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Parts Work or Shadow Work Its Benefits for Your Future and How to Do it

In this episode, we will talk about parts work or shadow work. You will learn why we have hundreds and thousands of personality splits and how these splits happen. We will talk about karmic knots and why it is important to loosen them up. At the end, we will give you a meditation that will help you to integrate your shadow/parts.

Here is the list of question for this episode:

  • Why do we have so many splits?

  • How does a split happen?

  • How many splits can one have simultaneously?

  • Do you inherit these splits when you incarnate or you gain them while you grow older?

  • What is parts work?

  • Is it possible to integrate all parts? What is the benefit of integrating all or some parts?

  • What are the signs that you need the parts work?

  • How does “parts work” work? Can you do it yourself, or you need some assistance?

  • Can you share we us a meditation that will help to integrate our parts?

Please enjoy!

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