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Self-Confidence Work with the Sun, Ancestors and Past Lives to Claim Back Your Confidence

Conversations With The Collective Series: In this episode, I will talk about self-confidence. I will give you three extremely strong practices that will have you claim back your confidence. We will work with the energy of the Sun and solar plexus. We will remove cords from the past lives and cleanse your ancestral relationship with confidence. In the end, I will share a meditation that will help lightworkers and starseeds to step on their path and feel confident about it. Questions from the collective: Questions 1: I’ve built the cord, but it feels that I cannot receive the energy. I see the cord attached to the belly button, but the energy doesn’t penetrate my body. What should I do? Questions 2: How do I know that I’m ready for this work? How do I know that I have what it takes to heal others, teach others, etc.? How do I know that I even have the gifts, or something to share, or value to give to others?

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