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Planetary Karma. What Karmic Knots Humanity is Working on Collectively

In this episode, I will talk about karma and different types of karma. I will talk about your personal karma, karma of your ancestors, and a collective or planetary karma. We will dive deep and I will explain how they all intertwine and work together.

00:00 Let’s talk about karma

04:22 Types of karma besides your personal

12:28 Ancestral karma

14:49 Planetary karma

27:28 Major planetary karmic knots

38:56 Karmic knot of the shadow side of humanity

46:38 Lack of connection with Mother Nature and Mother Gaia

58:58 The karmic knot of patriarchy

1:05:02 Zero-sum game

1:21:02 How can I help transcend the karma around Nature?

1:19:23 How was I abusing my femininity within and how to fix this relationship?

1:27:02 How do I know if at this point in time I’m working on all of it or just some parts of it?

Please enjoy!


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