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Physical Body How to connect with it Why it is important to understand it for your spiritual growth

This episode is all about the physical body from the spiritual perspective. We will talk about topics like "What does it mean to be healthy", "How to connect with your physical body", " Have people ever were connected to their physical bodies", etc.

  • 1:00 What is a physical body?

  • 2:40 How to inspect your body with the inner vision

  • 3:20 In what cases you need a complete body scan

  • 5:30 Why it is so bad to avoid your pain with the help of the painkillers

  • 7:00 What is your pain trying to tell you?

  • 7:50 Facing pain is the first step to healing

  • 8:40 An exercise. How to talk to your pain

  • 12:40 Ancestral pain

  • 13:54 Pain is not the only signal. You don't have to go to the state of pain

  • 14:20 Signs of disbalance before the pain starts manifesting

  • 12:30 Our bodies is our the best ally.

  • 23:00 What does your body expect from your?

  • 25:00 Additional information about the body scan technique that will allow you to go deeper.

  • 32:00 Techniques that can bring you to the most optimal state of health:

  • 32:10 First technique

  • 36:25 Second technique

  • 57:20 Why going to a healer will not solve your root cause issue but can buy you some time to find and fix it. (Where are healers that can help you to understand the lesson and in this case the healing can be instant or you learned the lesson on your own and you go to a healer to accelerate the physical body healing).

  • 1:02:50 The source of pain and disease

  • 1:06:30 Planetary diseases right now (anxiety, depression, stress) and how much time the planet needs to heal them.

  • 1:07:20 Sources of disease on the planetary level and their percentages from the population.

  • 1:10:15 Why is everybody so sick on this planet?

  • 1:11:15 Healing of the humanity starts with the understanding of their bodies

  • 1:14:40 Biohacking and why it is harmful for your body

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Mariya:  Hello, friend. I am Mariya, and welcome to the Conversations with my Higher Self podcast. This show is about spirituality, consciousness, and the inner workings of the universe at large. My partner, Sergei, uses hypnosis to bring me into a deep Theta state, where I get a chance to connect with my higher self. He, then, interviews me to uncover a wealth of knowledge about higher realms, celestial beings, and various energetic practices. Enjoy.

Sergei:  I want to talk to you about the physical body. Maybe just a quick overview, maybe not quick, an overview of the physical body. What is a physical body?

Mariya:  A physical body is a sort of shell that enables you to ground yourself, your spirit, into the dense vibrations of 3D. It is a costume, if you will, of dense energies, dense cells, that enable your light, very fine, very refined soul energies to anchor themselves in this dimension and impact this dimension on a physical level. So, that is what the physical body is in its most simple form. It's also the least complicated of the bodies, because you look at it all day, every day in the mirror, so you see yourself. You're very familiar with that body that you have.

Sergei:  Yeah. The only issue is that you cannot look inside.

Mariya:  I guess you could, if you truly wanted to.

Sergei:  With your inner vision you mean?

Mariya:  Right. [Laughs] Yes, I guess surgeons look inside all the time, but yes, you can always, always inspect your physical body with your transcendental inner vision. In fact, I highly recommend that, if you were to get to know your body.

Sergei:  Is it something that any person can do?

Mariya:  Yes. A body scan is one of those very simple techniques that most people, even if they're not necessarily very evolved, can do and can practice. It could be a very interesting exercise. A full body scan is recommended. Every time you have pain. I honestly do it every season, because our bodies change every season to adapt to the coming season. Especially for areas where there are massive fluctuations of temperatures across the season, your body is getting itself prepared for the next season by shedding layers of skin or by increasing the number of layers depending on, for a cold season, you want more layers. For the hot season, you want less layers, so precipitation could be easier, sweating could be easier, things like that.

So, scanning your body is a really, really good exercise. The most simplistic way could be starting with an organ, if an organ or particular area of your body hurts. So, you want to zoom into that organ and inspect it, look at it. Look at where that pain is. Is it on the surface of the organ? Is it within the organ? And then, you should be able to locate what that pain looks like, what geometric shape it has, whether it's light or heavy, what color it has, things like that.

Why is it helpful? Humans, in general, don't understand pain, and by not understanding it, they're not able to heal themselves. There is also an aspect of today's society that has been conditioned to run away from pain as opposed to run towards it. So, especially the Western world, if you look at it, is a society of painkillers. They go through childbirth, they want painkillers for that, instead of knowing and learning from that pain. Because if humanity, instead of trying to kill pain of childbirth, and this is just one example, would allow itself to face it head on, we would have already moved into pleasurable birth, instead of painful birth, as a society. But because our relationship with pain is that of avoidance or is that of resistance, we're not able to understand, process, and evolve through the message the pain is giving us.

So, again, I'm going to repeat this, in a society where killing pain is a habit, and is a very, very wide embraced type of avenue and course of action, we are never going to see a healthy population. And by healthy, I mean, physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Because the pain in your physical body could be an indicator of something that is off and out of balance with any of your other bodies. Because they all are one Russian doll, all outer bodies are influencing the inner bodies, all inner bodies are influencing the outer bodies. It is very much a symbiotic system that is one integral entity, as well as a number of layers within that entity, so they're not separate from each other.

It is a system that's entirely interconnected. So, when we actually, instead of suppressing pain, face it, that is a first step to healing. When you're feeling pain, the last thing I would encourage you to do is take a pill to get rid of it, because you will be getting rid of a symptom, not the root cause. So, going into that pain and by scanning the organ, what you're going into is trying to understand that pain and the message that it holds.

Now, there could be so many different reasons why you're in pain. I would recommend something that I would probably call the simplest exercise you could do is speaking to that pain as if it was a part of yourself that had a message. So, in your head or out loud, or however you want to do this, you should have a roleplay type of exercise, and that should happen in parallel with you doing the scanning of your body. So, if you're looking at that organ that is painful, that is hurting, like I said, you first want to examine and pinpoint where that pain is. And when you are able to see with your transcendental vision what shape it is, what color it is, if it's heavy or light, warm or cool, what does it look and feel like, then you can invite that pain which all that is is a message.

Pain is always a message, and you want to hear it, and until you hear it you cannot heal and you cannot cure. You're only postponing that which is inevitable by killing the pain, because you can only suppress it for so long. Eventually, you can get yourself into a situation where you cannot kill pain anymore, because the message just needs to come through. That's the point where health just takes over. Now, that's why they say you cannot buy health. No, but you can hear that message.

So, I would invite you to talk to that pain. Ask it how long it has been living in your body. You might be surprised by the answer, because some pains have been with your body since your childhood, and they just are starting to manifest right now. Some have been there for years, weeks, days, depending on the type of pain, kind of pain. It'll give you an answer. You could and should ask it why it is located in this particular area of your body. Why did it choose a part of your body? You want to ask your pain, what is it that it's trying to get for you? What is its service to you that is performing at this moment in time? What is its greatest message that it's caring for you in the spirit of the greater good of your whole organism? And then, you should ask your pain, how you can get healed from it? And she'll tell you. She'll tell you exactly what you need to do.

Sometimes things that you might receive back would feel pretty drastic. Sometimes pain would have you divorce your husband. Sometimes the pain that you would have would have you quit smoking. Sometimes the pain that you have would have you change your job. Sometimes the pain that you would have would enforce you to have a new habit that you've been resisting like drinking more water or taking on another healthy habit. Sometimes the pain that you have is going to make you give up a food that you're attached to, or another human in your life like a friend that you spend too much time with, and that's not being healthy for you. Sometimes the pain is going to be there to have you give up a dream, because that dream might potentially be leading you alongside a wrong path. Sometimes the pain that you have is going to be ancestral, and that means it would permeate through generations upon generations of your familial lineage. Those tend to be the hardest ones to heal, but it doesn't mean that it's impossible.

So, depending on the answers, I would just encourage you to listen to the answers very, very closely and writing everything down. In fact, if you don't want to speak out loud, you can do an exercise while you're writing down the questions on the piece of paper, and then you're writing down the answers coming from that pain that you're talking to. Sometimes it'll suggest you to do multiple things, not just one, and I invite you to lean into those suggestions and see how your life might change. But I think we started by talking about body scanning, right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: So, pain is a very extreme signal. You don't always have to get to that state. In fact, if you're listening to your body, and if you're doing all the interim steps of scanning it and taking care of it, in the meantime, you would never have to go to the pain threshold or to the pain frontier, because that's generally the last stop before things get really bad. It's like, "Okay, wake up call," pretty serious wake up call. There are signs of disbalance way earlier on before pain starts being manifested. What are the signs of your disbalance? Feeling tired or not feeling fully refreshed when you wake up. First red flag. That means you need to start scanning your body immediately. If you're feeling anything that actually has to do with energy levels. If you're just not feeling the same energy level that you used to, first red flag. If something shifts in your body, for instance, and your body stops taking a particular food, stops digesting a particular type of food, that is always a red flag. Something is changing in your body and is shifting, and instead of being blindsided by it, you'd rather get ahead of it.

Other signs before pain hits that something can be wrong, cracks in your bones, for instance. Or when you're starting to lose the elasticity in your body. You're not able to stretch as far as you used to. That could be a red flag. Other red flags, if you're thirsty when you wake up in the morning, red flag. First step to manifesting some type of pain. Because if you're thirsty, or you have a dry mouth, that means that a few organ systems inside of your body are also thirsty, which means that they cannot get rid of the byproducts, the unnecessary byproducts, the toxic byproducts. That means that they're suffocating in those byproducts. If you're not able to fully breathe, if you feel congested, if you feel like you cannot take a deep breath and hold it for a minute or a minute and a half. Any type of respiratory difficulty without pain is a cause to start examining your body.

If you are becoming emotionally unstable, or for instance, if you notice a shift in your emotional state compared to how it used to be, if you started getting annoyed easier than before, or angry. Or if, all of a sudden, you're sentimental, and you feel like you cry a lot. Or if, all of a sudden, you become indifferent, and you're used to being the opposite. All of these are like warning signs that something is happening, and that shift might not be to your benefit. If you experience digestion issues, if it's quicker or slower than normal, or if it doesn't feel optimal, if you feel gassy, bloated, warning sign. It doesn't have to be pain. If you feel heart palpitations or increased blood pressure, or that you have an uneven pulse, sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow, warning sign. If your body retains too much liquid, so in other words, you would wake up, and you would feel puffy, like puffiness under the eyes or puffiness in the face, warning sign. You should do the full scan of your body. If you have sensitivity in your scalp all of a sudden, warning sign, full body scan.

I mean, I could keep going. There are so many. All of these red flags that most people just brushed under the rug for so, so long. A toothache, even a minor toothache. If your gums are bleeding. It doesn't have to get all the way crazy, and that's the problem. If you were to listen to all of these warning signs at the time that they were supposed to be listened to, you would never have to go through pain, because your body is sending you 1,000 signals before it sends you signal of pain. It wants you to learn the lesson in the least detrimental, least painful way possible. Pain is the last frontier. All else failed.

Sergei: And a skin condition, for example.

Mariya:  Absolutely. Pimple, full body scan. Eczema, full body scan. Yeah.

Sergei:  Okay, got it. So, let's say you have, I don't know, some skin issue, and then you do a body scan. And then, you see that one of your organs is not in good shape. So, what do you do next?

Mariya:  Well, first, like I said, it's important to get the message. What is the message?

Sergei:  And it can be physical or mental, emotional?

Mariya:  Yes, all of the above. Or the message could be, “You need to drink chamomile tea six times a day.” That could also be the message.

Sergei:  Got it. That makes sense.

Mariya:  Yeah. Then, once the message was received, it is important to take action on it. Because part of having a relationship with your body is not just listening to it, but truly hearing it, not ignoring it. Would you want to have a relationship with somebody who would always ignore all of your calls and never pick them up, or would come to you asking for advice and then never follow through on what you told them but keep repeatedly asking for advice? You wouldn't, because that's not a relationship. It's a one-sided game.

Now, mind you, our bodies, our physical body is our greatest ally in this quest that we're all going through on Earth. It is the biggest ally. Because right now, you do understand that it's not truly yours. It's borrowed. I mentioned in one of our previous sessions that it's borrowed from planet Earth, Gaia, as well as your two ancestral lines that you come from, your mom's and your dad's side. So, it's borrowed by you, and so it's a symbiosis between you and the body. The body is actually your greatest ally, so for the sake of your evolution, and for the sake of being on this journey with you, your body would go to great lengths. And if it serves you to become terribly overweight, it would go to those lengths with you. If it serves you to develop stage-four cancer, it would go to those lengths with you. If it serves you to break your spinal cord, it would go there with you. And it is feeling the pain in the same way that you are. It's feeling all of your pain. And it would go through that journey with you, because it is your greatest ally.

Now, that ally expects a couple of things. It expects reciprocity. It would really appreciate it if you could only hear it, if you talk to it. In the morning, when you wake up, why don't you ask your body how it's feeling, what you can do better to take care of it that day? How can you treat it? Are you having any habits that are not serving it? That is what having a relationship with your body feels like. Because here's how ironic this is watching from a higher dimension. You have this greatest ally at your fingertips at all times. Then, it starts giving you a message, and instead of going within to try to understand what it's telling you, you're going where? To the doctor, a third party that has absolutely no clue what your body's trying to tell you. Because the only thing that they know, the only thing that they have is some level of pattern recognition.

So, they're looking at it like, "Well, I think your body is telling you X, based on another 1,000 patients and my textbook," but they don't know. They really don't know. A pain in the liver could have over 3,000 root causes from mental to emotional to physical, to past life, to generational trauma, to karmic bonds. So, if you truly want to get answers, developing a relationship with your body is the most important thing you can do. Your body would always respond. The more you talk to it, the more it responds.

Sergei:  Got it. That's clear. Let's say you do a body scan. Is there a technique that would allow you to have a deeper body scan? Because I've done it myself, and sometimes it's not clear. Is there some kind of maybe advanced technique to go deeper and see more with the body scan?

Mariya:  The trick with the body scan is to try to figure out how macro or micro you want to go, because your body is a universe in and of itself. As above, so below. So, how intimate you are with a particular issue would depend on how zoomed in you are on it. But first, you would need to locate what part is hurting inside of your universe, which is your body. With autoimmune diseases, unfortunately, what you would see is the pain seems to be everywhere. Easier to scan a particular organ than it is to scan the circulatory system, because it penetrates literally every single aspect of your body. So, first, figure out the location. What you would notice is, first, by scanning the body from top to bottom... Honestly, the simplest thing, the simplest technique you could do, and I know you asked for sophisticated, but let's start with simple because a lot of people might not even know what that even means, to scan your body.

So, most of you, I'm assuming, have been through security at an airport when you have to go through the scanner, when you have to raise your hands up, and then there is that scanning machine that does some scanning of your body. Imagine doing that. Imagine raising your hands, closing your eyes, raising your hands, and with your inner vision examining your body from top to bottom. And first, you can just do a very quick scan, up and down and up and down, and within 10 seconds, you can do the scan of your full body. It's very quickly.

You would notice, and like I actually mentioned before, so your body has a matrix structure, so it has the lines that are penetrating your body from top to bottom and left to right. So, that matrix structure would either be healthy where the energy is flowing normally, or it would have spots where the energy is not coming through. So, if the energy, prana, chi, however you want to call it, is circulating normally in your body, your body is going to be "gold" or whatever that energy that you're transmuting. But if you're scanning your body, most likely it's going to be gold, some type of gold energy. The places in your body where the energy is not flowing are going to appear a darker shade of grey or black, and all that means is the energy is not flowing there properly.

So, you might have one or more places in your matrix structure where this is happening. You would need to identify what those places are and zoom in. And you want to keep zooming in, so you would do that first zoom in and figure out what it is. Is it a particular organ? Is it a particular patch of skin? Is it a bone? You want to zoom in to that organ, and then inspect it one more time in a zoomed in state. Eventually, if you want to move to healing, you want to imagine yourself inside that organ, like a little baby human walking in the pathways of that organ. So, you would turn yourself into a very micro version of yourself and penetrate that organ. And you want to see exactly what's wrong with it, and things that are wrong with it could be all kinds of different things.

You could see just a heavy amount of darkness. For instance, with any type of cancerous cells or malfunctioning cancerous inflammations, you would see a lot of darkness. So, you would literally need to blast it with water and golden light and white light to clean it up. So, it would feel like doing a deep clean of that organ or part of your body. Sometimes you would see a crack. If you see a cracked surface, you want to mend that surface. Sometimes you would see things like dust, like spider webs, and dirt and debris. You want to clean all of that up. If you see darkness, you always want to heal it with light. Sometimes you might see a raging fire, or sometimes you might see a drought inside of a particular organ. And then, from there, it's actually quite intuitive. If you see a raging fire, you want to put out the fire. You want to make sure that your beautiful internal garden is tended to and has fertile soil, and everything else that you need. So many things could be wrong with that organ.

Scanning, fundamentally as a technique, always starts on the macro level and goes down to the micro level. Sometimes you would need to get inside of your blood vessels and heal the blood. In general, there are a few very quick techniques that could bring you to the overall most optimal health that you could have. So, say you're not yet at the point where you're experiencing pain, but you're experiencing one of the other precursors that I mentioned to you before, whatever those are from the earlier list, whether you're feeling tired, or you're feeling you're not digesting your food properly enough. A couple of things you could do. Any liquid in your body... and then there are two liquids, the blood and lymph, and then there's also water. I guess three. Any liquid in your body travels around, it's not stagnant. So, you want to give yourself an infusion of light into the three liquids in your body, the blood, the lymph, and the water.

The way you would do that is... Actually, you could do all of this through the heart muscle. Let's make it simple, not to overcomplicate things. So, you would need to imagine. Technically, when I said there are three kinds of liquids, there are three colors of liquids. Technically, water is a transparent liquid with potentially a blue hue, lymph is yellow, and blood is red. So, what you want to do is you want to enable the white light from the cosmos, from the creator, from the source, to infiltrate all three of those liquids in your body starting at the heart. So, you almost want to imagine that your heart is a pool of white light and white liquidy, almost like a plasmic type of beautiful sparkly white liquid. It's like that inception point that gives birth to all the three liquids that your body now has.

So, what you want to see happen is the water in your body is going to start getting this pearlescent glow, almost like a higher dimensional glow. Your blood is going to start to sparkle and is going to become actually less viscous, so thinner blood, brighter blood. Same thing with lymph. It would turn from deep yellow to the most iridescent beautiful light yellow, so be cleansed. All of these three liquids should be cleansed, and it should be at their most optimal healthy state. Now, because they provide and support all the nutrients and everything else, all the correct cells to pretty much every organ in your body, then what you would want to see is all of these liquids start flowing out of your heart and carrying the beautiful white light throughout your whole physical body, filling you in with this iridescent, beautiful white light.

What these things are going to do is, doing this practice for about a week, every day, you would start noticing a real shift into your overall health and well being. Things are going to slowly start coming back into "normal," unless there's something that's fundamentally wrong with one of your organs, and that might mean that we're going to need to do extra work. But if you don't have anything that's very off at the moment, and things are starting to get out of alignment, but they're not so out of alignment that you're starting to manifest disease, this exercise by just purifying all of the liquids in your body is going to do the trick.

Second technique. Before your birth, you and your body entered into a contract of what that most optimal state in that body would look and feel like depending on your age. Because, I mean, technically speaking, it is a contract with your body, but it's also the contract with the ancestral lineage as you're coming into. They generally have access to particular body types, based on their genetic code and DNA. And they will tell you, "Okay, these are the seven body types that we have." For a girl, it could be, "Okay, we have a body that is very skinny, [Laughs] but also no breasts and no hips, or you can have these voluptuous ones but, I don't know, have cellulite, age 25 or something." You're selecting from a range of bodies. And the body that you select, basically, there's its optimal state that you are aware of at any age. Basically, you know, as a soul walking into a body, what are the issues this particular body will have? Is it prone to some type of cardiovascular disease? Are you being birthed into a lineage that has Alzheimer's issues, or obesity, or diabetes, or whatnot? You pretty much, when you're walking into this body, you know exactly what you're signing up for.

Now, on top of what you're signing up for within that body, because it is being generated by a combination of your mother and father lineages, so they combined and symbiotically created this one body for you, you develop a whole slew of issues of your own if you're not careful. As we know, there is nature, and there is nurture. So, there's things you're born into, and there are things that you acquire throughout life. Either way. I guess what I'm trying to say is you can be birthed into a just genetically perfect body, but if you only feed it french fries and Coca Cola from an early age to age 50, it's not going to be in its best shape age 50. So, there is an optimal state always despite of your habits that this body should be in by a certain age, by age 20, 25, 30, etc. And then, roughly, each body type also, depending on the wear and tear, would have a particular lifespan, and you would know that. You would know, "Okay, this body has these pros and cons, and people or entities that were this body tend to die around age 75, 78." Down to that tea, you would know what you're signing up for. It is always possible for you, all bait not super easy, I wouldn't call this a very basic practice.

I wouldn't call this a very basic practice to get into alignment with that perfect version of that body that you chose, at a particular age, if you're at a suboptimal level. The way you can accomplish that is through merging the matrix of that perfect state, and the matrix that you currently have today. Here's how it would feel. So, you know that we just spoke that you have a matrix of some sort in your body. The matrix of your physical body would fluctuate based on your weight. If you put on weight, that matrix is going to expand. More layers are going to be added if you lose weight. It's going to contract. The ideal matrix of your body is contained in the memory of your body. Your body always remembers what its optimal state is. And that's why very often for you, you're always able to tell if you're off from your ideal state.

Sergei: Just the feeling.

Mariya: It’s just a feeling. And that's why some people feel very fat when, in fact, to the onlookers, they are not. And the reason they do that is because that's not their optimal state, their optimal state is skinnier, right?

Sergei: Mm-hmm.

Mariya: So, that would be like a quick example. Or sometimes you feel like you don't have enough energy. And what does that mean? I don't have “enough of something.” It’s because what you have right now, and that optimal state that is so ingrained in your body, that you inherit the memory and understanding of that optimal status. Every time there is a mismatch, you feel like you could be doing better. You feel like you're not enough, and there's more work that could be done. So, it's like an [Phonetic 00:42:05] Hern driver in you, that is sending you signals all the time so that you can get back into alignment.

So, your body is always sending you signals. By the way, you always know what the right answer is. You always know if your right answer is getting more sleep, because your body would send you signals -- you're not getting enough sleep, you're not getting enough sleep, you're not getting enough sleep. For those people that are not working out, and they should be, or they're working out and doing cardio, and maybe they should be doing stretching, their body is going to be sending them signals that their activity levels are not optimal. Okay, you know, a new year's resolution, most people just want to get skinnier and better shape?

Sergei: Mm-hmm.

Mariya: That is the one time when they come into alignment with what that perfect body should be, because they're projecting how they want to live their future. And your happiness and your future is always correlated. You're going to be happiest if your body is its most aligned to its perfect state. Because when your body is in its perfect state, you know what happens, the energy flows through your body the way it is supposed to. When the energy flows in your body the way it is supposed to, you create and manifest things the way you're supposed to. When the energy in your body is suboptimal, you manifest things in either not fast enough or not the correct way. So, you might manifest things that you did not desire, or manifest them to a lesser degree. So, pretty much all of your abundance in every aspect of your life starts with aligning your physical body to its optimal state. That is your path.

Now, depending on how far out of alignment you are on an energetic level, here's what happens. So, you have your physical body, and you have almost like a template in your vicinity, that is, your ideal body or your body the way it's supposed to look like and feel like. For people who are experiencing optimal health levels, and by health I mean, vitality. So, it's not just the absence of pain. And that's another misconception. People feel like, “Oh, if I don't have an acute sense of pain, I'm healthy.” “No, Darling, you might not be.” What about the fact that you get tired at 7:00 PM every day? [Laughs] Your optimal level of health would imply that you would be okay up until midnight, for instance.

Sergei: It was one of my questions. What does it mean to be healthy?

Mariya: Yeah. We're going to get into that. Let me finish how do you align... For people who are living their optimal state, their physical and the template of ideal are so aligned that it's almost like two things attached to each other, like in perfect harmony. It’s a really beautiful thing to watch. Misalignment actually feels like your ideal is somehow detached from your real, to a point where sometimes it's like they're so detached that they look nothing alike.

So, imagine your physical body still lives in a bubble. There is a sphere that has all of its energy. And I know that the shape of the physical body is the shape of the physical body. But let's imagine that the energy that you're emitting is still spherical energy. You're going to have another sphere walking right by you. That's going to be a much more optimal version of yourself. So, what you want to do in a meditative state is, first, examine what that looks like. You can get yourself into a state of meditation where you are able to see what your perfect body looks like, and how it's different from what you're experiencing today. It's actually a really fun exercise.

Sergei: It is, yeah.

Mariya: What you want to do is you want to first just look at what that perfect, blissful body your age looks like. You want to start from your head. Is your hair different? Do you feel like your hair is thicker? Do you feel like there is more of it? Is it longer, perhaps? How is your hair different? You will notice with your perfect body, there tends to be less signs of aging, better posture, nice, toned muscles, no second chin, a lot more elasticity. Overall, just younger, more supple, dumpling looking skin. You would notice a lot of vitality in the muscles. You would not see any joint pain, etc.

Most of the time, healthy bodies have an aura of optimism around them. So, it's also like mood is very much connected to the physical body, although it's part of the emotional body, but they are so intertwined, that healthy bodies tend to think good thoughts, unhealthy bodies tend to think negative thoughts. And that just keeps getting you more into the same vicious circle. So, healthy people get more healthier. Sick people get sicker. Healthy people get happier. Unhealthy people get unhappier, more sad, depressed, etc. All interconnected.

You cannot be in a physically ill body and feel great. In the same way that you can be in a perfectly healthy body and feel crappy, impossible. Don't go together. Or don't go together for a prolonged amount of time. You might get a momentary shift in emotion, but not a prolonged shift in emotion. First, you want to see, for instance, for women, are your breasts firmer? Are they bigger? Are they smaller? I mean all these things. You want to really examine your body down to a point like, does it accumulate fat? If it does, where? What does that healthy, fat accumulation look like? What does it look like compared to where your current body is accumulating fat? Because how and where your current body accumulates fat generally reflects where your stress goes. So, if you feel that you have fat accumulating somewhere where it shouldn't be, based on your perception, or based on your observation of your ideal self, or ideal body, that is your quick indicator of where your stress goes. Every time you have an indicator, it's the first step to healing it.

So, you won't just examine your body. And then if you like what you see, and more often than not you would, because your higher self signed up to the ideal version of the body, by the way. For the most part, no higher self is sitting there planning stage four cancer. It knows that stage four cancer is a possibility, if certain lessons are not learned, and certain messages are not heard. But it's not sitting there and thinking, “Oh my god, I wish I can get stage four cancer.” It's hoping that stage four cancer can be avoided. So, more often than not you're going to really love that ideal body.

What you want to do is, you want to combine the two spheres into one. Now your ideal body has the tint, and the gleam, like silver, bluish tinge to it. Your real body has the gold. You want those two energies merged together. So, it almost feels like your old self is walking into your new self body. It's almost like you want to put that new body on like a suit, walk inside of it, zip it up, if need be.

Sergei:  So, the silver and blue color is going to be on the top of the gold?

Mariya: Correct? You want to walk inside of it. I mean, that's probably the easiest way to merge. You can also do the opposite, but easier to zip it on because you all go through experiences of putting on clothing all day, every day. And you have that experience of how that shifts. Because even on the clothing that you put on, when you're in your sweatpants at home, you probably don't feel like a million dollars, but if you put on your best interview suit and a new pair of shiny leather shoes, all of a sudden, you feel so much different. The same way, you want to feel how that body feels, by putting it on, trying it on for a size, and then you want to slowly merge into it, like a hand merges into a hand, a heart merges into a heart, the belly merges into the belly, the feet, the head. You want them so merged together that you almost cannot tell them apart anymore.

But what you also want to notice is, how does this body feel as opposed to your old body? Does it feel lighter? Does it feel more muscular? Does it feel stronger? Does it feel more endurant? Does it feel more beautiful? Does it feel younger? All of those things you want to notice. Does it feel happier? All of a sudden, as you're merging, really notice what's going to shift is your physical body, your most physical body. Generally, what that would create is the... If you want a fully, fully full on merge, you can start merging your physical and then the rest of your bodies up to the mental, your real with your ideal. So, merge your real and your ideal energetic bodies, in the same way emotional bodies and mental bodies.

Sergei: Do they have the same color?

Mariya: No. But the most important thing to understand is the energy of life, of chi, is more goldish in color, always, because it's warmer. The template energy is always more silver white, cooler. So, what is going to be similar is the tint. Your ideal situation is not the situation, it's like a concept. It's a mental construct. So, the energy of chi doesn't flow through it. It's not animated yet. And that's why you want to bring that template into the template, into the matrix that you're living.

What's going to happen is the merge, the white silver energies or the gold energies, it's the two matrix merge into one and collapse. And now you have this beautiful dichotomy of silver-gold energy and eventually, it'll all just become gold again, because that becomes your new norm. But one thing, once you merge these three bodies, what you want to notice is how your feelings change, and how your thoughts change. How does the healthy version of you heal? What is he or she thinking when she/he wakes up? What is their attitude? You'll notice a shift.

Sergei: Are you going to feel it instantly, and how often do you have to…?

Mariya: Yeah, you're going to feel it through meditation. Then what I recommend is that merge, if you do it all the way, and there is full alignment, there are some times it could be a part of you that's not on board with alignment or parts. And then you're going to have to do part work. And that's why our conversations are so... There's no simple answer to these questions. It's all such a chain of events. You start fixing one link, you have to do the next link, the next, the next, etc.

Sergei: Is it because you have, for example, very strong habits or addictions, let's say?

Mariya: It could be, or it could be that the particular thing in your body that's out of alignment is trying to deliver a message that was not able to deliver, you did not want to receive. So, that part of your body is going to be in disalignment, with change. But it is really important for you first to feel what it feels like momentarily, to know what you're missing out. And then you're going to have to do part work to try to align all of these parts with accepting that new reality. And the way that's done is very similar, like talking to your body. You want to talk to a part of yourself that doesn't want this new you.

Try to understand what is the message that it carries for you. What is the habit that wants to change, you to change, of the circumstance? You want to hear it out. You want to write down what it's telling you. Because until there is even a smallest part of you that's not aligned with bringing the two matrices together, that full connection is going to be impossible. Because every time we do an energetic practice, especially something of a more sophisticated level like this one, we want to make sure that you as a human are getting the results that you came here for, and not just the healing.

Sergei: Right. Okay, and so let's say there are a lot of healers. A lot of people go to healers instead of doctors.

Mariya: Not enough, arguably.

Sergei: Not enough, that’s true. Yes, that's true. But for people who go to healers, you get healing, but you don't fix the root cause. What's better in this case?

Mariya: Generally, when you go to a healer, it's like going to the doctor. It's another form of painkiller that you're looking for, but just a more holistic painkiller. If you're going to a holistic practitioner, which I'm assuming is what you're referring to, when you say healer, whether that's acupuncture, whether that's Reiki, any type of massage, whatever “healer” you're going to, the healer, unless they're working with you on more levels than just physical, they are not going to be able to heal you, unless the rest of your being is on board with it.

Sergei: You mean the pain will come back anyway?

Mariya: Yes. So, that healing is generally just used as a temporary patch. Why do you need a temporary patch because it gives you more time to figure the pain out. Because it's very hard to figure out the pain when it's already here. If you are so delirious, in fever, every part of your body hurts, wrong time for self-reflection. [Laughs] Wrong time.

Sergei: You mean you cannot even focus on the issue.

Mariya: You can't focus, no. It is so incredibly complicated. So, you need to go through that period. Once that thing subsides, one way or another, you're going to be forced to deal with it. Now there are times and, by the way, there are many healing modalities, psychedelics as a healing modality, there are times when emotional and mental healing can take place. And by the way, emotional and mental healing is instant. If that takes place, and the soul has moved energy, whatever that particular challenge that was dealing with, if the soul has moved energy in a way that it was supposed to, then you can get instant healing, then and there, but it comes with learning the lesson and understanding the reason why the pain was there in the first place.

Sergei: Yeah, makes sense.

Mariya: At that time, for instance, if you've already worked through a lot of that on your own, like you were doing, I don't know, deep dives into your consciousness, or you healed a particular bad habit or anger or something, and then you go to a healer to fix the physical aspect of that pain, it's almost like that residual aspect, then the healer can help you. But it's because your mental and emotional body has already moved on from that pain.

Sergei: I see what you mean. Basically, you do your homework, and then you can go to a healer in order to heal it faster.

Mariya:  Right. They would just remove that aspect in the physical faster for you. That would pretty much be the only way that they're allowed to fully heal without any repercussions.

Sergei: Yeah, I see what you mean.

Mariya: But most healers out there just give you more time to deal with issues on your own. Sometimes it can bring you into better alignment. True healers are also able to pinpoint you to why you're hurting, what is that emotional issue, so that you can unwind it on your own.

Sergei: And maybe it's another big topic, but maybe just a quick overview of the cause of pain. You said that there are many causes, right?

Mariya: No, I said that, ultimately, pain is always a message that is an undelivered message. But the messages could be very different. And like I said, the message could be stemming from a past life, your ancestral lineage, childhood, youth and adolescence, yesterday, [Laughs] all of the above, some traumatic experience, like a car crash, all kinds of things.

Sergei: Got it. So, what I'm trying to ask is, the source of disease, like pain, is not always emotions or thoughts. Sometimes it's some other things like ancestral or past life trauma.

Mariya: The source of pain and disease is the absence of flow of energy or the absence of the optimal energy flow in one of your bodies, right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: Any of your bodies, even spirit body, spiritual body, if there is massive misalignment there, which doesn't always happen and only happens in the lower levels of the spiritual body, but it could still have an impact on your physical. Any misflow, misalignment in the flow, or the absence of flow, of energy in any of your bodies would eventually be manifested as a disease. Now, the root cause of that absence of flow or distortion of flow could be very different. It could be personal to you, or it could be part of your ancestry. It could be something that human collective consciousness is dealing with, or a part of human collective consciousness is dealing with.

Very often, you would see things like a pandemic, or a new disease. AIDS, for instance, came out of nowhere and is going to go into nowhere, because collectively humanity is working through a particular facet or issue, a negative thought pattern, or a negative emotional pattern. And enough souls coming into this incarnation chose to experience that and heal that for the collective. But the only way you heal that is by going through the experience, sometimes experience of dying through that disease and cause, while at the same time contributing to the collective consciousness -- what it actually truly means to heal or not to heal -- because the people that die actually are serving a very, very important function. They're helping collective learn from the opposite. “This is what happens if I do X.” You have a lot of those collective stories gathered up into one bundle.

Going back to what is the root cause? It could be your personal, things that you are dealing with in this incarnation, or past life, that was stuck in one of your bodies. Generally, it is the information that would be in between incarnations this information. Because you could ask me, “How can something be stuck in your emotional body? If this is an emotional body, you shed it in between incarnations that it could, because that information is being recorded in the lower level of your spiritual body. And next time you come into similar type energies, for instance, you can have an emotional trauma of 3D. And every time you come back to any 3D planet that is stuck and that is a big trauma, it'll resurface again. That is your personal thing if I'd have nothing to do with your ancestry, I'd have nothing to do with anything else outside of your personal experience.

Now, it could also be planetary, like I said, because Gaia is an entity. If the planet needs to heal something, one way that it might choose to get its healing is through people. Somebody now, of course, needs to opt into that. I'll tell you what are the planetary diseases right now. Anxiety and depression. Stress, very much a planetary disease that Gaia is going through at the moment. Her choice to heal it within the next 20 to 25 years. So, you're going to get a lot of it bubbling up to the surface, crazy amounts of anxiety. Anxiety equals fear. Crazy amounts of fear are going to come up.

Sergei: Even more.

Mariya: Oh, yeah. This is nothing.

Sergei: Wow. That's interesting. And if you look at humanity in general, I'm just always curious about the percentages and numbers. What would be the percentage of people who believe through planetary disease or…?

Mariya: 30%.

Sergei: 30%?

Mariya: Yeah.

Sergei: What about environmental, like pollution?

Mariya: Environmental and planetary is the same thing.

Sergei: So, all this pollution and pesticides, fertilizers, all these things...?

Mariya: Yeah, because the environment is a planet. So, one part of the planetary bodies is hurting, because we get birthed through the energies of this planet. Gaia has to contribute minerals and chemicals for our bodies to even be formed. And that being said, if it is 30% sick, it cannot birth someone or something that's 100% healthy. Well, the odds of that are so low.

Sergei: What about the rest, 70%, is it the combination of emotional, mental, or life?

Mariya: So, 30%, like I said, are dealing specifically with a disease that is just planet Earth, 40% on top of that are dealing with our ancestral karmic disease. That is in one of their familial lineages, either from their mom, dad, or both. And then the rest are dealing with their personal stuff.

Sergei: And what do you mean by personal stuff? Like emotions?

Mariya: Yeah, emotions, thoughts, whatever they brought in from past lives, whatever. These would be more unique circumstances.

Sergei: Got it. Then most people have a combination?

Mariya: Yeah, a lot of them have more than one.

Sergei: Yeah, more than one. Got it.

Mariya: Suboptimal energy levels, for instance, is one of those very planetary things right now.

Sergei: Yeah. How do humanity delve into a situation when they are completely disconnected from a physical body?

Mariya: Well, okay. I love how you're approaching everything from the standpoint of like, once they were so connected, and all of a sudden they're disconnected.

Sergei: They’ve known? They didn’t connect?

Mariya: Not fully. No.

Sergei: No?

Mariya: No, not on this planet. No. No. Humanity on this planet has never been fully connected to its physical body. We hope to get there. Not fully, we haven't. Also, you might ask me, why is everybody so sick? Well, it's because this is the dimension to figure out your physical. The way you get to optimal health is through disease. The way you get to understanding what healthy feels like and even if you want to be healthy, it starts with understanding what disease feels like and whether you want to feel disease.

Sergei: I see what you mean now.

Mariya: That's why this is the dimension where people come to learn to be sick. This is the dimension where people come to experience suboptimal levels of health, suboptimal levels of energy, suboptimal levels of connection, so that one day they can experience full alignment, because they know how the disalignment feels.

Sergei: Got it. Yes, very deep.

Mariya: But healing for the human race starts with understanding their bodies. I love how there is a very spiritual mantra that says, “You are not your body. Stop thinking that you are your body. Stop associating yourself with your body.” No, you know what? That's an escape route. Pretending that you're not your body, and you're the celestial being with wings that float somewhere in ether and is happy all the time is BS. Because the lesson that you all came here to learn in the physical is how do you treat, first and foremost, your body as a part of yourself?

The road to unity starts with you having a deep relationship, love and appreciation for your body, which is an entity that is in your complete full control and has sacrificed and is going to sacrifice everything to get you where you need to go. Yet, day in and day out, humanity in this human race is experiencing complete disconnection from their bodies, lack of understanding and lack of interest and concern for their bodies. Just look at the things that you’re feeding it and Saturday. So, unity and true spirituality starts with taking and loving your body as a part of yourself. True spirituality and true spiritual leaders should teach you that you are your body, also. Anybody who would ever teach you that you're not your body and you shouldn't care is not spiritual enough and hasn't fully figured out how this universe works. Make sense?

Sergei: Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing that. Were there a period of time when we were closer to our bodies?

Mariya: Yes, potentially. But why does it matter?

Sergei: Was it far?

Mariya: Far away?

Sergei: From today, yeah, or we’re going...

Mariya: Define far. From where I sit, planet Earth is a very young planet.

Sergei: Was it like thousands of years ago or maybe…

[Crosstalk 01:13:59]

Mariya: Yes, thousands. Many thousands.

Sergei: Okay, that’s cool.

Mariya: But that's the thing. If that connection was full and complete, and in alignment, we would have moved on to the next level. The presence of the shadow, the collective human shadow around physical bodies that was existent at the time, eventually won over and threw us back, as far as understanding, and not propelled us forward. Again, because whatever humans were experiencing, at the time, was not full alignment and was not full love for their bodies. You know what biohacking is?

Sergei: What?

Mariya: I mean, biohacking is a very common term. It's like, how do you get your body into the optimal health, into its optimal state? A lot of people talk about immortality and things like that, all part of the same biohacking concept. Biohacking was actually very much ingrained in the culture of Atlantis. So, when you're asking me, was there a time in humanity where people were more in touch with their bodies? Yes, Atlantis, people were more “in touch” with their bodies. You know what the problem with biohacking is?

Sergei: No.

Mariya: Instead of a relationship, of love and harmony, it is a relationship of “I am your master and you are my slave, and I will do to you what I choose to.” Do you think the body wants to be hacked? Do you think the body wants to be pressured? Do you think it wants to be mistreated and misused by crazy amounts of exercise and all the other harsh things that biohackers do to it? It does not. There is a much more loving, balanced, friendly, symbiotic way to treat your body, to get the most out of it, outside of hacking it.

In fact, this crazy concept of biohacking is taking us away from understanding and loving our bodies, not towards it. It's taking us farther away from unity, as opposed to towards unity. It's a very dangerous concept. It's like abusing the entity that serves you and loves you the most. It's like abusing your dog. Why would you want to do that? Won't you rather love your dog? Won’t you rather understand what your dog is trying to tell you? It might be a weird analogy, but humans have a lot of love for their dogs and on their bodies, that's why I'm using it. If you were only to treat your body the way you treat your dog, we would be infinitely better off.

Sergei: Yeah, this is very sad. But I was just trying to understand. Let's say I want to be healthy, right?

Mariya: So, start listening to your body.

Sergei: I start listening to my body. And then let's say there is my desires. So, example, I want some food, a certain type of food, like french fries. I know that they're not healthy, but this is my…

Mariya: But once you start listening to your body, it'll tell you what it's actually craving, because it's probably not craving french fries. French fries is probably a substitute for something else that your body is craving, and when you're giving it french fries, it quietly shuts up for five minutes and stops craving it, because you got busy with something else.

Sergei: That's interesting.

Mariya: Your body never craves bad foods. By definition, it could never crave something that is going to give it cancer, unless that cancer is going to get you to where you need to go. That's the only reason why your body craves junk food is because it's trying to get you to someplace. If you just try to understand and talk to it, around where it's trying to get you to, collectively, you might devise a way of getting there without developing a serious illness.

Sergei: I see what you mean. Okay, so all bad foods like wine, alcohol, these are all things that actually substitute something, or the body…

Mariya: They are a distraction mechanism.

Sergei: Distractions?

Mariya: Yeah. It's like you're trying to distract your body from getting you what you want, into paying attention to something else, because all of these things are “poison.” So, your body must react to poison. You just dumped poison in your body. Your body has very immediate things to take care of. So, that takes short-term precedent over getting you to where you need to go. Did you notice that some fast foods “create” a craving all the time? Because you get addicted to getting distracted.

Sergei: Like sugar or salt and more and more.

Mariya: Yeah.

Sergei: Got it. So, you eat more, you get faster result?

Mariya: You don't get faster results. It's like a longer distraction.

Sergei: I see what you mean.

Mariya: Yeah. That's why they're so dangerous.

Sergei: Got it. All right, yeah. Thank you so much for this information. I think we’re running out of time. Now I want to end our session. I’m very grateful for the information you provided us today. I'm asking the Higher Self to recede to where it belongs, with much love and much thanks, for the help and information it has been giving Mariya today. And now she's really going to appreciate it. Now, I want all of the consciousness and personality of Mariya to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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