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Pink Flame The Flame of Cosmic Love Forgiveness and Compassion Childhood How to work with it

In this episode, we will talk about the Pink Flame. It is a flame of cosmic love, compassion, forgiveness, childhood, family, it is an energy of the divine masculine and feminine and their balance. Mariya's Higher Self will give you some powerful meditations for beginners and advanced practitioners.

  • 0:58 Properties of the Pink Flame and what it does. 

  • 1:50 What aspects of the Pink Flame you can experience in 3D 

  • 2:34 How to experience higher aspects of the Pink Flame 

  • 4:16 Shadow side of the Pink Flame (loneliness, separation from the Source, gender disbalance, gender identification, etc.) 

  • 6:55 About different stages of the Pink Flame that will be available for the humanity 

  • 8:25 Why so many people have gender identification issues and what it has to do with the Pink Flame. 

  • 11:13 Corresponding chakra to the Pink Flame in 3D and 5D 

  • 12:28 Corresponding crystals, herbs, plants and essential oils 

  • 14:20 Pink Flame ritual 

  • 16:50 Pink Flame ritual for men 

  • 17:30 About disbalance of feminine and masculine for men and how to use the Pink Flame to balance them. 

  • 19:30 The most common shadow side among humanity around the Pink Flame. A meditation that would allow you to feel the connection with the Source. 

  • 25:40 A ritual that would allow you to be always connected to the energy of the Pink Flame. 

  • 28:25 Flames that work well with the Pink Flame. How to work with multiple flames at the same time. 

  • 29:25 How to work with the Green and Pink Flames. 

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Maria: Hello, friend. I am Maria and welcome to the Conversations with My Higher Self podcast. This show is about spirituality, consciousness and the inner workings of the universe at large. My partner Sergei uses hypnosis to bring me into a deep Theta state where I get a chance to connect with my higher self. He then interviews me to uncover wealth of knowledge about higher realms, celestial beings and various energetic practices. Enjoy!

Sergei: May I speak to Maria’s higher self, please?

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: Can you tell us about the pink flame? What does it do?

Maria: Yes. I love the pink flame. So, the pink flame is the flame and the energy of cosmic love. It’s the energy of the divine aspects of the masculine, feminine and the balance of the two. It is the energy of forgiveness and compassion. It is the energy of family, childbirth and children in general, childhood. Those are the main ones.

Sergei: Is it the high dimensional flame?

Maria: Yes. It’s a high dimensional flame. Is it possible to experience in 3D? Though in lower aspects, yes. I would say the aspects that you could experience here are related to motherhood, related to childbirth, related to raising a kid, related to family. Obviously this is not the greatest dimension to experience the balance of the divine feminine and masculine as well as the cosmic love aspect.

Sergei: So, it’s impossible to experience them?

Maria: Under altered states of consciousness, a lot of people do.

Sergei: But it is short term…

Maria: Short lived, yes, short lived. It’s a very high vibration, very volatile energy. What I mean by volatile is it’s really hard to contain it in one place and volatile also means lower vibrations like 3D means dense and slow. High vibrations means light and fast. So, when I say the energy of the pink flame’s very volatile actually mean that is higher dimensional. So, it’s fast, right? It’s not that it disappears quickly. It’s just it moves so fast that you lose track of it. You're not able to keep track in 3D because you're a little bit dense and slow for the time being.

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: It’s actually really… so, it’s interesting. So, the energy of the pink flame as well as the energy of the white flame are the two energies that you experience when you crossover after you die. So, when you get released from your body, the two energies become very obvious to you because you start vibrating closer to those frequencies, if not on those frequencies are the white and the pink flame. So, they quite literally take you up.

Those are the two energies. And that's why a lot of people that have a near death experience would say that I just felt so loved, I just felt so connected and so understood and so balanced and so perfect and so light. That is all the workings of the pink/white flame combined energies.

Sergei: Got it. And what are the shadow sides, the ones that we can experience?

Maria: Yeah, loneliness, heartbreak, separation from the source aspect, every kind of dis-balance, any kind of gender dis-balance and gender issues. So, anything that is women that are too masculine, men that are too feminine or men that are too aggressive and women that are too overly sentimental. That is still not a balance, right? There's so much dis-balance in the gender roles on this planet.

Another way that you could see the gender aspects being mixed a little bit is with gender identification when somebody doesn't want to identify with the body that they’ve been born into. So, that would be a potential shadow aspect, which doesn't make it bad and I want to point it out. Shadow aspect is always the greatest teacher because we as souls don't ever get to evolve unless we’re present to our shadow aspect. So, there are a lot of souls right now that are coming onto planet Earth to try to bring in the energy of the pink flame with them, to try to bring higher aspects of the energy of the pink flame.

Sergei: And they experience the shadow aspect?

Maria: And a lot of them experience the shadow aspect because that's unfortunately the only aspect that's available on this planet. So, we have to collectively work through that, get all the love and compassion for that state before we can bring it to the light.

Sergei: You mean before we can bring it to the next level?

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: Oh, I see. I see what you mean. Got it. So, you have to start low and then gradually move to the next level, to the next level.

Maria: Correct.

Sergei: And the one that is available right now is this one?

Maria: Correct. And it’s only recently available. I mean, a lot of these things, to a lot of you it feels like where is this coming from. This was not “normal”, it wasn’t happening before. Well, it’s because the pink ray, we’ve unlocked as humanity the next aspect of the pink ray and unfortunately, yes, we’re on the bottom level of that next aspect. So, all the shadow and all the nastiness and all the confusion rather is coming up. These people are really, truly confused. They're not making it up.

Sergei: Got it. Like they're the pioneers?

Maria: Correct.

Sergei: To say, right?

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: Got it.

Maria: Because they first have to… in order to experience cosmic love for others, that's what cosmic love is, is loving everything around you as much as you love yourself. You know where this first breaks down? Loving yourself because that is the absolute ground zero, step zero, square one, however you want to call it, starts with self-love. And humanity is not even remotely there. So, before we get to self-love 100%, we’re not going to get to next level of loving the other as part of myself 100%.

And that is precisely what a lot of these people with gender identification issues are dealing with. They have to find love within themselves, for themselves the way they are, broken and confused and laughed at and bullied and all kinds of things are happening to them. Do you think that's easy? Absolutely not. They're the scapegoat of this generation no matter how widespread it is. And finding self-love despite the pressure of society is the challenge because there's a lot of pressure.

And there's still going to be pressure for a couple of generations from here and then that pressure is going to be released and then we’re going to be able to collectively be more accepting/loving because love and acceptance are one in the same thing. Love is the absence of judgment. Look at how much judgment there is, how much soul judgment there is. We judge ourselves every day.

Sergei: Is self-love one of the aspects of the pink flame?

Maria: Cosmic love contains self-love because cosmic love is the love for creation and all of its entirety: the good, the bad, the ugly, the negative, the positive, the in between, the neutral, the self and the other, the lower aspects and the higher aspects. Cosmic love is so deep that it’s enough for every single dimension. It is a love of higher consciousness but if you for a second try to get into that higher state and higher consciousness state, you will see that the creator and creatress love everybody equally but they also love themselves and they love each other.

There's a lot of acceptance and there is no judgment and that's why what I hear a lot from Earthians, people who live on Earth, in prays and what not is they're always asking but how could God do this or how could God tolerate this, because there is no judgment up there because God is not judging a killer, murderer, a thief, not really. It’s actually the killer judging themselves. It’s the thief judging themselves what creates a distortion in their field and it’s never the creator or the creatress. It’s never the source.

Sergei: Got it. And given before we go to meditations, is there a corresponding chakra to this flame?

Maria: So, yeah. You could say. You could say that there is an upper hard chakra that this flame would live in. So, it’s in that place between your heart and your neck, so, that upper side. I mean obviously you know that the chakra, the heart chakra in 3D is mostly green or emerald but there is a higher cosmic aspect. It’s actually really recent, really recent. So, it’s almost like a little realm or a little cover on top of the emerald energy.

Sergei: The pink one?

Maria: Yeah. It’s like a pink diamond, very clear, very beautiful pink, not a very intense shade of pink. It’s like a pink rose.

Sergei: Is it a third dimensional chakra or it’s a high dimensional?

Maria: It’s a fifth dimensional chakra. Yeah.

Sergei: So, it lives on top of the heart chakra?

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: On the fifth dimension?

Maria: Correct.

Sergei: Got it. Okay. And are there any herbs and plants or minerals that can help you to connect with this energy?

Maria: Yes, rose quartz obviously. I don't know if you notice but there certainly is a spike in the rose quartz popularity, was not even the case 25 years ago. Nowhere close and that's how recent the pink flame energy is and that 5D consciousness is. All of these people all of a sudden get attracted to that pink energy. They can't get enough of it and that's what I was trying to say. It’s a very whitish pink, milky pink energy, very gentle.

So, rose quartz is a really, really good one to practice. In terms of plants, the pink roses I've mentioned for sure but try to find the lightest pink because rose can go pretty deep pink. That's not that shade that's a little bit deeper. That's muddied aspect of the cosmic love flame and you want to go almost they call it sometimes the tea rose that's very light pink. Actually rose tea, any kind, is really, really soothing for that aspect to bring in the balance into your life.

So, rose tea, rose oil for your hands, just really rubbing the oil. They put it in lotions and hand creams but just make sure it’s a real essential oil because there's a lot of imitations for the rose and if you are buying the chemical compound that smells like a rose it’s not going to get you anywhere close to same impact.

Rose bath, beautiful. Taking a rose bath with about 10 to 20 drops of rose oil, even rose hip oil is cool and then rose petals would totally get you to be submerged in that beautiful, beautiful crystal love. And what you want to do is you want to ask the bath and this is more of an exercise than a meditation because it’s a ritual, you want to ask the in the pink flame to take away all the dis-balance and all the impurities and how within your own body your inner divine masculine and feminine coexist. For instance as a woman, are you a little bit too harsh? Are you little bit quick tempered? Do you use bad language? That could be a sign, all signs of dis-balance and that lack of harmony in the two.

Lily of the valley is another beautiful flower that has the same exact essence. Interestingly enough, Larimar and Amazonite also have, despite being blue, they have the same vibrations of cosmic eternal love, you cannot do anything wrong type love, you are perfect the way you are. It’s actually really, really good to meditate with those stones on your body when you're experiencing…

So, for women for instance, if they're experiencing pain in their abdominal like lower abdomen, anything to do with reproductive system, it’s actually really, really good to position both rose quartz as well as Amazonite and Larimar next to the ovaries so that all the impurities could be kind of sucked in by the crystals and then you want to wash the crystals.

For men, the rose bath, I know it sounds a little out there [Laughs] but it’s okay. It doesn't make you less of a man if you are open to taking a rose bath. You could add something that's a little bit more masculine like pine tree oil. It mixes really beautifully with the rose oil. So, you don't have to worried that you're going to smell like a woman but you can still get the benefit, right? So, you could take the same bath.

And for men, it’s interesting. So, the dis-balance of masculine and feminine would very often live in the chest because that's your heart center for men. And so, if your feminine is not at its optimal state, your heart chakra’s going to be very closed down with very thick walls. It’s almost like a fortress that's really impenetrable.

So, you just want to invite the pink flame right in your heart space and ask it to dissolve those barriers so that your heart can be of service to your overall body and to your overall path. If you feel like you are, as a man, you're already very sensitive then you can still invite the pink flame and it will restore the balance, the perfect masculinity in your heart, make your heart strong, reliable, dependable, allow you to enable you to take responsibility for the people that you love, etc., etc. So, that is just a quick ritual. Think I felt like I got sidetracked a little but because what you asked was are there any plants or minerals.

Sergei: So, it’s super helpful. Yeah, thanks for sharing that.

Maria: Okay.

Sergei: And maybe we can go with the meditation and I just wanted to ask you given the state of the humanity right now, is there any particular meditation that can be helpful for the most of the population? What is the most common issue that people experience right now? What’s the most common shadow side?

Maria: Well, the most common shadow side is that feeling of complete separation and we’ve kind of spoken a little bit about it when we said that the shadow side is the lack of faith and the religion aspect. Well, a related…

Sergei: Separation from the source.

Maria: From the source, yes. So, the related aspect is the reason we feel so disconnected, the reason we feel so alone, there's just a pandemic of loneliness, a pandemic of anxiety and depression is all because you don't feel like this universe has your back. When you don't see light at the end of the tunnel, when you feel like forever are going to be alone and forever you're going to be the one to deal with your issues, with your problems and by the way, the authority figures on this planet are not helping either.

Look at what your governments are doing, starting wars and working on fake things that don't move the needle and then not paying attention to the problems that should be paid attention to. There's a complete lack of trust as there should be because this government cannot be trusted. So, what a lot of people are experiencing today is A, the lack of trust but also that complete and utter disconnectedness from each other and the creator, creatress energies. So, being submerged in cosmic love can actually be a really beautiful, healing experience.

So, here is a very simple meditation. What I want to invite you to is a world of pink. Not the color, not the brightest shade of pink I want to reiterate but the most beautiful, soothing, milky pink you could imagine. So, what I want you to imagine is that you live in the world where everything is a shade of pink. The sun is pink and the rays that it sends to you are pink and the sky is pink when the sun is just getting when there is the dawn, you see those first sparks of pink light. But here's the meditation.

I want you to imagine an ocean or a river, whatever feels better to you, the most beautiful shade of pink with little pink sparkles and I want you to imagine your body floating in that beautiful… let’s pink a river. Say it’s a river, pink river. It’s a nice, warm day and there's not one worry in the world for you and you can even do you know in the snow they do the snow angel by waving their arms and legs up and down.

So, what I want you to do is do the same thing in the water and don't worry. You're not going to drown, you're not going to sink to the bottom of the river because the river’s holding you up. And you can almost imagine two palms. Imagine that your cosmic mother or father are holding you up as little baby in the palms of the their feet and it’s almost like you're taking a pink bath and they're rocking you back and forth in their arms and you're completely safe and protected and connected and loved by them.

They never let you go. They’ve always loved you. You just forgot. Allow that pink energy to fill your every self because you remember you're 75% water anyway. So, this pink water can fill you up to the brim with that serine, unconditional love that you forgot you had access to. So, allow your cells, every cell of your body to drink for as long as it wants to drink. Drink that energy of pink, calm, serine love in and be saturated by it and be enveloped in it.

Make sure that you have that energy in every major organ of your body, in your stomach, in your liver, in your intestines, in your kidneys, in your heart, in your lungs, in your esophagus, in your brain. So much pink love. Yeah. And so, you can stay in that pink, cuddly energy for as long as you need and just remember that you're loved. That would be the meditation that most people can do and understand.

Sergei: Yeah. Thank you. It’s a very beautiful meditation. Thank you. All right. Is there anything else that you would like to share with us about this flame?

Maria: I would just say that if you want to always be connected to the pink energy it is advisable to have a pink object with you at all times. It can be a crystal, it can be a piece of jewelry, it could be a little bracelet, whatever that is. It could be an article of clothing or something that you just put in your bag or backpack, just some item that is pink that would attract that energy to you because we’ve mentioned before that like attracts like.

So, if you are emanating pink energy, that pink ray is going to be attracted back to you. And so, even if you're having a bad day or you feel down and it’s really hard for you to get into the high vibrations of cosmic love, what you could still do is have an object or a talisman that can get you there because a talisman could be a transmitter of that energy for you. So, you could always ensure that you are walking in the vibration of pink light.

Another thing that I would recommend is if you're feeling a little bit down or a lot of you are feeling right now like this world is a very dangerous place, I recommend before if you have to leave your house encapsulate yourself in an egg shape structure of pink, beautiful, vibrant light cosmic love. So, when you are this much love, the only thing you could attract to yourself is love. You cannot attract disease, you cannot attract death, you cannot attract poverty or the loss of your job because if you're so much pink and love and balance you're going to attract the like energy.

So, let that pink energy be your armor. Let that be your coating when you're out there in the world living your life, fighting your battles, going to work or just getting groceries. That could be a really beautiful way to connect with the pink ray and always have it be on your side.

Sergei: And it specifically has to be baby pink or like a milky pink color?

Maria: I think baby pink is a good way to describe it, yes.

Sergei: Yeah. Baby pink. Got it. That's awesome. And maybe last one question about the pink one. Are there any flames that work really well with the pink flame?

Maria: I might have already mentioned the white one works really, really well. It helps elevate the pink energies even higher, giving them more amplitude and more purity of thought and intension. I think the very beautiful combination is green and pink. I mean, there is a reason why your heart chakra is both, right? Actually if you go into higher dimensions, the proportion for beings, their heart chakras become more and more pink and less and less green as you travel upward but it’s still a very beautiful energy to work with collectively, the green and the pink.

Sergei: How would you use green and pink flames?

Maria: So, I mean the main aspect of the green energy is still healing, right? But you can always call in a very soothing… so, the healing that the pink ray could really assist with is mental, right? Yes, it could help with the physical healing of your body but if you have, I don't know, panic attacks or if you just have any psychological issues, you would want to invite the dual string of green and pink energy into your aura.

And you can even, since we’re on that topic a little bit of protection, imagine so that two DNA strands, the pink and the green energy. And imagine them forming a protective circle around you, around your body kind of like a sphere, right? So, what that would enable you to do is actually protect you from mental attacks, from entities. And you can also, you know flower crowns? So, you could wear a crown made of pink and green energy on your head to attract the best possible thoughts.

If you're feeling suicidal for instance, it could be a very good spiritual defense to have a crown on your head of pink and green ray because any bad thoughts are going to have a really hard time penetrating that if you're wearing a crown of those two frequencies on your head.

Sergei: That's beautiful. Yeah. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. So, now I'm going to end our session and I'm very grateful for the information you provided to us today. I'm asking the higher self to resort to where it belongs with much love and much thanks for the help and information it has been giving Maria. I know she’s really going to appreciate it. Now, I want all the consciousness and personality of Maria to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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