into their god/goddess consciousness has made a quantum leap for their own personal evolution because this journey, this leap to make is really hard, really hard. Why — slave consciousness has a lot of gravity around it. It's like a heavy consciousness. I don't even know how to explain it. Imagine that slave consciousness is like a big, big, big fat magnet and any time you're trying to make a leap into another consciousness which is goddess energy, unless you have so much momentum, you get sagged back into the slave mentality and then you get sucked back into it again and you hit, as you fall, you hit the ground and it hurts. It has a lot of might within it. In other words, it's really hard to make the quantum leap. So, for any soul that is able to do that through inner work, through breaking the chains, through changing the mental constructs, through elevating vibrations, that soul has massively upgraded because this leap is not easy and it is especially hard for the very first few that are going to make that leap.

And then it's going to become easier as time goes by because you're going to start getting the benefit of collective consciousness. But also, I do want to support the light workers in every way I can because you are the future of this planet no matter what. I know that enough of you are going to hear this episode. Although obviously, not all the listeners that we have walk the path of light professionally. But here's the deal, one thing that breaks my heart truly is the fact that most light workers are either broke or highly, highly not rich, you know what I mean and that is a shame. But here's the deal, if you operate in slave consciousness under slave contracts, if you're serving humanity, if you're serving light instead of emanating light, you are always going to experience lack because servants, it's impossible for a servant to live in abundance. The energy of the servant, their emanations are not a match to thriving, to abundance and to having anything you want. Because who has anything that they want — masters, royalty, gods, goddesses.

Not the slaves, not the servants and not the martyrs, do you know what I mean? So, for as long as you agree with the fact that you want to serve light, you want to be a servant to humanity, you're not going to have anywhere close to enough resources, money for yourself and your family because slaves need to keep working to just keep the food on the table. That is just the archetype that you have agreed to carry on. Not only that but you have a lot of pride in the fact that you're a slave. That is the only pride that is allotted to you. I know. This is a little bit sad. I actually think that the first people that need to awaken to the goddess and god consciousness within are the light workers because they need to be the wayshowers. They need to burn bright like torches to show the way to others. So, if you actively are repelling money or you think money is evil or you don't want to raise your prices because — oh, my god, you're a servant. If you as a light worker not filling your cup first, if you, instead of having a weekend or a day off are serving 10 clients at an hourly rate that barely provides the lifestyle that you want for yourself and your family, then you're doing something wrong. Then you are not in the vibrations of the god or goddess that you should be or that you are frankly, then you are living a lie.

Then you came here into this DNA and into this body and you succumbed to it instead of creating your own rules. You just came in here, forgot everything about anything and said, "You know what, I agree with the rules of this game. I think it's cool with me. Serving light is so fabulous. Why wouldn't I serve the light?" Serving light is outdated, you guys. That is a servant archetype. You need to strive to emanate light and you need to rearrange your energy systems in your body so that they can bring you true thriving and true abundance and not just scraps off the tables of the masters, I’m just saying. Obviously, I’m a little bit passionate about this subject, just a tiny bit, right. Could you tell? Anyhow, the path for humanity is from where we are today, which is essentially slavery, into source consciousness embodiment. How do we do that and what does it even feel? We kind of started exploring that. Again, god/goddess does not subscribe to any of the BS constructs. Let's look at the reverse statements of the ones that have been implanted into your consciousness.

Do you remember the "I’m not enough?" God/goddess consciousness does not believe in that. In fact, they believe in the exact reverse. The — I am always enough, I am always right, I am always correct, I am always perfect. The way everything is is great. Everything is right with me. That is the opposite — there is nothing wrong with me. Do you know what I mean? A god or a goddess, right, maybe I’ll speak to like the goddess consciousness because in this body, I’m female. I speak with a female voice. A goddess would not wake up in the morning and be like, oh, look in the mirror, like — what is this thing that's staring back at me? That is not how it got us things. Regardless of what state the goddess woke up in, I don't care if she has gray hairs or her hair is unwashed or what have you, she would never be like, "Oh, what are you staring back at me you ugly thing?" That is not how a goddess thinks because she does not subscribe to the concept of "I am not enough" because she knows that in her limitless nature she is always, not just enough but perfect for exactly what she needs to do. The goddess and the god knows that she selected her body, her path, the events of her life, the people that are going to be surrounding her for a reason. So, she's not a victim, and that's another very important distinction.

The moment you embody god as consciousness, god consciousness, you start perceiving the world from a position of — I chose everything in my life and I made everything in my life. Every circumstance, every person, every act including the macro factors, I created for myself in my life. It was not created for me by someone. I created it. It's taking full ownership, full responsibility and taking your power back instead of giving the power to circumstance, to people, to your upbringing, to your ancestors and just to whatever macro factors like, I don't know, COVID or something else happening, oh, my god. No. The god/goddess, they always know that they're in charge. They don't just feel they're in charge but there's this deep innate knowing of being the center of your own existence, of being the ultimate law and the ultimate truth. What do servants do? They pray. Nothing wrong with prayer, by the way. You know what, I’ll take prayer over the energies of fear any day of the week because one is a very low vibrational undertaking and prayer is at least high vibrational. However, prayer is a servant construct.

That's why the church would want you to pray so much instead of communicate with spirit because prayer means and implies that there is a being out there that is so much greater than you with all the keys and all the answers and all the resources but you ain't it. So, you have to beg, borrow, steal and pray to only get somewhere in their agenda on their to-do list and maybe they'll hear you out and maybe they'll grace you with a little bit of help. That is slave freaking mentality, hate to say this. That is not how god or goddess wills things into existence. A goddess or god knows that by the virtue of them being the creator, they, by default, can have anything that they want just because they want it, just because they want it. At the same time, and I kind of want to make that important disclaimer, this doesn't mean that if you want the wife of your best friend, that is totally cool and because you're god, who cares, you know what I mean? Because the number one aspect of god and goddess consciousness is operating in the best interest of all. Because if you kind of imagine rising up and zooming out and imagining that you are everything and everything is you and you don't even know where you begin and the other one end, hurting your best friend or your enemy or anyone, a stranger, is the same thing as hurting yourself. You would never want to do that. So, check yourself. Anytime you feel like you are in opposition to others in your life, you are not in god consciousness.

You are not in goddess consciousness. You are in the state of separation smack in the middle of slavery, I’m just saying. If you're experiencing things like envy or jealousy or wanting something else that they have or wanting to go above somebody else's heads, you are not embodying source consciousness at all because this game of fighting, of me versus them, that is slave consciousness. That is the division. That is the "I’m on my own" or "I don't belong" mantra. God and goddess always feels like they're enough, always feel like they're part of the greater whole and everything is them and their everything and they always belong anywhere they go. They always feel welcome. Kind of like Airbnb, belong anywhere. That is the freaking mantra of a god/goddess. I’m not joking. You can steal that from Airbnb for your personal mantra. I’m sure they're not going to mind. Once you start embodying god/goddess, you're never going to spend time second guessing what you said or thinking that somehow you're not good enough to go for that job that you've always wanted or start a company that you've always wanted or go out of your comfort zone to ask a person that you're really in love with on that first date although it may be inconvenient or whatever else. That is not what god/goddesses think about.

It doesn't mean that they're self-serving but they are not stopped by all these limiting factors. They're not stopped by fear because they're not worried or afraid or scared of failure because they know that their will, their wishes, their desires are the law and they must come true. And then they're just playing the game of ping-pong with the universe. Yes, they do have patience. Just the fact that you've integrated god is consciousness doesn't mean that you're going to have everything yesterday because it's still a third dimensional very viscose world, very slow world. But it still means that no matter what, you'll get what you want as long it isn't in the highest good of all, right, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Let's talk about... Again, baby steps, you guys. That's the thing because the challenge is quite big. You're against pretty big odds. The reason being is you have so many, many generations of people that came before you that lived through this pattern that at this point, this is just a muscle that is the only muscle that has been trained. You're kind of going against all odds, that's one. The pull, the collective pull of ancestry and the collective pull of humanity is quite high. All of these contracts and constructs... I meant constructs, not contracts, in your mental field, they're very prevalent.

Where I’m going with this is this is not going to be an overnight shift. If you believe that you can turn from a slave into a goddess in three seconds, it ain't going to happen. I have bad news for you. Unfortunately, you're going to have to do the work. You're going to have to walk the walk, talk the talk, do the work, just saying. Today, we can start with that. I don't think that today I’m going to be able to give you essentially every single practice but we can get started. It's baby steps. Baby steps is still progress. First thing's first, let's get into a meditative state together. I want you to do some deep breaths with me and I want you to center around... First, let's work with your sleeve because before we can bring in the new energy, you have to be out with the old before it can be in with the new. Let's work with the old first. As you close your eyes, center gets centered in your body, imagine that you are standing amidst, essentially in the field somewhere and the sun is shining brightly and you just focus on your body. The first thing we're going to do is the unchaining exercise. We're going to start with removing your shackles and removing your chains because every slave is essentially in chains.

That is the one thing that is true for100%. There's some version form or shape of your chains and it would be really, really nice if we can remove them. I want you to start scanning your body from top to bottom noticing where you have the chains. I will tell you there are some common places when most people are chained. First one you start top to bottom, in the neck. Very common. Most people have a chain around their neck. A lot of people have the chain around their wrists. A lot of people have chains around their ankles. A lot of people have chains that constrict their chest. Some people have the chains or some constricting metallic objects around their head. In the third eye area kind of like around like almost...kind of like a flower crown only it's not a flower crown. Enough people have something in their waist, around their waist. These are the main ones. Some of you are going to have a lot of weird shaped smaller chains wrapping around your spinal cord. I want you to pay attention to your spinal cord. Obviously, this is going to be very unique to you so it's very, very hard for me to do like one big quick meditation for everybody because this is a unique process and for each of you, it's going to be different. So, I want you to scan your body and check for all the places that I’ve just mentioned and start, like use the sort of Michael, [Phonetic 01:18:31] the sort of light to start cutting those chains.

You want to start getting rid of those chains. You want to cut them, cut them, cut them anywhere. And then you would notice that once these chains fall apart, that the skin underneath them may be damaged. So, you want to use like a little sphere of, you can use golden light or white light to center and focus around the areas of your body of your skin that have been damaged to allow this energy, the energy of the golden or the white flame to patch up that aspect of your body with golden threads so that that aspect of your body is as good as new again. So, you definitely want to do that. Chains is number one. You definitely want to enchain yourself. Cool. Shackles — if you have shackles, oh, my god, please remove that. You don't need that. Then once you do that, imagine that there is a tub full of literally diamond dusk light. You just want to fully submerge yourself in there and stay there for like a couple of minutes imagining that if there are any chains that are left over, kind of like shackles or chains so they would just get removed thanks to this diamond dusk holy water, if you will.

That's the first thing, right. So, we remove the chains. Now, you can come out of the tub. We're going to work you with your mental constructs. Okay. So, all of these weird beliefs... Belief systems actually, and again, working with the DNA. We're going to move to the DNA next. But working with belief structures is really, really tedious work because beliefs are so deeply rooted but today, we're going to do some work on that. Do you remember how the main ones...? Essentially, why don't we do this — we can do a little bit more of a general exercise. I want you to focus on your brain on your head and you can even zoom in. Imagine you're inside of your brain right and you're like literally amidst this sea or the network of neurons that are firing and sending all the information over and over. We're going to just work on the physical side of your body, physical/energetic. One thing you need to know is all of these constructs of — I don't belong, I’m on my own, I’m not enough, I need to be good, all these good things, I’m a victim, all of these amazing, amazing things that are keeping you trapped and chained and enslaved, they are partially existing thanks to the neurological network of your brain. So, thanks to the synapses, thanks to the neurons. Essentially, the entirety of that network is polluted by these constructs.

Now, these constructs are supposedly a survival mechanisms, right. So, your brain is holding on to them for dear life because it thinks that you're going to get yourself in to a whole lot of trouble if it was to get rid of those constructs. It literally believes that it is in your best interest to hold on to these limiting beliefs and it is very, very deep rooted. I want you to focus on the network of your brain and imagine that all of these thoughts are yellow, kind of, and they're like coursing from one neuron to another. They're kind of, it's like again, it feels like a big ping-pong game where these thoughts, they're circulating essentially constantly in your brain system. Remember how I told you that they're always in the background, all these limiting beliefs, all these thoughts you're just like playing in the background kind of like a song that you can't get rid of no matter how hard you try? Essentially, that is what it looks like. Your neurons, they keep firing the same message — I’m not enough. I’m on my own. I don't belong. I need to be good. Being a martyr is amazing. I need to keep up with the Joneses, all that good stuff, all of these. They're on repeat and they're toxic and you don't even know that and they're keeping you so limited. I want you to imagine that there is a stream of divine light. It looks like mercury.

Have you guys seen what mercury looks like? It's kind of this like mirror glassy type of mirror-like liquid. I want you to imagine that there is a stream straight up from the heavens of essentially what looks like mercury, like a liquid. This type of liquid, it's almost like the equivalent of spiritual acid. It can penetrate even the smallest of places. It can burn out anything that doesn't belong there or anything that no longer serves the individual. We're going to be using this spiritual mercury type of acid liquid. Bear with me with this analogy. If what I’m saying doesn't make intellectual sense to you, please feel into it with your heart. I’ll promise you it's going to start making sense. Imagine that this liquid actually flows inside of your ear and we can use your left ear, and it starts penetrating... It first penetrates into your ear. By the way, it starts clearing up the ear canal and everything inside of your... It starts like burning away these frequencies that are keeping you in your slave mentality. 100% of your thoughts are keeping you slave mentality, part of them live in your ear canal and then they go up kind of into the brain. You want to enable the flow of that liquid from your left ear through the brain and out of your right ear.

That is the arc that we're going to do together. As you enable that flow to happen, essentially, this liquid would go through the entirety of your circuit, the entirety of your brain, all of these neurons. By the way, it's like miles upon miles upon miles of neuron connections. You want that liquid to kind of go and cleanse and burn away all of these weird thoughts of slavery mentality that have been there since the beginning of time for your race, for your species. It just burns out and none of that yellowness is left. All of that yellow toxicity nastiness is gone. Then you want to imagine that once your brain is complete. By the way, you want to make sure that this process, you want to give it time. It's not going to be immediate. You really want to make sure you really want to focus on imagining that it's going through every circuit, every synapse, every neuron pathway, really clearing, cleansing your brain then it goes out in the ear canal of your right ear and kind of goes out. You want to imagine that stream.

That is the working and the healing of your mental constructs. We're doing this really quickly but it's some heavy lifting, some heavy lifting work. I want you to focus on your DNA. I want you just because — hey, it’s a double helix, right. It’s two strands. I want you to imagine two strands wrapping around one another in kind of like in a spiral movement. One strand is yellow, the other strand is blue. I’m just telling you energetically, for most of humanity, that is the color of the strands of your DNA. I want you to notice and pay attention that on the yellow strand of the DNA, there are multiple dots. They look like dots but they are also like nodes, almost like nodes, are like little globules of energy they look like buttons. There are four major buttons. They're yellow in color on this yellow strand. These are the buttons of your mental limitations and the constructs that have been put in there with the purpose of control for the humanity species. These are the things almost like the outside influences into the perfect DNA structure that keep humanity in the constant slave mentality.

What you want to do is you want to take that same mercurial substance that we just worked with... Again, it looks like mirror type of... It's like holy water/acid. It's a divine liquid. Has the properties of acid so it burns through anything but it also has like a mirror like reflective surface. That is what it feels like. You want to go one by one. Again, there are four of these buttons, four of these nodes. You want to focus on each of them with this liquid that you have and you want that liquid to burn through these nodes. Essentially, you want to remove them from the yellow strand of your DNA. It's really important. Those are the mental constructs. You want to go one by one by one by one. You don't need to know what they're all about but you do need to know that these are all of your limiting beliefs that keep you inside of the slave mind, that prevent you from embodying god/goddess consciousness. Now, I want you to focus on the second strand, the blue strand.

There are two main nodes in there. On the blue strand, this one mostly governs your emotional body. This particular strand also governs your perception of who you are, what you're capable of, what you're incapable of. These two nodes are responsible for keeping you in a low vibrational state and enabling you...or not enabling you but urging you to crave the things, emotions, people, circumstances, events, substances that would keep you in that low vibrational state. You want to take the same liquid substance and burn these two nodes outside of the blue spectrum, the blue strand of your DNA. As that happens, you want to see that strand actually become... It's not like there's going to be a hole burned through. It is a substance, it is a system that regenerates very, very quickly. So, if you remove the node, it's almost kind of like removing like a cancerous type of cancerous cells or cancerous type of organism. And then when you remove that, the rest of the structure kind of like comes around and re rebuilds itself without that node and without the cancer and just goes back into its perfect state. Now, we're ready with the two strands. I want you to imagine that this DNA structure gets deposited in your body through your crown sentry, a crown chakra is right at the top of your head. Imagine there's a very center at the top. Imagine at the very top of your skull, there is an opening. You would intuitively know what I’m talking about because this part, when you're a little kid, this part is open.

Before your cranial bones joined together, that part is open in little babies because that is how they get information and that is also how actually, the stream from your higher self enters your body also. The anchoring happens through that same spot. In the very middle or the very top of your head, imagine that that DNA structure gets deposited inside of your skull and kind of like inside of your brain. Now, as that happens, imagine this new DNA that you just worked on multiplies enough time so that one strand of...not one strand, the whole molecule of DNA is deposited in every cell of your body replacing the one that is already there. You can imagine and envision it many different ways. You can imagine that this new DNA molecule almost like engulfs the old one and essentially eats it away and stands in its place. In other words, you want to replace the old DNA structure of all of your cells with this new DNA structure that is not tarnished, that is not damaged. And then you want to kind of like solidify that. What do I mean by solidify that? The DNA is a structure inside of your body that is really good with receiving and transmitting electric currents. Imagine that there is an electric current that enters your body through the crown of your head through the very top of your head, almost like a lightning strike.

When that happens, imagine all of these DNA structures being activated momentarily as lightning strikes. It's kind of like...and all of them get activated. As they get activated, they start firing things up. They start running the cells. Essentially, they're now in charge. They're in command. They are kind of like the presidents of each of your cells. They are the executive branch. They are essentially stepping in, stepping up and getting to work. That is the energy, the DNA shift that we're going to do. Oh, god, there's so many more that I can give you. Unfortunately, I think that we'll have to do more episodes on integrating god/goddess consciousness. But here's one thing I will tell you — why don't we do one really, really quick exercise on integrating the god/goddess energies that you are... Here is the deal, we didn't get to dive too deeply into it so I’ll be quick.

God/goddess energies are not created equal. In fact, because you are a projection or an emanation of source, you are going to be a very unique creator or a very unique creatress, as in there are no streams of consciousness that are exactly alike. Each of us is unique and that is the good news. Your flavor of goddess or god is going to be very different from the girl or the guy next to you and that is a good thing. In other words, no two humans are going to embody god goddess consciousness in the same exact way because no two beings are alike. No two beings have the same exact mission. No two beings have these same exact aspirations etc. Because of that, your unique flavor, your unique type, kind of a god or goddess that you are is reflective of who you are at soul level and where you are going, so it's going to be different. Because of that, embodying the vibrations of your goddess or god is going to be very different and unique to you and would feel good based on where you're going.

In order to start integrating those energies, we're going to do a couple of things. First, imagine that a being of light is approaching you out of nowhere. You've been doing all this great work and now, you see like a being of light just kind of like approaching and they're carrying something in their hands, this being of light and you know that it is an item of clothing. They're approaching you and they're telling you that this item of clothing vibrationally represents the particular type of god or goddess consciousness that you came here to be, emanate and present to the world and they're giving or gifting this item to you. They're handing it off to you. I want you to focus on what this item is. I want you to wrap it around, like unwrap it, shall I say. Look and focus on what it is. What is this item of clothing? Is it more masculine, is it more feminine? What color is it, what shape is it? Is it a dress, is it a cloak? What is it? Is it a shoe? Because it could be anything. Is it a piece of jewelry, is it a crow? It could be anything but it is a very, very deeply symbolic thing, piece of clothing that speaks to the kind of god or goddess that you are and speaks to the kind of powers that you hold.

Make no mistake, everything... The language of symbols is its own language. Can you learn to understand it overnight — probably not. But very often, you would intuitively know why a particular garment was brought to you and what it means. The colors are very important. The fabric, if you can feel the fabric. Is it harsh, is it rough, is it very tender, is it gentle, is it very high-end — everything really matters. You may even ask your guardian what flavor of god or goddess energies you've come to emanate and you most likely will get the answer. Either way, whatever they've given you, start putting it on to yourself. Put it onto your body and the moment that this fabric, the moment this garment hits your body start, feeling like how at first, it doesn't quite feel like it's your energy. You kind of almost would one like move your body around. You maybe would want to do a stretch. Maybe it would feel like a little bit constricting or constraining because there's not enough space in your body.

You definitely want to move your body around in order to be able to fully feel comfortable in this new garment of yours, in this new item of clothing. That's one. And then you want to keep that item on, essentially those codes, that integration is going to keep happening in the next few days. Because again, integration of energies is not immediate. It takes time. Another thing that I want you to imagine is I would like for you to download your own set of god or goddess codes. The way we're going to do that is with the help of your spinal cord. I don't know if whether you realize it or not but essentially, your spinal cord contains not only the history of your full lineage but also the signs... It's like a map. If human beings knew how to read the language of the vertebrae and the language of the spinal cord, it's better than knowing astrology for an individual particular human because you can read somebody's whole soul journey as well as this, the path for this incarnation just through the vertebrae.

Anytime we want to upgrade the body, we definitely want to upgrade the vertebrae. Because the vertebrae, the spinal cord is essentially like your center the central axis of your body and as such, it impacts everything in its vicinity and around it to a very, very high degree. I want you to imagine that there is a stream of golden light coming from the heavens straight into your crown center and this is no ordinary stream. This is a stream from source consciousness with the codes. These are the golden codes. Essentially, if you zoom in, you would notice that it's like symbols and numbers that are floating in your head right now like an avalanche. These are the codes to the kind of god or goddess that you are. These are the keys to your unique particular goddess god consciousness or emanational vibration of flavor, if you will, that is unique to you and that you are meant to integrate in the body. You want to imagine that it is flowing through your crown center and then as it flows down your body, it goes on towards the back side of your body and actually starts flowing in a stream down your spinal cord, down the central axis of your body. As it does, imagine that around each vertebrae, there's like a little vortex that is created, like a little golden spiral that is created. Each of your vertebrae is starting to integrate the codes.

It's almost like it wants to... Imagine that each of your vertebrae turns into a little bit of a sponge that's hungry and thirsty for these codes. You want your vertebrae to absorb as much of this golden stream of energy as humanely possible. And then as one of your brains are absorbing, the other ones might be integrating. You don't want to constrict the flow. That energy needs to start floating essentially down to your tailbone and then start floating into the ground. It's fine if it goes into earth. Don't worry about it. As that happens, imagine that each vertebrae becomes its own vortex. All of the toxicity, all of the damages, any of the bad stuff that is not meant to be a part of that area of your body, a part of that vertebrae would get automatically removed. But the most important part is this codes get absorbed. They get integrated. They get inherently accepted by your body through the vertebrae and through your spinal cord. You want to enable that process to happen. It's not a quick process. It may take up to 15 minutes. If you don't have the patience or you don't have the time, it is fine.

You may come out of this meditation with the intention or having stated your intention that you want the process to complete as is intended and you are fully willing and ready to receive the code of your own god/goddess energy, your own creator/creatress under energy and you want it to be fully integrated in your body with your highest good and mind and however long it takes, it takes. So, essentially, you don't have to complete the process in that one sitting or in that one go. That is how I would start integrating your god or goddess consciousness in your body. There is so much that you could do, you guys. There's so much that is waiting for you on the other side if you accept yourself, if you start treating yourself as the creator or the creatress that you are, as the wonder that you are, as the god/goddess that you are. It is not a form of arrogance and it is not a form of pride. It is a form of understanding that you come from a limitless source and that source is you and you are that source and essentially, you are one and indivisible. Any type of division is a fallacy. Any type of division is an illusion, is a maya. It is not here to stay and it does not represent the ultimate truth. As such, it is not arrogant to think of yourself as a god or a goddess. In fact, it is completely delusional to think anything otherwise.

You came to this life, you came into this planet to transcend what's possible for humanity and you're starting with yourself. You came here to start leveling up, upgrading the codes, to start getting outside of your comfort zone and to transcend all of the old dogmas, all of the old programming, all of the old fallacies, the belief systems, the mental constructs that are no longer serving humanity, no longer serving you. The path of doing that is the path of accepting yourself as someone that has limitless power, as someone who's in charge of your own life, as somebody who is able to make choices, as somebody that is wholesome and perfect, complete and in full integrity, the way you already are. You don't need to graduate from some place. You don't need to keep studying, learning to get into a place of this wholesome perfection. You already are by the virtue of you being an emanation of source consciousness. Start living your life as the creator or creatress that you are and not a slave or a martyr that you are not. This is my intention for you and for the world. Thank you for being with me today. I’m sure we will get back to this topic in one of our future episodes. I’m sending you so much love. Bye.

Thank you so much for listening to Conversations with my Higher Self podcast. We hope you enjoyed this episode. If you have a suggestion for a topic we should explore in the future, please email us at If you resonate with our message, please consider leaving us a review or sharing this episode with your friends. The world is going to be better off for it. With much love, Mariya and Sergei.

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